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A Review of the Appreciated - Fic Rec from The Foxhole Court

 I decided to start keeping track of the fics I read and enjoyed, along with some comments of my own. This is only my own personal opinion, but overall I do recommend all those fics. All of them will be Complete, unless I mention otherwise.

Here I start with The Foxhole Court ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

An AU where Death, aka Neil, is convinced to spend some time playing at being human. Working at the Laughing Fox coffee shop has him meeting ordinary people, as well as less ordinary people.

I really loved this fic so much. Neil failing at being human was hilarious, his friendship with Matt was precious, and the Coffee Thief Andrew was great! Easily one of my favorite. It’s apparently based on the Sandman by Neil Gaiman, but no knowledge of that story is required. I never read it and the fic made perfect sense to me. Not all of the characters are gods, magic or such, but imo they still all have Something Special about them.

Read it for: an endearing Neil trying to understand the appeal of human things such as drinking, eating, watching movies or shopping; an oblivious Neil; Andrew’s intense attraction to Death; express traveling to another country just to have dinner.

The pirate crew of The Fox find an unexpected treasure in the form of a captured merman named Neil. It might bring them more troubles than riches.

Set as my go-to feelgood read, I’ve read it multiple times and it never disappoints. The universe is rich and well detailed, especially under the sea. The parts in Neil’s pov are entertaining and transcribe the feeling of being from another species pretty well. A good point of this story is that there is absolutely no likeness to The Little Mermaid, which would have been ooc. Instead, it suits the rebel side of the characters.

Read it for: an etherealy beautiful mermaid, a bunch of kids adopt a pet but they have no idea how to care for it, Neil talking to whales and cleaning barnacles-ridden boats, an entertaining travel throuhg the seas.

The Urban Fantasy AU where Kevin is finally #1, they still fight Riko, Neil rents flat but doesn’t read the line where it specifies a Hellhound comes with it. The dog is Andrew.

Hard to define without spoiling the entire story, this is a fresh breath of air in the world of AU. An overall original setting that gives us fae and magic. I takes some time to really start, so the beginning might be confusing, but I strongly encourage giving it a try, if only for snarky Hellhound Andrew.

Read it for: a new approach of the Urban Fantasy theme, Kevin is still a Drama Queen, a reassuring lack of zoophilia, Neil cooking pasta.

“hi sorry I live below you and I hear your dog running around and barking all the time and– no no it’s fine I was just wondering if I could pet it?” Jeremy first falls in love with the dog, then with its owner.

An incredibly sweet reading. I don’t know what was cuter: the dog, or the men. Also features a cool appearance from Laila and Alvarez as Jeremy’s not quite helpful friends.

Read it for: a dog with a very cliché french name, drunk texting in broken french, unhelpful dating advice, Jean as a painter.

The recorded number of times someone hit on Neil Josten and got nowhere, and the one time Andrew didn’t even have to try. 

It’s a classic I guess, but it’s well written and hilarious. This oblivious Neil is delightfully funny.

Read it for: a Savage Moment, helpless fools attracted to each other, the team as witnesses.

Three days after he signs his death sentence to Palmetto State, five after Andrew Minyard sends him flying breathless to the ground, Neil’s gaze snaps to the locker room mirror and stares, frozen, at the word threat scrawled along his spinal cord in terrifying, heavy bold.

This is the AU where your soulmate’s opinion of you gets tatooed on your skin. Effective writting coupled with punch-like settings makes this a one of a kind read. So believable you almost forget it’s an AU.

Read it for: soulmates refusing to be soulmates, an very andrew-like andrew, Neil is one the run, the sweet feeling of andreil being soulmates.

Three takes on their daily lives: an evolution of Sleeping together, Fighting each other, and Protecting each other.

I had heartburn reading this, I find this series almost perfect. Some daily-life action in the future, but it’s never boring. It’s both intense and fluffy.

Read it for: sweet everyday things, but also intense in character interaction, boys figuring shit up together, a good Healing of the Soul.

Normally, Andrew is the one who has bad days. 

