country impersonation

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(1)Hey so dream time!! I was off in a dofferent country (it was arid idk?) And there was this bollywood 'princess' visiting and my commander told me that I was going to infiltrate the country by impersonating her but like... she was soooooooooooooo pretty? And mega tall? And could dance so well and idk how anyone would assume we were the same person?? But anways she wraped this long pretty silk scarf around me as we was dancing in this crowd (idk how the transition happened but people started

wow that’s.. a really exotic dream xD it’s like a mash up of your fears and stuff that you find interesting haha wow

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hey lindsay! really random, but i just wanted to say you're probably one of my favorite internet reviewers (or just all-in-all internet personas) out there and probably influenced me a LOT more than i think about. that's really cool. thanks for putting out such unabashedly fun and insightful content! and for reminding me and my collective dorm floor that starscream exists because now everyone is doing starscream impersonations.

Aww hugs all around!

My dream is that one day every dorm in the country is doing Starscream impersonations.