country folk can survive

8 Second Ride

Paring: John Winchester x OFC
Warnings: Poorly Written Smut, Language, Third Person POV, 
A/N: This idea came to my mind based on the song with the same title by Jake Owens. It gave me super big John Winchester feels and so here it is. Thank you, sorry if the smut is shitty, I wasn’t even planning on writing it, it just kinda happened *shrugs*. AND YES I KNOW THE DIALOG IS SUPER CHEEZY OKAY IT GOES WITH THE SONG SO SUE ME. Submitting this for @rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts Artist’s Contest (JDM CORNER)<3 

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   Walking through the door of Harvelle’s, Ophelia knew that every hunter in the bar’s eyes instantly landed on her. She couldn’t blame them, she knew what she looked like. She knew that the zipper to her leather jacket held up her ample cleavage just perfectly, her ripped black jeans clinging to her curves like they were water against her skin. Her bright green eyes shining against the neon lights plastered all over the establishment, her long, brunette hair flowing teasingly behind her, begging for some old hunter to just come up behind her and give it a tug. She ignored the cat calls and whistles though, only there to have a few shots of whiskey to wind down from the hell of a hunt she just finished up. Damn Wendingos.

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