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Random question but why don't you draw hercs eyes? It looks really cool but I just want to know if there's a story behind it?

John:I don’t understand is there a reason to put that headband over your eyes practically religiously

Herc: Well I am already mostly blind the shapes and blurs distract me, this will hone my hearing and other senses so looking everywhere won’t be such a drag,ya know?

Laf:I think he has charm carried within it. Besides If it helps him who are we to refuse?

Herc:Hah,, uhm thanks Laf.


“It must be nice to be a bear,” Bond said, peering through his binoculars at the one that was currently rummaging through his target’s camp. Ah—there went the food supply. Perfect; hungry people made mistakes.  

“Lying about in the forest all day, doing nothing but eating fish and mating female bears? Sounds scintillating,” Q said over the comms. “Of course it would appeal to you.”

“They needn’t be female,” Bond chided Q. “I would be an equal opportunity bear. And this one certainly seems to have a diet more varied than fish. He’s into the target’s sweeties.”

No more Haribo. Bond imagined the target’s morale plummeting and grinned.

“If I were a bear, I would eat honey and poachers,” Q said.

“Dangerous game.” Though he imagined that Q would be clever about it: a lean shadow of a killing machine, curious eyes and claws like knives, sneaking up on bees and armed men alike. A bear would have to be careful in trying to mate with something like that, but there would be rewards, too. And not just a ready supply of honey.

A few minutes later, the bear looked in the direction the man had taken when he’d left camp a few minutes before, probably to answer the call of nature; Q didn’t have eyes on the woods, but he could tell that the man wasn’t attempting to contact anyone through his mobile. 

After a moment, the bear returned to its feast, now gnawing on a big ham that the target must have been counting on to carry him through a week or more of woodsy hiding out from all the people he’d pissed off.

The target emerged from the trees and froze.

The bear looked up again.

Bond had a wonderful, nasty idea. He lined up his shot.

The target began to move, stumbling backward.

Bond fired. The shot echoed through the woods, fragmenting a can of beans an inch away from the bear’s face.

The bear charged.

“Assassination via bear,” Q said after the grisly noises had mostly faded away. “Not sure if that one’s on record yet.”

Bond smirked. “Better add it to the list,” he said. 

Tiny and quick animation of my boy Teldryn I did at school today while my teacher wasn’t looking B) Since it was mostly practice I don’t think I’ll finish this, but I hope I will

Animals | Animal Counters

Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well! Today we’re gonna discuss animals in Japanese and some of the counters used for small and large animals.

  1. Animals=動物・どうぶつ
  2. Bear=熊・くま
  3. Bird=鳥・とり
  4. Cat=猫・ねこ
  5. Cow=牛・うし
  6. Deer=鹿・しか
  7. Dog=犬・いぬ
  8. Elephant=象・ぞう
  9. Fish=魚・さかな
  10. Fox=狐・きつね
  11. Giraffe=麒麟・きりん
  12. Hamster=ハムスター
  13. Horse=馬・うま
  14. Kangaroo=カンガルー
  15. Koala=コアラ
  16. Lion=ライオン
  17. Mouse=鼠・ねずみ
  18. Monkey=猿・さる
  19. Owl=フクロウ
  20. Pig=豚・ぶた
  21. Rabbit=兎・うさぎ  
  22. Snake=蛇・へび
  23. Squirrel=栗鼠・りす
  24. Tiger=虎・とら
  25. Turtle=亀・かめ
  26. Wolf=狼・おおかみ
  27. Zoo=動物園・どうぶつえん

e.g. I like dogs

       My cat is very cute.

       I wish I could have a pet monkey.

       Do you like animals?

As far as counters go, there are multiple counters for all the various animals in Japanese. I will only go into this a little bit but if anyone would like a detailed post feel free to request it in my ask box!

「ひき」 is used for counting small animals such as cats and dogs.

  1. 一匹・いっぴき
  2. 二匹・にひき
  3. 三匹・さんびき
  4. 四匹・よんひき
  5. 五匹・ごひき
  6. 六匹・ろっぴき
  7. 七匹・ななひき
  8. 八匹・はっぴき
  9. 九匹・きゅうひき
  10. 十匹・じゅっぴき

「とう」 is used for counting large animals such as horses, cows, elephants etc.

  1. 一頭・いっとう
  2. 二頭・にとう
  3. 三頭・さんとう
  4. 四島・よんとう
  5. 五頭・ごとう
  6. 六頭・ろくとう
  7. 七頭・ななとう
  8. 八頭・はっとう
  9. 九頭・きゅうとう
  10. 十頭・じゅっとう

I hope this helped you guys out, feel free to send requests in for posts you’d like to see on this blog!

Spoopy Ghost Skeleton

This was supposed to be a fusion between Count Bleck & Lewis Pepper (My friend drew me the fusion thing for my B-Day because I was absolutely OBSESSED WITH THESE TWO. Now to a slightly lesser extent. Just on the back burner.), but it ended up looking more like a fancy Lewis than a fusion. So…either way here ya go!