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More Fic Updates for the Week Ending 11/26/2016

So I know this is out of the ordinary but it was brought to our attention (thanks Caryn! - you the best!) that we missed some amazing stories that were updated (or started) as part of the final round of PiP (and one more that was not) so we decided a little midweek update was needed. 


The Tigers Come at Night Chapter 8 by @shesasurvivor

The Picture Epilogue by @burkygirl

Your Smile is a Thin Disguise Chapter 3 by @absnow

Leave of Absence Chapter 4 by @awhiskeyriver

Lost in Translation Chapter 2 by @deinde-prandium

Making it Count Chapter 4 by @electome

You & Me Epilogue by @herainab

New Fics:

First Love Chapter 1 by @sothereff

Meadow Lake Country Club Chapter 1 by @lvfics

Unreaped Chapter 1 by thedragonwaiting

Pure Chapter 1 by @katnissdoesnotfollowback

And Out Come the Wolves Chapter 1 by @papofglencoe

The Match and the Rock Chapter 1 by @booksrockmyface

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 1 by @peetaspikelets

So terribly sorry we missed you all the first time around! I’m going to echo what Dee said this morning…please don’t hesitate to reach out to us when you update or start a WIP to make sure we see it. Sometimes we’re busy (or in my case taking a bit of break from tumblr - I haven’t read any of the PiP entries yet either *insert sad face*) and miss some amazing stories being updated or started. So always feel free to reach out to Dee (@lovelizziekins) or I (@gobletgirl) (or even this blog) to let us know!

We will be back to the regularly scheduled updates on Saturday/Sunday this week. Already have some updates from this week queued up!

And hey now this means we get another Peeta pic this week! Hope everyone is having an amazing week!

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