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Rick Perry has no idea how economics works

  • Energy secretary, former Dancing With The Stars contestant, and hmm — what’s that third thing? — Rick Perry does not understand how economics works.
  • In a speech at a West Virginia coal plant on Thursday, Perry attempted to offer the crowd a little lesson in supply and demand.
  • “Here’s a little economics lesson: supply and demand.” Perry said. “You put the supply out there and the demand will follow.”
  • Unfortunately for Perry, that’s not how it works. Since the 1930s, economists generally agree that supply follows demand, and excess supply leads to supply gluts and not more demand.
  • Put simply, if you mine a bunch of coal it does not mean people will suddenly want more coal.
  • Ironically, this is one of the central tenants of global energy policy. An increase in the global supply of oil without commensurate increases in global demand decreases the price of oil, forcing international organizations like the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to try and restrict supply in order to raise the price. Read more (7/6/17)

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Okay 1. I love your blog. 2. I have a character who's very strong and she is constantly fighting for her life. I planned on giving her a katana as a weapon but after I read your post about how katanas suck I was like "Okay, so I won't give her a katana." But what sword would someone be able to use in the modern world pretty effectively while actually using it to defend themselves?

There’s a real reason why we don’t use swords anymore.

Beyond the problems posed by guns (and knives for that matter), the sword is simply inconvenient in a modern environment. You could still carry one (depending on country/state restrictions on weapons… maybe not, especially not without a permit), but people will look at you funny. And, maybe, be a little worried about your mental health if you walked into the local MiniMart with a real, sharpened, honest to god longsword belted to your hip.

It’s basically the equivalent of walking into a store or getting into a taxicab with an AR15 strapped to your chest. Except, weirder.

Also, you can’t conceal it. You’re going to get arrested. You’re gonna get tased. No, I’m not kidding that really happened to a man carrying a katana on his back in SoCal. This is not the only example. There are a lot of people who carry swords… and a lot people who get tased for their trouble.

The other human beings around you will see that sword as an active potential threat to their safety, and swords don’t have a gun lobby lobbying for the right to carry them wherever. The cops will arrest you. It is no longer culturally acceptable to openly carry these weapons as a matter of practice.

Society has moved on.

Now, in a fictional context we can fudge the rules a bit. Still, you should be aware of the realities especially if you’re writing toward modern fiction. The modern world is one you’re readers will be intimately familiar with, so if you’re working outside the set norms it’d behoove you to explain yourself.

Swords make sense in Urban Fantasy settings or cultures where guns have (inexplicably in many cases) ceased to work. (And if you’ve got any technology with a combustion engine, you’re going to have guns. Or explosives. The theory behind the gun is simply you use an explosion to propel an object at high velocities in the direction you want. What we have now is just a refinement of that thought process. If you have fireworks, someone will inevitably hit on the idea that you can shoot fireworks at your enemies then work to improve the process. We call this science.)

What a character does on their own property is their business, but it’s a different story when they’re out in public.

If you’re serious about your character carrying a sword, then these are issues that should be addressed or, at least, considered.


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inside the magicians s02ep12

Stone butch, drag butch, baby butch
Sandy tells me of the time
she walked in Prospect Park
with her lover on her arm.
Forgetting they were freaks,
they let the bending trees
caress their day.
The men, outraged by Sandy’s pants
and Carol’s skirt,
attacked with chains.
The women fled,
past playgrounds,
past the benches made for lovers.
Sandy, smiling, says
through all the years
they never hurt me,
but we both know better.

A hot dark night on Eighth Street.
Held tight with love,
a butch yells up to a shadow on the wall,
all she can see of her lady
who calls out
“I’m here baby”
and we all hear her.
A shrine for separated lovers,
the Women’s House of D.
They tore it down,
replaced it with a garden,
but those of voices still are there,
the lasting blossoms of our surviving time.

Stone butch, drag butch, baby butch
I keep you deep within me,
warning voices in a changing time,
Shame is the first betrayer.

—  Joan Nestle, Stone Butch, Drag Butch, Baby Butch (excerpt), 1982, “A Restricted Country”

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Thoughts on gun restrictions in the US?

The United States faces criticism both home and abroad about the availability of guns. The world sees our armed society as barbaric and in some ways it is. Gun violence is far more prevalent here than in any other post-industrial nation. 

In Europe, gun ownership was always the privilege of the ruling classes, the aristocracy. In most European countries hunting was restricted to landowners and private gun ownership by “the common people” was seen as a threat to their rule. In Victorian times it was expected that aristocrats would own guns as a hedge against popular rebellion. 

America never had a peasant class like Japan and Europe. Our farmers were independent and never bowed to any man. No American ever doffed his hat to a “nobleman” or uttered “g’day milord” with downcast eyes to some bloated scion of a class of parasites.

In America, hunting was available to all men of any social class. America was settled with the gun and the ax. When the American revolution started the Militiamen brought their own weapons. An American has the right to defend his home with force if necessary. 

