There’s no police work grosser than making sure beef isn’t “beef”.

The 4 Strangest Things Nobody Tells You About Life in China

#4. The Counterfeit Problem Runs Way Deeper Than You Think

You’re prepared for fake Rolexes and bootleg movies. What you’re not prepared for is the counterfeit meat. Take this highly publicized case from last year involving rat, fox, and mink being passed off as mutton. It wasn’t exactly a freak occurrence. The whole Chinese fake-steak situation has gotten so bad that I now refuse to eat meat unless it’s from a place that hangs the animal’s carcass outside for me to thoroughly inspect and deem worthy of being devoured.

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Nanotech To Fight Counterfeiters

Researchers have made a new type of watermark that remains invisible until a person’s breath reveals it. Engineers envision the technology being used as labels to fight the sale of counterfeit goods. 

“One challenge in fighting counterfeiting is the need to stay ahead of the counterfeiters,” said Nicholas Kotov, a University of Michigan chemical engineering professor who led the team that created the labels, in a statement. "You can verify that you have the real product with just a breath of air.“

Learn more and see a video on the innovation below.

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You hear “forger” and it might conjure the mental image of a suave, sophisticated art thief masterfully schmoozing the societal elite to scam them out of millions of dollars. That guy looks like Clive Owen, his name is something cool like Ethan Snow, and he does it for the challenge. I’m a forger too … but my name is Bob Morsch, and I mostly did it for the meth.

4 Useful Things Forging Documents Taught Me About Your World

Now, it’s important to note that [Philadelphia printer Samuel Upham wasn’t making] counterfeit money: Upham was careful to print “Facsimile Confederate Note,” along with his name and address, at the bottom of each one. You know, right where it could easily be trimmed off, making the bill virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Before long, Upham was offering them countrywide via mail order – he even expanded his product line to offer pretty much any denomination a collector might fancy. His reproductions were so good that some unscrupulous fellows could have waltzed right into the South and used them to purchase whatever the hell they wanted … which, of course, is precisely the type of thing that unscrupulous fellows did. It’s estimated that Upham singlehandedly produced $15 million in fake Confederate cash – about 3 percent of the entire Southern economy.

Of course, you can’t run a counterfeiting operation of that size without attracting the attention of the Feds, and Upham soon found himself under the scrutiny of the U.S. government. Presumably after nervously sweating in the foyer for a few hours, trying to figure out if he could kill himself with a fountain pen before the Union could prosecute him, Upham finally came face to face with the secretary of war, Edwin Stanton … who allegedly simply tossed him a supply of authentic Confederate banknote paper.

5 Hilariously Illegal Ways Governments Solved Huge Problems

I did a bad thing

I went shopping today

The plushes (aside from the Eeveelutions) came from this Asian Import store and their entire stock was bootleg.

Some of them were nice looking, like the Haunter we got. But some weren’t so good.