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EXO Mafia Reaction: When their fiancee runs away

||| Anon asked:  Hi there ! Can I get a BTS and EXO mafia reaction when their fiancee runs away? |||

BTS Reaction

Park Chanyeol

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He was keeping track of not only you but all off your devices, so he knew you were planing to escape.

*Snatching your phone from your hand* “Jagi, I think we need to talk.”

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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One night you woke up to Minseok sitting in the corner of your room.

“So you’re finally awake. It’s time to stop playing these silly games and come back home with me.”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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When one day he came back after work and saw you missing, he couldn’t believe you betrayed him like that.

“That girl… She couldn’t have gone far.” he thought getting into his car.

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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He would be angry af. He was at work when his men called him and told that they lost sight of you. He trashed his office before storming out to go find you.

“Aish, she’s nothing but trouble.”

Kris/Wu Yifan

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After he told you, he’s in the mafia, he expected all kind of reactions but definitely not this. Trying to control his anger, he gathered all his men and told them to bring you back using any means possible.

“She has to be back home by evening, you understand?”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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After not seeing him for a few weeks and thinking you finally escaped, he came in and sat down at the opposite side of the table at the restaurant you were having dinner at.

“I gave you enough time to change your mind and come back on your own, seeing as you have no plans of doing it, I will take you myself.”

Kai/Kim Jongin

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He would be pissed.

“I tell her my secrets and this is how she repays me.”

Byun Baekhyun

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He was searching for you for a whole week so when he finally saw you in another city he slammed you into an alley wall between the buildings.

“Naughty girl, so this is were you were hiding.”


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He knew exactly were you’re going so decided to watch from a distance and see what you will come up with. In a few days he lost interest though and decided to just approach you.

“Had your fun? Now it’s time to go home.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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A few months later you were about to go out of your new apartment when you opened the door and saw Yixing. 

“You’re pretty good at this, it took me longer than expected to find you.” he said throwing you over his shoulder and descending down the stairs to the car.

Suho/Kim Junmyeon 

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He found you the same day in one of the train stations.

“I didn’t propose to you so you would leave me the next day, you should now understand that there is no escape, I have eyes all over the country.”

Oh Sehun

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You were packing your things not expecting him to be back home so soon. You didn’t even hear him approach you from behind.

“Going somewhere? You know you can’t do that. We are engaged now.”

A/N: Hope you enjoyed!! I wrote this as if the member is the gang leader. BTS reaction coming up next. Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
◊ Summary: As a rogue werewolf, you knew the dangers of trespassing into a pack’s territory, but that didn’t stop you.
◊ Genre: smut, werewolf AU
◊ Warnings: sexual content
◊ Word Count: 4,904 

You hadn't planned on getting caught. You had hoped for the exact opposite, actually.

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“So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed”
by Bananas “Amble Wit” Wit

So round, so firm, so fully packed
That’s my gal
So complete from front to back
That’s my pal

Toasted by the sun
And I’m a son of a gun
If she don’t make my five-o'clock shadow
Come around at one

You can bet your boots I’d walk a mile
Through the snow
Just to see her toothbrush smile
They mention on the radio

If you don’t think she’s a lot of fun
Just ask the colt that owns one
So round, so firm, so fully packed
That’s my gal


Things that Momochi never did in Berryz

anonymous asked:

I live and work in the Uk and I've served a few Americans and the millennials are super nice and like I explained to one that in the uk we don't have baggers and cashiers don't bag ppls stuff unless they can't do it themselves and she was like 'ooo ok this'll be interesting' and had a laugh bu onE American lady threw a fucking fit bc I wouldn't pack her bag I was like 'things here aren't like ur home country I won't pack your bag' and she actually left lik?? R u rly that lazy??

Yeah, unfortunately the baby boomers and gen xers are the reason that we have the “lazy American” stereotype. Eventually millennials will be the older generation and I hope the following will follow suit. -Abby

Night Witches (Excerpt Below!)

From bestselling and award-winning author Kathryn Lasky comes an explosive adventure following the teen girl fighter pilots who took on Hitler’s army … and won.