The one where Neil has a bad day, and they deal with it. A touching piece, that felt very in character. A believable interpretation of Neil’s feelings, while Andrew is There, ever present as his understanding and supporting self for him. Almost bittersweet but somehow by the end, all that was left was pure, positive feelings.

Read it for: a bag of neatly packed feels, a how-to manual on handling them, quiet time together.

In which the Foxes become parents too young, and Neil is truly just fine. Neil is somehow, suddenly, eight year old.

An interesting take on Neil’s childhood, with the added bonus of the foxes interacting with a child. I think this might be the most civil Aaron has ever been toward Neil in. Some are better at handling a child than others, and it’s surprising.

Read it for: a cute young Neil, an heartbreakingly scarred young Neil, unsurprising temper-tantrums, a lost Wymack, having your heart burned to ashes by how pure a child is.

Five things Neil was surprised to enjoy, and one thing he wasn’t surprised to discover he still didn’t.

Don’t let it fool you, there is only pure sweetness here. Several moments of Neil discovering the wonders of life, it’ll definitely leave you smiling.

Read it for: Neil eats a sweet (almost unbelievable), Nicky’s bad influence on Andrew’s boyfriend, catching up after a life on the run.


Roy borrows Ian’s car, telling him that he and Sonia are going to the country club for dinner. Ian makes little comment, except to tell him to avoid the squid, which he suspects of being frozen, and also to watch out for deer on the way home. They don’t see Bunty or Georgina before they go: apparently Bunty is in her room, busy packing her bags for The Oaks, and Georgina is still in the office wading through accounts. Douglas is sitting on the couch and doesn’t even take his eyes off the TV when they leave, which means he fails to register that Roy is wearing his best black shirt.

Sonia: What if your mother or father asks us tomorrow how our evening went? What if they ask us about our meal? What do we say?
Roy: Nobody is going to ask us anything, Sonia. You know how self-absorbed they all are. And even if they do, and even if it’s blatantly obvious that we lied about going there, so what? Are they then instantly going to assume that the reason we lied was because we were trying to cover the fact that we were busy having a threesome at the Motor Lodge? Of course not.  

Sonia is tapping her throat with her fingertips, the way she does when she’s nervous, or excited, or both. Roy has already asked her if she’s okay with all the things that were brought up in his phone conversation with Claudia: Sonia’s response was that she was perfectly okay with everything, even with Roy doing things to Claudia. Sonia doesn’t think it’s opportune to mention how much her sessions with Genevieve and Tom awakened her inner voyeur. She is even guilty of having fantasies about watching Roy with a prostitute!

Roy: Everything okay, hon?
Sonia: I’m a little bit nervous. Mainly about whether she’ll turn up. I couldn’t bear to be disappointed again. I don’t think our marriage could bear it, either.
Roy: She’s going to turn up.

Sonia says nothing for the next few minutes. Roy has given up trying to find a decent radio station: all any of them seem to play is country music. The air inside the car hums with anticipation blended with a kind of muted panic.

Sonia: Can you text her?
Roy: Not while I’m driving, hon.
Sonia: Oh, God. I just know she’s not going to turn up.
Roy: Alright. Let’s just say she doesn’t. She will, but…just for argument’s sake, pretend she doesn’t. Maybe she has a really good excuse, like her car broke down or her appendix burst or something. Anyway, just say for whatever reason, she doesn’t turn up. Now, do you think, especially given the fact that we’re both horny and excited as fuck right now, do you think we could possibly walk into that motel room and, radical idea I know, have mutually satisfying sex just with each other?? 

Sonia frowns and turns to stare out the window, the car interior again swelling with silence. 

anonymous asked:

I love how the tag is just chaos, Kage's getting pulled in the crossfire, civillians screaming, jonin being taken out, everyone's keyed up and nervous because /NO ONE CAN STOP THE JINCHURRIKI CHILDREN/ and then Kurama's just like *claps hands* *rings old-timey southern country dinner bell* "TIME FOR DINNER YOU BRATS LETS GO" and suddenly they all get in line like little ducklings


Totally one of the reasons he staged the game in the first place, tbh. 

today at work someone accidentally gave us their weed and im just gonna be frank oscar meyer weiner with you guys i dont actually really know what that looks like so. i had a hunch but i was like….i dont wanna look mad clown hollering LOOK A WEED if its just like someones garden parsely snippings.