This was a fact considered by more than one foreign power which contemplated the invasion of our country over the years. Moreover, it has always been a check on governmental power. 

Contrary to common belief it is not easy to obtain a gun in most U.S. states and it is a serious crime to own an illegally obtained firearm. The vast majority of gun violence is not from registered gun owners but from these illegally obtained weapons. 

Many of these guns are stolen but many more are illegally smuggled into the country. Also contrary to popular belief, most Americans do not own guns and most of the guns which are owned by private citizens are rifles and shotguns, not pistols.  

Americans will never surrender their guns. I learned to shoot at age 9. I owned my first rifle, a 22 cal., at age 11. I was taught gun safety from an early age and had to pass a test before I got my gun. I had a shotgun at 14 and a 9mm pistol at 18. I am a crack shot. Guns are a part of our national culture and our constitutional right. I am a pacifist. I don’t hunt or fish but I own guns. 

The American government will never take firearms from our people at least not without a fight. People need to understand this. We should make it harder to obtain illegal weapons and add years to sentences where a gun is used in a crime. 

I pity the wannabe Assad, Putin, Stalin or Hitler who decides to try and oppress the American people. We would not be led meekly to the slaughter. We are armed and dangerous and we like it that way.

๑ Samsaran ๑ 


For those who can’t see the original upload due to country restrictions. 


chainlocker  asked:

Many hellos at this late hour! (lol its like 1:30 in the morning for me and I should NOT be writing as this time but whatever) I was wondering if you had any fun/random ideas for possible character meetings that could (potentially?) become romantic relationships. Also btw I love this blog, it's given me so many interesting for my writing 😅

Hi! I’m glad the blog has been able to inspire you 😄

●Here’s a mix and match list:

- Carnival or fair
- Zoo
- Aquarium
- Disney
- Amusement park
- Island
- Foreign country
- Restricted area
- Area 51
- A bank
- A beach
- A fancy restaurant
- The mall
- School
- Jail
- Hospital
- Burning building
- Office
- Baseball game
- Another planet
- An intergalactic bar
- Underground tunnels
- A car that neither of them owns
- A bus

- Police officer
- Criminal
- Patient
- Doctor
- Student
- Employee
- Celebrity
- Coach
- Player
- Explorer
- Inventor
- Scientist
- Diplomat
- Translator
- Tour guide
- Firefighter
- Animal trainer
- Activist
- Old friend
- High school dropout
- Valedictorian
- Pirate
- Robot
- Super hero
- Alien

● Here’s some ideas based of the mix ‘n match:

• Character A is sneaking into Area 51 when they come across a rogue scientist sneaking an alien out and tries to help the duo.

• Character A goes to bail out B from jail. A makes small talk with random stranger C who’s there to bail out D. It turns out what B and D comitted the crime together.

• Character A is attempting to communicate with a group of people who speak a different language. B notices the struggle and helps translate.

• After dying, A is picked up by a reaper. B is the soul the reaper collected prior, and they have to go with the reaper as he makes his rounds.

• Character A and B are both racing their wheelchairs around, not paying attention, and they run into each other.

• Character A and B attempt to rob the same house on the same night, unbeknownst to the other.

• Charcter A, a celebrity, gets stuck in an elevator with B who doesn’t like A. Their time together convinces B otherwise.

• Character A and B get into the same car that doesn’t belong to either of them in an effort to escape their seperate pursuers.

• Character A pays a 30 dollar library fee in pennies to B, the librarian.

• B saves A from being hit by a baseball at the game and offers A the ball.

• A, a lifeguard, saves B from 'drowning’ in five feet of water.

• While hiking, B helps A get down from a high place, like a waterfall.

• (Alternately^) A falls in a pool of water while hiking and B gives them dry clothes.

• A’s dog is impregnated at the dog park. When the puppies are born, A recognizes what the other species may be and suspects a regular at the dog park, B. A confronts B about child support.

•A sneaks aboard a pirate ship. B, the captain, discovers A. In exchange for freedom, A must work on the ship for awhile.

• Recognzing A from their theater class, B, the director of a play, shoves A out on stage when the alternate and the main part doesn’t show. A ends up improvising and creating a more entertaining scene/ wittier lines than B came up with.

• A and B both have really rude dates at a restaurant. They notice each other’s plight because they’re at tables that are right next to each other, and they ditch their dates at the same time. They go on their own date as to not waste the night.

“What you are planning is madness!”

I can’t watch cause damn country restrictions but what does that mean? Again, remember this is Ed’s mind, and his hallucinations are what he thinks. His alter ego back then always encouraged him into becoming the man he is now.

