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Music in Fallout

Music in Fallout is a big part of the games, everyone has a favorite radio station, a favorite song, a memory they associate with the songs. But the 50s tunes are more than just background noise.

Fallout’s music is reflective of the game it appears in in many ways. For example, Fallout New Vegas is set in the American West, so the radio stations play mainly country. Not only is this appropriate for the theme, but it also fits the idea of what Pre-War Americans living in the Nevada area would have listened to. Fallout 3 & 4’s music is very jazz heavy, which also fits the idea of what a Pre War American in New England may have liked.

In Fallout: New Vegas, the country music has heavy themes of love, money, or moving on to something new. The songs all represent these themes in different ways, some songs are about falling in love (Mad About the Boy), leaving a trail of lovers behind you (Jingle, Jangle, Jingle), or missing a lover you had long ago (Johnny Guitar). It’s important that even though there are common themes within the radio songs, they are all very different. The themes of love, money, or moving on are also representative of what many people in the Mojave Wasteland want.

In Fallout 3 and 4, the music has mostly songs of either love, death, or radiation. Even the some of the songs about love have radiation incorporated (Crawl Out Through the Fallout & Rocket 69). The radio playing in the post nuclear apocalypse are almost all about the thing that demised the world. I believe it boils down to something simple that I’ve seen discussed many times.

The East Coast can’t move on from the nuclear war. Even 200 years after the war, people in the Capital Wasteland and Commonwealth are living in dilapidated shacks and have ghouls living in their basement. The ‘successful’ towns are glorified shantytowns of thrown together metal, nestled inside pre war locations (Megaton, Rivet City, Diamond City). The music represents the people of Fallout 3 and 4; they can’t move on.

Fallout: New Vegas, on the other hand, has little to no music relating to death or radiation. The people in New Vegas have towns all over the map, have electricity and the NCR was working on building a railroad all the way around the Mojave. They have simply moved on from the war that happened over 200 years ago.

New Vegas has messages of letting go (Dead Money) and the theme of ‘Old World Blues’, meaning people are clinging onto the pre war past instead of moving on and rebuilding society. The people of the Mojave Wasteland have moved on and rose up, while the people of the East have Old World Blues


Here it is! This is my first oneshot and longest piece yet – please be kind. As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Happy reading! xxh

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getting in a fight with harry and you almost break up and you have emotional sex where you’re both crying and stealing kisses and it’s raw and you’re both just so in love and i don’t know meaningful sex is so much better than just getting in each other’s pants when you feel like it – anon

Word count: 4.5k 

Genre: Angst/smut

Pairing: y/n & Harry

It was quite odd how you could feel so alone in a room so full of people.

Music jumping off of the walls, a steady bass thumping in your chest; laughter cutting through the air, cheers every so often as another round was poured out. The energy was addictive, yet you felt as if you were secluded in your own little bubble, away from everyone else and invisible to the party guests.

Harry stood beside you, happily buzzing with a glass of whiskey in hand. His laughs bellowed out from his chest and were much louder than normal – amplified by the alcohol pulsing through his body. He wasn’t drunk, but the extra confidence given to him by the glass he held was very obvious.

He’d turn to you, mouth parted and about to ask a question, but was swiftly pulled away by an eager acquaintance to congratulate him on ‘his big debut in Hollywood!’ or ‘his incredible new music!’. Harry was too kind to just brush off the compliment with a simple “thank you,” and was quickly taken up in another conversation, leaving you alone.

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Since I’ve seen a lot of people asking, here is how you listen to the Breakfast Show on Fri:

  • You can stream it live on the Radio 1 website from any country. Since Scott is sitting in for Nick you will find a recording of the episode after it airs on his page here - the show will stay up for 30 days. I’m sure they will be promoting it heavily on the main homepage with links as well.
  • You can also download the BBC iPlayer Radio app on your phone and listen to the show that way (it’s a great app! highly recommended)
  • If they recorded video (which I believe they did based on that pic of Harry), I’m not sure it will air during the show or if they will just post clips on the Radio 1 youtube channel. If they do air it live, you can watch it via the Radio 1 website. NOTE: if you’re not in the UK you will need to use a VPN to watch it live. Youtube is accessible internationally.

