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Meet AutistiCat! 

I’ve been seeing a lot of conversation lately about how much autistic people relate to cats and how we should have a cat as our symbol instead of the dreaded puzzle piece or the rainbow infinity symbol alone since that’s a general neurodiversity symbol. So I created AutistiCat whom I propose for our new symbol!

AutistiCat has the rainbow infinity sign as a bow tie to represent neurodiversity and is a silhouette of a black cat to represent us autistic people with its tail curled into a heart to represent the love within the autistic community and to counter the stereotypes that we are loveless, emotionless robots. 

Use AutistiCat however you please! I would love for this to catch on as the symbol of autism so that we can have our own symbol that isn’t steeped in ableism. 

Make this your profile pic! Use it as a banner! Make art with it! Spread it around!

Let’s make this catch on as our symbol!


taekook af

highschool! au | sweetiepie! taehyung w/ player/basketball player!jungkook

summary; taehyung and jungkook are the type of people who are really known around the school by all of their classmates. ironically, they don’t know about each other…

warning; uh mature language ya

part 1


  “Taehyung, whats the answer to number 5?” Jimin whispered to Taehyung, who was sitting right next to him in math class.

  “I don’t know, dude. At first, I got 5 but then I messed up and somehow got 106, so honestly, you’re asking the wrong person, bud.” Taehyung shrugged, pouting his big lips to his best friend of 4 years. They were now seniors in high school and were super ecstatic to be in a class with each other. Unfortunately, they didn’t know how much one would distract the other so they have some trouble in their shared classes, including math. 

  “You’re useless.” Jimin ran his fingers through his hair frustratingly and decided to give up on his worksheet that was going to be due the next day.

  “I give up. I suck at math. When are we ever going to need this pre-calculus shit?” Taehyung whispered to himself.

  “Well, actually if you get a certain jo-” Jimin butted in who Taehyung just glared at to not finish his sentence.“Rhetorical question, Minnie. Rhetorical.“ 

  Taehyung took a breath, putting his head down on his desk. He was beyond tired since he had to get up really early to have his siblings up in time for school and fix them breakfast since his mom was asleep still when he woke up. He didn’t have the greatest morning either, to top it off. He spilled coffee on his favorite shirt he chose to wear today but had to put it in the washer and put on a plain black shirt along with his ripped jeans for school. When he dropped off his siblings, he went straight to school and ended up being caught in morning traffic.

  Once he got to school, he had 5 minutes left to spare to get to class. Normally, any student would think that’s enough time to get to class. Unfortunately, for Taehyung, it actually stressed him out a lot. He normally likes to arrive at school 30 minutes prior so he can talk to his friends for a few minutes, look over his homework and make sure most of it is done, and eat a proper breakfast from the school cafeteria. He ended up being one of the last few people to enter the classroom, which shocked some classmates who were paying attention. It’s not that Taehyung was a school goody-two shoes or anything. Its just everyone is used to seeing Taehyung being class while he greets almost everyone since he sits in the middle of the classroom.

  After his first few classes, he wasn’t able to concentrate very well, which frustrated him to no end. Some of his classmates offered him to just take notes for him but he kindly declined since he would feel bad for letting someone do that. Taehyung looked towards the clock and noticed that it was almost lunch time and he couldn’t be anymore excited.“Dude, are you okay? You look more tired than usual.” Jimin asked worriedly. Taehyung is tired most days but not as tired as today. He was just completely done with today already. All he wants to do is eat, go home, and go back to sleep. Unfortunately, he has to finish his school day, pick up his siblings, make sure his siblings and mom have dinner, do some homework, and then he could go to sleep. It was his daily routine, and he still manages to have a social life.

  “Had to take the kids to school. Mom didn’t wake up in time. Spilled coffee on my favorite shirt. Got stuck in traffic. Was almost late to class. Just not the best day, to be honest.” Taehyung huffed, wishing for some ramen right now.

  “Damn, I’m sorry Tae. Well, maybe your day will get better, you know? I mean you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.” Jimin giggled which made Taehyung come up with a small but sincere smile. Jimin was always the optimistic one in there friendship. Not that Taehyung was the pessimistic, Taehyung was just more of a realist some would say when it came to his own problems. When it came to others, Taehyung would not stop to no end to make sure the other person was feeling better. That’s what Taehyung was also known for, anyway. He was always known as being very supportive to others, even strangers, and also being just a happy person overall. Even though, Taehyung might be a realist when it came to his own problems and was tired most of the time, he was happy. He loved taking his sibilings to school at times, he likes making sure school is going good for him, and he likes taking care of his family. Doing these things make him feel like he has a purpose in this world, you know?

