country mailbox


A few more things for the “Street Cute Project”

1.  Mailboxes - (2) Country Style (1 with flowers and 1 without), and a more modern one.

*these can be used with an invisible mailbox to make functional (invisible mailboxes from MTS included for convenience)

2. Fall/Autumn Flag Recolors - 6 recolors (get the mesh HERE)

3. Deco Restrooms - (2) Styles, Traditional and Modern

* these are just deco objects  but they can be made into useable bathrooms (just add stalls/sinks then drop the buildings on top by using the “move” cheat, see picture above!) *Note* the Traditional one works perfectly with the stalls/sink but the Modern one you have to fidget with a bit (“snap off” cheat) because it’s a little smaller and the stalls hang out a little in the back!). This object was cloned from a rug so sims will walk through the walls!!


Also, for those who use Simlish in their game there are 2 Simlish recolors of the Street Name Signs