47 Days of Alias - Favorite Alias - (Sydney Bristow)

Sydney is the master of disguise as we saw right from the beginning, and while I thought that I should post Sydney’s first big Alias, the one that got her going again after Danny’s death, being Amy Tippin.  I decided that I wanted to go for some of the the more fun Alias’s tonight.  (I’m in that kind of mood tonight.)  But I still couldn’t just choose one, and honestly if I had more time I would post more, but alas I am going to only do two. 

The first is from season two, episode 7, Counteragent. Sydney as a Geisha and as far as she knew killing Sloane was a great Alias.  For Sloane to see her and talk with her, knowing her so well and to not recognize her is amazing.  Plus add to it the fact that she was willing to work with Sark to save Vaughn has it’s soft spot with me.

The second also from season two, episode 21, Second Double. You can see how much Sydney hates having to go and play this part as as a Dominatrix; she bits down on some ice after having a shot of liquor, but seeing Vaughn trying to control his laughter (and how much he is turned on) is fun to watch.  Then to see Sydney and Vaughn work together to torture this man into giving them what they need simply by taking a few pictures is classic. 

But honestly lets face it, the best Alias is always going to be whatever Sydney turns herself into.