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Chely Wright was so nervous about coming out she spent THREE YEARS planning it with a team.

She was so afraid people wouldn’t understand that she WROTE HER AUTOBIOGRAPHY to explain it all first hand, and then she was so afraid people wouldn’t read it SHE PUT OUT HER VIDEO DIARIES IN A DOCUMENTARY. Plus the usual run of interviews with tv personalities and news outlets. That was how much Chely prepared. That was how great her fear was.

That was 2010 - just seven years ago. That was the context in which Taylor Swift came to fame. Young Taylor would have been making her first steps in the country music genre at the same time Chely was putting that shotgun in her mouth and realizing she couldn’t go on in the closet. But Taylor wouldn’t have known that. She wouldn’t have known there was light at the end of the tunnel, wouldn’t have known how the world would change, how her life would change. Do people really wonder how she got involved in PR relationships in the first place? Why she hid who she was? Why she changed the pronouns in her songs? Do they really look at this Nashville teenager and not understand how she ended up where she did, or how every passing year must have made it harder and harder to extricate herself from the situation?

How must she have felt, watching the world grow more accepting in general, but feeling she’d dug herself too deep for it to ever be so accepting of her? Watching her own fans talk about how much they love trips to the gay bar (with their boyfriend, naturally) and then go on to claim bearding would make Taylor “a psychopath”? What must that have felt like? I can’t even imagine.

This is Taylor’s history. This is her context. Can people really look at that and not see her tentative steps out of the closet for what they are - a way of testing the waters, by someone who has every reason to be scared? It baffles me that people think we (Kaylor fandom, Gaylor Swifties I suppose) are “making innocent things gay” (basically) when to me it is so, so obvious that Taylor is sending up flares and hoping for SOMEONE out there to tell her it’s okay.

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and she has like what 8 no. 1s at the country genre and 20 Top 10 hits at the country airplay, and she also has 20 top 10 hits at the overall billboard chart.

SERIOUSLY. Here are some fun US chart stats about Taylor

Hot 100: 70 total entries

  • #1s: Bad Blood (25 weeks), Blank Space (36 weeks), Shake It Off (30 weeks), WANEGBT (24 weeks)
  • #2s: IKWYT (36 weeks), Today Was A Fairytale (18 weeks), You Belong With Me (50 weeks), I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (10 weeks - so far)
  • #3: Mine (23 weeks)
  • #4: Love Story (49 weeks)
  • #5: Wildest Dreams (27 weeks)
  • Other top ten hits: Style (#6), Red (#6), Back To December (#6), Begin Again (#7), Speak Now (#8), Fearless (#9), If This Was A Movie (#10), Jump Then Fall (#10), Change (#10)

Hot Country: 39 entries (plus Better Man, if you count it, and this doesn’t include any song from 1989 for obvious reasons)

  • #1s: WANEGBT (34 weeks), Ours (20 weeks), Sparks Fly (21 weeks), YBWM (19 weeks), Love Story, (12 weeks), Should’ve Said No (14 weeks), Our Song (24 weeks)
  • #2s: Red (39 weeks), Mean (19 weeks), Mine (15 weeks), White Horse (20 weeks), Teardrops (27 weeks)
  • #3s: Back To December (19 weeks), Picture to Burn live (20 weeks)

Pop songs: 21 entries (and this doesn’t count roughly half of her singles before 1989)

  • #1s: Bad Blood (20 weeks), Style (20 weeks), Blank Space (21 weeks), Shake It Off (20 weeks), Wildest Dreams (20 weeks), IKYWT (21 weeks), Love Story (24 weeks)
  • #2s: WANEGBT (20 weeks), YBWM (27 weeks)

And just for good measure, all of her albums except for debut peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 — debut peaked at #5 — and they all charted for over 100 weeks. 1989 is still charting at #177 at its 120th week on the chart. 

Pretty impressive, huh? 

Some Boba Fett Headcanons:
  • Every time he has to fly planetside, especially in the core, he screams about the traffic like the Brirtish guy from vine.
  • Boba LOVES break-up songs and the country music genres of  “gonna kill my cheatin’ liar of a husband”.
  • He’s never had a long-term romantic relationship but he knows enough people that need killing that he can sympathize.
  • When alone, he sings really loudly and off key.  It’s great for staying awake on long flights.
  • In his youth, Boba once bought space weed from a young Han solo, but neither ever realized they’d met before.
  • Boba owns some sort of fluffy animal that he chronically over-feeds because he has trouble saying “No” to that face.
  • When he’s not working, he wears really soft and too-large clothing because what’s the point of taking large commissions if he can’t have a few nice things.
  • Boba took the news of Han’s death at the hands of his son really hard.  He’d more or less given up on the rivalry after the sarlacc incident, but hearing that someone he’d more or less been a young man with had died bothered him.  Furthermore that Ben had done it.  He was a cute kid.  Boba had nearly abducted him once as a final attempt at getting even with him, but didn’t go through with it.  maybe the galaxy would be a better place now if he had.
  • Boba visits Leia after Han’s death.  He’d never liked her husband or brother, but he’d always admired the iron in her.  Of the extant skywalkers, she’s the most like the original, who while an ass, was a respectable warrior.  The meeting is brief, tense and in one of the deserted halls of the rebel base at 4 AM when she can’t sleep, but she appreciates the chance to be furious and bitter in front of someone who would understand how things go wrong.
  • They part as understanding, if not necessarily friends.
  • Dude drinks SO MUCH caff.  Like, he puts espresso in his black coffee levels of caffeine addiction.
  • Boba ONLY drinks alcohol when he’s in a business meeting where the others insist on doing it too.  He drank really heavily in his late teens and twenties, then one day decided he didn’t like what it did to him and quit cold turkey.

