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Patients to be questioned about sexuality
NHS England says the question will deter discrimination against lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

The choice of whether to lie to my doctor or risk opening myself up to medical discrimination is one that no-one should have to make.

As an asexual, I cannot trust my GP not to try and “cure” my sexuality if I inform him - and in the UK, I have no legal protection against discrimination on the basis of my asexuality. The article mentions the choice not to answer, but I fear that this will simply lead my doctors to make their own speculations.

I understand that monitoring cases of discrimination in the NHS is important, but the cost of trying to force the whole country out of the closet with their medical practitioners is definitely not worth the ends.



Ty Herndon has come out as gay, and gave an interview with Entertainment Tonight. With 17 Billboard hits, the singer says he thought coming out might hurt his career and that his 2 marriages were Lavender marriages. But now, Ty says he’s in an “awesome” longterm relationship with a man.

Drawing inspiration from Herndon, Billy Gilman subsequently came out as gay. The 26-year-old artist was the youngest artist to reach country music’s Top 40 at the age of 11. 

Hopefully, this will make it easier for people in the more conservative parts of the country to come out and find support when they do. Congrats to both artists. 

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Hello! I just wanted to show you my gratitude. I am a bisexual girl in a very biased environment (and, well, country), I'm still closeted and have little chances to show my true colors. But when I see you, all those beautiful things you draw and write, the way you live and speak, the way you show your feelings, I am filled with inspiration and energy to live on. Thank you for creating. Thank you for existing. Thank you.

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