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Stripper/Dancer AU

Stripper Yuuri

6 Inch -  It’s not a ritual, per se, for Chris to take Viktor out somewhere the second night before the short program, but it happens more often than not. Usually it’s harmless fun – a nice dinner, an opera – until one year, it’s a strip club?

Applause -  Victor Nikiforov is a four-time gold medalist from the Grand Prix Final. In his fifth year going for gold, he travels to the United States, and meets Yuri Katsuki. Yuri is a Japanese immigrant who works at a strip club to put himself through school and to support his family who are struggling to dig their roots into the new country. The two meet at said strip club, with Yuri not realizing just who Victor is. The two go on a date and things go on from there.

Cause or Effect -  Chris threatens him that he’s growing into an old man, and Viktor can’t refuse the invitation without confirming the slander. He let’s himself get dragged to a stripclub, set on drinking himself into a stupor in revenge. Though as it turns out the dancer is really hot, and despite the awful tie, Viktor really wants to bang Yuuri.

Guilty Pleasure -  Viktor Nikiforov is to be believed to be the best figure skater around but he starts getting bored and uninspired when everyone expects the unexpected from him. One day while he’s in Detroit for the World Championship this year, he goes to an exotic club and finds inspiration from a raven-haired boy with captivating eyes.
~Or a stripper!yuuri story where viktor and yuuri fall in lust and then love~

Let’s Be Sinners To Be Saints -  Viktor is a rich businessman who’s struggling with depression, feeling trapped in a life he has no control over. Yuuri works as an exotic dancer at a high-end club in New York to help pay his tuition. When they meet both their lives become a little bit better, and a whole lot more complicated.

My Heart Dances for You -  Katsuki Yuri is one of the world’s best Strippers. He travels to every country, visiting clubs and dancing his heart out on the pole. One fateful night, he meets Victor Nikiforov at a show. At first glance Victor is the most handsome club owner Yuri has ever met. And maybe, just maybe his heart started to dance for Victor that same night.

Private Show -  Chris had dragged Victor to an insane amount of strip clubs over the years, but that didn’t mean Victor expected to fall in love with a stripper.

Sharm - Sharm, - noun. - To bring shame, to something, someone or yourselfThe way he looked, The way he moved, Was apparently hundred percent different in person.
“Nē~ Viktor! You want to know about him. He’s a new addition. Japanese, he’s not Russian nor does he speak too much of it. But, the way he speaks is exotic. Quite a turn on, in my opinion. Though.. he’s so awkward. It’s adorable.”“He does have nice features. Though, his movements are quite sloppy. But..You always like gems in the rough.”

Sex on ice -  The stripper AU nobody asked for

Yu-topia Gentleman’s Club - Victor hadn’t exactly wanted the end of his long training day to finish at the bottom of a glass alongside his friend Chris, however he hadn’t expected Chris to drag him to a strip club, of all places. Of course, he also hadn’t expected to be introduced to one of the most alluring and blinding dancers he had ever seen in his life.He would have to thank Chris later once the show was over.

Stripper Yuri

Narcissist - For the first time Yuri felt his thighs wrap around that warm pole, felt the crisp caress of ones being stuffed in his glittery thong.For the first time Otabek felt a boner in his pants and a pull from his alpha instincts to pursue and possess.And for the first time JJ felt the sting of rejection.JJ doesn’t handle rejection well.

Madam Lilia’s Peep Show -  Yuri is a dancer for a peep show run by Madam Lilia. Otabek goes to watch a show… and this is what happened… (Yuri is of age in this btw)

Tantalizing -  The young man that was up there made Otabek’s heart stop, his breath hitched as he found his eyes laying on the most beautiful man he had ever seen. He could say that a million times and it would always be true. Everything about the man up there was just… Tantalizing. It was torture, it was bait. Never in his whole life had Otabek seen someone so gorgeous,

Stripper Viktor

Young and Memeiful -  Viktor is a famous stripper that nobody knows the name of, just a fake one.
Yuuri is an college student struggling to graduate in time so he can go home.
Combined they’re a mess but they probably couldn’t live without each other, even if they did meet with Yuuri passing out in an alleyway and Viktor wearing no pants and being slapped for intrusiveness over Ibuprofen.

it wasn’t supposed to be like this - Viktor Nikiforov, AKA Vitya, is the Living Legend™ of modern-day porn, who has always thrived on surprising his audience. Though his viewer count has never dwindled once, he finds himself bored of doing the same thing. So his manager, Yakov, sets him up with pole-dancing lessons Viktor can add to his repertoire, taught by a man who goes by the name ‘Eros’.This guy, Eros doesn’t know it yet, but he’s in for one hell of a ride (if you know what I mean).


Always blog H!P Dance Club

(First C-ute-les perf. Debuts: Eripon, Murotan, Musubu, Mao)

I have tried to write this multiple times without much success. Also, I started this before 3x03 came out so I made up some of my own Falconers. Heh.