“Yeah, yeah.” Taehyung waved.


  “I’ll have one cup of ramen with sausage and egg, please.” Taehyung smiled toward the lunch lady behind the counter. Unlike the stereotypical lunch lady personas that people and television have made up, she smiled brightly towards him and said “Coming right up, Taehyung.” Some people might find it rather odd if the lunch lady knew their name, but not Taehyung. Taehyung wasn’t popular, as like in the “I’m cool! I have parties and smoke! Come hang out with me!” kind of way. He was popular as in, “Oh yeah! Taehyung! I went to grade school with him. He’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.” and recently as in, “Oh Taehyung is so sweet! He dated that Minjae guy, right? Too bad, Minjae broke up with him. His loss, though.” Those are some of the reasons on how people know Kim Taehyung.

  “That’ll be 6.94.” Taehyung heard next to him, which was a tall, black haired boy in front of the cashier with his own tray of ramen and a water. HE looked towards the boy and noticed he had a really nice back. He seemed very built but also really tense for one split second.

  “Uhm…” Taehyung heard the boy’s unrecognizable voice say. His voice was even nice.“I only have 4 dollars…” the boy said awkwardly while trying to be apologetic as well. Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows and felt a little bad for the boy next to him.“Oh, well then I’m sor-”

  “I’ll give you the change.” Taehyung said while getting his wallet out getting $3 out. While he was gathering his change, the black haired boy turned towards the blonde hair boy who was very close to his height and widened his eyes in shock which was also found in his voice.

  “N-no dude, its fine. Ill just wait till school ends.” The black haired boy, who was looking at how nice the boy next to him looked in such a simple outfit.

  “Dude,” Taehyung scoffed, still counting, trying to get his change for his change for his lunch as well,“Its just $3. I got this. You can eat lunch in peace now.”

  "Thanks..” the other boy said gratefully. Taehyung handed the change to the cashier and before he could spare a glance at the slightly taller boys face, the boy was already walking towards the back on the cafeteria where Taehyung doesn’t sit at.

  Once Taehyung sat down, he heard Jimin and Yoongi having a dispute about something. Their arguments always amuse him because they both act like they hate each other even though they totally want to get into each others pants. Jimin actually has had a crush on Yoongi for quite awhile now, but Yoongi started being an ass towards him randomly some time last year, so Jimin was just an ass back. Taehyung knew Yoongi was only an ass to Jimin was because he didn’t know how to deal with is feelings towards Jimin. Its like your classic fan fiction, honestly.

  “How can you say that? These shoes probably cost more than your piece of shit car!” Yoongi spat towards Jimin who just scowled back.

  “Oh, I’m so sorry,” Jimin put up his hands in fake defensiveness, “Did I hurt your shoes feelings? Awe…poor tacky shoes.” Jimin said while backing up to look at Yoongi’s shoes.

“Fuck you, Jimin.” Yoongi rolled his eyes.“You fucking wish, Min Yo-”

  “Okay, okay guys. Can you guys go a day without fighting? Jesus, as much as it entertains me, it also gives me headaches.” Taehyung groaned while setting up his lunch.

  “Bad day, Taetae?” Yoongi said softly. Taehyung softly nodded while having a soft smile to reassure that he’ll be fine.

  “But, I did help someone pay for their lunch just now which makes me feel good inside. I feel like a good human being.” Taehyung smiled widely since he did feel good about himself. He probably would’ve paid for the boys meal if he let him.

  “Always being sweet Taehyung. Living up to your name.” Yoongi said while him and Jimin smiled towards Taehyung who just blushed and started eating his lunch while hoping for a better day.

hey everyone! hope you liked this first chapter!! please tell me what you think and let me know if you want a second chapter to introduce jungkook! ~

Proposal for the Usage of VOCALOID in US Colleges for Study and Educational Use

A piece I wrote for my final project in English composition in college. It’s a bit lengthy (1500+ words) but I am very proud of it. As a long-time VOCALOID fan and now a student at a US university, I wish to help spread awareness, interest, and love for everything VOCALOID in the United States during my years in college.

Paper under the ReadMore.

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Are a counter culture of stereotypically bland and aggressive bears, but are instead a relaxed loving and colourful variations on their peers that preach love and individuality, but aren't afraid to kick ass if someone's in their way... Care Bears. They must be punk, right?

That is amazing. I never thought of that. They seem super fucking punk to me now that you put it that way.