in my good nature i go up to coworker mentoring me and just say w/ so much light in my eyes so as not to reveal that i think it might be the Illicit Herb aforementioned ‘oh..i found this…what is this?’ and it backfired so bad cuz he was like dibby….its……………………..pot…!….? in a ‘im shocked you dont know this yet intrigued to inquire further on what idea you came up with’ kind of way 

its legal here but since its still kind of a Spicy Controversial Find i had to go present the prohibited to my manager like i was humbly offering a faberge egg to the neighbouring country delegate society dinner. like the endangered pandas finally had a baby at the zoo and i had to go fit it for its tiny party hat 

eventful day 

Sene and Solas: Masterpost

A big, updated post including all my little Sene and Solas fictions.

Domestic Bliss

These little pieces explore Sene and Solas in their inevitable future domestic bliss. Some are pre-wedding, some are post-wedding.

Saying Something - Solas and Sene, rain and wedding jitters (prompt via anon)

Smoke - Solas’s bachelor party, pt. 1 (prompt via @fairymelt)

The Rose Bushes - Sene and Solas, concerned husband (prompt via @5ftgarden)

Kitchen Talk - Sene and Solas, in the kitchen, slightly nsfw (prompt via @fen-an)

The Curtains - Sene and Solas, Iron Bull is passed out, naked, in the kitchen (prompt via @makelovenotbloodmagic)

Wedding Dress - a little tipsy (prompt via @thevikingwoman)

Mouse - an unwelcome visitor (prompt via @spiritofsolace)

Patterns - Sene’s birthday (prompt via @5ftgarden)

Fortress - pillow fort (prompt via @5ftgarden) - NSFW

Watching Sene Plant the Daisies - Solas watches Sene plant the daisies, an interesting wedding gift arrives by messenger (prompt via @thevikingwoman)

Good Men - Solas’s bachelor party, pt. 2 (prompt via @fairymelt)

The Rains of Crestwood - Solas finds a kitten lost in the rain (prompt via @5ftgarden)

Sunburn - Wedding dress shopping in Val Royeaux (prompt via @consumed-by-veilfire)

Lemon Juice - Solas comes in from the garden with an injured hand (prompt via @5ftgarden)

Honeymoon, Pt. 1 - Honeymoon to Antiva, stop at the Lavellan farm (prompt via @5ftgarden)

Honeymoon, Pt. 2 - Honeymoon to Antiva, transport ship (prompt via @thevikingwoman)

Cranberry Bread - Sene is baking cranberry bread in the kitchen (prompt via @ladydracarysao3)

Hope Chest - Sene, newly pregnant, finds a mabari puppy and brings it home to Solas, who is painting the  nursery (prompt via @thewildelf)

Paper Snowflakes - Christmas AU; After getting home from the bar, Solas finds Sene asleep in a pile of paper snowflakes (prompt via @thevikingwoman)

The Christmas Suit - Christmas AU; Solas wears a hilarious suit to Varric’s Christmas party (inspired by a post from @kadustuniverse)

Got You - Snow in Crestwood, Thom and Josie are visiting from Antiva City (prompt via @wrenbee)

Nobody’s a Stranger - The early days of winter, Sene and Solas have just returned from their honeymoon and must acclimate themselves to the world. (prompt via @nilesdaughter)

Country Living - Dinner date in the snow (prompt via @thevikingwoman) - NSFW

Gratitude - Solas is building the fence, and Sene brings him a glass of water (prompt via @5ftgarden) - NSFW

A Valentine for Sene - Solas gives Sene a gift in the Fade

Creatures of Habit - Sex in the moonlight (prompt via @5ftgarden) - NSFW

Rooftops - Wedding night, Sene and Solas hang out on the roof (prompt via @5ftgarden) 

Solas has a Fever. - Title says it all. Sene nurses Solas back to health. (giveaway piece for @wrenbee)

*Fever Dreams - A revised expansion of “Solas has a Fever”

*Good to Me - Solas always gets a little down on his birthday. Sene knows how to make it right - NSFW


These are little pieces that explore their courtship pre-Skyhold, as well as pieces of backstory from the Inquisition era, when their love was in its golden age.

