counting calories for a minute

Don’t count calories. Do you count the number of breaths you take a minute? Do you count the number of glasses of water you consume a day? Why would your appetite be wrong? It makes no sense
—  Dr. John McDougall (in his webinar)

I’ve been meaning to get more serious about my headcanon game for a while now, because if there’s one thing I can do it’s wax poetic about my favorite characters, and I’ve been having a lot of feelings about bitty lately.

more specifically, I’ve been having feelings about bitty and an eating disorder, because I live by imposing my mental illnesses on fictional characters, this is how i relate to the world and process things. (I think?)

but anyway, it starts in middle school. Bitty’s a great skater, and he trains hard, and he loves Katya, but she keeps telling him that he can be faster. so they train and they work on his endurance and they train more, and still, she keeps telling him he can be faster. And it’s frustrating in a way that skating has never been for him before, but eric bittle does not give in an eric bittle does not give up, so he keeps training. And somewhere, in the back of his head, bitty gets an idea. This idea will haunt him forever, and he will curse it and cry about it and have nightmares about it, but he has it anyway, because bitty can’t see the future. If he were just a little skinnier, he thinks, I could be fast.

It wouldn’t take a lot, he tells himself. 10 pounds could already make a huge difference on his speed, he thinks. So to lose ten pounds becomes his first goal, and that number is important, because They Are Proof You’re Doing Well, proof you’re making promise and getting closer to where you want to be. He eats a little healthier, cuts out pie and adds in some fruits that aren’t surrounded by sugar, and bitty figures that’s the end of that. All he has to do is keep training and keep watching what he eats, and he’ll be faster soon.

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COUNTING MACROS & Such #broscience

Game Plan: Using an iphone app to track all my calories / protein / carbohydrates / fats to see where I fall – trying to follow a strict (90% paleo) 40/40/20 split. The only non-paleo part of my diet right now includes plain organic gluten free oatmeal in the morning  & a splash of cream in my coffee.


Daily Food Breakdown:

40/40/20 SPLIT

123lbs x 12 (Low Intensity / Cutting) = 1,476 Calories Per Day (Rounded Up To 1,500)

1,500 Calories Per Day, 40% Protein – 40% Carbohydrates – 20% Fat

Protein: 1 Gram = 4 Calories

Carbohydrates: 1 Gram = 4 Calories

Fat: 1 Gram = 9 Calories

1,500 Total Calories / 4 Protein Calories = 375 x 40% = 150 Grams Of Protein Daily

1,500 Total Calories / 4 Carbohydrate Calories = 375 x 40% = 150 Grams Of Carbohydrates Daily

1,500 Total Calories / 9 Fat Calories = 166 x 20% = 33 Grams Of Fat Daily

fitfullyours submitted: 


Before- 220lbs

After- 145lbs

I watched what I ate and I tried to exercise everyday even if it was for just 15 minutes. I used and counted my calories. I never cut anything out of my diet I just ate in moderation. This took me well over a year and I am still working on it. 

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