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Name: Alison
Age: 22
Country: Costa Rica

I feel narcissistic talking about myself but ya, here i go.

Im really slow, at almost everything i do (my mom says giving birth to me was the longest thing she has done) exept maybe falling in love haha SAD. I like to read mostly things that make my heart shines and shakes, my voice laughs and my eyes tear. The last thing i read was The Signature of all things by Elizabeth Gilbert.

The english i know i practically learned by myself and im still learning so bear with me. I also like to write i promise i write better in spanish (no i dont i probably still suck) so if youre learning spanish i can be youre practice buddy.

I already have a couple of penpals but i love the idea of sending and receiving letters from people, from different parts of the world. I dont use much my phone (exept for music, im literaly listening to music 27/7, Ed Sheeran, Keane, Passenger, Fleet Foxes, First Aid Kit, ABBA Rock en español, also some oldies, B.B king, The Beatles, Journey and so on, lately ive been listening to Eminem, i cant understand a word) but i do use my mac more, mostly for wasting time.

Rigth now im procrastinating an art proyect (i study arts) by writing this and when im in classes and we have to take a break i go to a corner and hide while i keep reading and eating and listening the Ed’s Divide album, cuz i like to dissapear and avoid talk about college stuff, If that tells you something about me.

I live with my whole family exept my brother who run away with the help of my granparents i know how funny/stupid that sounds haha. I have 3 sisters i spend almost all day with them. We dont have actual TV only Netflix, we love TheOffice and shows like that, also Stranger Things of course, we dont listen to the radio, we dont really follow the usual sleepin-at-night-and-being-awake-in-the-day-thing so my house its kind of a time loop. We all wanted to learn music but couldnt affort it till now, so now my dad’s learning gittar, me and my sisters are learning piano and my house is full of dumb people noises.

Im not completely antisotial, i have a BFF, we been friends since were like 5, shes like my sister from another mother (were far cousins though) shes an amazing singer, i also have some other friends from my fandom (Sheerios CR). I Also have some friends in college we called ourselves “The mistics” cuz were that stupid and i also have other friends i never see but still love.

I hope ill get to travel someday, to places like Finland, Brazil or UK. Im that girl who has pictures of those places on a the wall next to her bed. But for now im focussing on learning music, drawing, arts and a little bit of finish and portugues.

Ive kissed like 4 people in the last four years haha i dont know what else to say…

I hope that gives you an idea of me and maybe someone would like to recieve and send letters with me. My sister’s telling me to go watch Full House with her so bye.

PS: My fav song is American Pie by Don Mclean and my fav movie is Forrest Gump.

Preferences: I have an asexual friend, others are gay and others are feminist and theres one who’s really tall haha. I dont care much about that, or politics or religion tbh. I just love connecting with people who are respectful, speak from the heart and are not affraid of showing who they are.

I really rather talk on email a couple of times and then Snail mail its my main interest

geetrick  asked:

Country is good if we are talking about Johnny Cash and the like, but otherwise it tends to be repetitive and kinda sexist.

true, true, but I see so many people hating on that country too, and I feel like even stage country can’t be put into one box, there’s horrible sexist repetitive stuff out there, but there’s also plenty of good songs. and who cares that the person singing isn’t “a real country guy”? It’s the only music genre where people get so fed up when the singer ‘lies’. I’m obviously not approving of sexist songs etc, but guess what, there’s sexist rap, sexist pop, sexist new wave, sexist hardcore, etc. etc. And there’s also repetitive songs in any other genre. I just feel like people tend to ignore that because they enjoy that music, you know?

The fact that French students still barricade their high schools/university buildings with furniture to protest shit is the True™ les Mis legacy


Happy Birthday to Frank Iero! (October 31st, 1981)

"Who cares if one more light goes out in the sky of a million stars? … I do."

I lost my hero today. I feel like I’ve lost a part of my soul.

I was 14 when I first found out about Linkin Park. They were the first band I fell in love with that weren’t from my country yet made me feel like I needed to go through all their records. And so I did. Chester’s voice represented so much that I could not put in words. But I needed to understand his words too. Without the translations. This made me pay attention to my English classes. I owe my first attempts of learning how to speak English to him and his band.