The Singing Maiden - Haven, hanging out in the Singing Maiden (prompt via @fairymelt)

Impatience - Haven, making it snow on the roof (prompt via @5ftgarden)

Red - Redcliffe Castle, Future!Solas and Sene during “In Hushed Whispers” (prompt via @fairymelt)

The Luxury of Falling in Love - Skyhold, in bed, discussing the meaning of their relationship, Solas and his butterflies (prompt via @fairymelt)

Dinner with Friends - Skyhold, Varric plans a dinner, Solas, on his most charming behavior, as a perfect gentleman (prompt via @5ftgarden)

Blank Slate - Skyhold, Sene watching Solas paint for the first time (prompt via @5ftgarden)

Old Habits - Hinterlands, Hurt/Comfort after a bad fight in the Hinterlands (prompt via @thevikingwoman)

Speed - Haven, hanging out on the roof of the apothecary (prompt via @wrenbee)

Camping - Emerald Graves, Solas uses his hands (prompt via @5ftgarden) - NSFW

Nobody - pre-Haven, Sene and Solas meet for the first time (prompt via @fairymelt)

Lucky - Western Approach, nap time in the sun (prompt via @silent-of-spirit) - NSFW

When Life Gives You Lemons… - Sene and Solas find time for a little love in Val Royeaux (prompt via @tel-abelas-mofo) - NSFW

The Party - First kiss in the Fade. (prompt via @thevikingwoman)

Post-Trespasser AU

Exploring Sene Lavellan in a canon scenario: Solas left, Trespasser happened, everything is terrible.

*A Paper Flower for Your Love - Searching for Solas in Antiva City (prompt via @cordkitty-ish)

*Digging - Sene finds comfort in an old friend (prompt via @lavilsa)

Sene and Solas also have their own romantic saga called The Dead Season. Updates are about every 10 days. Read it at AO3. <3


Local Tamanegi

This is an honor system where you place the fee for the local produce in a wooden box, and as this is Japan, they also supply plastic carry bags for your items. I purchased two of the onions (only ten yen each!) which will make great additions to tonight’s dinner. 


- the prince among princes

- Such class, such grace, and he doesn’t even try

- like everyone is always swooning over him his charisma is just overwhelming

- he’s probably like the heart throb of China

- but because of this, he might come off as kind of flirty and like a bit of a sleaze

- it’s not that he’s really like that, but his personality is very forward so he’s one of those people that just always look like they’re flirting no matter who they’re talking to 

- like he’s made his fathers advisors blush before; and they’re middle aged men

- So when you, a princess of a neighboring kingdom is betrothed to the infamous Prince Jun of China, you immediately rebel 

- “Mother he will probably cheat on me within days!” 

- like you just had the worst impression of this kid and you wanted absolutely nothing to do with him 

- but of course this union would bring so many benefits to the country so after your first tantrum you would’ve gotten quiet, not wanting to be selfish and trying to think of the benefit of the country 

- your first trip to china would be something that you’ve been dreading

- but because you would be married off here, you had to get used to the country and the palace

- the royal family probably met yours at like the steps of the palace and you braced yourself before getting off, holding your head high as you looked ahead at your new family 

- the queen would probably throw all regality to the wind and just straight up come over and hug you because the women only has boys in her family and she’s so happy there will be another woman now

- Jun and his brother would probably hang behind a bit, the younger because he’s shy and the older because he’s a little startled by how cold you looked

- like he couldn’t understand how his mother could hug you, you were like the ice queen

- he was a little scared of you to be honest 

- the days would progress with neither of you speaking to the other, you out of dislike and him out of fear

- like a week would go by and you guys wouldn’t have interacted at all

- it wasn’t until your parents basically shut you two in a room together that you guys spoke, and that’s because you were forced to 

- but it wasn’t exactly a room it was the garden so you would just wander away from him, looking at the flowers 

- and he would follow you, watching you closely because he was truly terrified of you but it was in an “i’m very attracted right now” kind of way

- you would pause at a flower and he’d lean over and be like “oh do you like baby’s breath?” 

