Venezuela: Chavistas Storm National Assembly in Protest at Impeachment Attempt
Hundreds of Chavistas forced their way into parliament after opposition legislators declared that President Nicolas Maduro had “abandoned the constitutional functions” of his presidency.

Caracas, October 23 - Violence erupted at Venezuela’s legislature on Sunday, after crowds of government supporters stormed past security in protest at what they are calling an impeachment attempt against Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.  

Earlier that day, opposition lawmakers signed a document declaring a “rupture” of Venezuela’s constitutional order and accusing Maduro of “abandoning the constitutional functions” of his presidency. The statement, which was released as Maduro touched down in Saudi Arabia for top level oil negotiations, also appeals to the international community to apply “mechanisms to guarantee the Venezuelan people’s rights”.  

The opposition-held National Assembly called Sunday’s extraordinary parliamentary session after the National Electoral Council temporarily halted their attempts to proceed with a recall referendum against Maduro due to fraudulent activity in the initial signature collection stage. The suspension unleashed calls for protests from the opposition coalition MUD, which had pegged its hopes for removing Maduro on the referendum.

But the move was immediately met with anger from pro-government supporters, who spontaneously began to gather at the entrance of parliament as news of the session spread. They labeled the opposition’s actions a thinly veiled attempt to stoke conditions for foreign intervention and impeach Maduro during his absence from the country.
Venezuela's Right Wing Wants to Impeach President Maduro
Social conditions in Venezuela are different from Brazil and Paraguay, where right-wing parliaments have recently ousted progressive presidents.

Venezuela’s right-wing opposition-led National Assembly said Sunday they will move on impeaching President Nicolas Maduro for purportedly ‘violating democracy,’ in the wake of a nixed recall referendum against Maduro.

The National Assembly is currently in noncompliance with a ruling from the country’s Supreme Court, therefore its actions have no legal standing, thus the measure is unlikely to get traction but it marked a further escalation of political tensions, and mirrors the right wing’s “parliamentary coup” against Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff last month.

The opposition coalition has called for a major protest on Wednesday, dubbed “The takeover of Venezuela,” something that is view by many as a direct call to violence.

In Sunday’s raucous session, lawmakers traded barbs, with PSUV politicians showing up in T-shirts adorned with late leader Hugo Chavez’s eyes while opposition congressmen chanted “The people are hungry and want a recall!”

“Today we’re going to hear of everything in the right-wing’s reality show,” said PSUV lawmaker Tania Diaz, who brought a picture of Chavez to the podium.

Elias Jaua, a leading figure in the PSUV, called for a rally Tuesday to welcome President Maduro back from his international tour to help ensure a stable oil price.

I met We Are The In Crowd at Counter Revolution in Melbourne:
Tay Jardine (Slim Shady haha)
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Rob Chianelli (also loved my book idea)
Cameron Hurley (massive love heart!)
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A really great band, Tay still kicked ass even though her mic was being dumb.  And the mosh was a lot pushier than I thought WATIC could get!


Hahaha just found all these creepy stalker vids from the Counter Rev tour in the signing tent. So many girls behind me in brisbane kept trying to make me move out the way.