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Kitchen Counter (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut.
Word count: 2.4k

Part two: Laundry Room. Part three: The Club.

Summary: “Baby, we’re in your parents’ kitchen.” You muttered, squeaking softly, trying to push his arm away with both of your hands, but he just kept pressing those fingers into your core. “That’s what makes it so naughty.” He whispered against your neck before his mouth wound up back against yours.

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Originally posted by riverrdxle

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Word Counter: 930

Anon Requested

A/N: I’m fucking tired. That’s all that needs to be said.

Warnings: None, fluff, slight angst i guess??

He had never actually noticed you, which was saying something because Jughead was a pretty observant guy. Well, he knew you were there, just thought you were too bland to waste any thought on. 

You would always just take your place in the back of the class as you avoided the rest of mankind and did your schoolwork. About a week ago, your English teacher assigned all of you to write an essay about the classic, Romeo and Juliet, that you all would be required to read to the entire class. 

You spent the entire week on it, making sure it was perfect. When the day came to presenting, your teacher picked students at random to present their pieces. You picked at your sleeves as you fidgeted, not wanting to go in the front of the class. But you knew you had no choice. 

When your name was read aloud to announce your turn, you froze as everyone turned to look at you. You shakily stood up and grabbed your paper, gripping it tightly as you walked to the front of the class. You passed multiple desks before finally making it to the front and lightly clearing your throat before speaking. 

 Jughead hadn’t been paying attention at all to any of the students presentations, yawning at them all and cursing the stupid assignment in his head. That was, until you started to speak. 

He had never actually heard you speak before, but found your voice soothing. As you went to explain further in your essay he watched the determination and confidence showing on your features and admired it. 

You began to quote some of the famous tale and his eyes flitted from your messy h/c locks to your big e/c eyes. You read your big finish with a smile as the teacher applauded, astounded by your work. The rest of the class just smiled approvingly as they kept looking up at the classroom clock to see when the class would be over. 

 You noticed a dark haired boy staring at you and realized it was Jughead. You’d seen him around and were always intrigued but never were brave enough to approach him. His deep blue irises watched you as you walked back to your seat and let out a huge sigh before putting your stuff back in your bag, seeing as the bell was about to ring. 

He smiled to himself, realizing he was starting to develop something he never thought he would. A crush. The bell rang signaling the class was over and you pushed yourself out of your seat, trying to avoid everyone as you left the classroom. After that day, Jughead started to notice you everywhere. 

He saw that you ate lunch under the same tree out in the yard everyday as you had your nose stuck in a book. He would notice your regular appearance at Pop’s where you would order your usual, a chocolate shake with whipped cream and a cherry. 

 After a few days of watching and becoming mesmerized with you, he finally decided to make a move the next day at Pop’s. That day, after a stressful day at school, you walked over to Pop’s hoping just to relax for a little bit and throw yourself into the world of books. You took a seat in your normal booth, but as soon as you sat down, a waiter came over with your usual before walking away briskly. 

“But I didn’t pay-.” You were interrupted by someone taking a seat in front of you and stealing the cherry from your favored milkshake. “Don’t worry, I already did.” He said as he pulled the stem away from his lips and flicked it away. You realized it was Jughead. Not knowing what to say, you just stared at him for a few seconds.

“Uh, You’re J-Jughead right?“ You asked still slightly startled and surprised that someone would pay for your food. 

"Yes, let me formally introduce myself. I’m Jughead Jones the Third. But Jughead is just fine.” He said with a wry grin as he held a hand out. You just stared at it, not knowing what to say. “Was I too forward? Yep, probably. I’m sorry, I just, I’ve noticed you around school and have taken an interest in you, so I decided to meet you.” He admitted. 

 Your eyebrows furrowed. “You wanted to meet me?” You asked confused. He nodded with a shrug, I find you very interesting Y/N L/N.“ He said as he leaned against the back of his chair. You ran a hand through your hair nervously. "I-I’m not interesting. I’m boring. I don’t have any friends, unless you count my books, and no one has had a problem telling me so. Why would you find me interesting?" 

You started to mess with the ends of your sleeves as you looked down at them, suddenly finding them very intriguing. "Well, I find you fascinating. You wrote a story with your words. You obviously pay very much attention to detail. You actually like reading books which is rare nowadays. You’re very pretty might I add. What’s not to like about you?” You blushed and looked away, not wanting to embarrass yourself. He straightened himself before speaking again. 

“Well, this was a very fun talk. Let’s do it again sometime. How about tomorrow at seven? Great. See ya around.” He said before leaving, not giving you any room to talk in between. You watched walk away in shock. You couldn’t believe someone was actually interested in you. 

And it felt amazing. You weren’t going to mess this one up, because who knows how many chances like this you’d get.

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Costume Party - Jason Todd x Reader

Another one of those short story (at least shorter than I usually write) cause I don’t have much time before work, but still wanted to write something. Hope you’ll like it, especially you @demigodslytherin (I’ll wrote one with this prompt for Draco or Sirius another time ^^) : 

Tiny bit NSFW. 

My masterlist blog :


You weren’t fond of parties, and neither was Jason…So it’s a wonder really, how you two ended up here, at one of the biggest costume party of the year. 

Drunk out of your mind. 

You don’t even agree as to how things actually happened. 

You believe that you got dragged to this party by Dick and Barbara, and he thinks you actually came here on your own will after Bruce said he had invitations to it, but had absolutely no intentions on going because it was full of “the youth of Gotham” and he was getting tired of those “20 years old girls and boys that accosted him to hit on him and flirt shamelessly with him, while he was obviously not interested”…besides, he couldn’t go through the hassle of finding a date for that in time, and had important cases to work on. So you took the invites and went in his place…

You were both right. Bruce gave you, Dick and Babs the invitations, but you and Jason didn’t wanna go, wanting a calm date night instead…But of course, his brother and your best friend wouldn’t hear it and indeed dragged you there with them. You grumbled all the way through, and grumbled some more when you arrived at the place and discovered that it was PACKED with people. Oh and the kind of people you disliked : the rich fuckers of Gotham City that thought they were better than anyone else. Not the rich people like Bruce, who genuinely cared about their city and such…No, their sons and daughters, who were born in wealth and thought that it made them the best. Urrh. You hated those guys so much. Coming from a poor neighborhood, they always were so rude to you ! And the number of time you heard that you were dating Bruce Wayne’s son only for his money…

If any of those assholes told you that tonight, you were gonna loose it. Especially since you really didn’t wanna be here. 

