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The Zodiac Signs as Music Genres

Aries: Dubstep

Taurus: Jazz

Gemini: Hip hop/rap

Cancer: Blues

Leo: Pop

Virgo: Country

Libra: Folk

Scorpio: Electro

Sagittarius: Alternative Rock

Capricorn: Orchestra

Aquarius: Psychedelic

Pisces: Disco


On this day in music history: June 4, 1942 - Capitol Records is established in Hollywood, CA. Founded by songwriting legend Johnny Mercer (“You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby”, “Autumn Leaves”, “One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)”, “Hooray for Hollywood”), songwriter/film producer Buddy De Sylva, and music store owner Glenn Wallichs (Wallichs Music City), Mercer proposes the idea of starting a record label the year before to his friend Wallichs. A few months later, Mercer proposes the same idea to De Sylva who is an executive producer at Paramount Pictures. With the third partner aboard, the three get to work organizing their first releases and opening their first offices in a building south of Sunset Blvd. By July 1, 1942, the label releases its first nine singles. The label innovates new techniques in promoting the sales of records including being the first to distribute free records to disc jockeys for promotional purposes. Capitol quickly builds up an impressive roster of artists that includes Les Baxter, Les Paul, Peggy Lee, Stan Kenton, Les Brown, and Nat King Cole. Over the years that list of artists grows to also include Frank Sinatra, Stan Kenton, Judy Garland, Stan Freberg, Gene Vincent, Dean Martin, The Four Freshmen, Al Martino, The Kingston Trio, Nancy Wilson, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Linda Ronstadt, The Band, Steve Miller Band, Bob Seger, Natalie Cole, Tina Turner, George Clinton, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Queen, Heart, MC Hammer, Garth Brooks, Radiohead, Coldplay, Foo Fighters and Katy Perry. Happy 75th Anniversary, Capitol Records!!!


Born on this day: June 20, 1924 - Guitar icon and producer Chet Atkins (born Chester Burton Atkins in Luttrell, TN). Happy Birthday to this multi-talented virtuoso musician on what would have been his 93rd Birthday. Thank you for all of the great music you gave us, “Mister Guitar”.

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Name: Steven
Age: 30
Country: USA


I have been looking for a pen-pal for a while now, hopefully this is where I will find one.

I work for an Aerospace Company in Seattle Area and live out in the country where I have 12 chickens in the back yard and am working on a garden.

I also love to read, mostly non-fiction. I have a huge library downstairs and lounging area. I also collect antiques from various flea markets. Recently got a sewing machine that is about 100 years old.

At my place you can always count on old school Jazz playing somewhere in the background. Don’t worry I also like Rock and new stuff.

Preferences: preferably 25+ in age, but I will talk to anyone.

William Nylander - I Love You

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Another Willy smut coming right up!

Anon Request: Could you write a smutty William Nylander imagine where you’re best friends and you end up admitting you love each other? Thanks!

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Welcome (Baron Corbin x Reader)

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A/N: This probably sounded better in my head but i hope you enjoy and as always feel free to leave comments,questions concerns and requests

Warnings:None, I don’t think. Fluff??

Summary: Thomas (Baron Corbin) and his girlfriend are at the hospital awaiting the arrival of their newest family member and end up telling their fondest moments of their relationship.

