All is taking shape. Through days of bad weather, cooking breakfast. I like doing my dishes. I like sweeping my floor. I like staying in on the warm mornings, sometimes. There are days I like walking out in the cold. I’m beginning to like it all a little more than the day before.

I’ll do what I have to do. I cannot, and I do not run (away).

I like to watch the shapes, as they change. And I see contours break and coil and reassemble. Knots come undone. Threads, unbraided. Uncontained weight falling off my cuffs. New stitches are sewn, and the oversized, the squeezed-tight, suddenly all seem to fit.

All is taking shape.

- C


I believe this is Tony Cragg although it didn’t officially say.

The use of contour lines creates varied shapes and shadows.

I love that this piece is outside - it captures the natural light which emphasises the use of contour lines and also the colour.


Augmented reality sandbox. Displaying hight contours realtime, by playing in sand.



This. This is how I fucking learned how to contour.

anonymous asked:

Hi nut what u use for brush when applying contour? I will buy countour kit got any tips for new beginner? Much love 🌻

Omg 🌰💕 I use the RT bold metals flat contour brush (301) and the Sephora collection pro contour brush!!