The only good thing about that all ordeal, was the fact that it was a costume party, and you loved getting in a costume. Though that particular night you didn’t have much time to actually prepare anything (again, dragged by Dick and Babs), and ended up in a generic princess disguise you had in your closet, while Jason put on a pirate costume. 

Paparazzis took at least a thousand pictures of you, Jason, Dick and Barbara…”Bruce Wayne’s children out with their girlfriends to the biggest costume ball in Gotham” would be the headline of every newspapers the next day. 

You didn’t get it. It was so uninteresting to know that you guys went there, like, who cared ? Apparently, lots of Gotham folks…They loved the pictures especially, so you made sure to give them a show by making stupid and weird faces on each of them. 

Bruce thought it was the most hilarious thing ever, how you hated being a public figure so much…but he also thought it was very cute that you would endure it because you loved his son. He liked you. You and your sass. Also, you were of a calm nature, so he thought it was perfect for Jason, you were able to tame him down most of the time. 

But tonight ? Oh tonight, things went downhill pretty fast, and the first thought you had was : “Oh man, B’s gonna be so disappointed in me !”. Of course, he wasn’t, but you sure weren’t the one that would “tame Jason down” that night. Oh no. You usually never drunk, but because you were so mad about being dragged to this party, you accepted the vodka Dick handed to you and…Oh you were gone so fast.  

It took you and your boyfriend less than an hour to get angry drunk. 

“Angry drunk” was how Dick would call you whenever you got drunk, because it happened rarely, and it happened only when something was displeasing you.

You had made it clear all the way from the Manor to here, you did not want to come, but alright, to make your friends happy…

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Worth The Risk {Part 13}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 14

Word Count: 3137
Warnings: none

Originally posted by metal-armed-jesus

You and Sam lounged across the living room in your pajamas, eyes trained on the television flickering softly in front of you as the downpour continued on outside. Through the large windows you could see the dark grey clouds rolling across the sky, leaving everyone in a bitter and somewhat lethargic mood.

It was for that reason (and your aching and bruised bodies from training) that you and Sam had decided to spend the day in, rewatching all of the Harry Potter films together to pass the time. After all, he was one of the only people in the tower who could appreciate the series as much as you.

The clocks struck noon as you continued into the third movie, the rain outside falling harder than ever as you and Sam continued to sit in a daze. You stretched your body across the sofa, unwilling to share with the latter who was currently slouched back in the large armchair to your right.

There’d initially been bickering over the seats, but now silence hung over the room as you both zoned out. So absorbed in the film, neither of you noticed when your company was interrupted

Bucky entered the near empty living room, his hands shoved deep into his sweat pant pockets as he looked around the room groggily. Catching sight of your familiar figure, he began to approach. Without uttering a single word, he reached your side and lifted your legs gently before taking a seat on the sofa. You shifted your weight slightly when he rested your legs back on his lap, shooting Bucky a smile of acknowledgment before focusing back on the movie.

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Rafael Barba
(x) …forgetting to speak to you in English after spending the afternoon with his mother and abuelita.
(x) …slow dancing with Barba.
(x) …being friends with Barba but having to sleep together in the same bed. The next morning, you two are in an intimate embrace.
(x) …Barba proposing on Valentine’s Day but he messes up.
(x) …Barba whispering Latin in your ear while in church.
(x) …surprising your long time boyfriend, Barba, that you got a job at SVU.
(x) …Barba showing up at your office to walk home together.
(x) …being Rollins’ cousin who moved from Atlanta and being introduced to Barba.
(x) …going on a first date with Barba.
(x) …going to a karaoke bar with Barba and the SVU team but Barba gets jealous when you sing a duet with Sonny.
(x) …Barba going down on you. *NSFW
(x) …Carisi introducing you to Barba and him trying to speak Italian.
(x) …taking soup to Barba at work because he’s sick.
(x) …Barba helping you with your Spanish homework.
(x) …accidentally responding to Barba in Spanish.
(x) …Barba spending the night at your apartment.
(x) …finding out you’re having twins with Barba while in delivery.
(x) …Barba promising to protect you from William Lewis.
(x) …having a panic attack while on the stand.
(x) …giving Barba a striptease.
(x) …being kidnapped because you’re Barba’s little sister.
(x) …being pregnant with Barba’s child.
(x) …Barba tying you to the bed. *NSFW
(x) …Barba taking care of you when you’re sick.
(x) …going on a run with Barba.
(x) …fainting in front of the squad.
(x) …meeting Barba again 10 years after you broke up.
(x) …you and Barba being two opposites in love.
(x) …taking a drunk Barba home.
(x) …Barba finding out you wear glasses.
(x) …having make up sex with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …Barba calling you cariño for the first time.
(x) …desk sex with Barba in his office. *NSFW
(x) …comforting Barba after his grandmother died.
(x) …going down on Barba. *NSFW
(x) …inviting the squad over for a dinner party after a big case.
(x) …Barba comforting you after your trial starts going downhill.
(x) …Barba thinking about wanting to have kids with you.
(x) …Barba showing up at your apartment with flowers.
(x) …Barba finding out you’re in a hostage situation.
(x) …Barba teaching you how to dance.
(x) …Lucia always trying to set you up with her son.
(x) …Barba meeting your parents for the first time.
(x) …Barba forgetting your anniversary.
(x) …a police officer checking you out.
(x) …finding your soulmate’s name on your wrist.
(x) …showering with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …testifying for Barba’s case.
(x) …running into Barba’s ex-girlfriend.
(x) …being in a secret relationship with Barba.
(x) …getting shot by Johnny D.
(x) …bumping into Barba.
(x) …catching Barba talking about you.
(x) …having a one night stand with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …being a famous writer.
(x) …Barba coming home only to find you dancing in your underwear.
(x) …trying to take it slow with Barba.
(x) …your soulmark telling you where you’ll meet your soulmate.
(x) …Barba saying he loves you for the first time.
(x) …Barba giving you a massage.
(x) …your step-counter finally hitting zero.
(x) …seeing your name on your soulmate.
(x) …Barba offering for you to move in with him.
(x) …being Barba’s co-counsel.
(x) …Barba thinking his job is harder than yours.
(x) …coming out as agender.
(x) …New Year’s Eve with Barba.
(x) …a jealous Barba
(x) …an Alpha Barba.
(x) …taking Barba on a road trip with your two kids.
• (x) …marrying Barba.

