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I’m meeting the parents. Holy cow. We’re there….

The Country Clubber has assured me a million times that Mr. & Mrs. Country Club will love me, but I’m nervous, and I’ve never been this nervous to meet parents before. Maybe it’s because this is the first time I’m meeting the family of someone who I think there’s a future with? Maybe it’s because he loves me so much that he wants me to meet his whole family? Ahh I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted.


I reallllllyyyyyyy like the Country Clubber. Like a whole lot. 

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m coming off of this thing where I had all these feelings for someone who didn’t feel the same or if I’m finally ready to be happy with just one person or if he’s just that great, but I’m really happy with things. We see each other pretty much every day - happy hours with his friends, dinner dates, lunch dates, sleepovers. We have the same weird personality. He’s so funny and has a great, witty sense of humor that I love. 

He’s told his family about me. I love hanging out with his friends. He’s taken an interest in all the things I care about - my friends, my job search, even my trashy tv shows. He’s now keeping a toothbrush at my place. He’s really open with his feelings - this would normally be a major turnoff but I like it with him.

We really like each other and I’m excited to see where things go…

anonymous asked:

I love what you do! Two questions though- if you're not "all about relationships", then what are you all about? the experience? Also since you're Country Clubber's gf now, are you exclusive with him? or do you keep contact with the other boys/men?

Great question! 

I guess I haven’t talked a lot about the last year. I was in a LONG term relationship with The Ex and when we broke up I knew that I wanted to have fun and take the time to just go on dates and hook up with whoever I wanted and just spend some time being unattached to anyone - for the first time in a while. So for the last year I’ve been all about the experience and not about relationships - even though I spent the better part of the year wanting a relationship with L (the one who doesn’t love me back), but I didn’t exactly plan that. Up until a month ago I still felt this way.

You know how good things happen when you least expect it? Well that’s what happened with the Country Clubber. Here I was rotating a few different guys and all of a sudden I found myself totally happy with one guy. I can’t stress enough how happy I am with him. The satisfaction I had from going out with all these different guys and having all these great stories to tell doesn’t even compare to how I feel now, and that’s really saying something.

So to answer your question, yes we are exclusive. There are some guys that I still talk to because we’re more friends than anything else, but I’m certainly not answering anyone’s booty calls or having flirty conversations with guys I used to hook up with.  

The Weekend

As you can see I’ve been a busy little lady, but not quite as busy as I got this weekend…you know where I’m going with this…

So on Saturday Blondie comes over to hang out with me by the pool all day. It was fun and we drank a lot and mingled a lot with the other people there and it was an all around good time. After spending the entire day in the sun (sans sunscreen…bad decision) we headed down to my apartment so that he could head out before I had to “meet friends for dinner” AKA go on a date with the Country Clubber. As soon as we walked inside though this boy had his tongue down my throat. He sure was eager…and that may or may not have had something to do with me wearing my most revealing bathing suit all day. We made out for a little bit and then he left so that I could get ready for my date.

I might be doing this whole dating thing wrong.

About an hour after Blondie left the Country Clubber came to pick me up to take me out for dinner and drinks. The date (the part where we were out in public) lasted until 1am or so and then I invited him to come upstairs, you know, to help me carry leftovers. My roommate was gone for the night so he stayed…until 1pm on Sunday… There was a lot of hooking up and a lot of cuddling. Not sure how I feel about how long that date lasted but I’ll keep thinking about it and get back to you.

Not long after the Country Clubber left I had to start getting ready for my date with the Older Guy. We got together for drinks before going to the show, but not by ourselves. It was a double date…oh boy. It actually wouldn’t have been that bad if the other girl hadn’t been a hot drunken mess all night long. She awkwardly asked where we’d met - despite going on a lot of OKC dates, it’s still kind of embarrassing to tell people that’s how you met someone. The show was great but drunkie mcgee kind of ruined the rest of the night for me. After the comedy show we headed out for drinks but I only stayed for one before calling it a night. The Older Guy walked me home and kissed me goodbye which felt forced being that it was the end of the date, but it wasn’t enjoyable. I agreed to go out with him one more time though. We’ll see how it goes.

Told you I’ve been busy.

Country Clubber

I recently spent an entire weekend with the Country Clubber. Friday evening to Sunday evening. We did a lot of sleeping, sleeping together, and hanging out with his friends. Whoa. It was so much fun and just what I needed after the whole BFF drama. Several of his his friends were asking questions about what we are (dumb) but that got us talking about it. We’ve made it pretty clear that we like each other, but I guess we decided that we’re “seeing” one another. 

This was probably the 10th time that we’ve gotten together since our initial date, and I’m having a lot of fun with him.


The Older Guy

We’ve continued seeing each other. He’s pretty low maintenance in that if he texts me and I don’t respond for a few days he still wants to take me out on a date. We’ve done the movies and some day drinking. He’s offered to let me borrow his car…kind of weird. He wants to help me find a job - the main reason I’m keeping him around. Most importantly though is that he requires no action. I don’t have to hold his hand or hug him, just the peck at the end of the date. Low maintenance. I also avoid him if I see him around the city, which I do, often.



We’ve kept in touch and he snapchats me all the time, but no more hookups or dates. Friend zone.


The Football Player

He’s been out of town since we hooked up, but don’t worry he’s sent me plenty of dirty snap chats in the meantime. He’s also sent me some One Direction song lyrics and snap chat videos of him serenading me. Don’t know if sweet or stupid?

The Baseball Player

The Baseball Player is now in town but I didn’t see him for the first week he was here. He’s asked me to go out almost every night but you know how busy my schedule has become. However, he text me last week at 3am to tell me that he thinks that his roommate and I will really hit it off… He’s also on my shit list right now because he criticized the way I handled the BFF situation. 


Frat Daddy & Country Clubber get their own posts.


jennysaidso-deactivated20170222  asked:

So I've followed you for awhile and read through your posts, living vicariously with the company you've kept and the fun times those were. ;) Now I am just so happy it worked out for you and Country Clubber! It's always nice to see how dating gives off such a glow in people and makes me excited to have someone lovely in my life again whenever that may be :)

This is so sweet and put a smile on my face - and CC’s when I showed him!