countess of dowager

to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire
filk lyrics by Andrew Ross

Mary Shelley, HG Wells, people meeting at hotels 
Rudyard Kipling, people singing ditties at the bar
Gilbert, Sullivan, rounds of Young Man Mulligan
Poul and Karen Anderson, songs in Key of R

Martha Keller, Tolkein, songs of worlds as yet unseen
TH White’s Arthurians, Frederick Pohl’s Futurians
Tom Lehrer, Mondegreens, Slan Shacks, fanzines
Music circles, Reprints, Jacobs has a misprint!

We shouted “MacIntyre!”
It’s our cry of battle for the Old Dun Cattle
We shouted “MacIntyre!”
And we haven’t parted since the circle started

Amazing Stories Annuals, Pelz’s Filksong Manuals
Dr. Demento tunes, Callahan’s Crosstime Saloons
Hope Eyrie, Leslie Fish, bounced potatoes off the dish
Robert Aspirin, Gwen Zak, Dawson’s Christian, Captain Jack

Off Centaur, Teri Lee, making love in zero-G
Filthy Pierre, Longcor, black market Tullamore
Juanita Coulson, Red Lions, badges marked with Dandelions
Dorsai have a Fan Club! Jello in the bathtub!

Don’t set the cat on fire
It will only fight it if you try to light it
Don’t set the cat on fire
And we haven’t parted since the circle started

Peter Beagle, Consonance, chili cursed with sentience 
HOPSFA, NESFA, ConChord, and the Pegasus Award
PFNEN, Ose, Amway, Talk Like a Pirate Day
Dandelion Digitals, Julia Ecklar and the gulls

Bob Laurent, Asimov, Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
Rocky Horror Muppet Shows, Frank Hayes feeling indisposed
Bill Sutton DIY, Marischiello goodbye
Challenger! Final tour! What else must we all endure?

We saw the sky on fire
While the world was staring, we were Jordin Karing
We saw the sky on fire
And we haven’t parted since the circle started

Kathy Mar, Next Gen, Tullamore is back again
Steve Macdonald, Elfquest, Interfilk funds a guest
Tom Smith, 307 Ale, Lee Gold, Heather Dale
Phoenyx, Keepers of the Flame, Filkontario’s Hall of Fame

Echo’s Children, Bab-5, need a fool to feed the drive
Hamlet done by John Woo, Marilisa Valtazanou 
GaFilk, Urban Tapestry, lives rich in fantasy
Airwalls down at Orycon! Firebells at Baycon!

We didn’t start a fire
We were all but deafened, and began Kanefin’
We didn’t start a fire
And we haven’t parted since the circle started

Blake Hodgetts, Proteins, Vixy, Tony, Thirteen
Stone Dragons, Moxie, Zander, Heather into Alexander
Bill and Gretchen, dead mouse, alligators in the house
ConFlikt, Judi Filksign, Tragedy at East Hill Mine

Mary Crowell, Faerieworlds, brony boys and Wicked Girls
Britain’s Talis Kimberly, Seanan’s Kellis-Amberlee
Doubleclicks! Browncoats! Cats! FuMP! Toy Boat!
Release the Cello! Sasquon! Thor! Pass another Tullamore!

We didn’t start the choir
It’s been so cathartic for the longest bardic
We didn’t start the choir
But when our turns have gone, it will still go on and on until the dawn… 

At the altar with the enemy Pt. 3

The day when a Crawley and a Scamander tie their lives toghether as come at last…waht could possibly go wrong?

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you want cliffhanger??? Cliffhanger shall have

The date you picked to celebrate your union turned out to be a perfect one, cool fresh air from the country and the warmth of the Sun of early October. Newt and Jacob were outside making some company to Tom who was smoking a cigarette in the meantime you arrived.
“Tomas…” Newt broke the silence as he cracked his knuckles, trying to ease his nerves. “Do you remember the day you knew you fell in love with Sybil?”
“oh….absolutely.” He paused as he let the smoke of his cigarette vanish into the air. “She had bought this crazy dress and modeled it in front of her family. Lady Violet nearly suffers a stroke.” The three men laughed.
“What did the dress look like?” Jacob looked at Tom.
“It was like a dress,” the smoke came out chopped from his mouth, “but it wasn’t a dress…more like a pair of pants, made out of teal and green satin.”
“She sounds like a bold woman, Tom.” Jacob exclaimed.
“Like you don’t have any idea.” He dragged the last of his cigarette and threw away the rest. “Tell me now, Newt, how did you know you fell in love with Y/N?”
Newt smiled naturally, thinking of you gave him that kind of reaction.
“We were together at Hogwarts, one day she stayed for the class of caring of Magical creatures and I was there feeding the thestrals, when she came with a notebook. She looked so adorable. Her H/C hair waved with the wind and it smelled like fresh apples. I came close and told her…” He paused the story when his eyes spotted the copper brown hair of two people he knew very well: his cousin Gerard and his mother, Aunt Agather, a short lady with a long face and white teal eyes, like those of a vulture. From all the members of his family opposing to their marraige, these two were a true pain in the ass.
Jacob and Tom looked back and knew this was going to be awkward. Newt walked a few steps ahead and reached them before coming any closer to his friends. 

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