Sonny Carisi
(x) …Carisi getting jealous of your brother when he visits you at work.
(x) …Carisi whispering Bible verses while making love to you.
(x) …Sonny meeting your family for the first time but doesn’t understand what they’re saying at the dinner table.
(x) …taking a bullet for Carisi.
(x) … Sonny overhearing how much you actually like him despite trying to prove you hate him.
(x) …eating cannolis with Carisi.
(x) …getting frustrated with Carisi on a daily basis.
(x) …comforting Sonny after a tough case.
(x) …your german shepherd approving of Carisi.
(x) …Sonny taking care of you after taking a bullet for him.
(x) …Sonny flirting with his niece’s babysitter: You.
(x) …Carisi asking permission from your parents to marry you.
(x) …Carisi going down on you.*NSFW
(x) …asking for Sonny after being attacked.
(x) …Sonny checking you out.
(x) …tending to Sonny’s wounds.
(x) …cooking for Sonny.
(x) …meeting Sonny while he’s undercover.
(x) …Carisi’s family thinking you and him are dating.
(x) …being friends with Carisi.
(x) …having fun with Sonny.
(x) …your first time with Sonny. *NSFW
(x) …the night before your and Carisi’s wedding.
(x) …you and Carisi moving in together.
(x) …eloping with Sonny.
(x) …forming a relationship with Sonny under hard circumstances.
(x) …Sonny getting hurt on the job.
(x) …being partners with Sonny.
(x) …being Barba’s sister and Carisi having a thing for you.
(x) …Sonny flirting with you instead of teaching you how to cook.
(x) …Sonny’s family walking in on you and Carisi.
(x) …Sonny meeting you and it’s love at first sight for him.
(x) …Carisi teaching you how to play baseball.
(x) …Carisi trying to take care of you because you’re sick.
(x) …Sonny wearing his uniform for you.
(x) …trying to treat Sonny’s wounds.
(x) …getting into a fight with Sonny.
(x) …going down on Carisi. *NSFW
(x) …calling Sonny “Dominick” for the first time. *NSFW
(x) …dirty talking with Sonny.
(x) …having a girl’s night out.
(x) …spending a lazy day with Carisi.
(x) …discovering your soulmate.
(x) …getting jealous of Amanda.
(x) …meeting Sonny while being a sex worker.
(x) …going running with Carisi.
(x) …being Jesse’s nanny.
(x) …Sonny finds out you’re pregnant.
(x) …your first time together with Sonny after the incident.
(x) …Sonny walking you home because it’s late.
(x) …telling Sonny you have a stalker.
(x) …your Soulmark shows the first thing your soulmate thought of when they saw you.
(x) …Sonny being the heir of one of the Italian mobs.
(x) …Sonny finding out you’re Barba’s sister.
(x) …Sonny being clumsy and nervous while asking you out on a date.
(x) …Nick catching you making out with Sonny.
(x) …babysitting Noah with Sonny.
(x) …comforting Sonny after he goes undercover.
(x) …shower sex with Sonny. *NSFW
(x) …moving to New York City.
(x) …impressing Sonny and his family with your cooking skills.
(x) …Sonny stepping in to help raise your two kids.
(x) …Sonny teaching you how to make cannolis.
(x) …going with Sonny to take his nieces Trick-or-Treating.
• (x) …turning your life around.

Amanda Rollins
(x) …watching football with Rollins.
(x) …babysitting for Amanda and her being nervous about it.
(x) …your first time with Amanda. *NSFW

Olivia Benson
(x) …Olivia setting you up on a blind date with Sonny.
(x) …the squad catching you kissing Olivia in her office.
(x) …coming out to the team as pansexual.
(x) …the squad catching Olivia kissing you.
(x) …going down on Olivia. *NSFW
(x) …making out with Olivia. *NSFW
(x) …the squad gossiping if you and Olivia are together. *NSFW
(x) …Olivia asking you out.
(x) …Olivia getting nervous to ask you to marry her.

Nick Amaro
(x) …meeting Nick while he’s undercover.
(x) …Nick calming you down from a panic attack.
(x) …your relationship with Nick getting used against you in court.
(x) …Nick getting annoyed when a suspect flirts with you. 
(x) …Nick swearing as you go down on him. *NSFW
(x) …Nick moving in next door.
(x) …coming back from being undercover with a different look.
(x) …Nick comforting you.
(x) …your daughter calling Nick ‘dad.’
(x) …doing arrest role playing with Nick.
(x) …being pregnant with Nick’s child.
(x) …taking a bullet for Nick.
(x) …Nick marking you as his Omega.
(x) …being Elliot’s niece and dating Nick.
(x) …owning a flower shop next to a tattoo parlor.
(x) …scaring away a creep at the club with a random stranger.
(x) …doing yoga every morning at the gym.
(x) …your business booming after the burglary.
(x) …Nick introducing you to Zara for the first time.