~ mod Petar

Request: Water Buddy

Request: There’s 12 minutes left of Wednesday and I want to use 2 of those minutes to request a Sam x Reader imagine involving mermaids! Doesn’t matter if she’s a mermaid, or if they’re working on a case that involves mermaids, anything you’d like. I just think it’d be super cool. Please and thank you :)

Word Count: 1,512

This was really cool because we don’t have a massive amount of lore from the show on mermaids, so I kinda just made it up as I went along. I hope you like it, and thank you!<33

“Sam?” You ask, looking over at your boyfriend. You’ve been poring over these books for what seems like forever and you’ve only now had an idea.

“Yeah?” He doesn’t look up from the dusty old tome you’d recovered form a back corner of the library that hadn’t been touched in decades.

“Are we looking at mermaids here?”

That grabs his attention. He looks up at you, his brow quickly furrowing.

“What do you mean?”

“Think about it. Guys – usually young, between twenty and thirty-five, leaving clubs with pretty girls. The next morning, they appear, drowned. I know you were suspecting some kind of siren and a lot of it’s the same mythology, but…” You trail off, and Sam shrugs.

“It makes sense. I’ve just never heard of mermaids being real.”

“There are a lot of things we’ve never heard of,” You say optimistically, “And it’s the only lead we’ve got.”

“You’re right. Let’s get digging.”


You spend the next hour trawling through the records in the library, gathering all of the information you can on mermaids – where they come from (Syria) and how to kill them (with a man-made metal) and where they like to hang out (dark, damp places, but they won’t live in slums). You make it out of the library, before realising that you’re nearly out of steel bullets.

“You go on ahead, get Dean caught up, and I’ll stop by that little ammo shop.” You tell Sam. He kisses you gently before agreeing, walking off in the opposite direction. You go the other way, heading down to the ammo shop – the place closes in a half hour, so you hurry slightly, wanting to get back to the motel before nightfall. At this time of night, the dusk is just beginning to creep in.

You head into the shop and a bell chimes at your entrance. You attract the attention of the guy behind the counter – your stereotypical middle-aged white guy with whiskers dotting his chin. He smiles slightly as he sees you.

“Hey, darlin’. Need some help?”

You look over the racks of bullets on the wall, and shake your head.

“I’m fine, thank you.”

You head over in that direction, and begin looking for the right bullets.

“Know what you’re doing?”

“Sure do.” You offer him a smile, “I grew up hunting.”

“With your pops?”

“Sure, and grandpops too.” You say – might as well throw him off track a little, “I sometimes still do a bit with my boyfriend and his brother.”

He smiles, coming up behind you.

“What are you looking for?”

“Just… this one!” You grin, reaching up to grab the right box, “Thank you.”

He leads you over to the register and begins ringing up the purchase.

“Steel bullets?” He remarks, “Why steel?”

“My pops always trusted ‘em the best.” You reply evenly, suspicious of this guy. He grins.



“I’m more of an iron guy myself.” He remarks. You smile.

“That’s what my boyfriend’s brother reckons.” You add, “But… you keep on with what you up with, right?”

“Which is why you keep hunting?”

“Sure is, mister.” You nod as you hand over the money. Suddenly, his eyes narrow and turn a dark blue – like the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean.

“Hunters.” He hisses, “Thought you could get past us?”

He throws the box of ammo at the floor and the scatter. Your eyes widen as he launched himself over the counter and tackles you to the floor.

“We’ve been here for decades and will not have hunters ruin that!” With one blow, you’re out like a light.


“She should be here by now.” Sam says worriedly, pacing the floor. Dean looks over at him, brows furrowed.

“She’ll just have run into some old lady on the street. You know what she’s like, she can’t say no.”

Sam shakes his head, “Something’s wrong, Dean. Trust me.”


You wake up in a small room. The air is humid and it’s all but pitch black, the only light coming from a tear in the blackout fabric covering the window. You’re tied securely to a chair and you groan, your head aching. You’re tied with what seems to be lengths of fisherman’s rope – long, thick, and potentially sea-washed. A green tinge to what you can see of it indicates some sort of algae, maybe, covering it.

“Ah, she awakes.”

It’s the man from earlier, stood before you. Except… he’s different. Instead of skin, he has peculiar pearly scales, and his eyes reflect the dark blue of the ocean floor.

“Mermaid?” You ask blearily, and he smiles.

“Bingo.” He doesn’t seem malicious, you ponder. Then you remember that you’re trussed up in a dark, sauna-like room somewhere you don’t know.


“Why what?”

“Why are you killing people now?”

“My daughters have lived for centuries, hunter, and they get bored.” He smiles slightly, “Feeding is not as easy as it used to be.”

“They feed on those guys?”

“They do.”

“Do you have tails?”

“When in water, yes.”

He seems to be proud of what he is – all the better for you.

“I like your scales.” You offer, and he grins, showing razor-sharp teeth, almost like a shark’s.

