In a long distance relationship

i know people don’t always believe these things work, but to me they do… well at least mine does. i was on Facebook yesterday and i saw a LD couple had broken up and each time i see that it’s upsetting because of how in love they were days before…

I want to make a blog for long distance relationship couples, gay, straight, lesbian, non-binary anything, but i dont know if its a good idea… would anyone be able to help me with this? 

Someone who is happy to support others, answer questions, share photos of other long distance couples… one thing thats hard is the fact that sometimes long distance there isn’t anyone who understand, for me.. some friends dont accept it… my family wouldn’t and wont… and i know there’s a lot of ppl like that..

if your interested comment on here and also send me a message though here if ur interested in being part of the group… dont worry if i can’t be active 24/7 any amount of activity is good :) xx

so who think its a good idea? is anyone happy to help and i make it a group blog? anyone?


Hey guys! I’m sorry I’ve been completely MIA today. I moved into my first place on my own (well, with room mates of course), 3 hours away from my family and the city I grew up in.
It’s bittersweet, but I’m really glad I’m able to do this and be independent. Things at my moms house weren’t healthy for me, we’re both very anxious people which caused a lot of problems. I love my mom to bits but my health was getting pretty bad because we were so close up against each other. My younger sister was hardly home anyway, and my brother is away at college too. My dad left and moved across the country a couple of weeks ago, so he hasn’t really been a factor in this besides the fact that he’s one less thing that was holding me back from leaving.
Anyway, I love my room so much, I’m living with my best friend, I have all my fur babies with me, and everything is finally coming together. I have so much to look forward to, and I cannot wait to meet new people here and start my life over.

also shoutout to my best friend Laura for helping me move everything!