Fifteen-year-old Valya knows what it feels like to fly. She’s a pilot who’s always felt more at home soaring through the sky than down on earth. But since the Germans surrounded Stalingrad, Valya’s been forced to stay on the ground and watch her city crumble.

When her mother is killed during the siege, Valya is left with one burning desire: to join up with her older sister, a member of the famous and feared Night Witches – a brigade of young female pilots.

Using all her wits, Valya manages to get past the German blockade and find the Night Witches’ base … and that’s when the REAL danger starts. The women have been assigned a critical mission. If they succeed, they’ll inflict serious damage on the Nazis. If they fail, they’ll face death … or even worse horrors.

Historical fiction master Lasky sheds light on the war’s unsung heroes – daredevil girls who took to the skies to fight for their country – in an action-packed thrill ride that’ll leave you electrified and breathless.

Start reading NIGHT WITCHES: 

Night Witches (Excerpt) by I Read YA on Scribd

Packing, packing, & more packing!

Hey guys!

Since there’s less than 2 weeks until I leave for my 3rd, yes 3rd, Disney College Program in Disneyland, I figured I should start my planning/packing list. Now being through this twice before, you can pretty much call me a pro at packing and moving across the country. 

When I pack, I make 2 definitive lists: 1 of things I need to bring with me, and one of things I can buy when I get there.

If you’re flying, remember, most airlines allow one free bag (Southwest allows two, so I always fly with them) and you get one small carry on bag and a personal bag (purse, backpack - I use a backpack simply for the fact that it’s a bit bigger and way easier to carry). 

SpaceBags are your absolute best friend. Since I dorm at school, I already have bedding, pillows, blankets, bath towels, ect… So rather than spending a ton of money buying more, I SpaceBag as much as I possibly can, and trust me, it’s so worth the $20 it cost for a box of 12 SpaceBags at your local CostCo/Sam’s Club. Just remember, if you’re planning on flying, make sure none of your bags are over 50lbs, or you will be charged extra, so make sure you weigh your suitcase when you’re finished packing.

Okay now, on to the lists. Remember, you will be wearing your costume 5/6 days a week, so you don’t need to bring a ton of clothes. YOU WON’T WEAR THEM, trust me. It’s not worth all the extra space.

That being said, here’s my master list/rules of thumb for certain things.

List 1: Things to Bring

  • ID
  • Wallet
  • Money (I bring at least $300 to get me through the first few weeks)
  • Medicine/birth control
  • Insurance card
  • Medical paperwork, if needed
  • DORMS paperwork
  • Phone/charger
  • 5 shirts
  • 5 shorts
  • 2 pairs of jeans (nights can get chilly at times)
  • 5/6 camisoles/undershirts (for your costume)
  • Plenty of underwear. I usually bring enough to last me 2 weeks (14 pairs - in case I don’t have time to do laundry)
  • 7/8 pairs of non work socks
  • ½ pairs of dress pants/slacks or a pencil skirt (for Traditions & class)
  • Girls, AT LEAST a weeks worth of bras. If you’re working outside and sweating a lot, you’re gonna want to have enough to change everyday, but if you work indoors (like me) I wear mine 2 days because I’m not getting sweaty/dirty - I wear sports bras to work because they’re much more comfortable, and don’t show under my costume.
  • Bedding, if you have it. Bedspread & sheets (I have twin XL and they fit perfect)
  • Contacts/glasses
  • Retainer
  • ½ hoodies
  • 1 jacket
  • ½ pairs of comfy sneakers for walking around the parks
  • Flip flops
  • Dress shoes (for Traditions & Celebration)
  • Nice dress (for Celebration)
  • Cardigan (to wear over your business casual clothes, the hotel conference rooms where classes are held are always freezing)
  • Bathing suit
  • Pajamas
  • Workout clothes, if needed. Carnegie does have a small gym.
  • Jewelry (simple and small, appropriate for work/class)
  • Makeup (neutrals)
  • Straightener/curling iron
  • Blowdryer

