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Heavenly Father I ask that you help me and my fellow Christians to lead others to your son. I pray for more people to accept Him as their savior. Our country has fallen and we to put you back into many things. I know as a follower of your son and how He broke me freeI’m a better person. That’s what more people need. John 3:17 says He came not to condemn us but to save us. Not anyone specific but everyone. Doesn’t matter nationality, color or how broken a person is. He never said it gets easier but that He will always be with us. We need you know lord more than ever. We need to be one nation under God again. I pray Father that you be with all those who suffer with any kind of problems. That you bring them close to you. That you comfort them in difficult times. You give strength to those who are weak. We need to pray for one another, support each other and have patience because that’s what you have done for us. I ask and pray in Jesus name. Amen. 🙏🙏🙏


No matter what, we won’t give up! I’m proud for my country and its civilians! I’m proud to be called Turkish even though I don’t live there! It’s my fucking country! We won’t bow our heads to anyone! I don’t care what your opinion is, but let me tell you one thing, if you think that we deserved this coup d'etat and that Erdoğan should have been killed than please unfollow me, if you think that Erdoğan uses his people, that he is a coward or that he is a dictator you must be blind! Everything he did was for his country! He helped Turkey to grow and be acknowledged by the world, he wanted to show that we are more than just talk, I mean hello? We showed the world that we can stop a fucking coup d'etat! Even if it wasn’t a real one, the people who died for their country are real! My prayers are with their families and friends..
And Erdoğan isn’t a coward, after he heard of what was happening he got on a plane and left his vacation to show everyone that he isn’t afraid to be killed, that he would give his life for the sake of his country. They attacked even the hotel he stayed in! If those groups, who where in the military and the ones who where responsible for all this were successful in killing Erdoğan than everything would be so fucked up, if you don’t know anything about my country then pleas go and get some information about its history, we faced many coup d'etats and it was hell back then, I heard many stories from my grandparents and my father they had no freedom, they couldn’t do anything, if they would go out at night they would get arrested, if they would express their opinion no matter what way they would get arrested the worst case scenario was being killed for that! Even reading a book was forbidden back then! And so many other things were forbidden what is unbelievable for us today. And there are so many people who say Erdoğan takes away our freedom.. you never know the value of what you have till you lose it.

So that’s just my view of things, if you don’t agree just unfollow me, I don’t care

We won’t give up so easy! I’m here to support my country no matter what!

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Sorry if I'm bothering you but I'm so terrified rn. There was a shooting in my country 3 hours ago (they say it's a terror act) and the criminals (they killed 6 people) are still not caught. I can't believe this is happening...

Oh my god???!!! That’s so heartbreaking to hear, I am so so sorry to hear this! I am hoping that you and your loved ones are safe, and that everybody else in your country is safe also! Prayers and thoughts are with the people who may have been injured, the world is so hateful at the moment and it’s so terrifying. We need Aang to help save our planet…!

No, but in all seriousness, I really hope that you are okay, and that those six horrible criminals can be caught for what they’ve done. This is so saddening to hear, and this message was also really hard to respond to. Hopefully nothing I have said has come across as offensive or hurtful, that is not my intention at all!! Sending love, thoughts and prayers.

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stay safe! I can't say I know what you're going through, but I will keep you and your country in my prayers/thoughts! I love you and hope things are well. don't worry about posting this. I just wanted to know people are thinking of you!

Thank you so much, i’m sending you so much love. Things are better and safer, at this point i just want the images and videos that are circulating off my head. I wish this never happened and i feel really drained. I’ll probably distract and shield myself till this dies down. Good thing my dash seems safe of triggers, so i still have tumblr as a safe comfort zone.