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I wonder if *Syn* suspected RvR, or planned to use him as a scapegoat or something, and told Andy that RvR was plotting against her. That would account for Andy ordering Otilia to protect Syn. Maybe RvR then gave the order to keep Syn "safe," not quite countermanding Andy's?

Hmm. Are you suggesting RvR actually didn’t kidnap her?

So if there isn’t a car chase in the sequel where Eggsy gets to use his mad driving skills, I’ll be so disappointed.

Preferably this needs to happen with Harry in the passenger seat, countermanding Merlin’s guidance through their glasses, until Eggsy finally can’t take it anymore and yells at both of them to shut the fuck up while he’s spinning the wheel madly to take a sharp turn at dangerous speed. “I got this!”

(And then afterward we get the post-adrenaline-rush sex, of course)


You promised the CIA both Mani and the uranium? Huge propaganda coup.
Sarah Caulfield finds a corrupt ex-contractor from Iraq with stolen
uranium. How good does she look?

Harry will never agree.
If she doesn’t help us, he won’t have a say in the matter.
But if we save him, he’ll countermand the deal.
Yeah, it’s the flaw in my plan, but we only cross that bridge once Harry’s safe.