country and cold cans

Okay but seriously, imagine this:

a Hollywood movie based on Evgeni Malkin’s escape to America


How can I call a man that at 11 years of age, was being injected with a needle only to fight a disease, ‘cold hearted’? How am I going to call 'cold hearted’ to a man that at 11 years of age, left for Europe with the weight of the responsibility of his future and that of his family’s, on his shoulders? How can I call 'cold hearted’ to a man that said no to the country that gave him everything, and who instead chose the country that did not give him anything? How can I call 'cold hearted’ to a man that could easily be resting in a private beach but instead chooses to play for the NT to try and win trophies for his country? How can I call 'cold hearted’ a man that is compared to a man that says he is the best in history? How can I call Messi 'cold hearted’? 'Cold hearted’ are all of you who treat him as if he doesn’t care!

- Ariel 'El Burrito’ Ortega, 2016.

so mcfreakin tired o m g. a combination of heat wave, shock from almost crashing my car, and working basically full time for like a week now have left my body feeling like a squeezed-out sponge. on the plus side i have the next two days off just like doing nothing then the weekend so i can come on and actually like be online which i’m really hyped for. :) if u have any suggestions of fun activities i could do maybe to celebrate the fact i’ll be on for a few days then please please please let me know, ily all & can’t wait to spend some proper time with u again soon <3333

“Let’s Go Away, Just Us” (Gray)

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Full prompt: “Let’s go away, just us, just for a night or two.” + “I can’t remember the last time I’ve smiled this much.”

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    “Do you ever get tired of just being in Seoul?” Sunghwa asked as you handed him another dish to dry.

    “Yeah,” you said honestly after thinking about it for a few moments. “Definitely.” He always offered to let you come on tour with him, but you never accepted; you usually couldn’t get that long off work and anyway, you didn’t want to be a distraction. “Why?”

    He shrugged. “I was just thinking.” He set down his dish towel and turned to you. “Let’s go away, just us, for a night or two.”

    Your eyebrows shot up. He usually wasn’t one for making big plans; in fact he typically shied away from them. “Is that you, Sunghwa?” you joked. “Not a clone?”

    He laughed. “Yeah, it’s me. I just…” He picked up his dish towel again and kept drying. “I feel like we haven’t had much time together recently and I want to change that.”

    You smiled warmly. “I would love that.”

    “Really?” he said and you nodded enthusiastically.

    “Of course! Where do you want to go?”

    “Hmm… Wanna look at places after we finish here?”

    You jumped onto the couch, tucking your legs under you and shifting closer to Sunghwa, who had just opened his laptop. “First of all, should we stay in Korea? Or go to Japan or Hong Kong or some other country?” he asked.

   You considered. “I’m not sure… What do you think?”

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Studying after a break

Since the winter break is over/nearly over for a lot of us, I thought I should make a little post with some tips for getting back into the rhythm of studying and school after having a few weeks off. I really struggle with this so if anyone has more tips please feel free to share! 

  • Routine- try to stick to a routine similar to before the break; set an alarm to make sure you have enough time to get ready before school/starting to study. Make time for exercising, socialising, a job, chores, and relaxing. It might take a week or so but you’ll soon start to feel like you’re getting back into the swing of things. Maybe take this as an opportunity to add to your routine by trying out a new sport or club. 
  • Organisation- this is key for making sure you have a minimally-stressful time whilst getting back into your rhythm. If you use a diary/planner, make sure you note down key events or assignments. Make a list of your homework or topics you need to study to ensure you don’t have any last-minute panics. Plan your time by prioritising tasks.
  • Relax- it would be stupid to assume you can jump straight back into doing the same amount of work that you did before your time off. Be kind to yourself and make sure you still have plenty of time to relax, instead of overworking yourself straight away. In colder/northern hemisphere countries, January can usually be the prime time for colds and sickness bugs so make sure you get enough sleep and eat well otherwise you could increase your chances of getting sick. 
  • Discipline- relaxing is important, but, especially if (like me) you’ve avoided studying and procrastinated your way through the break, you really do have to be disciplined with yourself. You may have gotten used to watching netflix from 8pm until 1am and sleeping in until 11am. This is nice during the holidays, but not realistic afterwards! Be strict with yourself as otherwise you could fall behind. If you’ve got work that you should’ve done during the break, this is particularly important as you really need to make sure you get that done to prevent even more work from piling up! 
  • Patience- please do try to be patient with yourself though. January can be a difficult month that feels never-ending, especially with cold weather and dark days in places like the UK, and it can be frustrating when your brain feels like it just won’t work how it did before the holidays, when you were in the middle of term. You need to be patient and let yourself ease back into things by sticking to a routine, planning time to relax and time for studying, and being strict with yourself when it is time to study! 

