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Her Heros

Warnings: none

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary/Request: Can you write a Bucky x reader? During his morning jog he finds a little preschool age girl wandering around alone and she tells him her baby sitter was being mean and left her there? He brings her to the tower for something to eat and to track down the mom. When mom shows up worried sick she’s surprised to see her tiny daughter with some of the team, cartoons and the winter soldier himself giving her a piggy back ride all over the room.

A/N: This is beautiful thank you for your request! I hope you like it! - marvel-avengers-world

Every morning Sam, Steve, and Bucky wake up early to jog outside together.

But today, Bucky wanted to run alone. After waking up from a nightmare he just needed some space and time to clear his head.

He was so caught up in his thoughts, that he didn’t notice how far and fast he ran.

Finally coming to a stop, he looked around and noticed that he could no longer see Steve or Sam anywhere.

He also noticed that he unconsciously ran to his favorite park. He sighed, already hearing Steve’s lecture that was sure to come.

“Well..I guess I should get back…” He thought out loud. He heard quiet footsteps before something tugged on his workout shirt, making him tense.

He whirled around expecting some guy with a gun, but instead there was a little girl, smiling softly at him.

“Hi…” She waved shyly.

He lowered his hands and looked at her in confusion. Why was she talking to him?

He turned his head, there was no sign of her parents. “Um, hi?” She giggled at his response and touched his metal arm, which he instinctively jerked back.

Normally people stare at his arm with wide frightened eyes. But she was looking at it like it was a toy. Like she admired it.

He really thought this had to be a trick.

He thought maybe Hydra was using a little girl to lure him back to them. She could be a spy. Or have superpowers, he thought .

“What are you doing out here alone?” He asked suspiciously. She giggled again and gave him a heartwarming smile. “I ran away from my babysitter.”

He was even more confused now. “Why did you run away?” She sighed and her smile slipped, “Alexa was being mean.”

Bucky felt his heart tug at her cuteness.

But the suspicion of her working for Hydra was still in the back of his head. So he kept his guard up.

“Who’s Alexa?”

The little girl, who Bucky guessed could be no older than 6, scowled. “Alexa’s my babysitter. But she’s a meanie! She left me alone at the playground, she was talking to a boy.” Bucky squated down next to the girl. He could tell she wasn’t lying, years of training taught him to know when anyone was lying.

“Whats your name?” He was gradually warming up to her now that he didn’t think she worked for Hydra.


Bucky smiled at her, he looked around again for her parents. But no one seemed to notice the two.

“Have your parents ever told you about talking to strangers?” Sophie nodded enthusiastically, a smile still on her face.

“Yeah, momma told me never talk to strangers.”

Bucky shook his head and laughed. “Then why are you talking to me?”

Sophie looked up at him with a wide smile.

“Because,” She took two steps towards him and hugged him. “You’re not a stranger.” Her little arms didn’t go all the way around his torso, letting Bucky escape her grip easily.

He was completely shocked at what Sophie said. He wasn’t a stranger to her? He began to think maybe she knew him from his time as the Winter soldier. But then again, why wasn’t she scared of him if she did?

“You know, you’re my favorite avenger!” She laughed again and went to pick up a flower that was growing nearby. Not seeming phased that he didn’t hug her back.

Bucky was over the moon, an innocent child saw him as her hero. Him.

He continued to talk with Sophie. They talked about many things, and Sophie told him all about her lousy babysitter. She was explaining all about how she loved the Avengers, and how her mom loved the Avengers too, when Bucky remembered that Sophie was currently missing.

Only he knew where she was.

“Hey, Sophie, why don’t we go to the Avengers Tower so I can try to find your mom. She’s probably worried.”

Her eyes went wide, “I can meet the Avengers?” She asked in disbelief.

“Sure kiddo.”


*•*•*• •*•*•*

There was a loud rattle, causing Tony to look up from his new project. “Kid, put that down.” He said sternly.

Sophie stepped away sheepishly from one of the many Iron-man suits Tony designed. “Sorry, its just really cool!”

Tony smirk and smugly said “I know.” He looked back down at his new suit, fiddling with some of the wires before there was a loud crash that caused him to jump up.

“Sorry! Sorry, I’m so sorry!” On the floor was a dismantled suit, and a scared looking Sophie.

He shook his head and sighed, “F.R.I.D.A.Y. Tell Bucky to get his stray out of my lab would you?”

“Yes, Mr. Stark.” The woman’s monotone voice answered.

Sophie ducked underneath a lab table to hide. “Bucky won’t find me here!” She giggled causing Tony to smile.

“Nope. Barnes isn’t smart enough to find you there kid.”

Her giggle was cut short as the labs doors were opened.

“Alright Stark, where is she?”

Tony gave him a wicked grin, “Now that would ruin the game wouldn’t it Barnes?” With a wink he turned his attention back to his work.

“Fine.” Bucky huffed. He stilled his movements, using his advanced hearing to try and hear any noise. With a smug grin, he followed the sounds of Sophie’s breathing to her hiding place.

“Found you, sweetheart!” She squealed as Buck carried her out of the lab.

“Bye Iron man!”

She caught a glimpse of Tony giving her a two finger salute and a wink, before the doors slid shut. Bucky carried her all the way to the main kitchen, where Cap sat reading a book.

At the sight of the Captain, Sophie let out a huge squeal.

“Oh my gosh, its Steve!”

Steve calmly looked up with a grin, “Is this the Miss Sophie I’ve been hearing about?”