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Small snippet where Dark is trying to teach a POI about music he believes is superior to the others? Like... Frank Sinatra vs Eminem or something like that.

Small snippet, coming right up!

“I don’t understand the appeal of rap or hip-hop,” Dark muttered, grimacing slightly as you listened to the music on the radio.

“It’s just… nice, alright? Catchy, has a nice beat,” you answered, looking at Dark as he drove. He rolled his eyes a little bit and you huffed, rolling your eyes mockingly back at him.

Dark argued, “Are you sure? It just seems meaningless to me.”

“Yeah? And what do you prefer, oh great connoisseur of music?”

“The classics. Tchaikovsky. Beethoven. Stravinsky,” he answered. You could tell that if he had the time in the day, he could go on about composers. “And I have good reasoning for it, to boot.” You felt it futile to argue as he continued. “The music reflects the mood and movements of the times in which they were composed. Measured and planned perfectly between the sections of a symphony.”

“So you just like the instruments?” you asked offhandedly. “Besides, the music of today can detail what’s going on. Ever hear Same Love? That talks about a movement of this time.”

Dark would’ve shrugged if he wasn’t driving. “But it requires such skill to portray emotions without words,” he replied. “Swells in music can bring swells of raw feeling. Melancholy. Joy. Resignation. Suspense. All of this with nothing but winds and strings.”

You sighed. He was too stubborn to budge on his opinion. “How about we just agree to disagree?”

“I’m okay with that.”

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I wanted to tell you about a novel that I thought you might like called Lovecraft Country. There's a recent post by the author Matt Ruff in the Big Idea category on John Scalzi's blog and reading through the post it sounded like your sort of thing- it's about Lovecraftian horrors faced by a black family in the 1950s; horrors both of the monster/ghost variety and the white supremacy variety.

“Lovecraft Country is a genre-bending attempt to address the severe problem of race in modern America, skewering the prejudices of older pulp works while maintaining their flavor, but it’s also a compulsively readable horror-fantasy in its own right: timely, terrifying, and hilarious.” ( Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog)


You’re the One That I Want

So this is my first fic request from @2jaekisses with the prompt “cop!youngjae and badboy!jaebum”! I’ve never done a fic request before so I was really nervous about this and I don’t know if you wanted it this angsty but it gets fluffy and flirty at the end I promise! 

Rated: T
Progress: Completed/One-Shot
Pairing: 2jae
Word Count: 10,283
ao3 link aff link

Description:  What started off as a routine call for small town cop Choi Youngjae turned out to be anything but when he met a foul-mouthed, bad-tempered man named Im Jaebum.

Important Author’s Note: There is some implied homophobia from an OC who isn’t actually in the story. However, a conversation will take place where one homophobic slur is mentioned. I just wanted to mention this ahead of time.

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apparently there’s a sub genre of country music about singers that are parents just singing about how much they love their kids and vice versa so whatever you do don’t imagine lonely little texan keith listening to these songs and crying because his dad fucking abandoned him

Bullshit attitudes about music are the reason I DON’T LIKE TALKING ABOUT MUSIC. You hate pop, you hate rap, you hate country. consider why those genres are considered lower than others. consider their audiences. There is no such thing as Bad Music. You will not convince me otherwise. I do not want you to try to convince me otherwise. There is no such thing as Bad Art, but there is such a thing as a bad listener. 

Also, the beatles are basically one direction. eat my entire ass.

The list of Korean Sageuks

Q. If you don’t mind me asking, can you recommend some good sageuks?

Well, I don’t know what kind of Korean historical drama/movie you would like. (Trendy? Traditional? Political? Romantic? Timeslip?) So, I made the following list of Korean Sageuks (mostly since 2000~) in chronological order. You can pick up anything you want. :)

★ = Good for beginners (You don’t have to know much about Korean history in advance)
◯ = Daebak (popular in South Korea. More than 30% viewership ratings on TV, or over 7 million tickets at the box office.)
◉ = Hallyu hit (popular in foreign countries)
↗ = Timeslip genre
♡ = Romance-centric, or Erotic
◀ = My favorites

Title in Bold + Italic  = My recommendation

■ Three Kingdom period 삼국시대 三國時代  (37 BC - 668 AD)

* Goguryeo 고구려 高句麗  (37 BC – 668 AD)