I have turned to Linkin Park’s music for every emotion I have ever felt. Their music has touched me. Chester’s powerful voice has guided me through hard times and it was with me when I was feeling on top of the world too.

Chester was my first music idol. I literally grew up listening to Linkin Park.

It’s devastating how one can save millions but millions can not save the one. You’re always going to be my legend. You’ve had an impact on millions, Ches. You will live on in your music. May your voice and Linkin Park never leave our hearts 🥀

Rest In Peace, Chester Bennington.
March 20, 1976 - July 20, 2017

when u see ppl saying they miss exo after seeing them in concert 400 times but the closest you’ve ever been to an exo concert is watching a periscope livestream that looks like its being filmed with a calculator

One year ago today, I dealt with the trauma of the Pulse massacre alone, in a foreign country, feeling for the first time how much people hated me, and reeling because this was not the first tragedy and it won’t be the last.  

Since then, my definition of pride has changed to encompass the cruel irony that 49 of us were slaughtered during Pride Month.

So here is what pride means to me now:

I’m so proud of us for turning grief into community, strength, and love, over and over again; I hate that we have to.

I’m so proud of us for finding each other across time and space, over and over again; I hate that we have to.

I’m so proud of us for waking up every morning and making it through another day of slurs and weird looks and jokes at our expense; I hate that we have to endure that.

We do this shit over and over and over again.  Every single day is the anniversary of something horrific and another day that we refuse to give up.

We exist in a world that says we should not, we love ourselves in a world that teaches us self-hate from the moment we are born, and that is the fiercest, bravest thing I can imagine.

This Pride Month, I could not be more proud.


Something really bad happened. Today at 5:00 A.M. a group of 4 men forced the entrance to our house. They beat up my mom and older sister (they were trying to protect me and to protect my 1-year-old niece). They had guns and, for a moment, I thought they were going to kill us. They stole everything from us. They stole my laptop, our cellphones, food, money. They even stole my little niece’s clothes :(

We went to the hospital to check if my mom and sister were ok. I paid for the hospital bill and bought a little bit of food but I don’t have any money left. I don’t know what to do. I still need to buy more food and to buy clothes for my little niece. I’m the only one with a job right now but, sadly, my salary isn’t enough to pay for everything.

Please, if you can, and are willing to help me, you could send a few dollars trough paypal. E-Mail: (My best friend e-mail. She’s the one helping me right now).

I’m desperate.  EVEN A DOLLAR IS A LOT TO ME. Or you could help me just by reblogging this post.

I’m crying so hard. I feel angry and sad. How can a person do this to another person? I feel embarrassed too, and I’m so sorry that I’m asking for your help but I don’t really know what to do. I need to help my family. I’m really sorry guys…


Views on homosexuality in the 1960s || Trixie being a true ally 

“Marie’s the outgoing Queen. She should be here. And if anybody doesn’t like it, they can go home and stew in their own mean-spiritedness.”

Bonus : 


Tumblr - this is Simone Veil. She died today at 89.

She was a French magistrate, politician, first female President of the European Parliament, Holocaust survivor and feminist icon among many things.

In November 1974 she addressed the French National Assembly (9 women and 481 men in those days) as the then-health minister to propose a law legalising abortion. The debates lasted three days during which she fought opposition from her own government, received death threats and letters from people telling her they regretted she’d survived Auschwitz, argued against male politicians who spat on her, hurled insults and likened the legislation to a Nazi genocide. She broke down in tears in the Assembly but never backed down, and on 17 January 1975 abortion was legalised in France. It is known as the “Loi Veil” (Veil law).

In her now famous opening address to the Assembly in 1974, Veil said: “Just listen to women.”