“Why, thank you. How would you like some of your own?”

“Not really.”

“Oh, come on.” He groans, “They never want to be turned, but they grow to love it. Look at my girls now!”

“I know, but I spent hours moisturising my face and-”

“Be quiet, human!” He hisses. Well, at least it’s a step up from hunter. Or is it?

“Sorry. Just out of interest, how do I go about… turning?” You ask.

Come on, guys. I’m running out of questions!

“It’s simple. All you do is sit there while we feed you the waters of every ocean.”

“That’s all?”

“No. Then blood.”


“It’s worth it. Finally, we drown you.”


“Again, painful, but worth it.”

“What about the death part? How would I – not that I can, being all… tied up and whatnot… but if I could, how would I?”

“Steel bullets. Any manmade metal, unfortunately.”

“Must make finding cutlery awkward. Or are you more into finger food?”

“Please, shut up. Someone’s coming.”


He shoots you a look that makes you hush, and you strain to listen. He must have much better hearing than you do, as you can’t make out a thing.

So, you keep making noise. Distracting him is the best thing is the easiest way if it is Sam and Dean.

“So… did you ever watch that H20: Just Add Water show? Is it like that? 'Cause that would be awesome! But what happens when it rains? I’ve always wondered that. I mean… it must suck. How do you drink? Do you drink blood? I tried it once when I was a teenager but it was just weird 'cause it was my own and I felt really weird. What about… bodies? You eat the flesh? Or do you, like, just eat the legs so that you can keep your own human legs. Wait, that’s not right, I’ve seen the bodies…” You babble on and on, totally meaninglessly. He buys it, though, tuning into your voice rather than whoever is approaching. He tries to tell you to be quiet, but you just keep going.

That’s when the door bursts open and three gunshots ring out through the room. Two hit his chest and one hits his neck.

Sam and Dean race forward – Dean checking the mermaid, and Sam coming to untie you.

“Are you alright? Did he hurt you?” Sam asks, cutting the rope away. You laugh it off.

“Nah, he was chill.”

“Chill? Y/N, he sired mermaids. He wanted to change you into one.”

“How did you know that?”

“One of his girls told us.” Sam shrugs, pulling you to your feet. You wobble slightly and he catches you, wrapping a secure arm around your waist, “Easy, there.”

“What about the girls?”




You laugh, and Sam presses a kiss to your lips as the three of you leave the house the mermaid family had taken up residence in.

“I’m starving.” Dean remarks loudly, grabbing your attention, “Who votes we go and get something to eat before we leave this joint?”

“Can we get fish?” You request, and both brothers groan.

“Maybe we should have let them turn you.”

“Screw off. You’d be dead without me, and you know it.”

“She’s kind of right, Dean.”

“I know she’s right, dammit. Let’s just get pie and move on.”


One thing I’m really loving about Criminal Minds is how often the characters refer to each other as family - loudly and overtly. Usually when you get action shows (as well as ‘masculine’ characters - the muscled, FBI shoot-‘em-first-ask-questions-later type) the only reference to love that you get is subtext, or at the most a declaration when someone is dying/presumed dead. But Criminal Minds says ‘screw you’ to all that. Penelope says “I love you” to the team all the time. They constantly say it back. Rossi admits freely that he’s more “married” to them than any of his ex-wives and Hotch is as protective as any Papa. Reid has had a HUGE amount of character development in terms of becoming comfortable around everyone, JJ shouts loud and clear that she doesn’t want to leave, the team becomes Emily’s literal family when Doyle is looking for someone to target. And Morgan, the most ‘masculine’ and presumably ‘stoic’ of the lot is throwing out “I love you”s left and right. 

For ‘just a cop show,’ Criminal Minds helps to counter a lot of stereotypes. There’s a ton I could say about it. But by far my favorite thing is that they let the found family actually acknowledge that they’re a found family. They’re proud

And that’s super refreshing. 

fictionalized replied to your post: I know I reblogged the post myself, but can we…

I mean, it’s common, but I feel like the most commonly presented face of bisexuality is usually bisexual women being into women? Which is probably a conscious counter to the stereotype that women are just pretending and men who secretly gay. Or maybe I’m putting too much thought into this.

You can’t talk about the bisexual women just pretending, or just being into women, without bringing up the lesbian influence in that stereotype. I mean, “ew, I don’t want to date you, you touched a penis!” hasn’t done much for our PR.

