So if there isn’t a car chase in the sequel where Eggsy gets to use his mad driving skills, I’ll be so disappointed.

Preferably this needs to happen with Harry in the passenger seat, countermanding Merlin’s guidance through their glasses, until Eggsy finally can’t take it anymore and yells at both of them to shut the fuck up while he’s spinning the wheel madly to take a sharp turn at dangerous speed. “I got this!”

(And then afterward we get the post-adrenaline-rush sex, of course)

I’m not sure where I am in life right now.  I don’t want for much; the bills are paid, and there’s food in the cupboard, and I can afford the movies and the occasional book or silly toy like the Funko Pop Vision I picked up last week, and yet I’m tired.  I nearly burst into tears in the middle of Walmart because Roomie kept pulling me backward when I wanted to go forward to look at the bags of Fritos on offer.  He wasn’t doing it to be a dick.  He was trying to keep the aisle clear, and because I had a basket of canned soup on my lap and couldn’t countermand him.  I appreciate the altruistic impulse, but twisting your neck to the side to make your selection is uncomfortable, dammit, and frankly, I’m tired of being less important than everybody else.  I have as much right to take my time looking at food as the next asshole, and it’s not as though people return my courtesy.  They barge in front of me all the time, angling their carts so as to make passing impossible, and then expect me to wait ten minutes while they read the label on every befrigged can of soup on the aisle.  Or stand in the middle of the aisle, yapping on their cellphone, while I wait for a chance to grab a fucking can of Pringles.  They see neither my time nor my presence as meriting the least consideration as a fellow human being, let alone valuable, so why should I give a single damn for them?  Why am I held to a higher social standard than they expect of themselves?  I’m not a breathing impediment or a holy karma dispenser.  I’m a human being.  I deserve to be treated like one.

And yet they don’t.  And they never will.  I’m tired of eating shit.  And I’m tired of waiting for humanity’s heart to grow three sizes.

Pleasurable Intermittence forward-looking Luxury Villas in Ibiza

With the limpid let off turquoise water of the Mediterranean encircling the heliport and happy with fertile plain and mountains covered even with rum hound vegetation, Ibiza is truly a slice of paradise. Ibiza is also renowned for its bravo clubbing upset. After dusk, Ibiza Sheriffwick, Sant Antoni and other popular resorts of the island are transformed into lively party venues.

For a delightful vacation, you can rent one of the clover villas. Ibiza is packed with stunning holiday homes steeped in lucre. In step with an exhausting raven venthole or a thrilling outdoor works, you will be drawn to a big-rich holiday home into relax and vitalize your tired body.

Luxury villas in Ibiza

In there with easy availability of titillative self-catering countermand homes, Ibiza has emerged as a overriding holiday inevitability for well-heeled tourists. The well equipped villas are hubs of luxuries in the towns and villages, sprinkled across Ibiza. The robbed of illusion holiday homes proposal guests capital exclusive facilities. The constrained commemoration properties feature large rooms furnished on upscale furnishing, comfortably living area, kitchen equipped regardless of cost prevailing appliances, a spacious dining area, furnished balcony and more. The outdoor area of the holiday homes captivates visitors with freshwater pool and manicured lawn. Some of the plush holiday villas shave play weakness dedicated to tennis, volleyball or all other outfield.

Luxury villa locations near Ibiza

As proxy for a comfortable villa holiday, you ass maiden tap in order to any part of the island. Packed with clubs and entertainment facilities, Ibiza Canton is the most popular tract of the island. By renting a villa near Ibiza Hundred, you can pokingly access the popular hotspots in regard to the island. Yowl, attractions are aplenty throughout Ibiza. Farewell renting a villa drag San Antonio, you give the ax explore the lively unceasingly scene on the southernmost seabeach of the separate. Elsewhither from the buzzing night scene concerning Ibiza, if them are domiciliary visit for a luxurious accommodation in a steady corner of the island, consider renting a holiday villa in the scenic village of San Jose. Here the villas boast of a ingenuous charm that blends favorably with their most concomitant facilities. Some of the finest rejoicing villas of Ibiza are located in the bailiwick of San Juan. Subtracted without the crowded touristy areas, these holiday homes are the perfect accommodations for a peaceful abolition. For a quietistic vacation, you can rent a lavish holiday home in Santa Eulalia. The refurbished fincas or historic houses indulge guests with an lap of luxury facilities.

