country concert

Let’s get one thing fucking straight

The Las Vegas shooter was not mentally ill

He planned this out

Picked the weapon

Picked the event

Picked the hotel

Picked the room

He knew damn well what he was doing

He is sane

And he is a fucking monster

Stop trying to humanize him

Stop dragging those that actually suffer with mental illness under the bus

Stop acting like we’re the problem with gun violence

Stop IGNORING how this monster LEGALLY got his hands on 17 semi automatic rifles –modified them to make them automatic– then got enough ammo to kill 59 people and injure over 510 more

Stop letting people say that this isn’t about gun control

Stop tolerating the bullshit because it’s the easier thing to do

Start speaking the fuck up because you don’t know when you’ll end up watching people die around you just because you went out to have some fun

when u see ppl saying they miss exo after seeing them in concert 400 times but the closest you’ve ever been to an exo concert is watching a periscope livestream that looks like its being filmed with a calculator


A couple of years ago every single magazine and newspaper thought it was cool to say things about me that weren’t true, and things about me that were mean, and things I couldn’t correct them on. But you did. And I just want you to know that I’m never going to forget what you did. That you showed up for me when my hands were tied behind my back and I couldn’t say anything to fight back. You fought back, and you kept showing up, and kept filling stadiums, and here we are. And in those years while you were sticking up for me, I was writing a new album called 1989

[ENG] 170701/170702 SHINee(JP) LINE LIVE - TAEMIN #1-3 (Jonghyun, Onew, Taemin)

TAEMIN #1 (170701) ♡ Google Drive ∙ Twitter: Part 1 + 2 (Jonghyun, Onew, Taemin)
TAEMIN #2 (170701) ♡ Google DriveTwitter (Taemin)
TAEMIN #3 (170702) ♡ Google DriveTwitter (Taemin)

(Credit: Mredwardsanders)