Mod Review: Doctor Strange (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Doctor Stephen Strange is a brilliant surgeon who gets into a car accident that leaves him without the use of his hands. Having exhausted his options, he travels to Nepal and meets the Ancient One, a being who instructs him in the ways of “magic”. However, the world falls into peril when a former pupil of the Ancient One, Kaecilius, plots to open the Dark Dimension and set free a powerful being that can plunge the world into oblivion. It is then up to Doctor Strange to keep the world together as well as find the strength within himself to embrace his new path.

Just a head’s up: for the first part of the review, I’m going to look at it objectively as a film. The second part of the review will address things like diversity, feminism, and other social justice concepts. If that is not what you want to read, I suggest you turn back now and just read some Rotten Tomatoes reviews. 

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$34 = $168

I’m working a different job now (thank god) but I used to work as a shift leader at a Cold Stone Creamery in a very upscale and suburban neighborhood. Many of our customers were impatient soccer moms. This continues to be my favorite story of “what the hell is happening in this customers head”. It’s a bit long but worth it. It only gets worse with each moment.

One of my duties as shift leader included making ice cream cakes (one of my favorite parts of the job). So about 4pm on a Friday night one of my coworkers comes to retrieve me from the back and informs me someone wants to order a cake. I meet her out by the counter–very stereotypical soccer mom; her sunglasses probably worth as much as I make in a week. The first thing she asks me is how long cakes took to make. I inform her that online orders take 24 hours, and in-store orders (like the one she’s making right now) take 36. She seems to understand, and I begin filling out her information and what she wants the cake to be like. It’s a medium birthday cake, worth $34. My very last question is, “what day do you need this by? When is the party?”. She responds, “Tomorrow morning at 11am”.

I lose my words for a second, I’m not going to lie. I finally stammer out that, ma'am, we make a lot of cakes during the summer and we really need 36 hours to finish a cake, as I told her beforehand. I add that, if she orders RIGHT NOW online, we could get it to her in time for a dinner tomorrow? The lady flips out. She’s telling me that it’s “ridiculous” that I need so much time for a cake. I stand my ground, refusing to prioritize her cake over the 6 other cakes I have to make and frost this weekend. She storms out with an ominous “whatever, it’ll be ready when it’s ready I guess”. I assume she’ll settle for the dinner cake and put her order with all of my other cakes.

I close the store at 10pm that night, even getting 2 (and a half) of my cakes done. My boss scheduled me for back to back shifts, so after sleep and relaxation, I’m back bright and early at 9am to do prep, and open the doors at 10:30am.

You’ll never guess who walked in, at 11am on the dot.

Suburban mom asks me how I’m doing and cheerily comments on how nice it is outside. After some nice chit chat, she reaches into her purse, claiming she’s “ready to pay for her cake”. I tell her that, don’t worry, she can pay when she picks it up!! The mood drops in the most terrifying manner. “You mean it’s not ready?” she snarls. “I told you I would be back at 11am to pick it up!”. I remind her how long it takes to make our cakes. I tell her that frankly I haven’t even started hers and how freezing and refreezing cakes is a MULTI-HOUR process. A screaming fit ensues. She asks for my manager. I tell her I AM the manager. She requests the phone number of my higher up, so I reluctantly hand over my owner’s number and (insincerely) apologize for the inconvenience.

Fifteen minutes later I get a call from my boss. “Just give her anything she wants,” he sighs. “Offer her a pre-made cake for free. I don’t care. Just get her to stop calling me”.

She-devil walks back in after another brief period of time, looking smug. I apologize again, and tell her that we’d be happy to give her a pre-made cake and write on it (but, unfortunately, we only have small cakes pre-made, and not medium). She can’t take a small cake, she insists, she has 12 boys to feed at a party, and the smalls feed 8. I offer a solution–a small cake, and (this is where I get in trouble) “ice cream enough to feed all of those boys”. Soccer mom seems content. A coworker and I tag team this order, eager to get her out of our hair. I grab some icing from the back and write the “happy birthday” message while my coworker hand-packs the ice cream for her.

Around “happy bi” my coworker comes to find me, white in the face and shaking. “I packed her 2 pints of ice cream but she wants more”. I sigh and quickly finish “rthday”, and hand over the cake to the mom. She already has the 2 pints in hand.

“2 pints and the cake should be plenty for you and for the boys,” I assure her. “No, you promised me enough for all of the boys. I want one pint of ice cream for each boy.” I decide its time to put my foot down, asserting “ma'am, any more than this and I’m really going to have to ask you to pay”. She seems, yet again, to understand. So we set to work on the crazy request. Each pint of ice cream is, normally, $12. The small cake is $24. The total for this order for a normal customer would have been $168, but we were discounting her $24 for the cake and $24 for the ice cream (and remember, the original cake was worth $36, so we were generous to give her $48 of product). So we pack the ridiculous amount of ice cream into paper bags and I ring her up for $120 (for the 10 extra pints). This woman loses it, calling us nuts and robbers, and tells us she won’t pay a dime. Throughout this screaming fit she manages to pick up the 4 paper bags, the cake, and her purse. And she storms out the door.

