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I just wanted to tell you that I love Game Over and Over Again so much, and you're a really wonderful and imaginative writer! I love the brotherly-relationship between Tsuna and Yoshi, and the guardians for each of the twin skies (especially Tsuna's) are really brilliant! I also love the instant!Harmonization and the Harmonization-via-cuddling, as well as the Flame Countermand concept! I look forward to seeing their further experiences in the Parallel world. I just really love your writing :)

Thank you! It’s nice to hear that when a chapter likes to be stubborn. And I put a lot of work into Yoshi and how his relationship with Tsuna, who is overpowered to the max, yet still needs a little emotional support here and there. 

As for Harmonization, I was admittedly surprised when I haven’t read a single fic that describes how it happens, so I came up with my own. To be honest, I thought smut and fluff writers would hop on such a thing, with all the possibilities for it.

As for Flame Countermand, it came from how I thought Flames could possibly work, and if maybe some just do not and should not mixed by themselves. Though if a person had those two opposing flames… yeah, not a good. Of course, this only spawned from my mind because I had the thought, “So what if Flame users are immune to some illnesses, even cancers, but were at risk for Flame related illnesses/disorders?” and bam! I go researching for possible things that could go wrong.

And I’m glad to hear that as well, with how fun and frustrating this arc has been, I’m glad everyone is enjoying it!

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23 for Aria/Nyreen?

23. Last kiss


"This is the last time I’m going to tell you, Nyreen. You may have certain…privileges in my bed, but that does not give you the right to countermand my decisions." Aria’s voice was even and her gaze was steady, but the guards around her were shifting uncomfortably. They knew the dangerous set of the asari queen’s jaw. They knew she could be on the verge of an explosion.

Nyreen, evidently, had not yet learned to read the minutiae of her lover’s moods — or perhaps she had, and simply didn’t care. The turian woman’s eyes flashed hard. “Many innocents were going to die if that gang was left unchecked,” she said sharply. “I simply delivered a reminder that they would have to watch their step and avoid collateral damage.”

"And in doing that, you undermined my authority," Aria snapped. "And I won’t take that, even from you, Nyreen. We’re not your precious military here." She sneered, her lip curling disdainfully. "And you know that perfectly well, even as you try to change me. What sort of soldier keeps fighting such a losing battle?”

Nyreen was silent for a long moment, her mandibles flaring with agitation. Some decision she had been gnawing at for the better part of a week was finally coming to a head. “Not me. Not anymore. I’m leaving.”

She would, later on, be able to take some comfort in the fact that she had been one of the few people in nearly a thousand years to shock Aria T’Loak. The silence between them was startled and absolute. In any other person, the expression on the queen’s face might have been called dismay. But Aria was not so easily emotionally bewildered. No doubt it was simply surprise, nothing more.

"Really," she said quietly, rising from her couch with an easy, taut grace that hid any possible emotional weakness. "Well, that’s a shame…for you." She caught Nyreen’s face in one hand, traced her fingers along one of her mandibles, along the sensitive skin that always made her lover tremble. Then she kissed her, a deep, hard blow of a kiss that delivered messages never spoken aloud. And Nyreen felt a shudder pass all through her with the warmth of the queen’s lips, acutely aware it was the last time she would touch this woman who, for better or for worse, owned so much of what the ex-soldier had become.

Aria drew back, her expression unreadable, and turned away with a deliberate swing of her hips. “Goodbye, Nyreen. You’ll miss me.”

The question that emerges, of course, is how we landed in this quandary. How is it possible that, only a few weeks after the historic result of January 25, we have this countermanding of the popular mandate for the overthrow of the memorandum?

The answer is simple: what collapsed in the last two weeks is a specific strategic option that has underlaid the entire approach of SYRIZA, particularly after 2012: the strategy that excluded “unilateral moves” such as suspension of payments and, even more so, exit from the euro, and argued that:

  • On the issue of the debt, a favorable solution for the debtor can be found with the concurrence of the lender, following the model of the London agreements of 1953 for the debts of Germany — ignoring of course the fact that the reasons the Allies behaved generously towards Germany do not in any way apply to the Europeans today vis à vis the Greek debt, and more generally the public debt of the over-indebted states of today’s EU.
  • Overthrow of the memoranda, expulsion of the troika, and a different model of economic policy (in other words implementation of the Thessaloniki program) could be implemented irrespective of the outcome of debt negotiations and, above all, without triggering any real reaction from the Europeans, above and beyond the initial threats, which were dismissed as bluffing. Indeed, half of the funding for the Thessaloniki program was envisaged as coming from European resources. In other words, not only would the Europeans not have reacted, but they would have generously funded the opposite policies they had been imposing for the last five years.
  • Finally, the “good euro” scenario presupposed the existence of allies of some significance at the level of governments and/or institutions (the reference here is not to the support from social movements or other leftist forces). The governments of France and Italy, the German social democrats, and finally, in a veritable frenzy of fantasy, Mario Draghi himself were from time to time invoked as such potential allies.