- and you would probably jump a foot in the air because dear lord when did he get that close

- you would also be low-key impressed he knew the name and he would notice the surprise on your face 

- he would just sheepishly smile “one of my friends is really into gardening” 

- and you’d just nod mutely because he was still leaning over and you’d blurt out “aren’t you a little too close right now?” 

- and he would back up, realizing that he was in fact a bit close 

- and you would just keep walking, pissy again because he was probably like this with all girls and you’d have to marry a player and you were just very upset 

- and he would assume that you were probably just not used to having men this close to you since your life must’ve been a little bit sheltered 

- “Hey, do you want to do something fun?”

- You would look at him curiously because you weren’t sure what his idea of fun was 

- “i’ll keep it rated G, don’t worry” he would laugh and you’d blush, not even having thought of that and if he wasn’t a prince you probably would’ve smacked him 

- but you go along with him anyway because… well you don’t really know why but something made you want to go with him 

- turns out this was probably a bad idea because his idea of fun was sneaking up to the guards tower 

- and you were high key cursing him the whole time, finding it difficult to keep up with him in your dress

- at one point he just sighs and laughs softly “you’re so cute, c’mere” and he would just pick you up bridal style as he climbed up the stairs because he saw that you were struggling and kept stepping on your dress

- honestly he would be so happy to see this side to you, all blushy and adorable 

- and he would be trying so hard to keep cool but he was honestly losing it because he was holding you and your face was so freaking close

- Jun is very happy right now 

- but you would just be looking up at him and be like “hmmm aren’t you quite good with girls”

- and he would smirk “are you jealous?”

- and that would just make you turn even redder because who did this guy think he was 

- “i-its not jealousy! I just don’t want you flirting with other girls once we’re married it’ll make me look bad!” You huff and he pauses

- “you think… oh.” he would say shortly and you would look up at him, worried you had upset him 

- and he would just be expressionless the rest of the way up and set you down wordlessly 

- “Jun…” You would say cautiously as he walks in front of you

- He wouldn’t reply just sitting on the ledge and you’d immediately grab his arm because you guys were really high up and you were scared he would fall

- he’d look at you, surprised and then raise an eyebrow, a cruel expression on his face “oh so you care for my safety now too? I thought this was just a business deal to you” 

- and you’d just blink in surprise because where the heck was this coming from 

- you would both not say anything for the rest of the evening, walking back down in silence 

- you would be confused, in a lot of different ways

- you wouldn’t like that in just one interaction, he could make you feel bad like this 

- and he would hate how you only saw him as a task that would please your parents and country.

- honestly dinner would be so awkward that night and probably the next few nights after that would be the same

- and each night you would just get more and more insecure about why this was bothering you so much that he was ignoring you 

- and like you really just wanted some kind of reaction of out him but he was just being so stoic

- so you started trying to distract yourself by going to the library 

- you would find Minghao, Jun’s cousin, there all the time and at first you both just mutually ignored each other because you were both quiet characters 

- but eventually you started talking because it was just awkward to sit in silence like that 

- once a week had passed since you and Jun fought and no progress had been made, you decided to ask Minghao for help 

- of course the day you decided to do this, you found Jun sitting there with him, making you freeze as you two made eye contact

- jun would wordlessly get up, give you a stiff bow and leave 

- he hadn’t said anything but his dismissal had honestly felt like a slap to your face 

- you would just stand there for a few minutes after he’d left until Minghao smiled and asked if you wanted to sit down 

- you would nod weakly and sit down, trying not to heave a huge sigh 

- “You guys have been fighting for a while” The younger boy would note and you’d smile softly 

- “i wouldn’t really call it fighting, he doesn’t even acknowledge me” you murmur, surprised by how sad you sounded 

- “Hmmm.. but he does.. he reacts when you’re around, that’s acknowledgment” he notes and you laugh, pointing out that negative acknowledgement doesn’t count 

- he would just shrug “what happened anyway?” he would ask curiously, looking up at you with those big eyes and you’d just spill your guts, all your feelings getting laid out on the table, even the ones that you were unsure of 