My coworker and I are frozen. I immediately call the owner, freaking out, asking if I should call security or the police or if I should ban her from our store forever. He’s exasperated. He wants to move on with his life. He tells us he’ll pay for it and to just let her go.

I went into the back room, found her cake order, and tore it up.

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Question: So I recently started reading Marauder Wolfstar AU Fics and noticed a few things about Remus and I was wondering where they came from. A lot of them describe Remus as having tawny curly hair, where does this description come from? Also, apparently he has a habit of covering his mouth with his sleeve when he's nervous. Is this a canon thing I missed in my reading or just a very popular HC? Also, is curry a big thing in the UK cause the guys seem to eat a TON of it?

-This comes from fandom.  He is described as having light brown, graying hair in the books.  When Harry sees him after his death via the resurrection stone he’s younger than he was when he died, and his hair is described as being thicker and darker.  Whether darker simply means less gray, or means that his hair was a darker shade of brown when he was younger, I’m not sure.

-This comes mostly from fandom, but likely has roots in canon.  He’s often portrayed as being nervous or shy.  Neither of those are either confirmed or denied in the books, but we do know that he compensates for being a werewolf by maintaining a very reserved personality (publicly), both to keep attention away from himself and to counter the stereotype that werewolves are uncivil even in human form.

-I wanted to say that curry is big there, but I don’t live in the UK.  So I hopped on wikipedia and found this:

Anglo-Indian cuisine

Some Anglo-Indian dishes derive from traditional British cuisine, such as roast beef, modified by the addition of Indian-style spices, such ascloves and red chillies. Fish and meat are often cooked in curry form with Indian vegetables. Anglo-Indian food often involves use of coconut, yogurt, and almonds. Roasts and curries, rice dishes, and breads all have a distinctive flavour.

Signs of curry’s popularity in Britain slowly became evident by the later 1960s and 1970s, when some establishments that originally catered almost exclusively to Indians gradually observed a diversifying clientele.

So yes!  It looks like it is pretty popular.

Now, I’m assuming you’ve already thought of this, but in the fics you’re reading is James of Indian descent?  It’s become more and more popular to headcanon him as Indian, and I’ve seen a lot of fics include “some of Mrs. Potter’s curry” as a tie-in to that.

I hope this was helpful.  :)

The Negro National Anthem

Lift Every Voice and Sing was initially a piece of poetry written by James Weldon Johnson in 1899. The first public performance of the piece took place in Jacksonville, Florida at the Edwin M. Stanton School where Johnson was the Principal at the time. Five Hundred school children were gathered to recite the poem to commemorate the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln on February 12th 1900. It was five years later that Johnson’s brother, John Johnson, put music to the words. It was one of many songs they produced to counter stereotypes of African Americans brought about from early 1900s musical theater. By 1919, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) had adopted Lift Every Voice and Sing as their official song and proclaimed it “The Negro National Anthem.”


Lift Every Voice and Sing
By James Weldon Johnson

Lift every voice and sing
Till earth and heaven ring,
Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;
Let our rejoicing rise
High as the listening skies,
Let it resound loud as the rolling sea.
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us,
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun
Let us march on till victory is won.

Stony the road we trod,
Bitter the chastening rod,
Felt in the days when hope unborn had died;
Yet with a steady beat,
Have not our weary feet
Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?
We have come over a way that with tears has been watered,
We have come, treading our path through the blood of the slaughtered,
Out from the gloomy past,
Till now we stand at last
Where the white gleam of our bright star is cast.

God of our weary years,
God of our silent tears,
Thou who has brought us thus far on the way;
Thou who has by Thy might Led us into the light,
Keep us forever in the path, we pray.
Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee,
Lest, our hearts drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee;
Shadowed beneath Thy hand,
May we forever stand.
True to our God,
True to our native land.

Black Man and Aro/ace Woman in Platonic Relationship

Anonymous asked: In a story I’m working on I want to explore an almost-romantic relationship between my aromantic asexual main character a black character who’s her friend, but I’m paranoid that at the end when they decide to keep the relationship platonic people will attribute this to his race instead of the real reasons, since this assumption has happened to me (an asexual) in RL despite clarification. How do I minimize this risk besides changing her race (it’s important to the plot that she’s from Spain)?

Because of limited information I still have some questions which could heavily influence they way I’ll answer this question. I’ll do my best to address all/most possibilities though.