The girl scrambled out of Buckys arms and into Cap’s awaiting ones. “Woah! I feel so small!… So this I’d what happens when you eat your veggies…”

Steve chuckled at Sophies unfiltered mouth.

“You’re my third favorite superhero!”

Bucky beamed at Sophie and Steve teasingly asked her who her favorite is. Before she could answer, Buck cut in and smugly announced that it was him.

“So…who’s your second favorite if Buck is your first and I’m your third ?”

“Well…” She shyly stepped out of Steves embrace.

“Who is it sweetheart?” Bucky asked out of curiosity.

Just then Natasha entered the kitchen in her Black Widow suit.

“Hey James. Steve.”

“Hey Nat.” The boys nodded at her as she brushed past them to one of the cabinets.

Sophie squealed loudly causing all three adults to turn to her startled. “No way! Its Black Widow!!” Sophies eyes were as big as saucers, “All of my favorite heros are here!! Oh my gosh mommy is going to be so jealous!” Sophie bounced up and down looking between all of her heros.

Nat gave the boys a suspicious look.

“Did…Did Stark finally find his long lost kid?” Steve doubled over in laughter and Bucky clutched his stomach.

“No! Oh god, no!” Cap wiped tears of laughter from his eyes.

The boys filled in Natasha on who Sophie was, all the while the kid played with Bucky’s hair.

And Nat tried not to show it, but she was deeply touched that she was one of Sophies heros.


After barley three minutes, Natasha had all the information she could find on Sophie’s mom, Y/n.

Single mom of one child, steady job as an assistant for a famous actor, hired a babysitter for Sophie because Y/n would be at work during the day- Those were just a few things Natasha now knew.

“Okay Barnes, I’ve already contacted Sophie’s mom, Y/n, she should be here in 20 minutes or so.”

Bucky thanked the spy, and turned back to Sophie. “Hey, Sweetheart, your momma is gonna be here soon.” Sophie let out a little yay, before running over to Steve. “That means you’ll get to meet my mommy Stevie!!”

“I can’t wait!” Cap grinned enthusiastically.

Your daughter giggled, and climbed onto Bucky’s lap, continuing to braid his hair.

Natasha snickered quietly when she saw Bucky’s “new hairstyle”.

*•*•*• •*•*•*

As soon as Y/n got out of her car, she practically ran towards the doors of the Avengers tower.

Angrily muttering to herself all the way.

I knew something was wrong with Alexa. Glad I fired her, leaving my daughter by herself! All for a guy.”

Y/n brushed past secruity guards, who all looked at her questioningly. She ignore all stares sent her way, she was on a mission.

Getting her daughter back

There was a receptionist desk infront of two doors that looked heavily locked.

Y/n went up to the woman behind the counter, skipping past the whole line that was waiting. “Excuse me ma'am, but I’m here to find my daughter. She-”

With a glare the receptionist shook her head “Miss, you must wait in line like everyone else.”

I’m here to find my missing daughter! There is nothing more important!”

“Miss, if you don’t leave I’ll have to call secruity.”

Y/n was beyond angry. Her daughter was with people she didn’t know, and all that was standing in her way was a stubborn receptionist.

“Listen here lady,” Y/n leaned in close, her eyes in a deadly glare. “I was contacted by Natasha Romanoff, to pick up my daughter.” The receptionist looked at you in disbelief.

“Don’t believe me?” Y/n chuckled darkly, “Call Black widow, or Tony Stark. Any of the Avengers for all I care. But I want my daughter now.”

There was small murmurs thought the line, but Y/n’s eyes didn’t leave the lady behind the desk. Only when someone tapped on her shoulder did she turn.

“Hello Y/n, I’m Natahsa Romanoff. The one who contacted you on behalf of you’re daughter.” Nat looked at you with a blank stare. “If you would follow me, I can take you to Sophie.”

Y/n let her shoulders relax slightly, and nodded. Quickly following the famous Black Widow.

The two walked onto an elevator that automatically opened once Natasha said something about Friday opening the doors? Y/n couldn’t be too sure, she was to busy looking back at the receptionist with a smug smirk.

Once both of the ladies made it on the elevator, and the doors closed, Natasha dropped her hostile expression. “That was interesting to watch Y/n.”

“What was?”

Nat looked at you in amusement. “You staring down poor Claire. I thought she was going to have a heart attack.

Your mind was still set on finding your only child, so you didn’t feel any embarrassment at all. “Yeah well, no one’s going to keep my daughter from me.”

Nat nodded, a look of, sadness maybe? Crossed over her face.

Just then the doors opened, revealing a shocking sight.

There stood a smiling Steve Rogers, and a laughing Bucky Barnes. And on Bucky’s shoulders was your little girl, laughing.


The child looked up with a smile. “Mommy!” Bucky put down Sophie, and the two of you raced to one another. You engulfed her in a bonecrushing hug while the others smiled at the reunion.

“Oh sweetie I missed you. I was so worried.” You kissed the top of her head, and smiled widely when she giggled.

“You didn’t have to worry mommy! I was with Bucky, Nat, and Stevie! Even Tony!” Sophie was radiating joy, and you finally relaxed, your daughter was safely back in your arms.

“I didn’t know Alexa was so mean to you I’m sorry honey. I told her she can’t be your babysitter any more.” Sophie still smiled, “It’s okay mommy.”

Y/n picked up Sophie and held her on her hip. Steve held out a hand, giving her a blindingly white smile. “Hello Ma'am. I’m Steve Rogers, pleasure to meet the mom of Sophie.” Y/n sheepishly shook his hand.

She finally realized how she acted when she was looking for Sophie and who she was in the same room with.

