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top 3 Tolkien characters who have no dialogue

1. Elros

2. Tar-Miriel

3. Belladonna Took

(Also does Celebrimbor count if his dialogue is only in those really weird mini-versions that seem kind of ridic and not really compatible with the versions I take as canon? Or like, was the inscription on Khazad-dum 100% Narvi or does it count as a joint statement?)


Hello? He- helloooo- Test, one, two, tes- DID SOMEONE TURN OFF THIS MIC?! Oh. Oh, there we go. Hey, HEY, everyone! Our people! What’s shakin? Hearty congratulations on finding our Tumblr page. I mean, really. This place is cavernous. So much stuff. So much blogging. So much Misha Collins. But you, you found us. Our funny little corner of the Tumblr world.

So, what’s the deal with this joint?  We’re counting on you to show us around.  We’ll be bringing all kinds of bits and bobs from KINGS OF CON to the table, but really can’t wait to see what you guys have to share!

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Who Am I, Darling, To You? Pt 2 of 2

Part One

Sansa stared at her reflection in the looking glass.

Though the larders of the Vale were better stocked than those elsewhere in Westeros, the rationing for winter had brought out a sharpness to her looks. When dressed in only her shift, her ribs showed through clear enough to be counted and the joints of her knees stuck out, knobby and pointed from under her hose. Of course that could all be disguised by her skirts and gown and cloak. The sallowness of her face however…

Sansa pinched herself high on her cheeks, trying to draw some color into them. 

Her hair was nicely dressed in three interwoven braids. Though her true name was more widely known in the Vale with each passing day, her hair was still a muddy brown and would remain so for some time. 

So long as Cersei Lannister lived, so too would Alayne Stone.

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10 Best College Game Day Experiences

How much can the atmosphere at a college football game vary from one location to another? After all, it’s the same sport. At each campus, the tailgating and game will feature the same major players: students, alumni, beverages, bands, beverages, food, beverages, cheerleaders, and beverages.Despite these common elements, the game day experiences at college campuses across the country reflect vast regional differences in food, fun, and temperament. Here’s a list of the 10 best game day experiences for your consideration.

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New Year’s Eve (CS- AU)

Emma Swan - resident NYE curmudgeon, finds herself working the NYE shift at Granny’s with Killian Jones, who has ideas about enjoying the holiday. For @kat2609 - who requested a story since my CSSS dropped out and I didn’t have someone to write for.  Un-beta’d, because she’s the one who would usually check these things for me. :-) 

It wasn’t that Emma Swan hated New Year’s Eve. It was that she loathed New Year’s Eve. Navigating crowds of drunks determined to make it the Best. Night. Ever, like the date somehow had magical powers, was her idea of hell on Earth. An event to be avoided at all costs.

Working at Granny’s served as a refuge. No one would choose to spend their New Year’s at a dingy bar if they thought that the New Year was really going to be a life changing night. Queue Emma happily volunteering to work on New Year’s Eve every single year, serving the same drinks to the same customers she would have served any other night of the year.

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Tony nominations will be announced May 3, with the awards ceremony to be held June 12. And while there is little doubt “Hamilton” will be nominated across the board, a look at past hits, as well as the present competition, suggests that matching records for nominations or awards is possible. Setting new records would be tricky.

Among the musicals that generated “Hamilton”-caliber heat, “The Producers” (2001) holds the record for the most Tony wins, 12. It shares the record for 15 nominations with “Billy Elliot,” which won 10 Tonys at the 2009 awards.

More recently, “The Book of Mormon” (2011) racked up 14 nominations and nine Tonys.

This season, there are 13 categories in which a new musical can be nominated. The record number of nominations is 15, mainly due to multiple actors from the same show earning nominations and competing in the same category.

Since the Tonys began in 1947, the number of awards has fluctuated as categories were added, often to separate plays and musicals, or removed entirely. The short-lived award for sound design briefly upped the numbers: Added for the 2008 Tonys, it was eliminated after 2014.

Getting to the record of 15 nominations doesn’t necessarily require landing in all 13 categories, but the nine non-acting areas are almost essential.

That breaks down two ways. First there are the five marquee-topping awards: best musical, direction, original score, book and choreography. Then there are the four technical, or design, categories: best costume, set, lighting and orchestrations.

The variables come in the four acting honors: lead male and female, and featured, or supporting, male and female.

In 2001, “The Producers” won every category except best actress, in which it wasn’t nominated.

It had two best-actor candidates, Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, as well as three featured actors vying against each other. Cady Huffman was nominated and won for best featured actress, but the show didn’t have a leading lady.

Neither did “Billy Elliot,” which also wasn’t nominated in that category.

Its nomination tally was boosted by two featured actresses and two featured actors. The multiple leading boys who played Billy were counted as one joint nomination.

“Hamilton” does have the potential to meet or break the record for the number of nominations—again, because of the breadth of the acting ranks.

The Tony Awards Administration Committee has ruled that both Mr. Miranda and Leslie Odom Jr. are eligible to be nominated for best actor, in their roles as Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, respectively.