First of all, you don’t have to change her race. You did though, only specify that she is Spanish, which doesn’t say anything about her race/ethnicity. She could still be Black or she could be a Rromani Spanish girl, etc. There are many different ethnicities among the Spanish, so you could explore that. 

Second, what is your Black male characters’ orientation? Are they both aro/ace or is this a mixed relationship (in terms of one being non-aro and/or non-ace)? It should be made clear for your characters what the need and want in a relationship is for them.

Now, there are the desexualization and hypersexualization tropes which should be taken into account concerning your PoC characters. For your Black character, regardless of his orientation he might be portrayed or seen within the light of hypersexuality if you aren’t careful enough. The thought that Black people can’t be ace is pretty pervasive and very damaging and despite a lot of people not being aware of the romantic orientation (that it can be seen apart from the sexual orientation). 

I think Black people are oftentimes also seen as aro, because of the broken family tropes (having children without marrying, father abandoning the child and mother, hypersexualization as in casual sex over “romantic sex”/relationship). In case of him being non-aro and/or non-ace it is okay to let him have his needs and wants, but don’t sexualize/sensualize all his actions. There’s a time for everything. He is not some animal who can’t control his urges regardless of his libido. 

It would be wise to explore these stereotypes/tropes and how they affect Black men. I am also going to mention, just to be safe that there is nothing wrong with aromanticism and asexuality, since there’s still plenty of stigma going around. 


Now your characters start out as friends, then they explore their wants/needs in their relationship and contemplate having a romantic relationship, but then choose to keep it platonic. That is something very interesting to explore and I’m sure lots of people (including me) can’t wait to read about this. 

To not have the choice to keep it platonic be because of him being Black is to counter this stereotype within your writing. I think this part is essential so readers who have internalized this could challenge this. Another very important thing to do is flesh out your characters and clearly show their motivation. Why have they chosen for this type of relationship?

Then one last thing. Are they just friends, best friends or are they in a queerplatonic relationship? There are many degrees of platonic relationships which would be great if explored. Platonic love shouldn’t be downplayed either because it is just as valuable and worthy as romantic love. 

~ Mod Alice

In the 1830s, D. W. Kellogg (and his brother) became prominent producers of decorative prints, which often took the form of creative mapmaking. The following creation is called “A Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart,” a “map” showing the different places contained within a lady’s heart. While it’s certainly a sweet idea and (obviously) beautifully executed, the faux topography doesn’t do much to counter female stereotypes when one can “visit” places like “Love of Dress,” the “Province of Deception,” or the “Land of Selfishness.”

review of each of the @overwatchagainstbullshit mods:

  • 76: edgy and boring
  • bastion: :3c
  • anime is evil and thus you are evil
  • genji: transphobic and boring
  • hanzo: makes barely comprehensible counter-points and hilariously stereotypical anti-sjw insults
  • junkrat: same as admin76
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  • mercy: same as genji, mccree and mei
  • reaper: doesn’t exist apparently
  • roadhog: how many boring transphobes can one blog possibly have
  • symmetra: six, apparently
  • tracer: anti-terf, actually points out hypocrisy in their own anti-sjw circle and reblogged a post correcting misinfo from a previous post by the blog… the most goodest and redeemable mod
  • widow: same as reaper
  • winston: eh
  • zenyatta: just regular boring

Being Black—but Not Too Black—in the Workplace

Being a person of color at a predominantly white workplace creates its own special kinds of stress. 

To be a black professional is often to be alone. Most black doctors, lawyers, journalists, and so on—those in white-collar positions that require specialized training and credentialing—work in environments where they are in the racial minorityThis comes with challenges. Beyond outright discrimination, which many still face, there are psychological costs to being one of just a few black faces in a predominantly white environment. In a study of black professional workers in a number of different occupations, I found that these employees worked to carefully manage their emotions in ways that reflected the racial landscapes they inhabited.

In particular, black professionals had to be very careful to show feelings of conviviality and pleasantness, even—especially—in response to racial issues. They felt that emotions of anger, frustration, and annoyance were discouraged, even when they worked in settings where these emotions were generally welcomed in certain contexts—think litigators interacting with opposing counsel, or financial analysts responding to a stressful day on Wall Street. Interestingly, this often played out at trainings meant to encourage racial sensitivity. Many of the black professionals I interviewed found that diversity trainings—intended to improve the work environment for minorities—actually became a source of emotional stress, as they perceived that their white colleagues could use these trainings to express negative emotions about people of color, but that they were expected not to disclose their own honest emotional reactions to such statements.