“Hi, you can call me Y/n. And thank you for helping watch over her.” Steve nodded and stepped back while Bucky stepped forward.

“Glad to meet you doll. I’m James Barnes, but you can call me Bucky.” A blush dusted Y/n’s cheeks. Bucky was in front of her. And he knew her name.

“Um, hi. Thank you. For uh, thank you for keeping Sophie safe. Natasha told me everything and I really appreciate it.”

Bucky grinned “It was no problem at all. Sophie was an angel. I’m happy to have meet such a wonderful little girl.”

Sophie laughed and wiggle doubt of your arms. She went over to Nat and started braiding the spy’s hair. Nat at first seemed startled but she quickly relaxed into the kids touch.

You watched as Sophie talked with Steve and Nat, and you smiled widely. Of course you know how happy she must be to meet her heros.

You were the one to talk so highly about all of the Avengers. Especially about Bucky, Nat, and Steve.

Telling her how much of a good person Natasha is, and ignoring all of the negative comments from others about the ex-red room assassin.

You were also the one to tell her all about Steve’s accomplishments. Making sure she looked up to Steve Rogers and not just Captain America. You told her about James Buchanan Barnes, a brave young soldier who went through a lot. How he was controlled by Hydra to do things he didn’t want to do. And how is actually a good person.

“You did well with her.” Buckys deep low voice drew you’re attention from the cute scene in front of you, to him.

He was standing beside you, looking at you with a look you couldn’t quite place.

“I did?” Bucky smiled and nodded. “She’s an amazing little girl.”

Y/n laughed. “Yes she is.” Bucky then looked down scratching the back of his head.

“Uh, she told me about how much her mom loves the Avengers.” Your cheeks burned red, hoping Sophie didn’t reveal to much.


“Yeah, and I must say, I was surprised she wasn’t scared of me when she first meet me. But then, she told me all about how you taught her that I was a good person. That she shouldn’t listen to the news or gossip. And…its refreshing to know not everyone thinks I’m a monster.”

Your head quickly snapped towards Bucky, caught in the moment you lightly grabbed his hands.

“You are not a monster. People spread rumors all the time. And people are Adrian of what they cant control. But Bucky, never have you been a monster, you have always been a good person. And yeah, I made sure to let Sophie know the truth about all of the Avengers. I didn’t want my child to listen to lies the media drilled into peoples heads.” Bucky looked at you in awe.

He couldn’t understand how such a beautiful person inside and out could exist. He was speechless for a few seconds. Making you think maybe you stepped over a line.

You quickly released his hands and shifted from foot to foot. “Uh sorry, got a little carried away there.” You kept your gaze on Steve tickling Sophie while Nat checked her hair in a mirror.

You were about to get Sophie to leave and go home, but once you took one step Bucky stopped you.

“Theres nothing to be sorry about.” He held you in a hug, and looked down at you shyly.

“Would you? I mean, would you like to go on a date with me? Sometime? You don’t have to say yes if you don’t want to…” He looked like a schoolboy asking out his crush.

You were giddy, a wide smile swept over your face. “You know, I would love that.”

He grinned widely and held you tightly again. You both stood side by side, watching Sophie play tag with Steve, Buckys arm around your waist.

“How about tomorrow at 6? I think Steve will gladly watch over Sophie.” Bucky suggested, and you couldn’t stop smiling.

Nat then “accidentally” tripped Steve so Sophie could catch him. Their laughter ringing thought the living room.

“You got yourself a deal Mr. Barnes. I can’t wait.”


Dennis looks at her, wide eyed. He wasn’t expecting her to say yes. He’d taken a chance, but he never thought it would be successful.

Dennis in a rush: Lala. Te prometo. Te haré la mujer más feliz sobre la faz de la Tierra. I promise. I will make you the happiest woman on Earth. I will spend my life doing so. But why wait for the baby to be born? Why not-

His words are interrupted by Lala’s cell phone buzzing. Lala frowns. Who could be calling her so late? She walks to the counter and her heart skips. 

Remy. He called her relentlessly every day, but never so late. Dennis glances at her screen, sees Remy’s name at the top.

Dennis: Don’t answer it.

Lala: It’s late. He never calls this late. He could be in trouble.

Dennis annoyed: And how would you help him if he were? Dejalo. Leave it, Lala. He’ll be fine.

Lala rubs her neck. Dennis proposes, she accepts, Remy calls. It was as if it were a sign…

Lala: I’m answering. I’ll put it on speaker. I don’t want secrets between us, Dennis. Just let me hear what he wants.

Dennis sighs: Fine. I won’t say a word. I like my internal organs in one piece.

The Art of Eternal Youth.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 20 - “I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet willies.”  Filled for @novemberhush

Thank You for the prompt, it’s a little crazy, but I hope you like it nonetheless.

“Mike,” Harvey murmured, giving him a gentle squeeze of the shoulder.

Mike was lying face down on their couch, snoring loudly and reeking of alcohol.  He’d gone out last night for Harold’s bucks party (Yes, Harvey had joked aloud, who on earth would marry Harold?).

Just after 9 am, Harvey had received a very exciting text message.  He’d spent half an hour making as much noise as possible, banging the kitchen cupboards, and blasting the ‘Rocky’ soundtrack through the television but Mike still hadn’t moved, and if anything he just snored louder.

“Mike,” he insisted, picking up his arm and dropping it, so it thudded against the leather.

“Go away,” Mike grumbled into the leather, “s'too early.”