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I'm sorry may I ask for Keith voltron headcanons ur hcs are so Good

  • when he enters a room he automatically assesses his chances of beating the people inside in a fight
    • this is kinda horrifying but also. really funny
    • keith: *looks at shiro* *makes a mental note to add more push ups to his workout*
    • keith: *looks at lance* *nods because all is right in the world*
  • someone explained the “i say vol you say tron” thing to him a while back but he keeps messing it up because he thinks lance’s reactions are funny
  • *pidge drops down from the ceiling* keith, without looking up from his cereal: “hey”
  • has a weird stockholm syndrome-y relationship with country music since it was the only stuff on the radio out in the desert
    • he hates it. but. it was there for him when no one else was
  • is confused 72% of the time
  • the living embodiment of the words “fuck it”
  • refuses to refer to his hairstyle as a mullet. it’s just long lance. go away lance
  • keith: “why are you squeezing me with your body” hunk: “…it’s a hug, keith. i’m hugging you.”
    • alternatively: *literally anyone goes to hug keith* “…is…… is that a knife in your pocket”
  • “i just slept seven hours, which is twice as long as i usually sleep, so i’m a little disoriented”

iHeartMedia has announced the lineup for its 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival, to be held Sept. 22 and 23 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Each night, the festival will be broadcast live via iHeartMedia radio stations throughout the country, and on the CW’s website. CW will air a two-night television special on Wednesday, Oct. 4 and Thursday, Oct. 5 from 8-10 p.m.

Tickets for iHeartRadio Music Festival go on sale to the general public on July 28 at 1 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT. - Variety
03. Baby Talk

Harry wants to have a baby. 

Warnings: Fluff, smut

When you arrived home after a long day of work and smelled the roast, you knew Harry was up to something.

 Either he wanted to talk over a very important decision with you, or the tabloids were about to—if they hadn’t already—print a false or prying story about you and he wanted to take your mind off it. However, you still smiled as you slipped off your shoes and jacket.

It was the little things. That’s what no one told you about marriage. Marriage wasn’t all about the Instagram posts praising each other, or the mind-blowing sex, or the grand statements of affection. It was the foot rubs after a long day, a roast in the oven as soon as you came home from work, and the quick forehead kiss in the early morning when he woke before you. Those little things kept the love alive.

 And oh, how you loved them.

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what if neil had some sort of identity crisis? i mean he's cycled through so many personalities and looks so what if something happened that triggered him into wondering if 'neil josten' really was his true self? how do you think andrew and the foxes would react?

Oh, Neil would totally have a bunch of little identity crises that he tries to just shrug off two minutes later and it would eventually add up to a full blown one.

  • I feel like Neil’s pretty cemented in wanting to be Neil Josten and belonging with the Foxes
  • So, I’m seeing it more as a ‘Who the fuck am I? Oh, fuck, I’m still not the Neil they all think I am’ kind of thing
  • Like Neil has a bunch of memorized answers to things to try to not arouse people’s suspicions
  • But he doesn’t know the real answers to these questions?
  • Like sure, he can spout off a rehearsed answer to simple questions
  • But he doesn’t want to lie to the Foxes anymore and they’ve made Neil a real person, but he still doesn’t know who Neil is
  • And he’s starting to suspect that they all know Neil better than he knows Neil
  • And there’s this fear that he’s not really the Neil they see and know and that he’s still just chameleoning to blend in with whichever of them he’s with
  • It’s the little things that plant the seeds of doubt
  • Fucking tiny little questions that trip him the fuck up
  • What is his favourite movie?
  • Most people can at least come up with one movie that they like, even if they’re not sure it’s their favourite
  • Neil can’t come up with one movie that he even remembers having watched?
  • He just sits there on the sidelines for any movie discussions

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Listening to my local country station at work the past few days I’ve learned a few things:
•90% of the music is sung by guys.
•Whiskey often rhymes with kiss me or the second favorite, miss me.
•Often times to show they’re not thinking about a woman they write an entire song about how their not thinking of her.
•Girl is their favorite word. Just listen to 3 songs I guarantee you’ll hear it at least 4 times.
•Drink is almost always followed by think or vice versa (see also; thinkin/drinkin)
•Everyone always seems to be looking at their “girl” that they’re singing about.
•Jacked up, truck, drink, beer, mud, tires, hometown, and small-town are also hot topics in most songs not involving “girl” Unless the girl is drinking the beer and driving the truck and is from a small-town.

