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Dragging your tired bones through the doorway, you dropped your bag at the door before you beelined your way to medical. The gash in your side stopped bleeding a while ago thanks to Steve’s expertise from war and wrapping an injury, but you figured it wouldn’t hurt to get it actually cleaned out. You weren’t even sure if the blade that cut you had rust on it or not… you weren’t looking forward to the tetanus shot for it as a precautionary.

The doctor wasn’t in right away, so you prepped yourself as you stripped out of your uniform, grimmacing at the twisting movement your muscles took, choosing to stay in a bra at least to keep somewhat decent. Your boyfriend wouldn’t be too fond of another man seeing your bouncing bubbles. Speaking of boyfriends, you could hear thundering footsteps coming your way, and you breathed out the count. “Three…. two…. aaaand..”

Sure enough, the door swooshed open to Bucky Barnes, hair a mess from sleep (it was early in the morning after all… shame shame), looking all out of breath as it only took him three long steps to be right in front of you. “Hello to you too.” You chuckled at first, but then hissed as his hands cupped your face, thumb brushing up against a small scratch on your cheek.

“Steve said you took a hit for him, I came down here- Jesus Christ, Y/N.” He cussed out as he noticed your side, freshly bleeding through the wrappings from you moving around.

“Just another scar to add to the many.” You reassured him, reaching up and making him look at your face. “Really, I’m okay Buck.” You reassured him, kissing him gently.

Having your lips reassure him you were okay, he let out a breath against your lips as his hand moved to the good side of your waist, the metal moving to the back of your neck as he deepened the kiss slowly, tilting his head to fully capture your mouth. You loved this, the way he poured himself into every kiss he gave you, leaving you breathless and at times making you want to cry. He pulled away before he could really do either to you this time around, forehead pressed against yours. “I’m just glad you’re safe,” he muttered, blue eyes opening to look into yours. “I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you. ”

“Probably forget where you left your journal… or miss my witty comebacks at Sam.” You teased at first, before brushing your nose against his as he chuckled. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m not going anywhere… and neither are you. I need a hand to grip onto for the whole shot thing.”

“Don’t worry doll, I’m not leaving.” Bucky promised you with a smile, before kissing you again.

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i’ve seen two variations of possible carey and killian bouquet toss shenanigans- one that involves taako going all the fuck out to catch that bouquet and one that involves him and lup fighting tooth and nail over the damn thing because they both want to marry their boyfriends. i would like to add a third option for your consideration:

two brides. two bouquets. two twins. 

no one has to leave empty handed, and no one is going to. 

you see, lup and taako have been anticipating this bouquet toss for months. they have planned for this. these elves are out for metaphorical blood, and nothing up to and including another apocalypse is going to stop them from getting their mitts on those flowers, because they have an agreement. a promise they made to each other over a century and a half ago, when they were just kids fighting for survival in their homeworld. they’d promised one another that neither of them would ever get married unless (unless) they were able to do so together in a fucking sweet-ass garish and well-catered double wedding. 

which, of course, is why barry and lup never tied the knot properly in the, what like sixty-someodd years since they made things fantasy facebook official? she wasn’t gonna get hitched unless her brother was doing it too. except now, now that taako has found his bliss with ghost rider? everything is fair game and marriage is absolutely on the table. which makes it the most important thing in the world that they both get their hands on a bouquet at carey and killian’s wedding, by any and all means necessary. so they plan. they scope out the temple months beforehand under the guise of, i dunno, menu planning or some shit like that? but they’re actually just getting a read on the lay of the land, where the toss will take place, how they can use the environment to their advantage.

they track davenport down, using the postcards he sends them to anticipate his movements, find him docked in a lively port town and ask him to give them pointers on illusory magic. they know they’re good enough at it, but he’s the best, and they need to learn from the best to pull this off. dav’s a little… concerned, because the twins won’t tell him why they’re asking for tips, but they say they don’t want to implicate him as an accomplice in anything, and he’s known these two long enough to be sure he really doesn’t want to know what they’re planning. 