Right, Harvey thought to himself, he couldn’t wait to share this news, so Mike needed to join him in the land of the living immediately, he could sleep later.  Sticking his index finger into his mouth and working as much saliva on it as possible, he grinned down at his sleeping husband mischievously.  It was Mike’s pet peeve, and he knew this would get him up.

He stuck the wet finger in Mike’s ear and wiggled it around.  It took about two seconds for Mike to respond by grabbing the pillow from under his head, rising and giving Harvey a good whack with it, “That’s disgusting Harvey, what are you five?” Harvey was cackling, one arm shielding his face and the other covering his man parts in case of a subsequent strike but instead was taken off guard when Mike rugby tackled him onto the mirroring couch.

“I woke you up bec-”

“I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet willies.” Mike scolded, now astride Harvey with his hands on his hips, “Payback’s a bitch,” he explained running his hands over Harvey’s sleep soft tee-shirt lovingly. He grinned as he stopped at his oblique’s and starting a feather light tickle with his fingers.  Harvey bucked and wiggled and tried to slap Mike’s hands away but from his position, Mike was too strong.

“STOP!” He tried to sound authoritative, but it spluttered out amidst a jolt of laughter as Mike started to scrape his stubble under his chin, yet another ticklish spot.

Everyone saw it, not just the PSL crew.  Opposing counsels, judges, and politicians.  Since he and Mike had started dating, Harvey had felt and acted ten years younger, his eyes sparkled, and he was up for any adventure.  

Unfortunately for Harvey, he had given away all his ticklish spots very early in the relationship, and thanks to an eidetic memory, Mike knew where every last one resided if he ever decided to torture him like he was now.

Harvey sucked his finger into his mouth once again and wiggled his eyebrows at Mike.

“Don’t you dare,” Mike threatened.

“Oh, I dare,” Harvey replied, making quite a show of twirling his tongue around his finger.  Mike usually would have enjoyed how sexual it looked, but not now that he knew what Harvey was going to do.  

As swiftly as he could, Mike tried to spring up off Harvey, but Harvey caught him by the thigh, and they both went crashing to the floor, Harvey’s phone slipping from his pocket and skidding toward the kitchen.

Mike saw his opportunity when Harvey’s eyes followed the phone, commando rolling out of arms reach, and sprinting for the master bedroom.

“Chicken Shit,” Harvey yelled out after him, picking up the phone and watching as the sliding doors closed, only to see Mike pop his head in-between the doors, wink at him and call him a pussy back.

As the doors closed he heard Mike yell ‘And my aim is better than your cooking’, then after a beat he added the ‘Sweetheart’ sardonically, knowing Harvey hated the pet name.  There was a thundering of feet outside the door.

“Well, now I’m going to give you the wettest willie you’ve ever had!” Harvey professed absurdly to the closed door.

Mike snorted from his position of ‘using the bed as a barrier for when Harvey charged’, “Promises, promises.”

No, I think I’ll definitely want to do that with you after you hear the news, Harvey thought to himself as he carefully slid open the door revealing Mike with a playful grin on his face, ready to run on the far side of the bed.  Harvey didn’t tread on his expensive furniture, EVER, today being the exception.

He ran around the custom-made bed, and as predicted, Mike tried to scuttle across the bed, in an effort to evade him.  Harvey pounced, jumping onto the bed and tackled Mike from behind.  He dragged him back toward him, Mike clawing at the bed edge as Harvey playfully exposed and sank his teeth into the curve of his ass, eliciting a soft whine.  The sound wound out of Mike’s lungs; it was half pleasure and half pain.  He stilled, relaxing for a moment as Harvey ran his hand gently over the bitten flesh.  Then quicker than the Flash himself, he managed to wiggle away and bolt for the kitchen, Harvey three steps behind him.

“Stop chasing me!” Mike laughed, putting the kitchen counter between them.

Without skipping a beat, Harvey replied, “I can’t stop, it’s my job.”  

They did one lap of the kitchen before Harvey latched onto his arm and flattened him against the fridge, their bodies aligned from thigh to chest, as he kissed him deeply.

“I love you,” Harvey mumbled into the kiss.  Mike groaned, the dizzying combination of Harvey’s words, and the taste of the coffee he so desperately needed making him glad that Harvey was holding him in place.

Harvey pulled away, Mike’s bottom lip still glistening from his last taste.  He took his time just staring at him in wonderment before he spoke again.

“Truce?” He asked, smiling at the perfection that was Mike.

Mike had a goofy grin on his face, “Yeah, you’re forgiven.”

Harvey beamed, “Come sit down; I did wake you up for a reason!”

Mike followed him silently back to the couch they had wrestled on minutes earlier.  He watched Harvey remove his phone and set it on the messages screen.  When he handed it to Mike, their hands touched, and Harvey looked at him with such adoration and devotion that Mike simply couldn’t believe how lucky he was, he had the perfect husband, the job he’d always wanted.  Everything was perfect.  Harvey motioned toward the phone.

Picture message from Amanda:  So happy to finally tell you both that you are going to be dads!  The Doctor said everything looks good and is going perfectly.  So you have 30 weeks to wait! Xx

Mike stared, open mouthed at the tiny little blob on the screen.  He re-read the message, all the while his brain screaming 'I’m going to be a dad!’  'Harvey is going to be a dad!’  'I’m going to be part of a family of three!’ and with that thought, the tears threatened.  

This time, Harvey pushed Mike onto his back and straddled him.  Mike brought his hands up to Harvey’s face and cradled it, “I’m getting a family,” he whispered emotionally, “I can’t believe we get to have this,” he said, pulling Harvey’s face down to his, “I love you, Harvey.”

The End.