I hope this is helpful, and as I said above, please feel free to add your own tips! Good luck and please message me if you need any advice!  

my resources page // all of my study tips // studying in the holidays // tips for exams // last-minute revision tips // organisation tips // fun study tips // turning grades around a few months before exams

I’m really hoping that Wakanda isn’t shown as it is in the comics sometimes, along with Themyscira. You know, the country that can cure cancer, HIV and the common cold for anyone on Earth but refuses to share with anyone else and expect to be applauded for it in the comics (including the writer). Because it just makes them look like a bunch of jackasses.

Sure no sharing of the other things is totally fine but when you have them going “Well yeah we COULD cure 4 year olds who are dying painful deaths. But we don’t want to because reasons that involve we just don’t like the rest of the world.” I start to see why their country might not be liked by many…

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lol do what americans do and just eat a popsicle or something damn... its 26+ degrees every day in summer + fall where i live and we don't have air conditioner its not that bad

I repeat: the buildings are literally built to CONTAIN HEAT. Like I don’t know how to explain this to someone who’s not here. Also people adjust differently to temperatures based off the climate they were raised in. I was raised in a cold ass climate, the majority of Britain was raised in a cool rainy climate. Like sure I may faint if I go to a hot country but I can withstand a lot more cold.


In spain we are not so dark-skinned usually, but we are not white as cold countries. I can understand the “they’re not black", but… Who cares? I mean, really is so important if they are white like the snow, or black, or only brown…?

really like, lmao no one’s drawing spain black. like whatsoever. i’m not drawing him black. i’m drawing him mediterranean toned. because mediterranean countries tend to have a darker skin color. not pasty white like ppl always like to use. more like this:

the first guy in this thing is literally a spanish footballer. im not making this shit up. it’s type iv, dark-intermediate. while i know (usually northern spain, right?) has more paler ppl, and southern spain has darker tones (like in sevilla), it’s still like? yknow??? it’s not like africans or other don’t exist in spain or whatever

tbh i’m just sick of ppl pushing that all europeans must be pasty white with light hair it’s so yuck

I should start mentioning now:

My goal is to wrap up the Chalcedony Chapter by June 30 and then I’ll be taking a 2 week vacation to move back to the home country so I can crack open some very overdue cold ones with the boys.

The grocery list as it stands:

  • Starlight Museums opening
  • The start of teleportation shenanigans
  • Settling the shitshow that the Perihelion vs Betelgeuse thing becomes
  • Clan’s first Brightshine

After the holiday, I’ll probably be offline entirely until the 2nd week of July~

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Name: (I like to keep it a secret ;))
Nickname: Lina, dragon(as one of my friends like to use on me)
Birth month: April
Height: 5’ or 150 cm (haha yeah I’m kinda short for my age)
Ethnicity: Malay 
Orientation: (I honestly not sure as I never really care about it)
Fruit: I like most of the fruits but my faves are watermelon, mangoes and rambutan :)
Season: Spring and winter XD (even though my country doesn’t have those seasons and I can’t really stand cold)
Flowers: My faves are sakura, lavender and orchid
Scent: Coffee and rain (i mean you know the scent of it when it’s start raining idk i just love the smell)
Animals: I generally loves cats (especially cheetah), foxes and sugar gliders 
Beverages: I like all kinds of the tea (especially strawberry tea) and fruit juices
Hours of sleep: Haha my sleep schedule are pretty mess up. Sometimes I only got 4 hours of sleep but I try to get 8 hours most of the time.
Fictional characters: (Oh my I got so many) There’s Jack Frost, Tadashi Hamada, Lance, Keith, Stitch, Toothless and more
Number of blankets I sleep with: Only one 
Dream trip: I got so many places to go but I especially would love to visit Japan