“How are you feeling?” Thomas, my boyfriend of many years and the soon to be father of my- our first child, asked for what seemed like the billionth time that day. To be fair I have been in labor for the past 13 most excruciating hours of my life and I knew that he was just worried and nervous but if he asked me that question one more time I was going to body slam him.  
“oh ya know, just tired, back hurts, ankles were swollen, your child doesn’t want to make an appearance yet and I’m pretty sure that they’re going to cut me off of epidural so never better.” I coldly replied trying to get comfortable, something telling me that this child wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon.
“Ok, I get that you’re in pain so I’m going to ignore your attitude. But hey let’s try and take your mind off of things.” He said grabbing the hospital chair that was in the corner and rolling it over to the bed, right in front of me and grabbing my hand ever so lightly while he sat down and stared at me.  
Before I even had a chance to answer him he was already talking. “Do you remember the first time we met? God, we need to come up with a better story if we ever tell our child,” he said laughing as I tried to remember that day.
- Flashback -
“I promise you you’ll have fun” My best friend/Cousin, Jay, said as he dragged me along to a small bar somewhere in Kansas.  We had come down here on our way back to Washington. Jay had called up some of his friends that lived in the area and since I didn’t know anyone here and wanted some drinks I agreed to tag along.
“JAY!!” I heard people yell as soon as we walked into the bar, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that those were probably his friends. We made our way over to the group of giants-men, I meant men. To this day I could only remember about two names from the six that were introduced to me that night. “ Hey, have you noticed that guy staring at you the whole night?” One of Jay’s friend asked me as we finished our third bottle of beer; looking over I saw one of the guys I was introduced to that night. I couldn’t deny that he was handsome but after this night I’d probably never remember his name and he mine. Deciding to ignore the guy I went to sit at one of the open booths and started my fourth and final beer. After a while, I got bored and scanned the room looking for Jay instead my eyes met with the guy that was looking at me from earlier, what was his name? Tony? Tyler? Well, whatever it was I saw him going down the stairs, his eyes never leaving mine and out of nowhere he falls. I tried everything in my power not to laugh but alas I did. The three and a half bottles of beer probably didn’t help but after settling down and wiping away the tears that formed I tried looking for the poor guy only to see him making a B-line for the bar. Darn, I was really hoping to talk to him. After and hour or so my wish came true and the man slid into the other side of the booth. “Hi, I’m Thomas. I’m an offensive lineman for the Arizona Cardinals, ” he said introducing himself. “Was you being an NFL offensive lineman supposed to impress me?” I asked finishing up my drink. “Guess that didn’t work?” He asked causing him and myself to chuckle. “You did a better job impressing me with that fall then you did by introducing yourself as an NFL player.” I replied “I was really hoping you didn’t witness that. But since my occupation didn’t impress you, let me start over. Hi, Im Thomas. I like Tattoos, motorcycles, Metal bands and animals. ” “Better. I’m Y/N, I like any sort of music except country and jazz, I like tattoos as well, even though I only have like three, I like hiking and I love animals.” I said introducing myself to him. That conversation lasted all night, full of laughter and embarrassing stories. When I told him that I was leaving the next day we decided to trade numbers and keep in touch.
-Flashback over-
“Who would’ve known that you would come tumbling into my life?” I said jokingly causing him to shake his head and laugh. “Who would’ve known that here we’d be, almost six years later together and expecting our kid?” He replied kissing my temple.
“Do you remember the day you found out that you were going to be a father?” I asked him only to get a nod in return.
-Flash back to six months ago-
I had planned everything out. From the second that he’d walk into out house to the second, he found the little surprise.
Making sure that everything was set I made my way to the top of the stairs and made sure I had a perfect view of ground below. I heard the keys jiggle causing my stomach to do flips. Of course, I was nervous but I was also excited. I spent all day running around town to pick up Booties, paint and a pregnancy test along with the ultrasound picture that I had asked for two weeks ago.
I bought pink and blue paint and decided to paint the side of my closed fist either color and make little footprints leading from the front door to the middle of our living room where I had already put a pair of pink and blue booties on the glass coffee table. In the middle, I put the ultrasound that confirmed that I was, in fact, three months pregnant, and right on top of the ultrasound I put the positive pregnancy test.
I watched as a confused Thomas followed the paint on the white tiles until it came to a stop at the coffee table where he picked up the booties, setting them down and then picking up the test only for it to click in his head. He carefully sat down on the couch that was right next to the coffee table, before picking up the ultrasound. “I can’t believe it.” I heard him mutter as he studied the picture right in front of him as I made my way downstairs. “Surprise?” I said as I reached him, not really knowing how he feels about the news. “Is this real?” He asked, his eyes finally meeting mine. I only nodded, still unsure of how to act. “How long have you known?” He asked standing up. “Two weeks.” “How far along?” he asked “Three months,” I said. slowly trying to make my way over to him. But before I could even take a step he already as me pressed to his chest, Kissing the top of my head, my cheeks, my lips and finally my belly. “You’re not upset?” I asked looking up at him. “Surprised and excited yes. Upset? Never. You’re giving me one of the greatest things I could ever ask for. ” He said kissing me again.
“I have to tell someone about this!” he said excitedly reaching for his phone. Probably calling Corey or his mom. “Oh god, where are we going to put him?” He suddenly said trying to figure everything out at once. “I already moved the things from the extra room into the garage and already started looking for baby things,” I said reassuring him.
-Flashback over-
“I can’t wait to meet her,” Thomas said rubbing circles on my tummy. “What makes you think it’s her?” I asked laughing. “Something tells me it’s going to be a girl.” He said as a nurse came into the room. “Ms.Y/LN just wanted to check to see if you’ve made any progress since last time.” She said checking to see how dilated I am. “Congrats mama. It’s time to start pushing” She said causing relief to coarse through my body before being replaced by fear. She left to go get the doctor and whoever else she might need. “Oh god, what if I can’t do this?” I asked Thomas, squeezing his hand. “Hey, You’re going to be fine. I’ll be right by your side the whole time. You have me. But right now you just have to focus on bringing our child into the world.” He said followed by a kiss and a reassuring squeeze to my hand.