Authors Note:  Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the second last instalment (one more to go).  You can find the rest here - Millie’s Mini Marvey Musing’s

I discovered far too late that I’ve been scanning the images for TPatJ at way too low a resolution so I just had to go back and rescan a bazillion things super slowly, I’ll also probably have to scale up the pages I’ve already done and reapply the sketches so the bgs will need a makeover too and my hand is still hecked up and BLAAARARGHH WHY

so anyway

have a thing I drew when I could still hold a pencil

Not Your Fight Pt. 2

Hey! here’s part 1!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,235

Warnings: Violence, Injury, Cursing


“Friday, get me visual on the rubble. Anyone left?”

“My sensors indicate one person. Female.”

“Jesus Christ,” he muttered as he hovered over the ruins.

“Hey, did you see a girl, young, long curly hair in there?” Peter began asking around frantically, praying that he’d find you among the crowd.

“She went back to check if anyone was left, she was the last one,” a woman answered.

“No, no no no, no no come on (Y/N),” he panicked. “Wanda! Wanda over here! I need your help lifting the rubble, (Y/N)’s trapped in there and we have to find her!!”

Rhodes worked to put out the fire as Tony scanned the rubble for any sign of you.

He lifted his hand to shoot a hole in the base of the emergency stairwell to get access to you.

“Tony, stop! Any blow to the base could cause a collapse. Any shifting of the rocks could prove fatal. You can’t shoot your way out of this one,” Friday warned.

Wanda began peeling back the layers of broken concrete that covered the ground.

“I see something!” He yelled.

A scraped hand draped itself over the remains of the twisted stairwell railing. Peter raced over, tripping as he ran across the uneven surface. He fell to his knees by your side.

“Wanda!!” He cried. She carefully lifted the rubble from your back.

“Ch-check vitals… please… (Y/N) come on, please, some, someone call an ambulance!” His hands shook as he brushed the hair and dust from your face. Tony landed by his side.

“Friday. Vitals.”

“Heartbeat detected. Multiple broken bones, possible fractured skull, smoke and dust inhalation from the collapse. Emergency medical is on the way, but Tony, this doesn’t look too good.”

Peter ignored him. He came with you to the hospital, never leaving your side. He held your hand the whole way, and watched as they rushed you into the ER. He stood outside the room, watching them work frantically to bring you back to life.


Tony joined him.

“There was no reason for you to bring her here! She can’t handle this kind of thing.”

“Well clearly, neither can you!” He countered, skipping the small talk.

“She’s just a kid!”

You’re just a kid!

“But I have powers! I have strength and speed and, and flexibility, and… and what does she have? Huh? A fractured skull, broken ribs…” His voice cracked. “She may never be able to run again, Tony. You know how important that was to her?”

“Yea well, she’ll just have to learn another hobby to de-stress.”

“Yea? You should start taking your own advice, maybe pick up knitting, instead of coming up with all these “internships” to lure in kids that look up to you, just to have them give up everything they care about so you can prove a point to somebody.” Peter tore his earpiece out and tossed it at Tony’s feet. He blinked tears out of his eyes as he pushed past him and left the hallway. He found a seat in the waiting room, took a deep breath, and broke down. He buried his face in his hands as Wanda took a seat next to him.

“Tony… he doesn’t have the best way with words, does he?” she put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “She’ll make it through this.”

“But what next? She’s not gonna wanna stop after this. I know her. She’s just like…”

“Just like you? Just like all the rest of the Avengers, who won’t give up the fight for what they believe in? Sounds like she’ll fit right in.”

“But, she’s not supposed to fit in. She can’t handle this. She could get, she could’ve, I mean, what if she didn’t make it out of there? What if I didn’t find her?” His voice cracked. “I can’t- I can’t lose her. She has so much to live for. This wasn’t her fight.”

“This was nobody’s fight. This was Tony’s fight against himself. None of us should have been involved in the first place, but we were. And nothing can change that, but now we have to move forward.”

“Excuse me, are you the family of (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” A nurse came out carrying a clipboard.

“Yes,” Wanda answered, standing. She nudged Peter out of his seat.

“She’s being airlifted back to the US for treatment. As of right now, she’s in stable condition. Frankly, I’m surprised she pulled through at all.”

“Will she ever be able to walk again?” Peter questioned. “She was uh, on varsity track.”

“That’s another story. As of right now, she faces possible paralysis in both legs. It’s too early to tell, but with injuries like this, it isn’t common for patients to regain that feeling in their legs. If we’re lucky, she’ll just be wheelchair-bound after this.”

Peter’s world slowed to a stop. The nurse continued to talk with wanda, but he didn’t hear them. The only thing left running through his mind was you.

“Peter?” Wanda stood over him, breaking his focus.

“Are you ready to go?”

“Go where?”

“Home, to New York.”


You spent the next 2 weeks in intensive care, alone save the few nurses that pattered around you periodically to check your vitals. You were flooded with cards and flowers from your friends and distant family, but you didn’t get anything from Tony; you’d be lying if you said you weren’t at least a little surprised. You figured he’d at least send a card or something. But the worst part of the whole thing was not being able to see anyone. The doctors kept you isolated to prevent you from getting too excited. They didn’t feel that you were strong enough to handle it yet. But the two-week quarantine was  finally over today, and instead you began rigorous physical therapy to get your strength back.

The nurses wheeled you down to the therapy room, a large open space filled with various sets of weights and fitness machines.

“So where do I start?” You asked, overwhelmed by the options.

