counting fireflies

Counting Fireflies PG 01 (Colored)

So sadly I only managed to color one of the pages we got so far. When I am done with the last shot I will rush through the task pages and throw some simple base colors on them to catch the deadline. And work it out later, this sunday or monday, when I got some free time.

So yeah, this is how the comic will look like. Very vibrant and cell-shading. I am not good in drawing/coloring backgrounds but I will try to make the best out of it. I especially focus on the lighting since it’s very important to create the fitting atmosphere. And I hope it worked out so far.

Also I did the type because I thought having some bold parts would give the text more expression, too. I didn’t get to talk with sundance about the type yet but I hope, if you read this, will be fond of that lil’ idea too ; u ; haha

Well yeah, hope you guys like my job, too. It’s a lot of fun to color sundance lines!

“Together Again.”

Summary: Y/N and Andy had been best friends for as long as they could remember. Cincinnati was her home and though she found herself falling harder and harder for him with each day, she could never bring herself to admit it. It isn’t until she loses him to the music industry that she realizes that hiding her feelings was the worst decision she could have made… especially when she finds herself in a relationship with a man who couldn’t give any less of a shit about her.

Warning: Abuse mentions.

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*** ANGST / FLUFF ***

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  • Someone: Joss Whedon is a bad filmmaker.
  • Translation: I've only seen Age of Ultron and I assume that the rest of his filmography is just like that.


Its always nights

Black slab of solitary
drifting on an invisible river
black ribboned snake
that drags me into darkness

I feel sweat
that maybe never was
Do I dream
or remember?

Under the thunder
watching lightning
splinter an August sky
talking softly
your head on my chest
you told me who I was
because I’d never known
until then,
It had never seemed important
before the rain came,

On a porch waiting
counting the courting fireflies
in their dance over the front yard,
waiting without anticipation,
I always believed,
You thought I didn’t,
But I held the pointless vigil
since that too
is what I am,
Too patient
though not persistent enough
or so it would seem,
You never called
You never came,

Odd it is
how the nights colors
call all my mistakes back to me
until I regret things I never missed

Until now

My best friend has begun having
Conversations for the both of us
Because my words are sawdust
And I cannot spit them out,

I cannot swallow them down.
She does it out of love, out
Of fear, out of pain, and
Neither of us understand

How decades of words just
Dry up like desert in a dusty
Season, and I’m searching
For rain with a mouthful

Of sand, of broken glass, of
Pleas for time and mercy.
And I want to beg for
Forgiveness but I

Can’t even find the strength
To shower, to get out of bed,
To count the fireflies, or
Find hope in the dogstar.

I’m lost in this maze and
This wall of silence keeps
Shifting and I am
So helplessly lost.

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Selina + Reader ( young beggar) 147, please?

Characters: Reader x Selina Kyle

Warnings: stealing ??

Prompts: “Look! Fireflies!”

Word Count: 375

A/N: oh my god I could already tell from the request this was gonna be cute. hope you like it !! first selina kyle drabble I think !

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Selina sifted through the wallet, taking out a wad of cash and tossing the leather pouch to the side. She stuffed the cash into the pocket of her jacket and continued down the street. 

Turning the corner, she noticed a huddled figure leaned against the street. As she approached, she noticed it was a beggar. What she wasn’t expecting, though, was how young they were when they lifted your head.

You looked at the young girl with curly hair and a leather jacket and timidly held your hands out.

“Can you spare any change?” you asked, and Selina didn’t hesitate to reach into her pocket. Your eyes widened at the cash she was holding, and she handed you a quarter of the stack. You marvelled at the notes in your hands, before throwing your arms around her. 

“Hey, kid, I’m not very big on hugs.” she raised her arms, and you awkwardly pulled away. 

“Thank you…?” you looked at her expectantly, and she held her hand out to you.

“Selina.” she said, and she firmly shook your hand. “I’ll see you around, kid.” 

“Wait!” you called out, and she whipped around. “Where did you get the money?”

“I stole it.” she grinned, her eyes glittering. You gaped at her, stepping closer.

“Can you teach me?” you asked, and she hesitated. “Please? I won’t be a lot of trouble. I’ve been on my own and-”

“Okay, fine.” she interrupted, and you grinned. “Well, we won’t start now. Follow me, I’ll bring you somewhere you can stay warm.”

The two of you continued down the street, and she walked out of the city and wandered under the bridge. You looked around, confused, until you realized there was a small crowd there. They were huddled around a fire, and you kept close to Selina.