“Congratulations. You’ve brought a beautiful baby boy into this world.” Dr.Willson said as he handed my crying son to one of the nurses in order to clean him and do whatever else was necessary before finally placing him in my arms. “I’m so proud of you. Thank you for giving me this amazing gift. I haven’t even held him yet but I’m already in love and I promise to put both of you before anything else, protect you guys no matter what and show you, my unconditional love.” Thomas said wiping my tears away. “What’s his name?” The nurse asked writing things down on her notepad. “Thomas Jackson Pestock ” Both Thomas and I replied.

Anna’s Perioperative Playlist Challenge

Surgeons and their music.

If any of you have ever spent any (conscious) time in the OR at all, you know exactly what I mean.

You can walk past a suite and know who’s operating without even looking at the board. 

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, sit tight. I’ll explain, then we’re gonna play a game.

Like, seriously, indulge me, this is gonna be fun.

Surgeons like to operate to music. It’s kind of a thing.

I’ve heard some crazy stuff in the OR, guys. Every genre you can possibly imagine. There’s standard, top 40 radio hits. Classic rock. R&B. Soul. ScreamingbangingpulsingmakeyourearsbleedJimKirknoise (seems like the ortho guys really like this one). Country. Jazz. Even (I’m not kidding) swanky elevator music. 

My ears are ringing when I make it home. When I finally crash in my bed at night, it’s not the cadence of the pulse ox, or the myriad of monitors that I hear. It’s the music.

Today, I had my personal playlist on shuffle, as always. 4:30 am, headed to the hospital in a sleep-addled daze, chugging my coffee, angry at the injustice of the world. 

And then, suddenly, clarity. A brand new Bones headcannon is born.

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Call Me the Breeze.

Now, imagine -

Bones, hotshot big-city trauma surgeon, fresh out of residency. Bones, eyes burning, fierce, sharper than a laser scalpel, gonna change the world. Bones, at the top of his game. Bones before David’s illness, before feverish research and quiet desperation, before pitying glances and subtly shaking hands, before stims and alcohol and insomnia, before endless custody battles and bitter failure and “I’m just a simple country doctor.” Bones, when sleepless nights were a welcome challenge and the morning offered a fresh perspective. Bones, the youngest published surgeon in a generation. Bones, dominating his operating suite through sheer force of will. Bones, fed up with people commenting on his age. Bones, saving lives. Bones, making damn sure that his tech knows what playlist is on rotation, and that Call Me the Breeze is on there, somewhere.

Later, after, it doesn’t matter so much. On the Enterprise, Len’s not doing many elective procedures. Surgeries come in fits and starts, in 22 hour shifts of blood and adrenaline and grit, shifts that leave Len hazy around the edges and utterly drained. Life in the black is weeks upon weeks of mind-numbing monotony, and then everything goes to hell. Most days, the playlist is the last thing on his mind.

Besides, his tastes have matured. Really.

It’s Chris that notices first. Chris, striding into sickbay, predicting exactly what kind of day it’s gonna be by the time she makes it to her station. She’s been doing this a while - she doesn’t need to see the set of the Doc’s shoulders, or hear the cadence of his words. She knows. Nurse’s intuition.

In the beginning, her choices are random. She’s been working in the field long enough that the noise fades to the background, personal preferences be damned. It doesn’t take her long to figure it out.

Doctor McCoy, god bless him, hasn’t a clue. 