Mike Dodds
(x) …Mike falling for you despite how much you two disagree on everything.
(x) …being picked on by your coworkers for having a crush on Dodds.
(x) …getting drinks with Dodds.
(x) …doing a stake out with Dodds.
(x) …cuddling with Mike on his day off.
(x) …being with Dodds in the hospital after him being shot.
(x) …Dodds getting annoyed when a suspect flirts with you.
(x) …being Dodds high school crush who just joined SVU.
(x) …being in a secret relationship with Dodds.
(x) …Dodds Sr. finding out you’re in a secret relationship with his son.
(x) …Dodds avoiding his father’s phone calls.*NSFW
(x) …Dodds Sr catching you and Dodds Jr on a date.
(x) …Dodds handling an autistic child with ease.
(x) …Dodds attempting to teach you self-defense.
(x) …hating Dodds at first but then falling in love with him.
(x) …living in the same apartment building as Dodds.
(x) …Mike being embarrassed because his Dad keeps trying to set him up with you.
(x) …forcing Dodds into watching a Harry Potter marathon.
(x) …Dodds going down on you. *NSFW
(x) …going undercover as a couple with Dodds.
(x) …Mike teasing you for your love of disco music.
(x) …you and Mike coping together after a loss in your pregnancy.
(x) …waiting for Dodds to finish his work.
(x) …sleeping at Dodds’ place.
(x) …Dodds Sr. not approving of you being a working mother.
(x) …Mike just talking to you at a Gala.
(x) …being an Omega. *NSFW
(x) …a dominant Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …telling Dodds about your depression.
(x) …your first time with Mike.
(x) …Mike convincing you dating him is okay.
(x) …Dodds taking Olivia’s advice.
(x) …having sexual tension with Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …secretly hooking up with Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …Dodds taking care of you while you’re sick.
(x) …finding your melody.
(x) …meeting Mike after you’ve been stood up for a date.
(x) …Dodds making love to you after a hard case.
(x) …having make-up sex with Dodds.
(x) …dating Sonny but Mike has a crush on you.
(x) …babysitting Noah and Jesse with Mike.
• (x) …adopting a dog with Mike.

Ed Tucker
(x) …Tucker buying you a drink.

Odafin Tutuola
(x) …reminding Fin how much you remind him of Munch.
(x) …Fin being protective of you.
(x) …being Fin’s best friend.

John Munch
(x) …being Munch’s daughter.

Elliot Stabler
(x) …meeting the town’s local baker.
(x) …working the concession stand at all the kids weekend sporting events.
(x) …having your first child with Elliot.

George Huang
• (x) …Dr. Huang examining you.

The Squad
(x) …the Squad visiting you while you are in a coma.
(x) …being in a hostage situation.
(x) …settling an argument between Benson and Barba.
(x) …attending Hogwarts with the Squad.
(x) …the Squad comforting you after a relative insults you.
(x) …the Squad finding out your secret.

The Closet

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Word Counter: 1,483

Anon Requested

A/N: This was in my drafts and like I promised, here it is.

Warnings: None, fluff, slight angst i guess.

You snorted at the conversation you were having with your friends. “No way!” Veronica exclaimed. “I’m being totally serious.” Jughead stated with a wry grin. The current topic was about Jughead’s dog, and how “untrainable” he was. “There is no way he chewed through that bed. I helped you pick it out!” You exclaimed. 

Jughead placed a hand on his heart. “Scouts honor.” “Oh shut up Jug, you were never a Boy Scout.” “You never knew because I burned all the evidence.” He snapped at Archie. Betty just laughed. 

“Oh come on. It said extra durable, chew proof, and was verified for heavy chewers like your dog. What the hell.” You said. “I honestly don’t know how he did it. I left the room for like 5 minutes to make a sandwich and when I came back it was in shreds on the floor.” Jughead sighed. “Back to using old towels for him I guess.“ 

The four of you finally made it to Pop’s where you all sat in your favorite booth. After ordering, you all continued to make small talk about upcoming exams and such as other people form school came into the regular hangout spot. You all heard a loud gloating voice and groaned. 

There he was, Reggie Mantle, in all of his annoying glory. He made eye contact with you and smirked as he stalked over to your table. "Hey guys.” he said maliciously. “Hey Reg.” Archie greeted, he being the only one who was semi-friends with them. Reggie made eye contact with you again before speaking. “Soooo, there’s a party going on later, at my place. And I just wanted to take the precious time out of my day to invite you all.” Everyone’s eyebrows shot up with suspicion. “And why would we ever want to go?” Jughead asked bluntly. 

“Hey it’s just an invitation. Do what you want with it.” He said with his hands up in surrender. “Well, how about you take your invitation and shove it up your-.” “We’ll go!” Betty interrupted with a fake smile. You all looked at her in shock. “Yeah, we’ll all go. Just text Archie the address.” She said as Reggie grinned and walked off. Two glares were sent towards Betty. Specifically, you and Jughead. 

“Oh come on Betty, you know parties aren’t my scene.” You complained. “Yeah, I mean this is by far the worst idea you’ve ever had.” Jughead agreed with you. “Guys, we never get out! Come on, we’re sophomores. And how do we spend our Friday Nights, staying home and watching Netflix?” “

Hey! I’m totally ok with that.” You said. “Yeah, me too.” Jughead added. “Well I agree with Betty.” Veronica said. She stood up from the booth and gestured for you and Betty to do the same. “Come on girls. We’ll get ready together and then meet the boys at Reggie’s.” Your shoulders slumped. 

“But-.” “No buts y/n. Now come on, I’m not taking no for an answer.” She was about to walk off when she suddenly stopped and turned towards the boys. “If you both are not there, I will personally find you and drag you there myself.” She threatened, pointedly at Jughead. 

