countries: australia

ID #41182

Name: Lucas
Age: 15
Country: Norway/Australia

hey hey my name is lucas and i am an exchange student from australia currently living in norway for a year. i always want to meet new people from around the world and also i am bored a lot so i really want to have more people to talk to outside of school/irl. i can speak english, croatian, norwegian (kind of) and i am learning french but my fluency is pretty much non existent. i dont really have any main hobbies but i love music and shows and movies (sorry for being basic lmao ik everyone says that too) and i dont have any specific genres like it can be RuPauls drag race one day and shameless the next but yeah i love the world and want to meet cool people so hmu:)

Preferences: preferably 15-19 and also definitely if you are an exchange student it would be cool to meet more of us but yeah anyone really


Australian Sen. Larissa Waters gives speech to Parliament while breastfeeding

  • Australian Sen. Larissa Waters continues to log historic firsts in her country: In May, she became the first woman to breastfeed during a parliamentary vote, and now she is the first person to file a motion while breastfeeding.
  • As Huffington Post Australia reported, Waters was in the middle of feeding her daughter, Alia, when her turn came to speak on the resurgence of black lung within the country’s coal-mining community. 
  • Holding her baby to her breast, Waters stood to move the motion, NBD. Speaking to BuzzFeed, Waters said she hopes to set an example for other working mothers. Read more. (6/22/17, 9:04 AM)

Sun setting viewed from Perth, Western Australia, over the Indian Ocean.