oh my gosh can you believe harry put out a life changing single yesterday and he broke the record for fastest track to reach #1 on us itunes and he went #1 in over 90 countries and radio stations all across the globe were playing it hourly and he’s been compared to music industry LEGENDS like david bowie time and time again and there’s been so many reviews saying the song has the potential to be a timeless classic and it’s so good that it’s literally indescribable and that it was a risk but he took it and it turned out phenomenally and that he’s unlike any artist that’s out on the radio now??? like,,,, HE DID THAT

Hi! Here we are to explain the first part of the project. So… welcome to #ProjectBackToYou! Your help matters, because everyone is important. So if you want to give your contribute, you are in the right place. Let’s find out how you can help!

Our idea is to organize a different marathon every day of the week to focus all the attention of the fandom on that specific thing. We thought different kinds of marathons. So we won’t risk that something will be left out. The purpose of the marathons is to organize the promotion methodically. So we have the certainty that everything will be done weekly and that fans won’t forget to do something. In fact these marathons haven’t an end. We want to keep this organization every week. So fans will always know what to do day by day.

This is how we want to organize every week:

  •  Day One (July 21st): iTunes marathon: promote “Back to you” on iTunes. People have to tweet: “Buy/Listen “Back to you” on iTunes” using the hashtag #BackToYou and #ProjectBackToYou. Listening/buying “Back to you” on iTunes bring the song at the top of worldwide charts. 
  •  Day Two (July 22nd): request “Back to you” to be played on radios (you can find here the most important radio stations in your country). You have to tweet:

“Hi @radio’s nickname ! Can you play “Back To You” by Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha, please? Thank you!”

  • Day Three (July 23rd): streaming marathon on Spotify. You have to stream the song on Spotify (here). It will help to keep the song in different charts. Of course our purpose is bringing the song at the top. Check here how to stream properly on Spotify.
  •  Day Four (July 24th): streaming marathon on YouTube. Don’t forget to share the video on different social medias.
  • Day Five ( (July 25th): streaming marathon on Shazam. If you want to get “Back to you” in the charts, you can use Shazam. All you have to do is downloading the app, playing the song and letting the app recognize it. This is a way to get the song in the charts.
  • Day Six (July 26th): thunderclap on Twitter. The purpose of thunderclap is to spread a messange, because it is a crowdspeaking platform. This is a way to make a message going viral. All you have to do is to join the thunderclap. So the app will tweet the message automatically by your account on the day set for the thunderclap (the day is the same for everyone). This is an example:

“Listen to “Back to you” by Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha on Spotify *link of the streaming*”.

We will post the link of the thunderclap after the release of the song.

Of course fans can do all these things daily (except the thunderclap), even if it’s not the day of that specific marathon. In fact the purpose of the marathons is to organize a kind of “parties” to focus all our effort and all our attention on that specific thing, on that specific day. Marathons will help to gain our goals quickly and effectively, but you can give you contribute everyday in the way that you prefer. For example you can stream the song on Spotify everyday, but also don’t forget to join the streaming marathon on Wednesday. So you will help twice at the same time and when there will be the marathon, your help will be greater, because there will be a lot of fans like you doing the same thing, all together. We have to make waves of love everyday, but joining a marathon is like to provocate a tzunami of love in one day, focusing on one goal. Remember to be polite and nice, guys. 



orange by Natalie Mine


Most Requested Live is a radio show in the U.S. which broadcasts across 150 radio stations, making it one of the biggest radio shows in the country. The show is ONLY on SATURDAYS and it starts at 7PMET and ends at 11PM ET.

How to request?

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
You can request by using the hashtag #MostRequestedLive + the name of the song + name of the artist. Remember: Don’t spam/use the same tweet over and over or twitter will suspend your account for spamming.

Text: 71021

Send a snap to @MostRequestedLive.

The song that has the most requests on all the above will be the most requested song of the hour and it will be played on 150 radio stations!