country boyfriends

I want your boyfriend,
I’m not gonna lie.
I’ll be his girl when
he tells you goodbye.
Don’t worry I won’t take him,
cause I ain’t that low
I want your boyfriend,
Just thought you should know…

That he and I go back so far.
Oh my gosh, we lived in his first truck.
First time we heard Shania Twain.
And I know you think he loves you now,
But I’ve seen so many girls
come in and out.

Can’t you see it in his eyes?
You must’ve known it all this time.
But I want your boyfriend
to tell you the truth.
I’ll be right there
when he gets over you.

If I didn’t know better,
I’d hang my hat right there…

If I didn’t know better,
I’d follow you up the stairs…

Why do I keep drinking,
wasting my time on you?

If I didn’t know better,
Dammit, I do…

There’s a hole in what you’re saying,
I can plainly see…

You’ve got a lover that’s waiting,
but baby, you’re right here with me…

Why don’t you keep drinking?
Give me one night with you…

If I didn’t know better,
Dammit, I do…