One day, one awfully long day, when the supply shuttle is overdue and the captain has missed his follow-up physical for the third shift straight and the doctor has been particularly bitchy, Chris rolls her eyes and calls him Mr. Breeze.

Len blinks at her, startled, then covers it with a dark scowl. “What was that, nurse?”

Anyone else would be terrified, but Chris works with this fool every damn day. She knows his tells, and she’s not afraid of Leonard McCoy. “Nothing, Doctor.”

He holds her gaze for a second, all bristled brows and blustering testosterone, but she is unrelenting, expressionless. He gives, whirling, and stalks to his office, muttering under his breath.

The name spreads like wildfire.

Chris turns a blind eye.

Now, the challenge:

 What else is on Bones’ surgery playlist?


On this day in music history: February 28, 1970 - “Moondance”, the third album by Van Morrison is released. Produced by Van Morrison and Lewis Merenstein, it is recorded at A&R Studios in New York City from August - November 1969. Following the highly acclaimed (but only modestly selling) “Astral Weeks”, the Northern Irish singer and songwriter returns with what becomes one of his best and most beloved works. Moving to upstate New York, he’ll spend nearly ten months writing the material that make his next full length release. The albums blend of R&B, Jazz, Folk, Country and Rock firmly establishes Morrison as one of the premier singer/songwriters of his generation. Several songs including “Crazy Love”, “Into The Mystic”, “Caravan”, and the title track become album rock radio staples over the years. The album is remastered and reissued as a 180 gram vinyl LP in 2008 by Rhino Records. In 2013, the label remasters and reissues this classic title on CD in an expanded five disc edition (4 CD’s + Blu-Ray disc). The first CD features the original ten song album, with the second, third and fourth CD’s featuring outtakes and alternate mixes from the sessions. The Blu-ray disc features newly remixed high resolution stereo and 5.1 surround mixes of the original album, from the original multi-track masters. “Moondance” peaks at number twenty nine on the Billboard Top 200, is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA, and is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1999.


I’m none too good with introductions, always had trouble with “About Me’s” on Facebook or in school, so bare with me.  Especially now, being in prison for a few years, my “likes” have somewhat been changed.  I like prison coffee (Boston’s best freeze dried with 3-4 scoops of powder creamer & 2 sweet & lows [cold]), batch (food ordered out of canteen, made into meals, opposed to prison slop), my music at this time is limited to top 40 noise & whatever they play on the TV…although my musical taste is eclectic, encompassing almost everything with the exception of country/folk/jazz/pop.  Working out to the point of exhaustion to sleep soundly, & self educating myself.  I take a great deal of interest in Russian history/culture, specifically in Politics (Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, etc.)  I tried to teach myself Russian about a year ago, learned the alphabet, failed at everything else.  My favorite animal is a Panda, my favorite color is Green, favorite food is BBQ, favorite book(s) are The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, favorite movie(s) are Boondock Saints, V for Vendetta, and Green Street Hooligans. 
I’m 22, doing double life, very much a geek who would very much enjoy conversing with other geeks, I have very strong counter-culture views on society and the world at large, I’m extremely dark humored, well-read, and easy going. 
I don’t wish to be some novelty, a shiny toy if you will, to play with for a time before discarding.  I like consistency, someone who is interested in maintaining a long-term correspondence with me.  I need not money nor worldly objects, simply the solidarity that comes from a true friendship.  That is all I desire.

Take care,
(DOB 11/09/1991)

Steven Spader
P.O. Box 861
Trenton, NJ 08625

vrxpitsal  asked:

so like we know what lance likes to listen to when going to bed but do you think we will ever be able to hear the others taste in music? or what lance likes to listen to when he's not on his way to snoozeville?

well, my official answer most definitely has to be my cryptic smiley, but if you’re interested, here are my personal headcanons: 

shiro likes classic rock. not the stones or the who, but the rock resurgence that comes sometime in the 2030′s. they’re considered oldies by the time shiro starts digging through the ancient archives of the long-since-dead spotify, but he finds the absurdist and nihilistic lyrics relatable.

pidge listens to electronic music almost exclusively and produces her own original tracks. she became an expert at ableton live 27 at 8 and built her own launchpads. she’ll publicly laugh about how primitive the roland tb-303 is, but it’s secretly her life dream to own one.

