LIMB at the Silo; projections provided by Christopher Patterson (Ella Egg Films

Countercrawl 2, October 8th 2011

Countercrawl time is here again, so I’ve made a flyer. Unlike the last couple of flyers I’ve made in a rush, I took a little more time on this one. Lots of information makes for a small font, though in print it should be legible. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Countercrawl 7 is Saturday, February 23! My projects for this Countercrawl will have been the gallery at Urth Haus Coop and a big Field Day competish at Empancipation Park! I’ve had a good time working with everyone this crawl. You all know who you are, you’re awesome!


Tina McPherson.

A performance art piece intended to highlight the absurdity and injustice of Houston’s recent food sharing ordinance revision. She passed out food to Countercrawl attendants, and left items with poignant examples of food sharing. 

What Tina was highlighting is important, everyone. Here is some information on how you can get involved in the fight against this unjust ordinance. The folks with Food Not Bombs have been working their asses off circulating the petitions. IF YOU SEE ONE, PLEASE SIGN IT! 

No one has the right to tell you whom you can help and how many people your empathy and kindness can reach. 

top: photo by Jonatan Lopez
bottom left: photo by Sway Youngston
bottom right: photo by Guadalupe Rocha 


Hey Countercrawlers, hope you all had fun at Countercrawl 666 this past Saturday! As usual it was a wild and wonderful event. We’ll be putting up some photos and videos from the event for your perusal - starting with the lovely Say Girl Say performing at the mystery spot (first spot this Countercrawl) under a shade tree!

video by Jonatan Lopez