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Shuffle Tag

I was tagged by @thnks-fr-th-fndms. Let’s do this!!

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come on, then tag 20 other people to do it. 

(I’d like to note that I have a lot of soundtracks in my library, so I skipped those songs and just went with the normal songs with words and whatnot.)

1. To the Dreamers - for KING & COUNTRY

2. Forest - Twenty One Pilots

3. LA Devotee - Panic! at the Disco

4. Tonight - Tyler Joseph

5. The Proof of Your Love - for KING & COUNTRY

6. The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty - Panic! at the Disco

7. Jet Pack Blues - Fall Out Boy

8. Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

9. Anathema - Twenty One Pilots

10. Lighthouse - Anthem Lights

I’m tagging @relentless-for-jesus @joshdunverified @i-m-a-goner-takeitslow @fairly-athletic-pilots @flowerydun @blackbeak @fire-breathing-bitch-queen @taratjah @dovefe4theredraven @donttrustablogthatsflawless @blogofflightlessbirds @spookyjackolantern @merlockfeels @spookyjimrippedmas @spookyjim-smolbean @jen-syx @screwthehappyending @tearinmykitchensink @coldhoodie and anyone else that wants to do it! Have fun!

Can you imagine having a superpower where you can hear what people are listening to on their headphones?

Imagine seeing a scary-looking guy walking towards you in a dark alley, but then you hear that they’re listening to Mmbop and you feel much better…

Imagine knowing that the old lady on the bus is listening to Marilyn Manson…

Imagine realising someone is listening to country music and you punch them in the face…

Imagine a serious looking businessman listening to nothing but cat noises…

Imagine noticing that someone is listening to Northern Downpour and knowing that they are dying inside…

Imagine meeting Brendon Urie and he’s listening to The Young Veins…