the day of the wedding comes and it’s a fucking beautiful ceremony, not a dry eye in the room by the end of it. the reception goes off without a hitch, dinner’s a hit, and then it’s time for the bouquet toss. there is a large-ish crowd gathered on the dancefloor, and carey and killian are standing on chairs, backs to the crowd and each holding a bouquet. taako and lup are waiting near the back of the crowd. everyone cheerfully counts down “three! two! one!” and then, just as the brides toss their bouquets over their shoulders, lup’s wand twitches in her hand and there’s a loud explosion outside. 

everyone turns to look out the window, concerned, and that’s when taako strikes, brandishing the krebstar and producing an illusion of about fifty bouquets, all soaring through the air at once. only the twins, who had been watching closely the whole time, know which two are the real ones. lup runs across the dancefloor at taako, who tosses her up above the crowd where, in true flipwizard style, she snatches her bouquet out of the air and lands on her feet with an acrobatic flourish. taako, having boosted his sister up, now zeroes in on his own bouquet, which is hurtling towards the ground. he runs toward it and, just when it seems like he’s not going to make it before it hits the floor, he drops down and knee slides the final few feet, bending backward as he goes and catching it gracefully at the last moment.

this all takes place over the span of about two and a half seconds, and at the end of it all, when the metaphorical dust has settled, all that’s left is about seventy confused wedding guests, two elves grinning smugly and high-fiving with bouquets in their hands, and barry and kravitz sitting at their table looking equal parts stunned, impressed, and smitten with their respective SOs.

basically, tl;dr, why have the twins fight when they could just as easily work together and pull of some dope-ass feat of awesomeness?

Korean Interjections

아 - Ah…

 흠 - hmm…

 음 - Um…

 글쎄 - Well…

 아아 - Oh/ah!

 아이고 - Oh/oops!

 와 - Wow!

 아하 - Aha!

 세상에 - Unbelievable

 그게 - That is…

 그럼 - Well…

아무튼 - Anyway


*some of these interjections can have a variation of different translations - watching dramas can help understand the meanings 

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I can’t ever size things correctly for tumblr c’’’’’:

anyway i am sad so have more more Indulgent Hanzo Drawing again featuring Crown of Horns because I wanted to challenge myself with the lighting again and gee

a thing happened

idk if it turned out okay but it’s a thing


Honestly? I can totally see why he was set on fire…

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

(Based on this gem)

@vesuvia - I can’t stop…
@asraaaa - this is your fault <3
@justmaghookit - “ Lucio just sulking while wearing like 5 sweaters” as requested 

Writing Star Wars fanfic like...
  • Is superweapon one word or two? 
  • Do they have lambs in a Galaxy far, far away? Or do they sacrifice porgs?
  • Please don’t sacrifice porgs
  • Shit, I hope that metaphor isn’t weird. 
  • I’m going to change it back to lambs
  • Never mind let me check
  • It’s Theron not Theorn!
  • God damn it, Mac, stop autocorrecting character names!
  • Shit now you’ve learned Theorn and are autocorrecting to that
  • Mace Window
  • Crap I just used the word “God”, they say something else don’t they?
  • Holo-[noun]

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Now that we have a better idea of Lance and Keith's dynamic when they're not constantly fighting, do you have any headcanons about (platonic) interactions between the two of them?

here’re some space ranger dorks!!!

  • lance: “so like i’m trying to bond with red and i was wondering if you had any tips. how did you get her to like you?” keith, sweating: “uh”
    • “what do you mean you ejected yourself into spa-
  • their interactions can essentially be summed up as “two guys who both think the other is the extra one in the friendship”
  • “okay so hear me out: team fiery tornado” “no” “but-” “no”
  • lance’s current goal in life is to get keith to say “it’s morphin’ time!” when the team is forming voltron
  • *keith voice* “…hunk my hair’s not actually a mullet right”
  • after the first time keith lets lance into his room, all bets are off
    • lance barely knocks anymore lmao he just walks in
    • he’s latino we have no sense of privacy
    • lance, barging in on keith changing: “keith do you - stop screaming - do you know where hunk is?” 
  • lance: “look let’s just agree to both say sorry on the count of three. one, two, three” keith: “…” lance: “…see now i’m disappointed in both of us”