country girl thoughts

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Hey that vid of the two countries girls is wack I thought it was cute awhile back but then checked the one girls blog where she said the n word a LOT as a white person

oh shit i didnt know that ill delete it thats fucked up

All of these games, we play
I can’t even keep ‘em all straight
Do we mean what we say
We got lines crossed all over the place, yeah
I can’t tell if I’m winning or losing
Somebody tell me what are we doing
Nobody ever comes out on top
Tell me are we ever gonna stop
Playing these games
—  Luke Bryan - Games

This may sound really weird and random, but I can’t stand fake country girls.

Growing up, all I listened to was country. Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn, Kenny Chesney, the whole shebang. The kids I went to school with made fun of me for it and teased me for wanting cowboy boots. A few kids even had the nerve to tell me I should die for the music I listen to, since its all about death and drugs and alcohol anyway.

I never really liked pop music. I found the beats to be weird, the lyrics to be often derogatory or pointless, but I never made death threats to people about their music.

Well, around grade six, I was introduced to the ‘fake country girl’. They were those girls in cowboy boots and cut-off jeans, posting facebook selfies and statuses quoting Taylor Swift and Eric Church and Carrie Underwood. I wanted to scream 'thats not even country!’ at the top of my lungs, because T-Swift stopped singing country forever ago, Eric Church is slowly becoming pop, and Carrie was pop-country from the get-go. 

It pisses me off, straight to my core, that the kids who teased me and called me weird for listening to the music I loved trying to be a fake country girl because they thought it made them look cool. It makes me want to punch a wall or something. These girls are using something they told me was 'uncool’ and 'stupid’ to make themselves looks cool and smart. 

Just….. gah. I’m very passionate about country music and will defend it to my dying breath.