Bitty’s seen them in the society pages. Athletes’ wives, girlfriends and plus-ones, always in gowns, always sparkling and radiant.  Stepping out at charity events, on red carpets. He’s never really envied them, but he’s never thought of himself as quite on their level, either. Even when he and Jack come out, and his face is the one plastered on the newspaper pages, he doesn’t put himself in their category. Nobody’s inviting him to a charity ball.  He doesn’t spend his time volunteering with inner-city youth or doing photoshoots. They’re a whole society unto themselves; he’s just Bitty.

So the phone call surprises him.

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so one thing about me is that I’ve done some DJing in the past & mostly now I do it just for fun when I’m bored =) anyways so today I did a non-stop 2 hour mix of all remixed taylorswift songs called Taylor Swift: This Sick Mix =) anyways check it out Swifties & other followers and let me know what ya think also Taylor if you see this let me know what you think as well =) =)

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Chicago Blackhawks; turn down for fucking what

“Oh! I know! We should all go dancing!”

Bitty’s stomach drops out from under him.  Now, everyone on this side of the Mississippi knows that Eric Richard Bittle loves to dance.  There are very few things in this world what would stop him from shaking his groove thang and singing his heart out about being an Independent Woman.  But this is different, because when Suzanne Bittle talks about dancing, she is really talking about…

Line Dancing.

Growing up, the Bittles spent every other weekend at the local family-friendly country dance club.  For little Dicky, the experience was excruciating. Not only was the place filled with the smell of old wood and the sound of bad music, but the dancing itself was… stifling.  Bitty knew the moves, and he definitely had the rhythm, but there was something unsettling about being judged if you ever… well… fell out of line. 

[ It didn’t help that Mr. and Mrs. Bittle would spend most of the occasion making eyes at each other like a pair of high school sweethearts on the night of the homecoming dance.  Certainly enough to make any young adolescent gag. ]

Bitty knows better than to complain.  One attempt at that back in the day made it clear that Coach was not having any of that attitude. Besides, Mom and Dad are in such a good mood lately, upsetting either parent right now would be a tactical mistake.  And normally this wouldn’t be such a big deal, except…

Mama Bittle just invited Jack fucking Zimmermann to go line dancing with them.

Before Bitty could blink, the whole family (and Jack, of course) is in the middle of of the floor of the same musky dance club of his youth.  Usually this would be the point where Bitty’s eyes would glaze over for the next two hours while he attempts to will himself into a different existence, but Jack’s presence seems to have left him in a mixed state of shock and confusion.  Bitty could not believe what is going on with this boy on the dance floor.

First off, where the hell did Jack get those boots?  Bitty KNOWS Jack didn’t pack a pair for a seven day visit to Madison, Georgia. Did Mr. NHL star just went out and buy a $200 pair of boots?  When did he have time to do that?  Also, why the FUCK does he look so good in them?

Second, when the hell did Jack learn to dance like that?  Do they even HAVE line dancing in Montreal?  Does Jack watch line dancing videos on the Internet and practice when no one is looking?

And lastly, why the hell is this so much fun?

Okay.  So the smell of this place kind of stopped being gross and is slipping into nostalgic territory.  The music is definitely better since the club started trying to attract a younger crowd.  It’s also kind of fun to show Jack around this little part of home.

And maybe it’s because Mom and Dad thought it would be good to give the boys some space.  And maybe it because it’s kinda nice to “swing your partner” when he actually has a partner to swing. And maybe it’s because Bitty and Jack kept stealing glances at each other like a pair of high school sweethearts on the night of the homecoming dance.

Bitty hopes his parents aren’t watching.  Then again, the only thing he really wants right now is for them to see how happy Jack makes him. But drowned in the rhythm of clapping and boot stomps, Bitty figured that’s a thought for another day.  It’s not important now.  Just focus on the dancing, on Jack, on this new memory they are building together at this very moment.

Still, Bitty can’t help but wonder, does Jack know how to two-step?

Dance Class

Imagine everyone in the Haus to taking dance class at school together

  • The Samwell Men’s Hockey Team Captains liked to encourage one big class that everyone on the team attempted to take together. Spring 2015 was a baking class.
  • somehow, fall of 2015, it’s dance class
  • There wasn’t enough room in the Social Dance class, or Salsa, so somehow, they end up taking Country Dancing toghether

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There’s more to Swedish pop music than Abba. In recent years, worldwide pop hits from acts such as Robyn and Icona Pop have achieved success in America; the Swedish pop producer Max Martin has written hits for acts like Katy Perry and Britney Spears. Now a singer-songwriter in her 20s called Tove Lo is scoring hits in this country that mix dance club pop with rock soulfulness. Rock critic Ken Tucker has a review of Tove Lo’s debut album Queen of the Clouds.

Tove Lo Chronicles Three Stages Of A Love Affair