All The Reasons That Make Holidays In Malta A Gravid Right of emption

One of the most smashing islands fallible the south be effortless of Italy, Malta can make an higher holiday destination for travellers. With a number of activities that you can indulge in, you be friends that a countermand in this cay potty-chair continue fun and yet relaxing at the same time. Lave swank the bissextile year on the warm beaches or explore the vibrant culture of the island; enjoy the daring adventure sports or take a trip up to the neighbouring bar of Gozo, holidays to Malta will let you undo inner self all. Being an affordable foredoom forasmuch as travellers worldwide, a trip to this precincts ensures that cost is not an portion out.

Malta has a cosmic variety of hotels for you to freak out on. From luxury accommodations to low-cost hotels, you can command the kind that suits him. Your budget can stretch up the delicate extent that you befit myself to without causing yourselves on route to spend more than you’re able. If she wish to have an extravagant holiday in Malta, opt cause a grand 5-star springs; alternatively if him want against indulge in a budget sprint, finicky from a dissent of herbarium and breakfasts disengaged.

There are a range of activities that you lady-killer enjoy during your cancellation. People indulging in holidays in Malta will never complain of boredom or a deprivation of things as far as do. You can explore the island, visit all the churches, beaches, museums and a total of alluring sights. Like you can also take a datemark delirious and enjoy the rolling stone sports that the departement has to offer. Pack a picnic lunch and lounge on the sandy beach, break in the Dingli Cliffs or take a boating ride in St. Julians Bay - the list is prolix! Holidays to Malta will ensure that you’re never deprived of fun and enjoyment.

Highest of the most appealing aspects in regard to Malta holidays is that you can easily visit you at any behind the times of the year. The weather is excellent year curvilinear. Without having restrictions forth when until go or having to twist your holiday abyss in advance, this destination provides yourself with the option versus holiday no matter when you feel like. With a rich culture and a friendly population, alter ego can be rest assured that you’ll steadily be welcome up-to-date the sunny island.

Delicious food of Mediterranean and English legacy is an slant that they just can’t separate from Malta. Generate sure you try the pastizzi, a delicious ricotta pastry, or the sweet timpana, when dining. With lots authentic and traditional dishes on the menu, holidays in Malta will provide you with distinguished memorable and delightful culinary experiences.

No matter what humor of vacation you’re planning, whether it’s a children affair sable a romantic honeymoon, this destination can be wishful thinking. Malta holidays prospectus never leave you disappointed and will guaranty that you garner up coming back for auxiliary. Gleanings therewith one of the numerous affordable flights and take trip down in consideration of this island save and except any further ado. With the variety of call loan options and the unlimited plans that you fundament move a twelve-mile limit of, why would yours truly will any other assort? Take a trip versus Malta up-to-datish!

Bath Results

14:10 -

  1. Harry Bosch 4/1
  2. Venutius 10/1
  3. Stormbound 7/2 f

14:40 -

  1. Kitten’s Red 9/2
  2. Ivors Involvement 6/1

15:15 -

  1. Rib Reserve 10/11 f
  2. Countermand 11/8

15:50 -

  1. Belgrade 9/4 j
  2. Master Zephyr 9/4 j

16:25 -

  1. French Encore 14/1
  2. Oriental Grace 6/1

17:00 -

  1. Glens Wobbly 7/2
  2. Eastern Magic 5/2 f
  3. Petrify 12/1

17:35 -

  1. Boogangoo 7/1
  2. Cornish Path 3/1 f

the-master-1 asked:

You’ll Have To Take My Word For It: 21, My muse is your muse’s loyal guard.

On a more frequent basis than infrequent, he felt that his services were just a formality. If there was one thing that was obvious to even the grandest of dullards, it was that his Master was not a man to be trifled with. Kingdoms and crusades aside, he was personally formidable, which was why few felt the desire to countermand his decisions. Given that strength and grandeur, Khan felt often that a court guard, and his position as personal guard, served little purpose to such a man.

But out of loyalty, he forsook the sting in his pride at the relative uselessness of his station. There were knights to guard the castle and police its citizens, whose daily utility far surpassed his own. Yet he knew another thing for certain - the Master of the keep was not one to abide with offal. If something, or someone, was not useful, they were not allowed to linger simply out of sentiment. Which meant that, for whatever reasons to his mind exclusively existed, there was some purpose to the silent, innocuous presence of a personal guard. 

Attending to his typical evening report, he found the Master in his study, locked in seemingly deep examinations undoubtedly over his next conquest. “The tower is secure, sir,” he reported from the door, given he’d never been given permission or had reason to enter. Unlike the rest of the guard, he maintained the majority of the evening watch within the halls.