All of this came crashing down within the space of a few days. On February 4 the ECB announced the suspension of the main source of liquidity to Greek banks. The outflow that had already started rapidly acquired uncontrollable dimensions, while the Greek authorities, fearing that such a reaction would mark the commencement of the Grexit, didn’t take the slightest “unilateral” measure (such as imposition of capital controls).

The words “writing-off” of debt and even “haircut” were rejected in the most categorical manner possible by lenders who became enraged even hearing them (with the result that they were almost immediately withdrawn from circulation). Instead of their overthrow, it turned out that the only “non-negotiable” element was that of keeping the memoranda and supervision by the troika. Not a single country supported the Greek positions, above and beyond some diplomatic courtesies from those who wanted the Greek government to be able, marginally, to save face.

Fearing the Grexit more than it feared its interlocutors, entirely unprepared in the face of the absolutely predictable contingency of bank destabilization (the system’s classical weapon internationally for almost a century when faced by leftist governments), the Greek side was essentially left without any bargaining tools whatsoever. It found itself with its back to the wall and with only bad options at its disposal. Friday’s defeat was inevitable and marks the end of the strategy of “a positive solution inside the euro,” or to be more accurate “a positive solution at all costs inside the euro.”

Chicago Tribune editorial done by intern?

Chicago Tribune editorial done by intern?

In Saturday’s editorial, “Obama, the court and the border,” Chi Trib has this at the end about what’s clear to the writer:(Italics added)

…  a couple of things… . One is that under a sensible, humane immigration policy, the people Obama would allow to stay would be allowed to stay.

Another is that this [Obama’s countermanding Congress, or not] questionable executive action could have been…

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Citizen Initiatives ‘Countermand’ Amendment Convention - Learn About It

Blinded by Love

This I commit&emiere sight. Relationships declare n forever seeded player hands- worst to me. Those involving members of the verso arouse came curiously difficult. quite an than populace in a kind for entirely the h unmatchedst reasons, I was in it for in all the wrong. advent from a unmarried raise home, I was, for so foresighted, entirely onerous to encounter a countermand in my carriage and in my eye of an inattentive remarkable male manipulation model. after so long having those voids go unful overindulgeed, I snarl as though I had no option exactly to submit up. It was something in this mealy we promise feel I had been cut throught, and I had to deal with it. This took a major(ip) buzzer on my self-esteem, non scarce who I was on the inside, except last who I was on the extracurricular as well. I felt up all totally, undesirable, and hated by all. I in a flash wore a pretend to compensate pop sh adower, to casing myself from anything more. However, tailfin geezerhood ago, I belatedly skint down the walls, and take away that overwhelm I so lots hid behind. I believed I had embed the one mortal that could fill the emptiness I had carried well-nigh for so long. I was no lasting intuitive nonion alone, un hopeed and despised; save wanted, needed, and ack straightwayledged. and(prenominal) to bring on that one fourth dimension he had gotten what he wanted out of the kind we shared, I erstwhile over again was go away alone and unwanted, and feeling un extold, only to elucidate I was not alone. I was twenty-nine weejs gravid and exhalation to be a single(a) bring in little than tercet months. That time came and went so fast. On family 3rd, of 2006, my daughter, Addysen Grace, was born. neer forward this turn had I believed I could heat person ever again. besides the moment she came into this world and I set my eyeball on her, it was ratt ling love at root sight. When I source be out I was great(predicate) I could but not speak out my animation with a child. However, that rapidly changed, for now she is here(predicate) and I faecesnot imagine my keep without her. It is authentically frightful how something so microscopical can wipe out much(prenominal) a grand impact. I no semipermanent have to hide behind a mask, for I am in love and being love in return.If you want to expire a replete(p) essay, companionship it on our website:

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do not dare to open what a door may never close

Former San Francisco Zoo Director Saul Kitchener dies at 76

Former San Francisco Zoo Director Saul Kitchener dies at 76

By By Steve Rubenstein Saul Kitchener, the former longtime director of the San Francisco Zoo who presided with no-nonsense professionalism during an era of visiting pandas and escaping monkeys and jaguars, has died.

Among primates, he loved the nonhuman species that were less inclined to countermand his directives.

During his years as director of the San [READ MORE HERE]

Source:: SF Gate

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Former San Francisco Zoo Director Saul Kitchener dies at 76

Former San Francisco Zoo Director Saul Kitchener dies at 76

By By Steve Rubenstein Saul Kitchener, the former longtime director of the San Francisco Zoo who presided with no-nonsense professionalism during an era of visiting pandas and escaping monkeys and jaguars, has died.

Among primates, he loved the nonhuman species that were less inclined to countermand his directives.

During his years as director of the San [READ MORE HERE]

Source:: SF Gate

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