The next thing you knew, you were being dragged out of Pop’s as you heard a loud groan from Jughead. Veronica took you and Betty to her house, which was rather large. Once you made it to her room you gasped. It was about as big as your house. Betty was doing the same thing. 

“Oh this? This is nothing compared to our old house in New York, now come on, let’s find you two some dresses.” She threw open the doors to her closet and immediately started digging. She threw a couple dresses at Betty insisting she gontrt them on as she searched for something for you. She was satisfied once she pulled out a light blue dress, a red dress, and black dress. 

She handed them to you and pointed towards the bathroom for you to get them on. You looked at yourself in the mirror and groaned, not believing you were actually going through with this. With another heavy sigh, you quickly undressed and pulled on the blue dress. 

You stepped out of the bathroom for the other girl’s opinion. “I don’t know… I don’t think blue is your color.” Betty said as she looked. “Yeah… try the red one on!” Veronica ordered as you nodded in defeat and went back into the dreaded bathroom. You zipped up the red dress and walked out again, this time striking a pose. Both Betty and Veronica scrunched there noses. 

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s the right one either.” “Oh come on,” you struck an even more awkward pose. “You don’t think this one’s it?” They laughed and pushed you back into the bathroom with only one more option. You put on the black dress and looked at yourself. You actually liked this one. You stepped out of the bathroom shyly and awaited the opinions. 

 "Oh my god, I love it.“ Veronica said as she rushed over and examined everything. "Ooooh yes, that one’s it. It fits you perfectly y/n!” Betty commented making you smile. It fit very nicely, hugged your figure, and made your boobs look pretty great. For the next two hours, you all fussed over shoes, makeup, and hair. 

 Once you were all satisfied with your looks, you all carpooled to the address Archie had sent over. You met up with your other two friends outside, where Jughead stood there silently hating the world as you all walked in. There was a bunch of people from school standing around in their own groups of friends. 

When you five walked in, Reggie looked up to see who entered and grinned when he saw you. He left his little group to come and greet all of you. “Archie what’s up man?” He asked as they did the bro hug thing. 

He turned to you. “Y/n… you’re looking very fine this evening.” You felt uncomfortable under his stare. Veronica noticed and grabbed your’s and Betty’s arms. “Come on ladies, lets party.” She said and dragged you away. You three started to walk around, mingled with other people drank punch, had fun. 

About an hour into the party, someone suggested a game of seven minutes in heaven. Of course Veronica forced both you and Betty to play. In total, about 20 or so kids were playing. You all sat in a circle as kids took turns spinning a bottle and then disappearing into a closet for the next seven minutes. 

When it was your turn to spin you sighed heavily, not knowing what to expect. The bottle went in circles, taunting you as it chose who you would be in the closet with. When it finally stopped you were filled with dread as you saw him grin. 

 "I-I don’t want to.“ You muttered to Veronica who didn’t care and shoved you towards Reggie and the closet. He took your hand gently and led you inside the dark space. The door was closed behind you and someone shouted from the other side, "seven minutes starting!" 

 You sighed quietly as you stood not even a foot away from the tall jock. "Why don’t you like me?” He asked sincerely as you looked up to meet his dark eyes in the tinted darkness. “Because you’re an ass to people.” You answered simply.

 "I’m not an ass to you.“ He said. You snorted. "Is that supposed to mean something. You can tell a lot about someones character by the way they treat others.” You stated as his eyes met yours again. “What if I start being nice to other people, you know, stop being an ass." 

You weren’t expecting that. "For what? What’s this all about Reggie?” You asked. It was very quiet for a minute or two before he spoke again. “I really like you.” He whispered. You gulped. “You would change the way you act… for me?” He nodded. 

You smiled softly as you looked down. “How do I know you’re telling the truth?” You asked as you subconsciously stepped a bit closer to him. He leaned down and is lips were only inches from yours. “I’d do anything, to make you mine.” He breathed before connecting your lips. 

 You made no move to pull away as you liplocked. You enjoyed his kiss as he moved his lips against yours expertly. You weren’t expecting that either. The door opened quickly giving you no time to jumps way from each other, but you did, clumsily. 

The other students laughed as they watched you both walk out of the closet. You saw Reggie about to open is mouth so you grabbed his hand, holding it in yours. He looked down at you shocked, but kept quiet as you both walked out of the closet, together.

alaeevolare  asked:

Hello! I was wondering, what are the differences between modern HEMA and how it was used in actual combat? Mainly in how it is/was taught, the way that techniques are/were used, small battles/skirmishes and fully fledged battles. I'm currently drawing from my own experiences with HEMA (longsword) and I know it's different but I'm not sure what all of those differences are, much less how to write them. Thank you!

Honestly, the best advice I have for that is slogging through the treatises from the masters on Wikitenaur or other sites/books that let you get it direct from the horse’s mouth (as it were). If you’re not a trained scholar or used to going through language from a century ago, much less several, I can see how parsing that might be a little difficult.

The second thing to do is study the historical period in which you want to write your fiction or, if writing fantasy, whatever is adjacent. When you want to write any kind of combat scenario, studying the culture is necessary. Whether that’s one you created yourself or history itself.

You’ve got better access to the HEMA community than Starke or I do and that springboard will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. It’s important to remember that what you’re practicing right now is what we conventionally term a “dead martial art”. Like aikido and several other martial arts now enjoying a popular resurgence, the current version did not really exist in the last century. Combat in Europe moved very quickly, rapid advancement lead to many old weapons being discarded that were no longer usable. German fencing was the only form of longsword fencing to survive, and it too is weighed down by rules unnecessary to the time when the longsword was a battlefield choice. Luckily for you, because HEMA itself is so new in its reconstruction, you’re actually far closer to the source material used to revive it than you might suspect.

If you haven’t broached this subject with your instructor, you should. They might know, or know somebody who knows something that can point you in a better direction. They work with the people who work with the people who are theorizing on the past and how to bring this piece of history back to life.