“We actually have a special brace for you, to help you walk again. It’ll speed up the healing process by weeks, and it’s your best bet for gaining the full range of mobility back in your legs. And it was donated to you, so there’s no charge for it.”

You wheeled yourself over to the case it was in. You noticed a small yellow envelope stuck to the side with your name on it. A Get-Well-Soon card.

“How’s this for workers comp? - Tony”

You rolled your eyes as the nurse helped you suit up. “Mr. Stark also sent something else to ensure a speedy recovery,” the nurse said, smiling. She helped you to your feet and guided your hands to a set of bars on either side of you so you could support yourself.

You cocked your head. Your heart stopped as you felt a tap on your shoulder from behind.

“Peter!” Without hesitation, you threw your arms around him, losing your balance. But he was right there to catch you. You struggled to gain your footing back on your own, but with Peter, you steadied yourself, and eventually stood straight up again. He flashed a proud smile as you began to take small, shaky steps towards him.

“Rehab’s gonna be hard, alright? But I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

A Day Out Together

Flug and Dementia decide to spend their day off together and though Flug doesn’t wanna go in the first place, the two do start to have fun together! 

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Joshua||Im a mess|Drabble Game

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this. I haven’t wrote a story this long for a wile now, it feels good. You hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Originally posted by lovejoshua17

You watched Joshua’s dancing and singing figure from the tv. You were mesmerized by how amazingly talent your bf was. All you want right now was to hold him and tell him all about how perfect he is. He would probably let out his cute soft laugh before telling you are perfect you are! Just thinking of being in his arms made you miss him more. Maybe you should make him his favorite dinner, so when he gets home he has a delicious meal to enter to. You smiled at the thought of how he would react, he would probably turn let red before hugging you so tightly you could barely breath. You sat up from the couch, taking a quick glance at your reflection in the window. You looked like a mess, maybe you should get prettied up. Yeah Joshua didn’t mind if you were in sweats and your hair was messy, but sometimes dressing up made you feel good. So approached the  bathroom, washing your face and putting on some minor makeup. You smiled at yourself before brushing your hair and styling it in your favorite way quickly. Walking out you glanced at the clock, you still had about 1 hour before Josh should be back. You grabbed old wooden box from you counter, skipping through it you looked for Joshua favorite meal. After preparing it and setting it in the oven to cook, s went and sat back down on the couch. You watched as two pretty young idols girls interviewed the boys. One of the girls whose name tag read, Saerim, kept getting close to Josh and hitting on him. You scoffed at her, she was on live tv who did she think she was? What made you even more mad was that Josh didn’t seem to do anything about it! All he did was smile. Yeah he was the gentleman of SVT but still! He had a girlfriend, why couldn’t he push lightly push her. Thinking these thoughts you grew angry. You started to cry realizing that you shouldn’t even be in a relationship with him, you shouldn’t even have met him. WHy were you even dating him? What did he even see in you? Gosh, this wasn’t fair, Sarim was so pretty and you looked like a potato with hair! Ou cried for so long you didn’t even realize the interview was over, nor do you realize that your bf was on her way home to a disastrous girlfriend. When Joshua entered the door he wasn’t expecting what he saw. Chicken was cooked and laying on the counter, however you were on the floor crying. At first he panicked thinking you burnt yourself, however he didn’t notice any burn marks. Quickly he took off his shoes before running to you. He held you in his arms, not wanting to say anything yet in fear of making you cry more. “Josh, tell me you need me,” you managed to croak out through sobs. Josh’s eyes went wide before speaking up quickly “baby, of course I need you!” he fought the tears that threatened to fall. He had no clue why you were suddenly so insecure, but whatever it was was it was hurting him watch you be eaten alive by the thing. ‘I shouldn’t be in love with you,” you croaked out once again. This time the tears fell from Josh’s face. He kissed the top of your head. “No one should be able to tell me who I can’t and can love, Y/N you are the love of my life and I wouldn’t trade you for anything” you smiled at Josh’s words. Glancing up you looked into his eyes. His eyes we full of concern while rimmed with tears. You then glanced over at your reflection in the window once again. You looked even worse that before, your face wa streaked with mascara and your eyes were bloodshot. You looked back at Josh only to be met with a pair of warm lips. “I love you,” he mumbled into the kiss as it quickly got heated. You pulled yourself up and onto his lap, straddling him you. You had wrapped your arms around his neck while his were around your waist. You both laughed a you pulled away, smiles burned on both your faces.


Stupid Human (Erik Lehnsherr x reader)

Summary: Erik falls for a human, which to him is very stupid.

Warnings:Light swearing

“Stupid, stupid, you’re being stupid,” Erik whispered yelled at his reflection. You’d only been living in the mansion for a couple of weeks and you managed to steal the metal controlling mutant’s heart. Erik was confused why you were staying at the mansion in the first place, you were human! The two of you had only one conversation, which consisted of Charles introducing you to the rest of the staff, and Erik merely grunting at you. But, the amount of times the two of you bumped into each other was far too often to be a coincidence. Erik had a feeling a third party had something to do with it, but he didn’t want it to stop.

Erik was under some kind of spell, he had never really been so infatuated with another person, much less someone as different as you. As he walked from his private room to the empty halls, he used the time during his stroll to think about the single human in the mansion. While doing that, he realized he knew absolutely nothing about you. You were almost like a hidden treasure to him, something he wanted to discover for himself.

Entering the kitchen, he found you sitting on the counter while Alex shamelessly flirted with you. But, the (h/c) girl seemed oblivious to his advances, and Alex looked just about ready to give up.