List 2: What to Buy

  • Socks for work (you’ll find out what kind you need at Traditions)
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Lotion
  • Body wash
  • Deodorant
  • Face wash
  • Pads/tampons
  • Condoms 
  • Storage bins
  • Clorox wipes
  • Bathroom/kitchen cleaner
  • Tissues
  • First-aid kit
  • Paper towels
  • Shower curtain
  • Popcorn bowl
  • Bath mat
  • Shower caddy that hangs in the shower
  • Laundry soap
  • Fabric softener
  • Hamper
  • Hangers
  • Napkins
  • Bobby pins/hair ties
  • Trash bags
  • Lunch box
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Razors
  • Tupperware
  • Ziplock bags

Optional things to bring/buy, but make sure you talk to your roommates!

  • TV
  • DVD player
  • Gaming system
  • White board calendar to keep track of everyone’s schedules
  • Laptop/charger
  • iPod dock with alarm clock (I use mine everyday)
  • Oven mitts/pot holders
  • Kitchen towels
  • Camera/charger
  • Batteries

I think that’s all for now, hope this helps you guys! Disney here we come!


Yes! Finally! Now I can be a real weeb!

I always wanted to try Pocky stop judging me!

Sucks to have nobody to share them with (if you catch my drift)  Q~Q
Oh well, more for me!

Oh my God. let’s talk about this? I’m in love with the first time the artist, who lives outside the English-speaking countries. I am very glad that discovered a man like Sergey Lazarev. I do not think it’s appropriate jokes about SerGay. After reading a lot of posts on Tumblr from Russian, I realized that these guys are not homophobic. They also Shipper Troyler, Larry and other LGBT couples. They are normal, or rather positive attitude towards non-traditional relationships. Guys, in every country there are people who do not support LGBT couples. Even in America, not everyone agrees. In Russia, President Vladimir Putin has banned same-sex relationships? Well, it does not mean that the whole country is packed full of homophobes. Prohibited is not only in Russia, but only hate this country. why? because it is powerful, big, brave. Always I wanted in Russia. Guys, you do not blame the Russian president. That’s their business. Do not go to them. Be a little kinder to the world.

Love Wins always❤💛💛💚💙💜

I was tagged by: @galacticallyorgana . Thank you, McKenna!!

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My Questions:

1. What’s the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten?

something with habanero peppers

2. If someone narrated your life, who would want to be narrator?

someone with a nice voice or maybe, Harrison Ford. I feel like he’d add some interesting commentary

3. What movie quotes do you use on a regular basis?

various quotes from the Star Wars saga and from the Disney animated movies I grew up with

4. If you were moving to another country and could only pack one carry-on sized bag, what would you pack?

my laptop, iPod, chargers, an outfit, and things that I wouldn’t be able to get in the new country

5. What artist or band do you always recommend when someone asks for music recommendations?

depends on the person, like they like metal/ hard rock I’ll probably say Dokken or FireHouse. If not my go-to is the Bangles or the Struts

6. What app can you not believe someone hasn’t invented yet?

an app that allows me to sleep while going to the gym

7. What song hits you with a wave of nostalgia every time you hear it?

any song from Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow; my dad played that album a lot while I was growing up

8. What bit of trivia do you know that is very interesting but also very useless?

by cutting the cake part of a cupcake in half and putting that piece on top, you can make a cupcake sandwich

9. What animal would be the most terrifying if it could speak?

lions or any other large cats

10. If you built a themed hotel what would the theme be and what would the rooms look like?

underwater/ ocean theme. some rooms would have aquariums taking up entire walls, water slides from some floors to others, murals, water beds etc…

11.What word do you always misspell?

“definitely” is tricky (i always mix up a couple of the letters)

Questions for you guys…

1. If you could insert yourself into tv show or movie which would it be?

2. One thing from your childhood that you still have…

3. Dream job? 

4. Favorite fashion trend?

5. One thing that you’re looking forward to this weekend…

6. What decade would you have most wanted to grow up in?

7. Song that you’ve had on repeat lately?

8. Least favorite season/ time of year?

9. What color are the walls in your bedroom?

10. One goal that you hope to accomplish by the end of the year…

11. The best part of tumblr for you…

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