The other thing you need to do is study history. One of the things we do have a lot of surviving records of are historical battles. Lots, and lots, and lots of records.

Pick your medieval historical figure. Pick a period in history. And get to work.

Also, read Sun Tzu. If there is one great historical text for understanding warfare, it’s Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

Battles are really broken down by three groups:




I’d throw in strategy and tactics but those are under the culture header. To write battles, you need both an understanding of historical warfare and the ability to contextualize those decisions so you can have your characters make new ones. This means figuring out not just the thought processes of the people of history (theorized by gaining a better grasp of their circumstances), but also how your own characters think in relation to the world’s they live in.

Unless you’re writing historical fiction, you can’t just copy the battles from history wholesale. You have to learn how the decisions were made. This is why I recommend looking at the above groups.


Who they are as a people, their history, who they are descended from, how they see themselves, their commander’s experience with warfare, what kind of armies do they possess (if any at all), how does that work, how do they form supply lines, how do they pay for it, all that annoying bureaucratic minutia which will kill your brain but must be figured out. War is about troop movements. You’ve got to get them from Point A to Point B somehow, you’ve got ensure their fed, and if they’ve got mounts or armor all that has to come from somewhere. War is an expensive endeavor. Someone is paying for it. Where does the money come from, where does it go, and who is getting paid?

This is why strategy and tactics land under the cultural header, the more you dig into history the more you’ll find different cultures through different eras approached these problems differently. They also had different tools at their disposal which brings us to…


Technology encompasses your weapons, your armor, and, well, everything else that came to mind. Much as you need to know where your soldiers come from, you also need to know what tools they have at their disposal. If they haven’t mastered metalwork and smithing then they can’t have armor and the type of metal they work with defines what kind of armor they create. If they haven’t developed saddles then they don’t have mounted cavalry, if they haven’t figured out how to use horses to pull things then chances are they don’t have cavalry in the form of chariots either.

The same is true of the bow and every other kind of weapon available. Your tools define crucial parts of your tactics and strategy. They define what is available to use and what is available instructs us on how we fight. As the options narrow and you find your historical period, the tools will be easier to come by. Then, you’ll be able to envisage the battles better.

Warfare is complicated, but at its base is the element of rock, paper, scissors. You develop B, so I come up with X, to counter B, and then you develop Y to counter X. It is all about trying to develop new ways to counter the available options.

You brought foot soldiers to the battle, I guess this is what you’ll choose so I array my soldiers at your front and position cavalry behind to break your lines from the side or rear. You use pikes, position your soldiers in columns in order to break my cavalry’s charge or bring a cavalry of your own (or both). I position archers to bombard your lines with a barrage, and so on.

If you really have trouble with the concept then I recommend trying some good war games like Mount and Blade or the Total War series that help you see the battlefield visually and get some practice in arranging your troops.

However, in order to sell your tactics, you need…


What kind of environment are you fighting in? What is your target? What natural impediments are in the way? You can study Hannibal’s battle tactics against the Romans all you like, but if you ignore the fact that most of his elephants died on the march through the mountains then you’ll miss a crucial element to why he lost.















The conditions you fight in can make or break. Terrain defines how the troops are arranged. If you’re fighting on foreign soil then it can be the difference as to whether your tools will be of any use to you.

Some of it is flat out just luck.

The best way to learn to write battles is learning to think like a commander, and then follow that up with every other member of the army.

When it comes to historical fiction, I always recommend Sharon Kay Penman’s novels. They’re well regarded and well researched, providing some human context to what will inevitably be the dry reading of historical texts.


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Kitchen Counter x Ashton Irwin

Word Count: 

Requested: Yes

Warnings: SMUT, Dominant!Ash

Much love…

“Ash, what are you doing,” you muttered as he pressed your body against the wall, catching you completely off guard.

 "(Y/N), just relax, the shops will still be there when you finish. You never take that long anyway,“ he muttered, his eyes locking with your own. 

You nodded slowly as he gripped onto your hips, his lips pressing roughly along your jawline, "Hm, I knew you wouldn’t complain,” he smirked, his lips quickly returning to you warm skin, “You never do." 

His movements were so natural, though nothing about it ever felt rehearsed. The man knew what he was doing but you weren’t making a protest. 

Ashton had always managed to get what he wanted from you. It didn’t take much though as you acted on his every whim, always trying to please him first. He never failed to make sure that you were satisfied too though, that was evident. He was a clear dominant but he wasn’t anything close to sadistic. 

Even so, your plans for an afternoon of shopping with a promise from Ashton to visit your favorite bookstore with the cafe was clearly being put on hold as Ashton continued with his actions. 

"Where do you think I should have my way with you today? I haven’t fucked you in the kitchen in ages,” he purred, “And it looks like we cleaned up just for the occasion,” he continued, dragging you by the hand through the entryway. “Up on the counter,” he demanded, “And how about we take these off,” Ashton offered, pulling at the fabric of your jeans. 

As you slipped off your pants, his eyes roamed your body. He knew your body better than his own and far better than you had. It took a bit of time for you to be comfortable with how possessive Ashton was with you but you grown to thrive on it; in moments like this, his actions seemed only proper. 

“And to think you wore those pretty little panties, it’s a shame that they’ll have to go as well, Beautiful,” he continued, snapping the slim waistband back against your skin. He was so cocky when it came to sex. The sweet and cuddly Ashton you’d fell in love with seemed to be replaced in his hunger. He was raw and needy yet he didn’t want that to be evident. It was masked by his slick demands and sort of unconventional loving that left you buckling at your knees. Nodding, you pulled down the delicate fabric down without hesitation. Ashton had placed a sort of fear in you but you loved it and he knew it. You knew he would never hurt you in the slightest but you still felt small as he took over any balance of power. 

“What a beautiful girl, and she listens so well,” he smirked as he grabbed your hips, “You love when I praise you too,” he continued as he picked up the panties you’d been wearing, “And you’re already wet Baby,” he confirmed, stuffing the fabric into his pocket. 

