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Yes, here’s another recap on the first semi-final of the Song Contest. I wrote this while watching the show. It’s snippets of my thoughts. Enjoy!


Catchy song, I see that song getting played a lot on the radio. Great choreography, I especially like the dancer on the very right with the long hair. The singer looks like a player, reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey. Good-looking, that’s for sure.


The first ballad of the evening. She has a great voice, but that’s it. She looks like Bernadette Peters though. Love the hair.


What a let-down. I liked the video so much, but the show on stage was horrible. All these pictures of him. Really? I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Not good, unfortunately, his voice was a little shaky, but he’s soooo young. I really liked how he smiled when the audience cheered the first time though.


Another ballad! And the first white dress of the evening, sort of. Left no other impression.


The song needs more beat, way more beat. Is this song supposed to be this boring? I liked the beginning, but it didn’t deliver, it got a little better in the end.


He really makes the audience move. The accent on point. The costume has its great moments, haha, the trousers. Party-song. Entertainment pure. I don’t mind his face in the background. An entertaining one man show and his ponytail. What a surprise.


I heard so much about this song. It’s the one without a traditional chorus. I was very skeptical, the video didn’t convince me. You either hate it or love it, I guess, but the live performance changes my mind. It’s good. Unconventional. It lives diversity, and that’s the song contest’s slogan this year. Go, Finland, go!


The Austrian commentator about her: She’s crazy/odd, but crazy/odd is good. Let’s see. The stage is great, but she’s so quiet. Come on girl, you have to sing louder. Finally, the song gets some power. There’s a horse, why? What did she write on the wall? I can’t read it. Now the horse has taken off his head. I have no clue what this is about. This leaves me with more questions than answers. Again the commentator says he doesn’t understand the concept of this act either, well, at least I’m not alone.


Apparently, he’s number two in the betting odds atm. His song so reminds me of some soundtrack of a good old Disney movie. Feels good. Very nostalgic. He’s adorable how he reacts to the cheers of the audience. So unusual. And I like how he’s int he middle of the audience. Take me to Paris with this song. Is it Fado? /edit: it’s not! Thanks for pointing that out to me!


Party-song! The right amount of beat. Gorgeous video, you should all watch it. Interesting, maybe a little unnecessary, men doing this dance in the water in front of her. The choreography takes away some attention from her performance though. The two men in the background as she ends with the words “this is love” is some great message.


A white dress, another one, yay! And the wind machine! Can this get any more song contest-y? Her voice is solid. The song? Not sure, I’m distracted by the birds flying in the background. I think I can get used to the song when I listen to it more often, gives me some vibes and feels. Can’t pin-point it.


There’s the beat I’ve been talking about. Danceable. The ladies costumes, ah, so much style. I want to learn that dance! This is good! I’m going back and forth in my seat. That’s some good music. Mama, Mama! Ah, the costumes again, turning into full wedding gowns, what a surprise. That’s how you do it!


A white cape, yes, at least the white dress get’s a do-over every now and then. Fascinated with the tattoos and/or body-paint. Wind machine. Song OK, voice OK too. Wouldn’t mind hearing it again. 

Czech Republic

A quieter song, good song. But she can’t move the people with it, or can she with the great finish? It sounds like a sound you would put on the end of a sad movie.


The beat is with us again, but the song doesn’t get through to me. I don’t know. Why doesn’t this move me? It was written by the same person as Euphoria. I should be dancing really hard. That stage though is on point. 


The audience is clapping, right? Where did those ladies come from? It’s kind of oriental. It definitely his Bollywood. Don’t know what else to say. Don’t know if I like the song.


A sparkling suit, we need more of those. A man performing a ballad, I needed this in my life. I know, he knows, everybody knows he won’t make it to the finals. Have fun sight-seeing the next couple of days, he said so himself


Crazy hairstyle. Crazy stage. The audience claps along. Good sign. Finally the beat!!!! She’s wild. Good song to end this semi-final. 

My top3:

  1. Moldova
  2. Finland
  3. Portugal

We’ll see who gets into the final. The song contest has his own rules as we know.

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