Phillipa Soo, who plays Eliza Hamilton, is eligible for best actress. Renée Elise Goldsberry, who plays her elder sister Angelica, is a strong candidate as a featured-actress nominee.

If those four performers are nominated next week, along with nine offstage nominations, the show could reach 13. Then comes the featured-actor category, where the show is particularly well-staffed.

Daveed Diggs, who plays a jazzy-rapping Thomas Jefferson, as well as the Marquis de Lafayette, and Christopher Jackson, a regal George Washington, could both be nominated, boosting the count to 15.

One more actor would mean a record, and it could come from various quarters: Jonathan Groff, who plays King George; Okieriete Onaodowan, who flips from Hercules Mulligan to James Madison; or Anthony Ramos, who doubles as John Laurens and young Philip Hamilton.

On Concession

Vice President Al Gore certifying the Electoral College vote in 2001, declaring himself to have lost 271-266. 

So here’s the thing:

I get it. People are in an outrage after Trump suggested that he might not accept the election results if he didn’t win. This claim is a logical extension of Trump’s boorish, narcissistic attitudes, as well as his insistence that anything that doesn’t go his way must be the result of cheating since he always wins.

And this outrage is righteous: in claiming that the American election system is structurally corrupt, and in potentially refusing to accept the outcome of an election, Trump is undermining the legitimacy of the American democratic process. Al Gore provides an obviously better example: fight in a close case, but when you sense you can’t win, and that continued fighting is harmful to the nation, you concede – no matter how ridiculous the circumstances are. Bush v Gore, anyone?

But here’s the thing: Trump doesn’t have to concede. (Neither did Gore.) Hillary Clinton WILL NOT be elected by Donald Trump’s concession. Hillary Clinton will be elected when the electors pledged to her meet in their respective State Houses on December 19, 2016 and then submit their ballots to the US Congress where they will be counted in Joint Session, with the Vice President presiding as President of the Senate, on January 6, 2017. 

At no point is it required for the loser of the election to concede. The mechanisms of power transferring from one president to the next are in no way dependent on the loser agreeing to say “I lost, good luck.” Should the loser do this? Absolutely. Can losers muck things up with law suits? Sure they can. But they don’t have to concede. Congress counts the votes and declares who wins whether or not the loser likes that result or not.

poetical metaphor about the potter kids like whoa 

  • being the children of harry potter and ginny weasley means something in this world, you know? the children of heroes are supposed to be the best of us. the children of heroes are supposed to be heroes. but the children of raw souls, ragged souls, ripped apart and toyed with, shoved into the spotlight and incubated by the limelight aren’t much heroes at all. these are forces of nature, tenacious and uncontrolled. 
  • james is fire, burning bright and hot and consuming everything in his path. he is the violent reaction, the chemical release, calculable and controllable but deadly when unbridled. he is the screaming flame, eating up the air and searing flesh from bone, capable of growing to a broiling inferno and leaving ash in its wake. he is yet still pervading heat, creeping in under the skin and into the mind, dulling your senses and driving you mad. 
  • he is the fire that is the neediest and greediest of elements, selfishly eating up air to feed himself, choking and cloying as well as burning and searing. without air to sustain him, the fire sputters, and the fire dies.
  • there is also the fire that is stoked by man, fire that is the tool of man. that may be light, that may be warmth, that may bring innovation. fire brings life as well as death, heals as much as it hurts. fire cleanses, fire cauterizes. comes and goes in a rush, and leaves scars on your skin and ashes at your feet, but life in your hands and a warmth in your bones.
  • lily is ice, cold and calculating, the slow touch of winter. beautiful but deadly. theatrical in the sense that it covers the land, comes in a flash but becomes inescapable. it comes in soft and fluffy, inoffensive and playful, a soft touch over the hills, or it comes in hard and packed, irritating and inconvenient, mocking in its rigidness, sharp and blistering at the edges, and caring for nothing. 
  • and yet there is the cold, settling into your bones and your blood, clogging your joints and counting your breaths. cold that wraps around you and drapes over you, a blanket of darkness that leaves frost on your eyelashes and steals the warmth from your body. unassuming, unafraid, it takes you, and it leaves itself. 
  • albus is the medium of extremes, sitting between heat and cold, the water. he is the cool rain on the roof, the soft drizzle. persistent and rhythmic in movement. he is the calming waters and consistent tide running over the rocks. he is lifeblood of man, sustaining, encouraging, in the most ancient of ways. 
  • water is unassuming, but may be dangerous. as the river runs and the rain may fall, so may the river flood and the rain turn to a storm. water may smother fire and wear down ice, break down barriers and erode the strongest stone. fire may rage and ice may envelope, but water is patient, and all may destroy. 

I wonder why ball jointed dolls are sometimes seen as “resin only”. A ball jointed doll is literally a doll with ball joints. It can be vinyl, wooden, resin, you name it and as long as it’s a doll and has ball joints it counts. Please don’t forget this. I hate seeing other BJD’s excluded from the community just because they aren’t made out of the same material.