country burn

i never talk about these things but i can’t remain silent.

i know tumblr doesn’t give a SHIT when things happen in countries outside the “most popular ones” (such as the usa & england). it’s true, don’t lie to me. y’all don’t give A FUCK. not every issue and problem in said countries gets the appropriate exposure but in general shit shows up on the news WORLD FREAKING  WIDE. you set up donations, you help out, your spread the word, you say “pray for x”……

southern europe is burning. 

my country is burning.

people are dying - at home, on the road, trying to run away, in their cars.

yesterday my country had 300 active fires.

people are losing EVERYTHING they own.

i have a friend that is on a train right now passing through places that have been burnt to the ground and she says the smoke is so intense it’s getting inside the train and she can barely breathe.

and yet, even though several people (myself included) have been trying to bring awareness to what has been happening in southern europe… what we get from most of you, those not part of the countries suffering, is silence. we don’t ask for money, we don’t ask for shit other than a reblog to spread awareness… something you can delete in 24/48hrs if you wish. 

i don’t know what to tell you. i’m angry. i’m frustrated. i’m disappointed. i feel like i’m screaming into the void. “a reblog does nothing” - you know that’s a damn lie, you know exposure always helps, you know people start paying attention when posts on social media become popular. my country in particular is a small one, we get ZERO exposure. y’all are only starting to figure out we even fucking exist bc of the shit we’ve been winning lately. 

but hell, if the EU doesn’t give a shit, why should some user on tumblr dot com?

again, i don’t know what to tell you so i’ll let the images speak for themselves: 

An image captured by a Nasa satellite shows a thick plume of smoke blowing southward from the Greek island of Chios over the island of Crete

Torneros de Jamuz, Spain

Duca, Croatia

A helicopter from Italy’s civil protection service drops water on a fire near the railway between Venice and Trieste

Residents take refuge on the beach as a wildfire burns on the mountain next to the village of Lithi, on the Greek island of Chios

Men gather cattle during a forest fire in Vieira de Leiria, Marinha Grande, Portugal.

Charred trees are seen on the hills above the Cloister of Thivaidas on Mount Athos, a World Heritage Site in Greece


He asks me about you while I’m chewing a celery stalk. I shrug a little. I say I’m happy that you’re happy. My voice doesn’t shake. I sound professional and adult, like I peeled off all the parts of me that cling to you. He asks if I’m over you and I chew until my jaw hurts and I say, yeah, I think so. It doesn’t sound like a lie, even to me. It sounds like someone is shouting those words from the other end of a tunnel, like I’m not living in my throat anymore. He asks if I ever think about you. I say, well it’s hard not to when other people ask questions, ha ha. He doesn’t find that funny. I swim in the silence left over and then I catch the answer at the bottom of the pool like when I was seven and plucking river stones from murk. I say, I don’t unless something reminds me. It sounds diplomatic. Appropriate. I try to calculate the amount a normal person would think about you, dividing how much time we spent together by how much we are spending apart. In the new world, you’re not supposed to love deep, it’s creepy and offensive. People are supposed to fold in and out of your life like leaves; you’re never supposed to love hard enough that you get road rash from falling. Love doesn’t look good on Facebook, I mean. You took plenty of Instagram pictures carefully excluding me. I guess it was so when you went there would be no evidence. Nothing to delete.

He tucks his feet up. He asks how much I’m reminded of you. I blocked you on everything only to unblock you while I was drunk. I scrolled page after page thinking about how much the Internet killed love. Time was that if you were done with someone, you were done for good. The only way you could rip the wound open was by following them across countries. Snail mail doesn’t burn like seeing you happy, dancing with other girls. I’m saying the world was a worse place to be but I wouldn’t think of you as much, maybe. I say to him, ever think about how the 1950’s are super racist and sexist but people still fall for the aesthetic? He asks me what that has to do with the conversation. You would have got it. Some stuff is only pretty until you open it, like how pears go rotten once they touch air. I feel like that a lot, like my core holds onto little black seeds. And he asks me what I’m talking about. I say, oh, nothing.

3.5 million Americans without power. Homes flooded. Everything lost. Dozens dead with the potential for more fatalities every day. FEMA running out of money as record storms slam the country and wildfires burn…

But President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is tweeting for the firing of athletes who respectfully kneel during the national anthem. LET THAT FUCKING SINK IN! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HIRE A TV PERSONALITY TO RUN THE COUNTRY.

Y'all already know that Kat will blame herself for Adena getting sent back since “doing something crazy” was her idea and she’ll feel that Adena only got detained because she wasn’t brave enough herself to fly to Paris. This is going to be like the vibrators but times a thousand. Kat is going to lose her shit and I’m so here for it

Varys will abandon Daenerys for Jon, and this will lead to Jonsa

I was watching episode 1x03 when I noticed the very first thing Ned said to Varys when Varys was trying to look like a weak, loyal dog to Robert was “Shame you didn’t say a prayer for the butcher’s boy.” Varys did not expect that answer at all. It was a response wholly alien in King’s Landing.

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My whole country is burning (yes again!), there’s a hurricane passing by near the coast heading to Great Britain which is not helping, temperatures reached 35C in the middle of October only to suddenly drop almost 20 degrees tomorrow and half the country is facing a severe drought.

This song always hits me super hard, my mom told me this song always reminds her of when she was married to my dad. She saw everything was falling apart but couldn’t do anything about it. They eventually separated when I was 5. She still loves him to this day. It always makes me think about what my childhood might of been like if they never split and actually worked things out. I might of actually had a dad, and I might of actually had a mom that wasn’t hopped up on pills all the time. I didn’t really have a childhood. This song brings all this flooding back into my head. Sorry for the rant, just needed to. Love you guys!


Johnny Cash “Rusty Cage” (Soundgarden)

Here’s a spur-of-the-moment cover of “Burning House” by Cam :) I’ve been working more with fingerstyle playing recently and this was one of the first songs I attempted to learn. I’ve since gotten a lot better, to the point where this song is basically just a warmup for me. As you will no doubt notice immediately, the camera quality is utter shite because it’s just a built-in webcam on a pretty mediocre laptop. Eventually I’d like to get a good camera for recording acoustic covers and maybe actually start recording covers. But anyway, hope everyone enjoys :)

Inktober - day 16


Pinhal de Leiria was over 700 years old and it took less than 24 hours to be almost entirely burned to the ground