You suddenly noticed small flecks of light, and you looked up at them in awe. Selina looked at you in confusion as you turned around, watching them fly. 

“Look! Fireflies!” you turned to her, excited, and she rolled her eyes but smiled. 

“Something tells me you’re not really cut out to be a thief.” she folded her arms across her chest. Shrugging, she continued walking, and you followed close behind, still watching the fireflies.

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Sugar & sunsets!

sugar: what’s your favorite snack?
Anything lmao. I love food. But uhm, I guess….anything with sugar ;]
Damn I make the lamest jokes.  

sunsets: give 3 movie recommendations 
Aw lol, I don’t watch many movies, okay let’s see. 
Spirited Away, but if you’ve followed me for long enough you know that’s my all time favorite so that doesn’t count. 

Grave of the Fireflies [highly recommend], any studio ghibli movie!
Except Ponyo…I hate it lol. 

Anything with Drew Barrymore lmao omg okay wait let me make a better list. 

I really really don’t watch much, so this is based on my netflix history, so the last three movies I watched the entire way are 

1. Pretend we’re kissing
2. The Confirmation
3. Atonement

♥ Thank you for the asks!! :D 


Firefly panel at Dallas Comic Con (May 18, 2014)


Title: Refract

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Word count: 2,614

Theme song: Firefly by Ed SheeranI’ve Just Seen a Face by The Beatles

Request:  Hi! I have a small request, if you don’t mind^.^ could you do a Cas fic based off of Firefly by Ed Sheeran? Thank you! Ps I love reading your stories, they are super fantastic!

The Beatles “I’ve Just Seen A Face” and Cas x reader one shot?

A/N: This is another soulmate AU based off the idea of seeing the world in black and white until you and your soulmate meet and touch. Hope you like it!


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It was pitch black when you opened your eyes. It wouldn’t have mattered if you’d kept them closed; the darkness pervaded the area you lay in completely and utterly, pressing in on all sides.

Reaching a hand out, your fingers brushed against fabric—an arm in a coat sleeve and it tensed up at the contact.


Your voice caught in your throat, heart hammering as you pulled away, scooting back until you hit wall not far behind you.

“You’re safe,” he said. His voice was gentle; no other sound in the ever present darkness which meant he was staying put, not making a move closer to you.



“Castiel? Castiel-my-guardian-angel, Castiel?” you asked.


“Where are we?”

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First time with Robbie.

Y/N’s p.o.v.
’I just want to breathe you in tonight.  You take up every thought that’s in my mind, so take another breath and close your eyes. Kiss me like it’s the last thing we’ll ever do.’

“You trust me?” Robbie whispers softly, brushing his thumbs over mine, I nod, nervously tugging at my lip between my teeth, “I promise, I’ll look after you, okay?” Robbie says, taking his hand and lightly brushing my hair away from my face. Robbie knew that tonight was my first time. Robbie kisses my neck, softly sucking on it.

‘We could slow dance beneath the moon  and count the fireflies surrounding me and you as they light up your already sparkling, dazzling, hazel eyes. And there’s something in the air, some kind of angel dust I swear, and it’s making me crazy, about you, about us.’

“Slow and steady. Okay?” I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I only knew that it wasn’t going to be like in the movies when it’s an amazing experience. I was slightly terrified to be completely honest. “Just tell me if you want me to stop, alright?”

‘I thought butterflies waiting til summertime’s do come around, but I was so wrong. They are hiding and flying on every cloud of the blue sky that you bring along with you, every time I kiss you,  and it’s making me crazy, about you, about us.’

“You okay, baby girl?” Robbie whispers, placing a kiss on my bare shoulder, “Hmm… yeah” “you’re just being really quite” “I’m just thinking” I say, rolling over, facing Robbie, intertwining our fingers. “What ya thinking about?” “About how I got so lucky. Robbie, what did I ever do to deserve you?” “I can ask you the same thing, Y/N” He unlinks our hands and cups my face, rubbing his thumb over my cheek. “I love you, Y/N. You have no idea how much I love you” I bite my lip shyly as Robbie pulls me into a kiss. “I love you too, Robbie” we tangle ourselves together and lay there in a peaceful silence, a welcoming silence. The perfect ending to a perfect might.

