country boyz

i hate every fucking boy ive ever met irl i despise them all i hate like every boy in this entire country all the boyz my age are horrible pricks i only like celebrities and fakeboyz but im definitely gay

i like to go ham and do these challenges in one day. here's the celebrity challenge

1. favorite band 

2. A celebrity I would marry

3. Who I would turn gay/lesbian for

4. favorite rapper 

5. A celeb’s hair you’d like to have 


6.A celebrity you’d like to have a kissing scene with in a movie 

7. A Celebrity you’d love to trade lives with 

8. Favorite Disney Star(s):

9. Who’d you love to be best friends with

10. Your Favorite Country Artist/band 

11. Someone you like who isn’t famous or worldwide yet

12. An actor from your favorite TV show 

13. Somebody you would like to meet 

14. A celeb’s concert you’d love to go to

15. Somebody you thinks cares about the money and fame more than the fans 

16. Who you would love to have over for dinner 

17. Somebody you would want to play you in a movie about your life


18. A celebrity who’s wardrobe you’d like to own

19. A celebrity who’s house you like to take a tour of 

 20. Somebody you think is a good role model