IS ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THE COUNTING in Hamilton? About how the tune of the counting in Ten Duel Commandments is the same tune as the counting in Take a Break, foreshadowing Philip’s death? About how in Take a Break, Philip changes Eliza’s tune on 7, and then gets shot after 7 in Blow us All Away, and DIES after 7 in the Stay Alive Reprise (oh and that 7 is a holy number in the Bible … And apparently the 7th step in dueling is to “confess your sins”)??

Theory about the Temmie shop. Temmie already has over 1000 gold, she just can’t count that high.
Anyone who has exploited the shop by buying and selling or using dog residue has found how you can get infinite money from Temmie, then give it back to her to pay for college or the Temmie armor. We know that Temmies aren’t the brightest of the monsters, which can be expected of an organism that has no natural defenses beyond its overreactive immune system that causes allergies to humans, it’s only method of reproduction is by budding (those things on the side of its head aren’t ears, the ears are above that, those orbs on the side of its head grow and fall off and develop into more Temmies), and it apparently subsists on the nutrients found in scraps of cardboard. Needless to say, it’s amazing it has the energy to speak at all. Perhaps she has been running this shop forever and built up a huge supply of gold, perhaps Toby the Annoying white dog (seen in the framed picture on her shelf) took pity on her and used his dog residue matter creating powers to make a gold coin that filled her inventory with gold coins whenever she takes one out, meaning she has a huge vault of golden coins somewhere, but because of her lack of comprehending a number like 1000 does not realize she has more than enough gold for college. It takes you, the player, to get 1000 gold and then go and count it out and offer it in one go to pay for the college, because she needed you to count out and give her a pile of exactly 1000 coins and tell her that it is that many gold coins and she can go to college with it.
You can sell every item in the game that you can to her, and you can buy infinite amounts of fancy Temmie flakes, she won’t realize that all this gold coming in adds up to 1000. It’s like those studies they did with Natives South American Tribes who were not contacted for a long long time and never developed words or concepts for a number past 20, because in the hunting and gathering lifestyle, exact numbers beyond 20 aren’t needed. The concept of counting beyond that just isn’t there. They have a few words that basically translate to “a lot” but no exact amounts. Studies showed they weren’t able to accurately estimate large amounts of various objects compared to people from cultures with words and concepts going to infinity. However cognitively the natives were okay and could estimate lower amounts fine and do other things. Same goes for the Temmies.

It’s a happy thought, without you coming along, Temmie would never have been able to go to college. Because of you, Temmie can pursue higher education without having to learn what “student loans” are.


It took Maya Cohen and me quite a bit of work to make this video, but after three journeys to Israel it’s finally finished! 101 people, one from every age between 0 - 100, saying their age.