An annotated compilation of some of my favorite love songs

listen here  )

Be My Forever – Christina Perri (feat. Ed Sheeran)

“We’re on top of the world now darling so don’t let go…”

This song is one of my favorites by Christina Perri. It’s fun, quirky, and most importantly it features Ed Sheeran (plus Taylor Swift’s laugh towards the end) It’s the ultimate story about a couple who sees themselves being together forever. My favorite lyric is “You’re my bright blue sky // You’re the sun in my eyes // Oh baby you’re my life // You’re the reason why” because it describes that feeling of true love and how magical it can be.

Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran

This song is basically 8 minutes and 46 seconds of pure magic. When I first came across this song I couldn’t believe such a thing existed. It may not be as uplifting as the previous song, but I feel that its story of hopeful romance is really heartwarming and Ed’s way of turning lyrics into something so powerful really puts me in his position of needing love. It is incredible to see how he can take simple phrases and reword them into something so thrilling. When he says, “paint splattered teardrops on my shirt” instead of simply saying he is crying is just crazy to me. This song is one of my favorites by Ed and it is my go-to song whenever I need to calm down.

Fearless – Taylor Swift

“In this moment now // Capture it, remember it”

Throwing it back to Taylor’s country days, this song is a love story about being fearless and not knowing why. “And I don’t know why, but with you I’d dance. In a storm, in my best dress. Fearless” This song is about when you just can’t help how you feel about someone, and you’re nervous and scared, but also excited. It’s cute and really captures the story of someone who just can’t control how they feel. It’s totally a classic T-Swift love song.

From the Ground Up – Dan + Shay

This song is the definition of true love. It’s the story of Dan and Shay’s grandparents, and how they built their love step by step and grew old together. The song starts with, “Grandma and grandpa painted a picture of sixty-five years // And one little house // More than a memory // More than saying I do // Kiss you goodnight’s and I love you’s.” These few opening lines are so powerful because it shows how much love means to them and how their love is not just “saying I Do” at their wedding, but it’s all of the work and effort they put into it. This song is different from other Dan + Shay songs, because most of their songs are the type I would roll down the windows to in the middle on the night during the Summer, but this song is beautiful and meaningful.

Perfect – One Direction

Okay yes, judge me all you want, but I love this song for multiple reasons. 1) It is totally about Taylor Swift and 2) It is actually a really cute story. It’s basically a song about not being the typical “Mr. Perfect”, but being perfect in his own way. It lists off things that aren’t ideal for a boyfriend. “I might never be your knight in shining armour // I might never be the one you take home to mother // And I might never be the one who brings you flowers.” But then it continues into the reasons why he is perfect for this specific girl. “If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms // And if you like having secret little rendezvous // If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do //Then baby, I’m perfect // Baby, I’m perfect for you.” It’s funny and cute and really gives the listener a sense of the crazy relationship that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift shared.

How Would You Feel – Ed Sheeran

This song literally just came out tonight, and after the first time I heard it I automatically fell in love with it. I love how Ed starts by saying, “You are the one girl, you know that it’s true.” This song is so beautiful and I really love how Ed’s music has evolved into music about pure love, rather than the heartbreak he used to sing about. I love how he says, “Love flows deeper than a river, every moment that I spend with you.” It’s exciting to see his music grow and this song only makes me more excited for his album coming out in March.

All of the songs in this collection share one main similarity in the theme -  Love. They are all different in genre and sound, but they all share the same focus of falling in love, finding a soulmate, or being totally wrong and right for a person at the same time. Each artist brings something different to the theme, but they all leave you with one message – love is inevitable.

Quick geography lesson for yall

Arab   ≠ Middle Eastern

The Middle East looks like this 

The Arab world looks like this

Iran and Afghanistan are Persian countries, not Arab. Yes some Iranian or Afghan people speak Arabic, but this doesn’t make them Arab unless they come from an Arab country. Not every country in West Asia/North Africa that you hear about on the news is a Middle Eastern country. Arabs, Kurds, Turks, and Persians are all different ethnic groups in the Middle East. The Middle East may or may not include other countries that aren’t shown in that particular map depending on who you ask because it’s a geographic term.  Arab refers to countries that are a part of the Arab League, which is defined politically as well as culturally and linguistically, so only certain countries are members.