- it would be silent for a while until Minghao looked up and smiled “So what you’re saying is that you like him and you don’t want him looking at any girl but you” 

- and you’d blush and try to tell him that it was just that it would be undignified if your fiancé was looking at other girls and Minghao would roll his eyes

- “well maybe in the beginning, but that’s not how you feel now. It’s personal now” he would smile and you wouldn’t say anything because goddammit he was right

- “Jun just wants you to see him as a person. That’s all he’s ever wanted from people. He just wants to be Jun, not a prince, not a wallet. He’s probably just upset because you were acting like you were only doing this because you had to” minghao would say and you’d stay quiet, feeling bad because you understood, you understood where Jun was coming from. 

- “he’s probably in the garden” would be the last thing you heard before you ran out to look for your prince

- true to his friend’s word, he was in the garden, fighting a dummy, and much to your embarrassment, shirtless

- you would just watch him for a few moments, mesmerized because you’ve never seen this side to him before until he stops and sighs 

- “you’re really loud when you walk you know that?” 

- and you would freeze, bright red at being caught like this and just looking down, wringing your hands 

- he would watch you for a bit, smiling softly because you looked really cute in that moment until he would force his face back to neutral 

- “Well? Did you need something?” He would ask and you’d look up quickly, biting your lip

- “I-I’m sorry…” You murmur softly, looking down. 

- And his eyes would widen because he honestly thought you had come to pick a fight or defend yourself but before he could say anything you continued 

- “I don’t see you as a business deal. I just said that because I didn’t want to get too close to you because you’re like known as a ladies man and i just did it out of self-preservation..” You admit, eyes widening because you can’t believe you just admitted to that. 

- He would lean down so he could see your face “isn’t the key word there known as?” he smiles softly and you blush redder as you look up at him 

- “i mean y/n at one point, the tabloids claimed you were dating 4 guys at once” He chuckles 

- “but that’s not tr-” “exactly” he smiles warmly, cutting you off and you don’t say anything 

- “you are very forward though..” you grumble softly, able to feel your face burn 

- “hmm but that’s how i make friends. If i want to make friends with someone i start acting like we’re already friends. If i’m going to marry someone shouldn’t i just act like we’re already married?” he asks with that signature smirk of his and doubled with the fact that he is not wearing a shirt, you could melt right now 

- he just chuckles when you don’t reply “want to try?” he asks and motions to the dummy and you mutely nod, grateful for any distraction to this conversation

- but when you go up to the dummy he holds up his hand instead, instructing you to punch. So you blush but hit him right in the middle of his palm, him trying not to smile at how tiny your hand was in his 

- “that’s how you break your hand” He teases and molds your fist into the right form, making tingles shoot up your arm

- “oh gosh how can we get married if you blush for just this?” he teases and he would get punched in the arm and he would laugh “now you’ve got it!” 

- i need to stop here bc my Jun feels are currently too high  


This is a AU about after “that day”, a derivative story from RWBY, now they most of all have graduated, action with different purposes.

I think I will post team RWBY character set at frist, then say what happened at “that day”.

I didn’t think what should this AU be call, maybe thinking after…

Ruby Rose

Nobody can assess her strength, all of the fight is just at a moment, she wave lightly her sickle and reaping enemy’s soul, the fight is gone even she didn’t pick off her hood.

Sometimes she lift the cross necklace and praying, or maybe just thinking… she never talk about is she a religious believers. However, because of the necklace bind on her neck,it’s more like she’s bound than she’s believe. 

After “that day”,she almost died, besides get a scar she get a otherworldly feeling. After graduate form Beacon, she working for freelance huntress and traveling for some information; because the eye-catching style and strange charging standard (not pay money at all, sometimes she ask for many roses almost a number of countries, sometimes just a dinner) it let her shoot to fame, good and broken, but most off the plebeian and poor give her very good appraise.

Crescent Rose

(I didn’t good at machine and physics, please don’t be serious :p)


The blade had changed weightless high-heat-light-particles(refine form Dust),high-heat makes blade more sharp; the shank is made from specical mineral, the overall weight isn’t more than 0.5kg, very light, upgrade agility on the fight.


