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Just Ten Count Omegaverse Things

Because this is my new favourite thing you all have to suffer.

• The first time Shirotani went into heat was in the locker of his Dad’s classroom.

• Nobody knows he’s an Omega. When he got his letter at school he burned it thinking that if his dad knew, he would automatically find out what had happened at the school.

• Avoiding everyone because he doesn’t want to trigger his heat or dirty them.

• Takes way too many represents to the point it is starting to damage his body. He refuses to go into heat because it sickens him.

• Never nesting because of his mysophobia.

•Kurose realises Shirotani is an Omega straight away though his reasoning for wanting to help him remains the same.

• Kurose spends all his time trying to convince Shirotani that they are Fated Pairs.

• Kurose hiding Shirotani’s heat suppressants to stop him from hurting his body further.

• Shirotani builds his first nest in Kurose’s apartment. After which he promises to stop ODing on suppressants and to go to Kurose during his heats.

• At the start of their relationship Kurose took rut suppressants for the first time in his life. It was so he could help Shirotani enjoy his heats without losing control of himself.

•Kurose really wants a baby but he hasn’t told Shirotani yet.

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SO;;; I have never even remotely expected to get this far with my blog let alone in a fandom that is just overflowing with amazingly talented and sweet people, but I’m still here and I’m still loving every bit of it. This has been one of the sweetest group of people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know, of threading with and just being overall silly around. I thank all of you for being interested in my cowboy let alone enjoying my portrayal of a character I really adore, I can’t believe how much fun it’s been with you all!

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Tbh watching this new posts about WTTM is like, Victor and Yuuri sweep you of your feet with romanticism like Celine Dion in My Heart Will Go On, and then you see Yurio and Otabek going full Simon Curtis on I Want Your Bite.
I am scared and mildly interested. Also this is really making me shiver in anticipation for the movie.

Holy shit you guys! It’s been only a few days and I’ve already reached 50 followers! When I first decided to start up this blog again I was really nervous, but now I’m completely amazed by the warm welcome I’ve received! Truly, everyone here is just so kind and friendly, and I’m really happy to start my journey with all of you. Under the cut is a list of some of the amazing people I’ve met so far. 

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