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you know, the more i listen to Great Comet, the more i realise that either Anatole did his research, or his approach just happens to fit perfectly with natasha’s weaknesses

because natasha is vain - that’s not just an insult that mary uses against her, she genuinely is vain. She puts a lot of effort into her appearance, distracts herself by trying on new dresses and looking at herself in the mirror, and most importantly revels in being the center of attention. She loves when people look at her. she knows she’s beautiful and wants everyone else to see it. And then Anatole comes in and he never stops looking at her (an intimidation tactic in general, but something natasha finds extremely flattering in addition to terrifying), he constantly appeals to her ego (come to the costume tournament, countess, do come - you will be the prettiest there) and drowns out her protests by insisting that he is absolutely mad with love for her

which is also an appeal to natasha’s other weakness, which is that she is desperate for the approval of other people. she’s terrified that andrey’s family won’t like her even as she tells herself that nobody has ever NOT liked her. She loves seeing everyone at the opera talking about her (as she assumes they must be saying nice things). And Anatole’s frantic attention just cements that idea in her mind, that he must feel this way because she is so inherently loveable and not because of any malicious intent on his part 

We don’t know enough about Andrey from the musical to really tell, but i feel like it’s implied that he’s not very demonstrably affectionate - and i feel like…. natasha probably never even realised that that was something she wanted? speaking as a generally rational, mature person who has personally almost done (and actually done) a lot of really REALLY STUPID things for the sake of a little attention, it’s way more realistic than it might seem to have a character appear to lose her mind just because she wants to feel loved so badly that she doesn’t realise what she’s sacrificing

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What color is Christine's countess dress actually supposed to be? (Like in Maria's designs let's say) I've seen so many variations from more mint to more pink so I was just wondering. Which do you prefer? :)

Here is the original sketch and it does look like a pale lavender:

 I LOVE the rainbow of colors we’ve seen the dress made in. Personally I’m quite partial to the lavender and mint ones. I love that the lavender ones have more of a contrast with the mint colored cape: 

But the mint fabric they’ve been using for the UK costumes in recent years just look so light and frosty and it’s really lovely. I think it’s a color scheme that also works because the material of the cape is also a much lighter green.

Honorable mention to Robyn’s gown because this picture is so gorgeous: