countess du barry


modern au / comtesse du barry

Attractive, stylish and intelligent Jeanne is an ambitious French girl,who uses her charm and talents to make her dreams come true.Despite the fact she was born in a lower society,she makes her way to become one of the most admired fashion designers of the day.

Zamor was born in the Chittagong, Bangladesh. In 1773, when he was 11, he was captured and taken to be sold to the King of France, who gave him to his mistress, Countess du Barry. She christened him Louis-Benoit and liked him a lot. She thought he was African and said he was very mischievous. She educated him, and he was into Rousseau. During the French Revolution, Zamor took the opposing side from his mistress, and joined the Jacobins. He basically was responsible for her eventual execution. However, the revolution soon turned against him as well, so he had to flee the country, not returning until after Napoleon left in 1815. He became a schoolteacher, and died in poverty in 1820 in France.