The bullet is concentrated high-heat-light-particles, compressed density let it be more powerful than Sickle-mode.

Hand blade-mode

IT offset the shortcoming about close-fight, it also can use Shooting-mode.


I think I have mistake on translation, if anyone have question, please ask me~ I will modify at soon. ><

Now good night~


Ruby Rose




Crescent Rose








Japfan Pop Quiz!

We all know that Japan are the best band ever but who are the best fans?! Do you love all the albums or are you the Japan equivalent of a Manics ‘fan’ who keeps a copy of Everything Must Go in their mondeo? Are you Tin Drum Lite or Alternatively Obscure? Complete this fun quiz to find out if you are an überjapfan!

Communist China is:
A) A country;
B) Chairman Mao’s dinner plate;
C) A song about, ‘shagging a Chinese girl’;
D) A place in Asia where lots of people live together.

Halloween is about:
A) Mick making pumpkin soup;
B) Bobblet Apple;
C) Kristallnacht, or Night of Broken Glass;*
D) Dave & Steve’s annual Trick or Treat competition.

Jane Shorter is:
A) A very small person who believes in reincarnation.
B) A code word used for needing the loo whilst in the studio, as in, ‘I’ve got to nip to the little boys’ room.’ 'Going to be long?’ 'Nah, I just need a Jane’;
C) A sax player who was hired for a tour;
D) A form of identification used when Dave and Steve both went out with girls called Jane;

She carries love in a:
A) messenger bag;
B) nasty old bag;
C) carrier bag;
D) packet of fags.

All you ever wanted is:
A) A date with Dave;
B) To be hiding in Steve’s bathroom while he takes a shower;
C) Television;
D) Mick to stand still on stage.

Ain’t What Peculiar?
A) People who don’t like 'Blemish’;
B) Richard’s Tennis serve;
C) Peculiarity;
D) Steve’s uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley.

The Width of a Room is:
A) About 12ft by 9;
B) Just a lyric to Nightporter and NOTHING ELSE;
C) A Japan track penned by Sir Bobblet of Dean,
D) Unimportant- size doesn’t matter, does it Dave?

Ann O'Dell:
A) Came about the laptop;
B) Is a fairy who lives in wooded glens;
C) Is the person who composed the orchestration on Quiet Life;
D) Is a slow-acting painkiller.

The line, 'en desespoir agréable,’ literally means:
A) 'A tasty fruit’;
B) 'Mick’s hovercraft is full of eels’;
C) 'In pleasant/enjoyable despair’;
D) 'Where’s the little boys’ room? I need a Jane Shorter.’

The Experience of Swimming is:
A) Very nice if the water’s not too cold,
B) Mr Swimming’s acquired skill set;
C) Richard B dipping his toe into composition;
D) Much tougher than the experience of men.

Your Score:

Mostly Cs:
Congrats, we can’t rain on your parade! You are a fan of all the albums, even the ones Dave makes night time raids on record shops to burn. You love Rob Dean and feel he brought a warmth to the sound which was lost in the overproduced Tin Drum, although Visions of China is one of the best pop songs EVER! Play it Forward: Do us a favour? Play the first four albums to anyone who will listen, you little shiny star, you.
Favourite Japan song: Alien, the quintessential Japan

Mostly Bs:
You are becoming a true Japfan; you love GTP but are yet to delve deeper. Once you hear Dave screaming Obscure Alternatives you’ll be hooked.
Play it Forward: BuyacopyofQuietLiferightnowtoday!
Favourite Japan song: Nightporter

Mostly Ds:
Mostly DS, more like! You are defo a fan but mainly into post-Tin Drum-DS solo work and think taking Ryuichi into the studio during the making of GTP was a really good idea. You enjoyed the RTC album and never said, 'Who mixed Mick? The bass sounds well odd!’
Play it Forward: Buy Assemblage and see how you feel.
Favourite Japan song: You think having heard 'Some Kind of Fool’ makes you cool!

Mostly As
Rob who?
Play it Forward - Maybe stick to, 'Now that’s what I call 80s!’
Favourite song: The Chauffeur by Duran Duran!

*according to UK Lyric Analyst, Hal Kennedy