My video of Brendon Urie drumming shirtless to lets kill tonight with spencer smith. Unf.

just typed this up in response to a “gulag jokes” facebook post, which was deleted before I could send so i’m posting it here because i live for discourse

“what are we *supposed* to do with class enemies?” well like, that’s a super complex question that doesnt have one single answer, let alone one that we can propose ahead of time/base off of (objectively failed) past socialist projects.

Are some people going to be active threats to the stability of a revolution? almost undoubtedly, but to say they should all go to a labor camp or be educated about the ~right~ way of doing things not only puts them all in one place (the better to organize a counter-revolution), but also isn’t effective & is way too close to the ideology (maybe not material reality) of the modern day prison system for my own comfort. If anything, some people may be actually turned to ~the light~, but the others will just become good liars.

imo different communities should (and for any Revolution worth the name, would) have different ways of dealing with people who are considered threats to a new society. Ways that are flexible and malleable based off of their own experiences and those of other communities.

“Gulags” didn’t work. Full stop. If Marxism-Leninism is actually worthy of the name of “science”, it’s practitioners would be able to see that, and would change their approach. Dogmatically defending the ideological justifications that the Soviet system used (do you genuinely believe that everyone sent to a gulag was a “counter-revolutionary”? I’ve got a bridge to sell you) is unproductive at best, and actively harmful to any revolutionary prospects at worst, let alone the visual impact of joking about one of the uncontroversially shittiest aspects of past socialist projects to people who don’t buy the whole “its just a joke guyz” shit should be enough to stop these jokes. and yet.

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M!A: Huh. Look at that its got a "hello from 2027" sticker now.

> Here’s one you’ve been working on. 
> You pick up the clock and you reverse it.
> The clock ticks in reverse, a counter-circle. The revolutions hasten, the ticks turning into a whirring into a near-hum as the hands wind backwards.
> Eventually, the clock reaches its origin point. The copper casing splits apart as the skeleton unravels itself. Screws unscrew themselves, cogs rewind and are unfitted, gears spin themselves into a pile of scrap and slag. 
> You put the pieces of the clock in a box and put that box in the garbage. Not destroyed, but reverted to an earlier state.

Coup Plot in Venezuela Thwarted

A coup plot against the Venezuelan government has been foiled, with both civilians and members of the military detained, President Nicolas Maduro revealed Thursday in a televised address.

Those involved were being paid in U.S. dollars, and one of the suspects had been granted a visa to enter the United States should the plot fail, Maduro said.

Venezuela’s president stated that the coup plotters already had a “transitional” government and program lined up once the plan, which included bombings on the Miraflores Palace and the teleSUR offices in Caracas, as well as assassinations of members of the opposition, Maduro and others, was carried out.

Maduro explained that a video of masked military officials speaking out against the government had been recorded, which was set to be released after the planned assassination was carried out.

Venezuelan Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino Lopez stated via his Twitter account that the armed forces remain loyal to the constitutional government.

I met We Are The In Crowd at Counter Revolution in Melbourne:
Tay Jardine (Slim Shady haha)
Jordan Eckes (got the biggest hug from him!  His arms are so long wow)
Rob Chianelli (also loved my book idea)
Cameron Hurley (massive love heart!)
Mike Ferri (the only person who actually answered the ‘what I love about Aus’ thingo haha)
A really great band, Tay still kicked ass even though her mic was being dumb.  And the mosh was a lot pushier than I thought WATIC could get!


Hahaha just found all these creepy stalker vids from the Counter Rev tour in the signing tent. So many girls behind me in brisbane kept trying to make me move out the way.