You were a bit confused as Ashton still remained fully clothed whereas you were left in your top alone, “Ash why are you still dressed?" 

"Oh, I thought you understood why I wanted you in the kitchen. I know how much you hate when I eat in other rooms,” he replied smoothly.

As filthy as his mouth had been, it left you nearly begging for him to use it as promised. He knew the impact his speech had on you, especially as he ran a finger along your heat, “Lean back, just watch your pretty little head,” he instructed before quickly kissing your lips. 

As you leaned back, Ash kneeled down in front of you, hooking his arms beneath your thighs. He yanked your body toward his, nearly pulling you off the marbled surface. 

“Do you want me to eat my beautiful girl out right here,” he questioned, his chin resting directly below your navel, “And don’t just nod, I need to hear that perfect little voice of yours,” he continued, awaiting your consent. 

You had to clear your throat to be able to form any sound as you glimpsed down at your honey haired boyfriend. His eyes hadn’t left your face for a moment, even as he brushed a stray curl from them. “Please Ash, can you give me your mouth?" 

"Of course I can, especially when you know to ask like that,” he groaned, holding down your hips as he pressed his tongue to your clit.

 As he lapped along the length of your slit, you couldn’t help but squirm. His slight stubble served to be an odd sensation against your smooth skin as he continued.

 "Ashton,“ you moaned as he allowed his nose to rub roughly over you clit, his tongue made languid movements against your entrance.

 Ashton pulled away for a moment, blowing cold air at your heat. It felt as though chills were climbing your spine as he did and even though your eyes had been closed, you could sense his smirk. 

 You whined as he was yet to return his attention to your core which caused him to chuckle, "Aw, what’s wrong (Y/N)? Were you getting close?" 

 "Fuck you,” you complained, hands reaching out to Ash, begging for more contact. 

 "Mm, what was that? I don’t think I heard you right Beautiful,“ he mocked, leaning on your hands as he stood up from his knees. 

 "I said ‘Fuck you,’ Ashton. You know what I said,” you spoke bitterly as he leaned down over you, pressing a finger down against your lips. 

 His head shook in disappointment, “You know I don’t like to hear you curse. I gave you a chance but now I’m not sure I should let you cum." 

 You didn’t even attempt to retort against him, Ashton always won. At this rate he wouldn’t be pleased in the slightest so you let out an exasperated sigh. "On the other hand, I love to see your face when you let go. So I’ll get you there under one condition, you’ve gotta be quiet for me, okay?" 

 "Yes Ashton,” you smiled gratefully at his offer. “Good,” he remarked, a finger unknowingly slipping into you as he kneeled down once again, this time pulling your legs over his shoulder, “You’re so responsive, this should be fun,” he insisted as another finger reached even deeper. 

 Forcing yourself to stay silent, you abruptly pressed a hand against your own mouth. Your eyes were pulled shut as Ash ran his tongue against you once more. As his fingers continued to thrust into you at a rapid pace, his lips pulled at your clit, his teeth grazing ever so lightly. Your body tensed around him confirming his thoughts, “C'mon (Y/N), you’re almost there,” he muttered against your skin. 

Your hands reached out to pull at his hair eliciting a soft moan from Ash as your fingers weaved throughout it. Your hips bucked once more as Ashton licked a last bold stripe against you preparing for your release, “Cum for me,” he urged, allowing you to let go.

 "Oh my- Ashton,“ you whimpered out as you came.

 "Fuck,” he mumbled as your body jerked, your head thrown back against the counter. Smirking against your heat, he lapped up the remainder of your release, “This is the best part,” he finished, standing back up to reveal his glistening chin.  

Ashton brought you down from the counter onto rather unstable feet, pressing your body against his. He brought his hand up toward your chin as he kissed your lips almost too softly. 

 You pulled away after a moment and poked at his chest, “You made me hit my head." 

 "Yeah but I also let you cum,” his simper feigning innocence, “I think that should make up for it.”

Counter Act

Spencer x reader

Flood warning

“I’m drunk!“

“Kinda gathered that Pen. When you started hounding Reid to play strip poker it kinda gave the game away,” you laughed at your best friend, trying to push her into the back of the cab Reid had hailed.

“I don’t know where my keys are… I’s losted em.”

“Yep,” you fastened her seat belt. “That’s why you’re staying in my spare room remember sweetie.”

The cabbie turned around, “If she vomits, there’s a $100 soiling charge.”

You nodded waving a plastic bag at him, you had it covered. You and Spencer climbed in on either side of your wasted colleague. You lived in the same direction so he was gonna help you get her to yours and carry on home in the same cab.

The driver set off, Garcia rambling incoherently before passing out on your shoulder.

“How is it that it’s Morgans fault she’s this pissed, but we get stuck making sure she gets home safely,” you looked over at your friend.

“Because Morgans’s the only one that can handle Rossi when he’s wasted. I think we got the easy end of the deal,” he laughed back at you. “She’s drooling on your shoulder by the way.”

“Yep, I can feel it,” you grimaced.

The taxi pulled up outside your house ten minutes later, you shaking Garcia awake.

“No, no no, sleep,” she mumbled as you fiddled with her seat belt and climbed out of the taxi, tugging her with you. She wouldn’t budge.

“Spence….. I think you’re gonna need to come in with us, I’m not gonna be able to get her up the stairs by myself. I’ll call you another cab later or your can crash on the couch.”

He shrugged, paying the driver and hopping out of the other side.

Between the two of you, you managed to drag Penelope inside and push her up the stairs to your spare room.

“Spencer! You’re soooo pretty Spencer. Our little boy genius,” she kept grabbing at his tie much to his amusement as you unbuckled her heels and pulled down the cover to the bed.

