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Good afternoon folks, and welcome to this, my first statistical map of the ESC ‘17 season. It’s about something which I consider to detract from the spirit of the competition, and which has provided an unhealthily huge dose of drama this year: the lack of democracy in selecting each nation’s Eurovision representatives.

For once, I’m not talking about internal selections - though I do find it a shame that 17 countries do not engage their citizens in any way in picking the singer that will represent them, and a further two allow them only to pick the singer but not the song through a ridiculous process of elimination that picks the best karaöke singer, but not necessarily the best singer for the song chosen. I’m talking dodgy national finals where the people’s choice ends up secondary. Check out my analysis below:

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     Upon Narnia’s rescue from Jadis’s tyranny, Aslan has crowned the Pevensies the rightful kings and queens of the land. Their infamous reign has ushered in an entirely new era– the Golden Age– however is not without it’s struggles. The young monarchs must learn to rule a country and engage in international affairs all while managing their personal lives from behind closed curtains– everything from insomnia to producing heirs. Ruling a country was never promised to be easy, but was it really meant to be this difficult?

Sequel to Temptation

Fatima Jinnah (1893-1967) is known as “Mother of the Nation” in Pakistan, and is remembered and honoured as one of the leading founders of the country. Her engagement in politics, her extensive support of civil rights and her philanthropy all offer her an important place in Pakistani culture and society.

In 1947 she founded the Women’s Relief Committee, which later became the All Pakistan Women’s Association. In 1965 she contested the elections and ran against the dictatorial, self-proclaimed president of Pakistan at the time, receiving widespread support and praise from the people. Although she won the vote, Ayub Khan was once again proclaimed President through vote rigging. Still, the campaign proved that a woman could easily run for political office and gain the public’s sympathy anywhere in the world.

Dear World,

It is not over yet! The Berners are working tirelessly campaigning as hard as they can. It is time the USA changes for the better and Sanders is our man. Please understand we are up against loads of money and corruption but please believe me, we are fighting! Not just for our own country but for everyone’s-it is time we stop our country’s perpetual engagement & involvement in warfare!

For all the Berners out there, please donate or volunteer! Bernie has enough money to campaign & stay in the race because of us, WE make it happen, together.

If you have a primary coming up, yes, you KY, WV, OR & NJ, get out and VOTE! If you run into issues, tape it and report it immediately to the authorities but also to Bernie’s campaign.


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