A/N Inspired by The Last Thing We’ll Ever Do by SayWeCanFly. Such a beautiful song. Hope you guys like it.

tinypapercrowns  asked:

I would love to hear any headcanons you have of soriel. Also feel free to hit me up any time about soriel. I am pretty deep in shipper hell with these two.


  1. sans isn’t a morning person because he can’t wake up, but once toriel managed to rouse him and they watched the sun rise together. it was really sweet and they held hands the whole time.
  2. toriel is a great cook and is especially good at baking, but sans is actually pretty good at cooking. he’d make food for papyrus sometimes before papyrus started learning how to cook with undyne, so he can definitely whip something up from scratch. the first time he really showed this skill to toriel was an inside-the-house candlelight dinner where he made the meal.
  3. we already know sans tried baking a pie (which papyrus referred to as a quiche filled with a sugary, non-egg substance). i imagine him going back to the ruins the next day or even right after his attempt (which definitely went okay but could’ve been better) to tell toriel all about it and what he did to make it and what the pie was like and if she has any tips for next time so he can make it better.
  4. they have matching coats with fluffy hoods.
  5. sometimes when they’re chilling, sans will just fall asleep in her arms, grateful for her being there. and she likes how she makes him feel safe.
  6. toriel is the big spoon, sans is the little spoon. some nights, frisk is the littler spoon.
  7. once the three went on a walk in a forest and kept picking up little trinkets and things from the ground that sans and toriel later helped them organize because what better to do for an rpg protagonist than help organize their massively unorganized inventory.
  8. toriel looks every bit as regal and beautiful in a wedding dress the second time around as she did the first.
  9. they keep a vase of water sausages in their house.
  10. once the whole crew got together at sans, toriel, and frisk’s house for a movie, but there wasn’t enough space in the living room to reasonably accompany them all so sans sat on toriel’s lap, much to everyone’s amusement.
  11. toriel is an absolute expert at cleaning quickly and efficiently. she’s also very helpful at keeping sans’ things tidy and manageable so he doesn’t just leave a clothing pile on the floor for weeks on end.
  12. toriel is fond of sundresses. sans has horrible fashion sense but toriel doesn’t judge him for it. mettaton and undyne, however, do.
  13. sans always makes toriel snail pie when she’s feeling particularly upset because it’s her favourite comfort food. with a cup of tea, blanket, and some tlc, it helps her out a lot.
  14. they don’t have a big and impressive house, but they live close enough to the others so they’re content. the others visit them frequently, of course.
  15. once, when they were having a picnic, toriel picked a flower off the ground and took a bite out of it because she couldn’t help the temptation. she was very embarrassed about it but sans unleashed a barrage of flower puns at her until she was rolling, laughing on the grass.
  16. during the winter, toriel always bundles frisk up more than necessary because she misjudges how much cold they, lacking fur, can handle. sans isn’t very great with temperature perception either, but he’s pretty sure human children shouldn’t be waddling around in the winter looking twice their size thanks to their coat and scarf and snow pants.
  17. once during the winter, when it was snowing a lot with everyone and everything covered in snow, sans flopped down onto the snow, made a snow angel, pointed at it, and said to toriel, “look, it’s you.”
  18. though they’ve both posted a few pictures with each other on undernet (or internet, i suppose), toriel usually posts pictures of frisk and sans’ social media is a mess. the account with the most pictures of soriel would be frisk’s.
  19. sans like to carry frisk on his shoulders and toriel loves how cute it looks.
  20. toriel lives for sappy valentine’s day festivities. sans participates because, obviously, he likes seeing her happy. also because festive pun opportunities are through the roof.
  21. toriel and frisk both love chocolate. sans likes to buy a bunch, stuff them under his coat, and when he comes home and is greeted by them both he just unzips his coat and spills out twenty chocolate bars.
  22. sans can’t get drunk due to his lack of a bloodstream, but toriel will have a drink on occasion. she gets very giggly and makes puns worse than usual when drunk or even just tipsy. sans finds it funny how casual and silly she can get, but he always ensures she drinks a lot of water.
  23. there is a forest clearing within walking distance that ripples with wildflowers in the springtime. sometimes they visit at night and sit by the lake, surrounded by flowers, and count fireflies together.

…whoops this got super long. forgive me

grilled pineapple. sitting on the front steps with a cool drink. drawing with sidewalk chalk. grass stains. cherry pits. brand new swing sets. pungent bug spray. wood smoke and counting fireflies. car ride, windows rolled down, hair blowing. cosmos and marigolds. well worn gardening gloves. holding her hand.