“You just need to loosen up a little…. ” she’d managed to completely unravel his tie now it hanging loose at the sides of his neck. “Y/N you think he’s pretty don’t you. She’s told me….. ”

“Sleep Garcia,” you covered her up, placing a glass of water and some advil on the bedside table. She started snoring before you’d even closed the door, and you led Spencer down your stairs to your kitchen.

He went to call a cab, coming back in a few minutes later. “There’s an hours wait, can I just crash here?” he’d rolled his sleeves back up. They’d come loose in his tussle with Penelope.

“Sure thing. Beer?” you pulled two out of the fridge ready. “I’m not quite ready for sleep yet.”

He took one off you taking a long drink as you leant back against your kitchen counter watching him.

Penelope was right, he really was pretty.

“What?” he clocked you watching him, licking the residue of his beer off his lips.

“Nothing, I was just thinking that I agree with Pen. You are definitely pretty Spence. Pretty hot.” Smooth Y/N, smooth…

His eyebrows shot up in suprise, “What?”

You shrugged, “You’re hot Reid.”

“You think that I’m hot?” Disbelief clouded his voice.

You moved closer to him, taking the beer bottle of his hand and placing it on the counter besides him.

“Yep,” you popped the p. “Especially now, slightly dishevelled, tie hanging loose.”

“Erm, I kinda think you’re pretty too,” he blushed slightly, biting his bottom lip.

It was the lip bite that did it and you reached out grabbing the loose ends of his tie.

“Good, it makes this so much easier,” you tugged hard on the tie ends pulling him towards you, his lips coming down to meet yours.

His mouth crashed onto yours, his hands moving straight to your waist and gripping firmly. You started fumbling with the buttons on his shirt making quick work of opening them.

Tilting your head to the side you flicked your tongue out, dragging it across his lip and feeling them part, his own tongue coming out to meet yours hungrily. Fuck, the boy was a good kisser.

Pressing his body against yours he started walking you backwards until your felt the edge of your kitchen island jabbing into your back. His hands moved to bottom of your top, pushing it up and over your head, your lips breaking contact so you could pull it off.

He stared at you hungrily, taking in the curve of your breasts. Tugging on his tie again you pulled him back down, him hesitating before pressing his lips to yours again, “Are you drunk Y/N?”

“Not in the slightest Spence. We don’t have to do this though if you don’t want to.” Giving him the chance to bow out now.

“No, I do want to. I like you, a lot. I just…. Didn’t want this to be a drunken mistake.”

“I like you too Spencer, have done for a while. Now can you just kiss me again please,” you yanked on the tie now, seeing a grin appear on his face before his lips pressed against yours again, moving faster now.

His hands started roaming up and down your torso, grasping at your skin and making you gasp when his palms skimmed over the cups of your bra. He moved his hands up to your shoulders, pushing down the straps. Your hands found his belt buckle, fumbling with it and then popping open his button and zipper.

Moving his hands to your butt, he crouched slightly picking you up and placing you on your worktop, pushing your skirt up as he went. You locked your legs around his waist pulling him tightly to you, feeling him hard against you.

Reaching his hand between your legs he began massaging over the fabric of your panties, the friction making you cry out. Moving from your mouth he started kissing a wet trail down your neck to your breasts pushing down the cups of your bra as he went. Your hands moved to his hair, tangling in his messy curls as he sucked one of your nipples into his mouth, you feeling it harden instantly as his tongue flicked out against it.

“Fuck Spencer….. ” You moaned as his hand moved faster between your thighs, pushing your underwear to one side so he could caress you, feeling how wet you were. You didn’t want to wait any longer, you needing him now. You untangled your hands from his hair moving them down to his pants and shoving them open and down, hearing his buckle clink on the floor. Gripping his erection you positioned him at your entrance, sliding as close to the edge of your counter as your dared without risking falling off.

He kissed back up to your mouth, before pushing himself into you, a groan leaving his throat as you tightened around him.

“So….. So good Y/N,” your legs locked around his waist he began thrusting, filling you deeper with each move. You gripped the sides of your counter to stop from coming off as his pace increased, his hand slipping back between you to massage and rub at your clit, the sensitive nub already throbbing.

Kissing and licking his neck you stifled your moans as his fingers increased their rubbing, driving you crazy.

“I’m close Y/N, this is too good,” he rasped out, his other hand digging into the curve of your ass.

“Mmmmm I know, just a bit…… Oh fuck.” You’d been about to say harder when he hit your sweet spot deep inside, making you bite down on his shoulder.

A few more thrusts and you felt yourself going light headed, that familiar heat rushing through you. “Spencer, I’m gonna….. Ah…ah, fuck.”

The contractions from your orgasm sent him over the edge too and a few hard, fast pumps later and he moaned the same, long low “fuuuck” as he came.

You held each other panting, your legs loosening their grip on him.

“Wow,” he whispered into your neck.

“I know,” you chuckled back.

“Guys…. Are you done? Can I get another drink now?” You heard a voice from the other side of your kitchen door, you both pulling apart quickly.

“Shit!” You both exclaimed grabbing at your clothes, Garcia pushing the door open seconds later a dirty smirk on her face.

“The kitchen counter….. Nice work genius!”

Explained: whoppy machine broke meme
  • This meme is primarily a text-based meme.
  • Although variations exist, the meme can take the format of a chat, which roughly has this format (where X refers to something related to what ‘1′ says) :

1: [attempting to make an order as if at a fast food counter]

2: [X] machine broke

Thin Walls
Word Counter: 2.437

Warnings: Sexual Content (Kind of mutual masturbation]

A/N. So angstyyy

This picture does not belong to me. Credit to the owners:)

It was a wonder how they could be so loud. Or energetic.

All you wanted to do was relax in your room but obviously they weren’t going to allow it. Every now and then, Hoseok (the lovely roommate he was) would bring over his girlfriend so that they could “hang out” but they obviously did more. Sometimes you would go out to avoid the noise they made and other times, you would try to drown the sound out with something else. This just had to be one of those nights.

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