country mailbox


A few more things for the “Street Cute Project”

1.  Mailboxes - (2) Country Style (1 with flowers and 1 without), and a more modern one.

*these can be used with an invisible mailbox to make functional (invisible mailboxes from MTS included for convenience)

2. Fall/Autumn Flag Recolors - 6 recolors (get the mesh HERE)

3. Deco Restrooms - (2) Styles, Traditional and Modern

* these are just deco objects  but they can be made into useable bathrooms (just add stalls/sinks then drop the buildings on top by using the “move” cheat, see picture above!) *Note* the Traditional one works perfectly with the stalls/sink but the Modern one you have to fidget with a bit (“snap off” cheat) because it’s a little smaller and the stalls hang out a little in the back!). This object was cloned from a rug so sims will walk through the walls!!


Also, for those who use Simlish in their game there are 2 Simlish recolors of the Street Name Signs

Sadly, she’s taller than me. But other than the obvious, I actually came over for some good news, I think. I am still very short, so that’s bad.

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So, my phone rang while I was out getting the mail. Yeah, that sounds weird but literally, where I live, it’s a day trip to the mailbox. Country living–exercise to and from the mailbox. Any longer, it would be the Pony Express. Moving on, @fortunatelyclevercandy

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So I find out this lovely scene from Marmaduke has come a knocking..well, not so much the dog or Lee Pace–that would be weird and creepy (amusing, but weird and creepy). No. Call from California. Actual California. From the real state of California. From my old manager (who’s friend once tried to replace Lee’s girlfriend with me one summer–wasn’t interested, I was working toward becoming an agent myself). She’s been trying to get a hold of me–including my Dad (and I learned that his wife changed the number so I can’t call–like I would; he’s somewhere else). She had one of her clients and a friend of mine call me for her. She has a lot of working clients still, most of them are still my friends. Anyway, she lives near Christopher Tolkien’s son who lives near the widow of the founder of the Mythopoeic Society out there. 

Enough of the coincidences. I’m half scared and interested in knowing what’s up–while waiting for the internet to actually let me do something–I have a new excerpt and the net hasn’t been cooperating–what a shock. Now this..

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You know, @fortunatelyclevercandy, I’m thinking about getting an Afghan hound…or a Shibu Inu…I don’t know…oh, right. Focus. I’m thinking this is about representing me again. As an author. What do you think? Should I do it?

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I mean, this would mean Thranduil would be pushed to go public. I’m on the fence because, I don’t know…maybe she just wants to say hi–which at this point, well, I’m kinda already being followed by a studio in London working with Martin Freeman.

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[Sound of crickets]

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Life is unbelievable..

I wonder if this means I’m back in business now…??? Whatever it means, look for the real 411 over at the newsfeed if it is substantial. BTW, I just made a sale on a book that isn’t even published yet, I think. Someone wants to buy the darn thing. Oh, Thranduil. You’ve done it again.