But now that Ed has all the possibilities in the world, he’s having doubts?? this is quite interesting! :o

shirekatinfineprint  asked:

I'm Scots-Irish and I live in America and it amazes me the lack of education people have on the complete history of slavery. The history of slavery should not be something that one race has over another. Because it happened in all of our cultures/races over a millennia of time. Do you think if a complete history was thought that it would make it easer for people to understand? Do you think Is it because America is still such a young country that century old wounds are still felt? Thoughts?

Most countries, the US included, only really teaches their country’s history. What we learned in school about other countries was restricted to things that lead up to the creation of what we now know as the US, along with relavent wars and such. It is because of that that people just assume that slavery didn’t exist until the Atlantic Slave trade (especially since admitting that Native Americans owning slaves can get you accused of racism).

It is also the answer to why people just assume we learn “white history”. Many activists assume that what we learn about American history and it’s relationship with Europe is some kind of proof that we only learn about white people. But clearly it is false. Ask those same people about the history of Croatia, Scotland, or any part of Irish History other than the potato famine (which is relavent to American history), and chances are that they don’t know. Because it isn’t normally taught in schools.

Running with Subtext: Rethinking Korrasami

The case for Korra and Asami becoming girlfriends in 3x10, “Long Live the Earth Queen.”

Written with the help of queertoonqueertoons

Korrasami was censored. We ascertained this fact fairly quickly, given the lack of a kiss between the two women at the show’s end. It’s easy to get frustrated, but there is a distinct reason that there were limits on what could be openly shown in terms of Korrasami: LOK needed to be able to air in countries with heavy restrictions (namely China and Russia, two big/necessary markets) where explicit depiction of a romance between two women could be illegal (especially given LOK’s status as a “kid’s" show).

Knowing there was this inherent constraint…that certain moments/scenes simply could not exist, it is wise for us to look past the presented, explicit narrative and seek the implied. Bryke were restricted in their telling of Korra and Asami’s story. So they did what they could to help us out: they included mountains of subtext.

Thanks to a recent conversation with queertoonqueerstoons, I began to view the airship that Korra and Asami commandeer in the desert as an intentional a symbol in and of itself. The airship may likely have been a conscious effort on Bryke’s part evoke our “shipping” culture, and to suggest to the fandom that their romantic relationship had begun. What we are shown are the two women struggling to build a ship any way they can to escape the Earth Kingdom’s clutches, which in this particular case takes the form of a crew of all men led by a quasi-sexist captain. What does it mean? That this is the moment in time the S.S. Korrasami actually set sail…back in Book 3 Episode 10, Long Live the Earth Queen.

“This ship isn’t going anywhere. And neither are you.”

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genghiskham  asked:

You're 17 and your "daddy" is in the marines of all places and fucks an underage girl. Good thing we can reverse search your pic and find out who he is so we can get that sick fuck behind bars. Way to spread your life style on the internet 👌🏻👌🏻

Well, as her daddy. I was responsible enough to look up the military order on it, and that order states that it’s up to the states or countries age restrictions (ours being 16). So instead of trying to be some macho douche bag. How about you look up the laws first. And I did that before we had sex when I came back from boot camp. So how about you get off your high horse, grow some balls instead of being some unintelligent web warrior and go fight for your country.


Name: Alexander
Age: 21
Country: Israel

Yo, my name is Alexander (you can call me Alex or Al) & I’m just your friendly bigender neighbor!
I have huge interest in language studies + linguistics, writing, drawing & just learning random trivia information.
I never had a proper pen pal before (but always secretly hoped for one from a very young age due to reading many heart-wrenching novels as a child) but I hope I will find someone who might share my interests (or not, it’s totally okay too).

Preferences: I would prefer someone who has finished high school, or about to finish high school, so age preference would be no lower than 17. Gender & country have no restrictions, though!

It’s finally over…
I have no words…..
Your support means everything to me and I can’t thank you enough for all the likes and reblogs. Including my friends who couldn’t vote because of the country restrictions (guys you’re still awesome to me and I appreciate your effort)
Probably I won’t win anything…. it doesn’t matter… I’ll keep drawing, learning and creating.
I love when you guys enjoy my comics, I love making you smile and laugh…

Thank you my friends

Dear Flawed..

These oddly impotent
omnipotent deities,
depending on their diminutive minions
to advance their agendas
and exert their will,
With their Country Club afterlives
restricted to the elite few
mumbling the proper prayers
are as much as admitting
that not only
do they make mistakes,
Mistakes seem to be
their primary product

777winemaressong  asked:

I believe they were referring to drinking alcoholic beverages. Many countries impose legal restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcohol, and it's become common to refer to consuming alcohol as "drinking".

Oh! Well, I’m not too fond of that. Obviously it’s not my business to dictate what other ponies do, but alcohol impairs your mental acuity, which doesn’t seem like a desirable outcome at all. I drink beverages to be able to think better, not worse.

Furthermore, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t really in good conscience impair my abilities and judgement in such a fashion. What if a disaster happens and I have to act quickly? The fate of Equestria could be at stake and my response might be decisive, so it’s not a risk I am willing to take.