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Fugacious Future

10/12/15 - 6:37pm

Listening to Tame Impala; The Less I Know The Better and thinking about my very near future. Last night I was inspired by a certain Youtuber Cartia Mallan who makes exciting and hilarious Vlogs of her random adventures through Australia, documenting everything from the outfits she’s wearing; the new friends she’s made and the BEAUTIFUL scenery around her. 

And it got me thinking what I want to do with my life next. 

For so long now I’ve been getting sucked deeper and deeper into the dark and ever expanding black hole of consumerism, wealth and power (mainly because of watching too much Gossip Girl, oops). Although to be financially stable is certainly something I plan to be in the future, it should not have complete power over me and my thoughts. 

Cartias’ videos reminded me of how GOOD it feels to be with friends; to smile; to explore cool new places and that is exactly what I plan to do. 

For the last month I have left in England I will indulge myself in the (not-so)glamorous parties, city shopping and classy style. It’s the English way to live. And I’ve come to terms with that. Unless you live in Inner-Sydney or over looking the harbour, the Australian life isn't “glamorous” per say. It’s the smell of hot chips and tomato-sauce at the beach; warm suncream on your skin; salty waves crashing against the strong sand. It’s smiling with friends; cold beers clinking and being chugged; long road trips in a shitty toyota. It’s what I love. It’s my home. 

So. Actually, I can’t really remember what my original point was, but it feels good to know that Australia is what I want, elegant or not. 

Also, SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS 2016. or 2017. :-)))))

anonymous asked:

I remember reading somewhere that you were an English major. I'm considering pursuing that major but I'm worried I won't be able to find a job afterwards. I don't think I want to teach for a living and I'm attending an expensive private university so I'll graduate with loans. What do you currently do? Does it have anything to do with your college major?

Hey there, thanks so much for the question. I was an English major.When I was applying for colleges I thought I wanted to go for film production and Screenwriting. I really had immersed myself in all things film. I was writing critics for a local newspaper, making shorts and writing scripts constantly.

When I looked at what schools were really ace for Film and in my area (I didn;t want to leave Pennsylvania, I applied to Drexel and realized that their tuition was insane. Insane because I didn’t know if I really loved film, loved production and everything about it.

So, I went with the safety choice of the State School I attended and went in Undeclared, I got most if not all of my general classes out of the way my first year and a half and was able to discern that I loved Literature, theory, discussions and research. I also loved debating and helping others. So, after a rocky attempt at being a business major and very close to declaring theatre as my major, I went into study Secondary Education with a concentration in English, later graduating in a the concentration of some altered thing called Literature in adaptation to media and youth lit. I don’t really remember. I remember my Senior Semester Colloquium was written about my relationship with film, the internet, blogging, gender theory and media. 

My freshman year I worked in a dog boutique in town and met Janna, my now close friend and forever mentor. She needed a dog walker, little did I know that offering myself would put me in the middle of a life changing opportunity. Janna passed on so much information as well as connections, it’s unbelievable to look back and see I had little to no direction until she gave me a nudge. She connected me to people in New York, brands, PR people, and to clothing. Janna handed down to me some of the best clothing and thrifting skills I now hold dear to my heart. Yeah, my mother taught me how to haggle for  & purchase rugs, furniture and plants. BUt Janna taught me how to commute to New York, what to wear, drink, and say. She taught me who to avoid and who to network with. She also encouraged me to be myself. 

In the summer of my Sophomore to Junior year I had interned in NYC at a web based magazine with some of the best editors and writers from Town & Country, Men’s Health, BBC, Glamour and many others. Then later went back last summer post graduation and worked under the Digital Media Manager for Maiyet, an up and coming women’s high-end sustainable fashion company. I also worked two other part time jobs to make it possible to afford to to it, and slept on couches & road on buses  back to PA, in the middle of the night. 

I won’t lie to you and tell you I stumbled on both of those opportunities, but tell you that this blog led me to getting both internships, and my most recently ended job with Art In The Age/Quaker City Mercantile in Philadelphia. My blog is the first thing on my resume, it includes my work with Maiyet, my writing, blog work with Club Monaco, recognition and reviews from brands and magazines. It’s a clear representation of my attention to aesthetics, my creativity and my general awareness of trends, consumers and merchandising. 

Now? Well, I am just starting my own business, two years after graduation college. With the help of the amazing networking and resources around me, I decided to leave a stable salary job with opportunity for a rocky road of adventure. I’m designing digital campaigns, making websites, and creating content. I’m being creative and everyday I’m about supporting local, growing local, and being local.  

Also, don’t worry about the loans too much, and if you are I know tons of people that went to get their general courses fulfilled at community colleges and saved tons of money by staying home, paying for the classes themselves then went on to graduated from other schools with the prestige and the major. And less debt. 

My advice? You will get a job if you do a couple things right: Network and represent yourself (brand yourself online), work hard at whatever opportunity is given to you (internship, or even a part time job) don’t be scared to roll up your sleeves and do the work, it will be noticed. And, realize the first job you get out of college doesn’t have to be your forever job, and if you’re unhappy, only you have the power to change up your life.

If I could go back, I probably would have minored in PR, but hindsight is 20/20. Good Luck and I hope this helped!