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Ship request? Marvel AND Sherlock? I'm 5'4- brunette with big almond shaped brown eyes that look red in the right light- A bibliophile-I'm an introvert whose idea of adventure is reading books out in the nature- I love love snowy days and cold countries. I can read people very well- I can talk for hours and yet not tell you anything about myself- my persona changes depending on the light you see me in. Thanks!

Hey! I’m sorry I’m not taking ships! The ships I was speaking of we’re about your pairings from within the fandom :P
But nevertheless, here ya go:

Sherlock: You’re an enigma to him and the way you can tell so much about him and how he’s feeling surprises him. He likes that you keep him engaged with your ramblings and he’s awestruck to always learn something new about you. You’re a mystery he can’t solve and that attracts him to you. And then he realizes how wonderful a person you are and loves to have you by his side. Your common interest in books brings you closer and the fact that you both understand the need of alone time makes the relationship stronger.

Marvel: Bucky:: He looks out for you from the day you first meet. Your doe eyes captured his heart because maybe it reminded him of a girl he used to date so long ago. But with you it’s different because you’re so unpredictable yet lovely that he admires you. He wants to understand you and get to know you better. Because you both like to talk so much, both of you never have a dull moment and it keeps the fire going. Sure he gets upset when you spend hours reading but he always begs you to go on trek with him. He’s always so happy to see you when he returns from a mission because he’s missed you so much.
Chronograph of Civilization
Mikhail Beilin & Daniil Nikishin

Chronograph of Civilization by Mikhail Beilin & Daniil Nikishin 

Often the easiest way to explain an idea is the paradox. Especially it works for the danger. Not everybody is afraid of melting ice. May be the reason is the term itself – Global Warming – it doesn’t sound fearfully especially for those who live in “cold” countries.

But there is a hypothesis that melting of glaciers can completely change the map of warm streams such as Gulf Stream. If they leave the coasts of Europe and America – it leads to cold snap.

The ice of Arctic and Antarctic is the defense of our World. The process of their melting launches the countdown of chronograph of civilization.

The object “Chronograph of Civilization” is a concrete cube. It is created as two spaces inside combined according to hourglass principle. The lower one is filled up with recognizable sculpture of a modern city. The upper one is filled up with sea salt that symbolizes the ice wastes of Antarctica. Pouring down the salt symbolizes the reduction of ice spaces on the Poles and covering imaginary megapolis with an ice and snow. The duration of the process is calculated for an exhibition day. For the night time the object should be turned over in order to let salt come back to the South Pole space and begin the process again in the morning.

Architecture graphic:

The Signs as Beautiful Things in Nature

Aries: a sunset, when the sun is just about to set and you can see it slip into the horizon

Taurus: a tall, strong mountain, capped with fresh snow

Gemini: a serene forest with colorful wildflowers and tall green grass

Cancer: an open body of water with calm waves rippling through its tide

Leo: a desert flower: so rare you’d swear it’s the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen

Virgo: fresh, crisp, white snow: beautiful and innocent

Libra: trees in mid-October, with leaves as aflame as a wildfire

Scorpio: hot sand at the beach, but so soft and so fine you can’t resist sinking your toes in

Sagittarius: a thunderstorm after weeks of drought

Capricorn: wildflowers growing on the side of the expressway

Aquarius: a night sky in the country, so clear you can see all the constellations

Pisces: clean, fresh, cold winter air