hunk is a singer-songwriter and has a massive collection of similar little-known artists he found over years of surfing the future internet. he plays a bunch of instruments, but the ukulele is his favorite, and his prized possession is the old hand-made ukulele that has been passed down in his family for three generations. his father used to make up silly songs and sing him to sleep when he was little and too anxious to go to bed. hunk isn’t very confident in his own singing ability, but when he’s feeling particularly lonely aboard the castle ship, he’ll hum the melodies and think of his family.

at first glance, lance seems to like the trashiest pop music imaginable. the ones that get played on the radio so many times that you physically cringe when you hear the first few notes are the ones he belts out every lyric to while he’s in the shower… in the car… walking down the street… you name it. but it turns out, lance has the most eclectic music taste of the whole bunch. he loves a little bit of everything: jazz, country, hip-hop, etc. it’s not that he just likes any old thing. lance spends hours and hours collecting his library from wide ranges of sources and doesn’t ‘adopt’ a song unless it’s something he can fully love. lance just has really good taste in music, period. 

finally, keith is one of those crazy people who just doesn’t listen to music. his excuse is that he doesn’t have time. 

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honestly people need to get it through their heads that kpop comes directly from american music and that all american genres were started by black americans. rap, hip hop, rock n roll, pop, country, blues, jazz, electronica, everything it all comes from black people. korea listened to music from the us, liked it, and started to make music like that. thus kpop was born ✌🏿 why do people even deny that? its so mean...

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214 #new #rock #guitar #instrumental #tracks with #jazz, #prog, #blues #metal and #country influences. If there’s more than one instrument it’s cuz I #loop and #overdub #bass, #rhythm #lead #guitars, and canned drums. I typically use a #metal #distortion or high dB #overdrive into different #amp models. I play a #fender #telecaster cuz the #single #coils work for me. I’m using a #zoom #modeler for bass, rhythm, and lead guitar #amps and #fx

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RIP Gregg Allman – I am at a loss for words. I was moved by Gregg’s voice when I first heard the Allman Brothers Band in 1969. I was nine years old. I had not even picked up a guitar yet but thanks to my to older brothers I had been exposed to a lot of great soul music with the best singers in the world. But this was something different. This music was making a deep emotional connection with me even though it was too complex for me to really understand. Somehow, though, it had this “common man” quality that allowed that music to connect with people on so many different levels without analyzing the ingredients that went into it-soul, blues, rock, country, jazz-all mixed together in a way no one had ever done before. And on top of it all was this beautiful voice that could be soothing, terrifying, mellow, angry, and amazingly natural and soulful all at the same time-and instantly captivating. It drew me in. It drew us all in.

Over the next few years I would begin to play guitar as everyone of my music loving friends became Allman Brothers’ freaks. That music spoke to anyone who heard it but in the South it resonated with us. It spoke volumes. It brought a voice to people like myself in the midst of some confusing, ever-changing times. Here was this group of Southern hippies with an integrated band coming out of the Deepest South with equally deep music on the heels of some extremely deep changes. We didn’t realize how heavy that was at the time but we sure realized how heavy the music was. Every guitar player in every Southern town was listening to the Live at Fillmore East record and worshipping at the altar of Duane Allman and Dickey Betts. But the icing on the cake was always Gregg’s voice. That’s what separated the ABB from being a band that only connected with music freaks. Women whom previously had only listened to the radio would tolerate the long jams to get to the parts where Gregg melted their souls with that angelic voice. It turned casual music fans into fanatical fans who were discovering a new multi-dimensional music that a few years prior wasn’t even in existence. And it was all due to Gregg’s voice-and the songs.

He wrote these amazing songs that were as natural as his voice was. The words and melodies felt so perfectly unpretentious and, when delivered by him, made an emotional connection that only happens when music is genuine and honest. I learned an enormous amount about singing and songwriting from him-most of it before we ever met.

I am truly honored to have been fortunate enough to have written many songs with him and equally honored to have traveled the world with him while making the best music the world has ever known. I will never, ever take that for granted. And on top of all that-he was my dear friend.
My fondest memories will always be of Gregg, myself, and Allen Woody sharing a tour bus together-listening to great music and laughing our asses off mile after mile. Traveling- like life- is so much better when you’ve got friends to share the experience with. I’ve lost too many lately and this one is gonna be hard to get past. There is some comfort in knowing that millions of people all over the world feel the same way.

I love you Gregory – WH