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In your unpopular opinions thing about Medvedeva you said you "hate her free this year and everything it represents in skating". Why do you say that? (I mostly watch figure skating because I think it's pretty, but I'm trying to understand more about the sport recently)

Firstly a lot of her transitions don’t always look quite finished which is more of a minor annoyance than a huge flaw but it is still a bit frustrating when you can see that things like spread eagles are done more to get higher GOEs than for their own merit (they can make gorgeous highlight elements). Also other choreography seems to teter a lot between doing moves to fill time and over the top miming. It is also far too similar to her short and previous programs.

As for the theme, it would have likely gone badly even if the most artisticaly gifted skater had done it but the fact that she is only 17 makes it even more messy (even if it was her idea someone on her team should know better). I think that sometimes a very innocent approach to a tradgedy can work well artistically but she’s at the age where she seems to be inbetween to old to portay the amount of innocene needed and too young to give the theme a mature treatment.

There’s also the issue that 9/11 isn’t really her tradgedy to use. She was too young to remember it (if she was even born) and the ramifications of it and the “war on terror” it created just didn’t affect Russia in the same way it affected Western countrues (and Islamic countries/communities due to a rise in Islamophobia). I don’t think she had bad intentions but it just seems exploitative…

it’s mind-blowing to me that taking off your shoes indoors is not a custom everywhere in the world??? isn’t it like, really impractical to wear them indoors bc ur floors get dirty? i have grown up never wearing shoes indoors anywhere but at school. i’m so shocked lol

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can you please share some of the websites you order books from? I know about book depository and amazon but amazon doesnt deliver to my countru

Barnes & Noble
Book Depository

Not all of those are free shipping and may have limited areas where they ship but I’m sure there’s one in there.
Some of these do second hand books too.