  • 2006 MBC  Jumong / Prince of the Legend 주몽 朱蒙 (BC 58~ BC 19) ★◯◉
  • 2008 KBS  The Land of the Winds 바람의 나라 (AD 4~44)
  • 2009 SBS  Princess Ja-Myung / Ja Myung Go 왕녀 자명고 自鳴鼓 (?~32) ♡
  • 2007 MBC The Legend / The Story of the First King’s Four Gods 태왕사신기 太王四神記 (374~412) ★◯◉
  • 2011 KBS  Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror 광개토태왕 廣開土太王 (374~412)
  • 2013 KBS  The Blade and Petal 칼과 꽃 (618~642)
  • 2006 SBS  Yeon Gaesomun 연개소문 淵蓋蘇文 (603~666)

* Kaya 가야 伽倻 (42–562)

  • 2010 MBC  Kim Su-Ro, The Iron King 철의 제왕 김수로 金首露 (42~199)

* Baekje 백제 百濟 (18 BC – 660 AD)

  • 2010 KBS  The King of Legend 근초고왕 近肖古王 (285~375)
  • 2013 MBC  King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang 제왕의 딸 수백향 (501~523)
  • 2005 SBS  Song of the Prince / The Ballad of Seodong 서동요 薯童謠 (580~641)  ★◯♡◀
  • 2011 MBC  Gye-Baek 계백 階伯 (?~660)

* Silla 신라 新羅 (57 BC – 935 AD)

  • 2016 KBS  Hwarang : The Beginning 화랑 : 더 비기닝 花郞 (526~576)
  • 2010 MBC  Queen Seondeok 선덕여왕 善德女王 (576~647) ★◯◉♡◀
  • 2012 KBS  King’s Dream 대왕의 꿈 (604~661)

* Unification of Three Kingdoms 삼국 통일 (660~668)

  • 1992 KBS  The Tales of Three Kingdoms 삼국기 三國記 (576~668)
  • 2011 MBC  Gye-Baek 계백 階伯 (607~660)
  • 2012 KBS  King’s Dream 대왕의 꿈 (604~661)
  • 2003 Movie  Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield 황산벌 荒山伐 (660)
  • 2011 Movie  Battlefield Heroes 평양성 平壤城 (668)

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New England Gothic, like other manifestations of the American Gothic, encompasses supernatural and explained phenomena, ghosts, witches, and monsters as well as inbred families, guilty secrets, and monsters in human shape. New England’s Gothic history, folklore, and literature combine nostalgia for a medieval or colonial golden age with the stronger belief that from the past comes horror and evil. Stephen King, the exemplar of Gothic New England since the 1970s, continues the tradition of collecting and rewriting supernatural legends begun by Cotton Mather and John Greenleaf Whittier. Nineteenth-century authors such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Harriet Beecher Stowe immortalized the region’s Gothic past. In the twentieth century, Rhode Island’s H. P. Lovecraft peopled the landscape with hybrid monsters and the reanimated dead. For these writers, seventeenth-century Puritans stand in for the Middle Ages of the first Gothic Revival.
—  Faye Ringel on New England Gothic

Would you like to meet mbbs from around the world? Yeah? Me too! That’s why i’m gonna make a group on KAKAO (if you dont have the app, you can download it easily on playstore). If you want to join the group, you must: •Be respectful with EVERY person (it doesnt matter the culture, country or genre) •Love EVERY member of Monsta X (well, if you dont love all of them you arent mbb tho) •Talk to me on private :)) That’s it. Well, i’ll be waiting~

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Country: Philippines

Genre: Rom Com

Starring: Maja Salvador, Paulo Avelino, Dominic Roco, Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Rating: 4/5


Days before graduation, two college best friends go on one last road trip where they settle how they really feel for each other. (source)

The Review:

The movie isn’t a typical rom-com genre I am commonly watching in cinemas. This time, it has a unique concept that will make you laugh and make your tears fall without you even realizing it. It is a ‘one-sided’ love affair of Carson with her best friend, Dio and she has been keeping it the last seven years. At first it will make you burst in laughter – it will make you relate because what the clique is doing might apply to yours –from drinking sessions to music jamming. Later in the story, it will make your tears fall especially in the confession time. The ‘feels’ will hunt you even a week or two has passed.

The movie is a risk-taker – mixing good music and lines which you cannot hear every day.  For me it isn’t a story of love but more about a story of moving on. I am secretly hoping that it will have a sequel – this time telling the side of Dio.

-Admin G

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One insecurity:
- my physical appearance

Two fears:
- losing Koby
- frogs

Three turn ons:
- facial hair
- soft kisses
- pretty eyes

Four life goals:
- find happiness
- be financially stable
- build a house
- bring up beautiful kind children

Five things I like:
- Chocolate
- Cars
- Music (all genres except country 😂)
- Winter
- Photography

Six weaknesses:
- Im too forgiving
- I let people walk all over me
- I let my emotions rule me
- I am sensitive
- I care way others think
- I am insecure

Seven Things I Love:
- Koby
- Chocolate
- the Ocean
- Family
- Josh
- Sleep
- My camera

Eight people I tag:
Sorry if you have already been tagged ❤