“Good morning Alex,"Erik glared at the blonde boy before turning to you with a smile. ”(Y/n) it’s good to see you too. Hope I’m not intruding on anything.“ Erik directed the last part of the sentence towards Alex, and he took that as a hint to leave the kitchen. Last time Alex managed to piss off Erik, he was running away from flying kitchen knives. (Y/n) was happy to see her crush Erik,but was not as excited to see him be rude to her friend Alex. Everything about Erik intrigued (y/n), his mutation, his past, his perfect little smile (y/n) could feel herself daydreaming about him

"Well, it was nice talking to ya (y/n), but I have training with Hank now,” Alex gave you a half wave and sprinted out of the kitchen Hoping to avoid upsetting Erik even more.

“Bye bye Alex! Talk with you later,” swinging her feet, she jumped off the counter and skipped towards Erik. Jabbing her finger into his chest, she did her best to come off as menacing, but all she did was make herself look like a pouting five year old. “Now listen here Mister.Magneto!” she kept poking her finger into his chest while over pronouncing every syllable in ‘Magneto’. “Why were you so mean to Alex back there? He and I were having a lovely conversation, and you scared the boy half to death! Don’t. Be. Fucking. Rude!” slapping his chest, Erik merely laughed at your attempt to intimidate him.

“Why are you so defensive over Alex? Got a little crush on him human?” Erik accused, hoping you’d say no. “N-no, it’s not like that! He’s my friend, friends are nice to other friends and defend them! Something you would no nothing about!” you had no clue were all this confidence came from, but you were done arguing with him. You turned to leave, but the shark Erik, grabbed your wrist and spun you around, make the two face each other eye to eye.

“You really are a stupid human huh?” bringing his mouth close to your ear, his breath was warm, you could feel his heartbeat against yours. “He was flirting with you, I didn’t realize friends flirted so shamelessly with friends like that.”

“Why do you care so much Erik? A little jealous of pretty boy Alex?” the conversation quickly changed into a yelling match.

“Well maybe I am!” he suddenly yelled. Shocked by his sudden outburst, (y/n) stood there stunned, unsure of what to do. Erik looked beyond flustered and was about to leave, before (y/n) pulled him into a kiss.

“You’re the stupid one,” she whispered against his lips.


Sorry for taking so long to upload another fic, I was out of town again. Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed, leave a like or reblog. Requests are open, so feel free to drop one in the ask box. Please do not reupload any of my stories! Gif is not mine.



leonmashedpotatoes  asked:

Hey! My name's Leon, and I've been my groups dm for around three years, but at some point two years ago I got depressed and had no motivation to work on my homebrew campaigns, now this year ive been trying to dm my dnd club at school but now for some reason when I start, i get super anxious and overwhelmed and the session never really goes well. This month I'm going to be running my first module "shackled city" 3.5 and I'm super excited, but I'm scared that I'll get overwhelmed. Any advice?

As a DM, I struggle a lot not to burn myself out. Characters are more limited since they can only participate in the actual sessions, but DMs can potentially work 24/7 on the campaign. 

I stop myself from getting anxious and freaking out by setting up everything for the session and hour before hand. During this time I review what I’m planning to do, practice voices of characters that are with them or they are going to encounter, pull up monster sheets, print props–whatever. I let myself feel slightly overwhelmed, and as things I need to do come to my head I write them down. During the hour, I finish everything I need for preparation, then focus more on the people as they come in and catch up socially.

The hour is the only real preparation I do, so I don’t get burned out so easily. Naturally, I design maps and storyline in my free time, but I only do so when I get bored during work or have some free time. When I don’t feel the energy I normally do, I draw from work that I’ve done in the past, or steal from other people, which is totally fine so long as you aren’t filming yourself and stealing copyright material :)

Depression, if I may, is a bitch. It is the toughest thing I go against. My most recent idea to counter it is to skip an actual session, which may be really stressful, and instead get the group together to do either a silly/stupid comedy one shot or just hang out and flesh out/level up their characters. Do what you feel up to, but try to go, as I’ve found canceling a session leads to the death of the party.

Laser Tag- Part 2

Laser Tag- Part 1

Betty walked out of the arcade, arms full with toys and candy that she had won throughout the day. She had a small stuffed dragon (from beating Jughead), a large stuffed panda (from beating Jughead) and some candy from the tickets (from the arcade games, in which she beat Jughead).

Jughead followed her out, a small smirk forming on her face. Archie and Veronica were walking behind them, hand in hand. Veronica had her head on Archie’s shoulder, and Archie’s face was blushing a vibrant red.

Betty turned back to Jughead and motioned with her hand for him to come closer.

“Come on Jug! I need to drop off my stuff at my house and then you can get me my food and shake!” Betty said, smiling at the taller darkly dressed boy. He just shook her head and chuckled at the little blonde girl.

“Fine. Let’s go.” He said, following the footsteps of Betty. “Hey Arch! I’ll see you later ok?” He yelled to the redheaded boy behind him, leaving when he saw his hand go up and wave at him. He ran up and tried to catch up to the bobbing blonde ponytail that was skipping in front of her.

“So, when we get there I think I’m going to order the biggest things ever. What about you?” Betty said, smiling at her hands.

“I don’t have that much cash to spend but, sure. Anything for the winner of the Laser Tag.” Jughead said, smiling down at where their hands were swinging next to each other, fingers brushing over each other. Jughead looked at Betty’s face, smiling at the forward facing blonde.

Betty turned her head to look at Jughead and started to blush when their eyes met. He ripped his eyes from her gaze, his own pale skin turning a bright scarlet. Betty let a small giggle escape her lips while they entered the door to Pop’s.

