So many dimples! One wing ready for riveting!
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Well, I got to work finishing the top wing skins (Section 16-02).  It took a while to strip off the blue plastic (14 ribs x 2 wings plus 3 horizontal stripes).  I finally got that done and finished the countersinks for the wing walks.  My wife came by for lunch (and to keep me from spending all day with the plane — she’s a bit jealous and calls the plane, my “mistress“).  She took a picture so…

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Amana PS-500 Carbide Tipped Countersink

Amana PS-500 Carbide Tipped Countersink
Drilling and Countersinking with a single tool Concealing of screwhead with plugs which perfectly fit with countersink Designed for portable drills and drill presses. Note: All countersinks are carbide-tipped. The plug cutter and drill bits are high-speed steel. Countersinks have 8mm shank diameter.