One of the most interesting recent contributions to this area of research comes from legal scholars Mitu Gulati and Devon Carbado. In their book Working Identity, they argue that while everyone needs to create and put forth an “appropriate” workplace identity, for members of minority groups—women of all races, racial-minority men, LGBTQ people—this becomes particularly taxing because their working identities must counter common cultural stereotypes. For example, black men may feel compelled to work longer hours as a way to repudiate stereotypes of a poor work ethic among blacks. To make matters more complicated, such strategies can backfire, reinforcing other stereotypes: Working those long hours may lead colleagues to assume that the workers lack the intellectual preparation needed for high-status professional jobs.

Carbado and Gulati also note that minority professionals tread cautiously to avoid upsetting the majority group’s sensibilities. Put simply, they can be visibly black, but don’t want to be perceived as stereotypically black. As Carbado and Gulati write, a black female candidate for a law firm who chemically straightens her hair, is in a nuclear family structure, and resides in a predominantly white neighborhood signals a fealty to (often unspoken) racial norms. She does so in a way that an equally qualified black woman candidate who wears dreadlocks, has a history of pushing for racial change in the legal field, is a single mother, and lives in the inner city does not.

The same is true for professional workers who are members of other racial minority groups. For instance, Latina attorneys may be able to advance further at work if they take pains not to speak with any trace of an accent. These are challenges in addition to the more well-known ones—the difficulties finding mentors of the same race, coping with racial stereotypes, being treated as a representative for one’s entire racial group.

So what does this mean for black workers in professional environments? First, it’s indicative of the degree to which race shapes occupational outcomes. In many circles, people feel more comfortable reducing racial issues to class-based ones, assuming that poverty explains much, if not all, of the differences between minorities and whites.

But for blacks in professional positions, issues of poverty are not the problem. Poverty does not explain biases in hiring, the need for particular types of emotional management, and the careful self-presentation that minority professionals engage in at work.

Second, all of this ought to encourage a rethinking of some of the existing efforts to create more diverse work environments. Do diversity and inclusion initiatives take into consideration how minorities placed in those environments feel? How can policies create not just more equitable hiring processes, but address the emotional toll of being a racial minority in a professional work setting?

In the current political climate, there is generally support for solving race-related employment challenges by focusing on job training and education—in other words, increasing human capital to improve access. Given the research, it’s also important to consider how to create better workplaces for the minority professionals who are already in these jobs.  


anonymous asked:

hi, i think you're pretty rad. i see you're interested in the whole 'anons calling us homophobic are just bitter' debacle and i'd just like to clear something up?? personally, i 'ship' larry and believe that they are together. nevertheless, i think that people who also think they're a couple sometimes make these generalizations that just are not politically correct. harry twirling on stage does not make him gay, louis' hand positions should not dictate his sexuality, and so forth. (cont)

many of the people who believe that ‘larry is real’ don’t appreciate the fact that these generalizations are being made, and THATS why so many people are saying that these big larry blogs are being homophobic. because they are. homophobia isn’t just ‘hating the gays’, its the perpetuation of stereotypes as well.


Hello, anon.  Thank you for sending me this ask.  I’m going to do my best to think about every part of it and respond to it fairly.  I don’t want to be dismissive of anybody.

I definitely don’t want to endorse a generalization like “all the anons calling us homophobic are just bitter.”  I think that there are some anons that would fit that description.  I do know for a fact that there are many people on this side of the fandom who share your views, and have real-life, serious and thoughtful reasons for doing so.  So that’s who I’m going to respond to now, and I’ll just lay out some of my own thoughts.  I want to state at the outset that I do not think that you are wrong.  But I do have a bit of a different perspective, which I will put under a Read More because it is lengthy.

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Watch: Young black scholars destroy thug stereotypes with slick “Suit & Tie” video

The group of student scholars, athletes, Eagle Scouts and future college students reveal they have the aspirations and work ethic like the rest of America’s youth — and they do it in style. As the students dance throughout the video, signs that flash across the screen of the “Suit & Tie,” remix, delivers messages like, “We are scholars,” “We are employees and volunteers” and “ We are not thugs,” to continue to counter the negative stereotypes that live in the national imagination about minority males. 

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Viet, queer, boy.

Those words carry years of searching, and sometimes they still feel not quite me. Not in the mood to talk about identity much, making sense of it is hard. Growing up in the U.S. I haven’t belonged in the dominant culture, but not at home in “my culture” either.

I’m sharing my face because seeing all your faces have made me feel comforted and inspired.

Struggling with mental health, money, and more. My tumblr is ( Tell me how you do it.

PS: I’ve seen a lot of submitted posts countering the submissive asian stereotype, along with the stereotype of asian women as prostitutes. Shoutout to all the asian femme sexworkers who have to deal so much with racial sexualization in surviving.