“Hey Pop’s. Jughead’s paying!” Betty said, waving towards the older man behind the counter. She skipped over to her favourite old vinyl booth. She slid into her side before leaning her back against the booth, running her hands over the plastic of the Pop’s menu.

Jughead came back from talking to Pop’s about who knows what and slid into the other side of the booth so he was facing Betty. Being the human garbage disposal he was, he already had the menu memorized. And he was always at Pop’s so he had a usual order.

After a few more minutes of Betty glancing over the well-known menu, she decided on a double cheeseburger with a side of fries, and a large strawberry milkshake with extra whipped cream. Jughead shot her a look before ordering his usual, a burger with the works, a small side of onion fries and a small vanilla milkshake.

Pop wrote down Betty’s order and walked back behind the bar, starting off on their milkshakes.

“So, Betty. Are we going to talk about what happened during the game?” Jughead asked, starting to blush when he brought up the kiss that they shared.

Just as Betty opened her mouth, Pop came by with both of their milkshakes. They gave their thanks to Pop’s before starting to sip their shakes.

“Ok, so do you mean the fact that I kicked your booty during laser tag?” Betty asked, slightly giggling while taking sips of her strawberry shake. Betty dipped her finger in her whipped cream and stuffed in her mouth, not trying to make Jughead feel anything. She was just having her whipped cream.

But Jughead was feeling oh so many things. He blushed when she licked the sugary topping off of her finger. He felt his face heat up, but then his face flushed and he felt the blood run… somewhere else.

“No, not the fact that you beat me, I’m talking about what happened in the corner.” Jughead said, not daring to meet Betty’s eyes.

“You mean the kiss?” Betty said like it was no big deal. She continued to sip on her milkshake.

And again, before Jughead could say anything about how nonchalant she was acting, Pop’s came by with their food. He placed both of their meals on the table and walked away, smirking at how red Jughead’s face had been. Betty instantly dug straight into her cheeseburger in fries, hoping that she would be able to put off the conversation for a bit. Jughead decided to eat his burger and ignore the conversation for a bit.

After about five minutes, Betty’s burger and fries had already been finished. She scarfed it down faster then Jughead had ever done. Pop’s came back and took her empty plate while smiling down at the little blonde. He had no idea how she could eat that much and still stay so skinny.

Betty pulled the chilled milkshake glass in front of her, placing her heart shaped lips around the red and white straw. Again, she dipped her finger in the whipped cream, sucking it off. And again, Jughead felt his face flush and the blood rush somewhere else. This had not been the first time he had gotten, well ‘aroused’ when he was near Betty. Anything she did made him like her even more.

“So, are we going to talk about the kiss or no.” Betty said, sipping the sugary shake.

“Yeah, I guess we should.” Jughead said, taking the last bite of his burger, looking up at the blonde. But instead of the blonde, he was imagining the mailman of Riverdale. He imagined the hair all over his body, the huge mole on his chin, the furry eyebrows…. Ok. He was good.

“So, what do you want to talk about it.” Betty said, cringing when she heard the awkward words come out of her mouth.

“Well, why did you do it?” Jughead asked, taking a few more bites of his onion rings.

“Well, because I wanted to win,” Betty started, looking up at Jughead, “And fine Jug, maybe I did want to do it. Just for myself. Why? Did you not like it?” Betty asked, leaning back into the booth.

“No! No, Betty that’s not it. I did enjoy it, of course. Bets, I’ve liked you for as long as I can remember. It’s just, I wasn’t expecting it.” Jughead said, face turning red.

“So, you do like me?” Betty said, a small smile forming on her lips.

“Yeah, I guess I do.” Jughead said, tilting his head to the right.

“Well, were still to young to date. How about we stay best friends for a while. You know, until were older.” Betty said, smiling at the dark boy across from her.

“Yeah, sounds good.”

“Can’t wait, Jughead Jones.”

“Same to you, Elizabeth Cooper.”


Sami Zayn and his 43 excuses on UpUpDownDown

~legit don’t know what to title this!~

Pairing: Ryan x Reader

Summery: Haters get the better of you. Ryan is there to help

Genre: Hurt/Comfort

Word Count: 2090

A/N: Hello there gang! Long time no see since my last fic I just had the motivation for this one so please give me some feedback if you liked it my lovelies! ily all <3

You’d been working as an editor for Achievement Hunter for a few months now, mostly working on the Minecraft Let’s Plays and Let’s Watch. Let’s Watch was a pretty easy series to edit as most of the time you were just cutting the audio into sync. It was a slow day in the BTS office so you were sitting in the corner on a bean bag chair reading one of your favourite books.

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Tease pt2 (Jonathan Byers x Female!Reader)

Jonathan’s best friend is sleeping over for a week. She teases the fuck out of him, before he calls her stay short and makes her go home.

Word count:930 

Warnings: fluff, slight nsfw

a/n: Thank you for all the likes and reblogs! I didn’t expect so many people to like it. While I’m working on this feel free to send me prompts and head canons for one shots! Thank you again! <3 

Originally posted by jycebyers

“Jonathan! Can you drive me to Mike’s house?” Will yelled from down from the hall. Will ran down the hall and Jonathan backed up ramming himself into the table. Will ran in not seeing what had just happened. Jonathan was quiet for a moment before clearing his throat and telling Will to get his stuff ready and go get in the car. Will smiled and ran off to his room to get his things.

“I’m- uhh.. go get some shorts on. You can’t just stay here by yourself.” Jonathan was beet red and stumbling over his words again. You smiled and hopped off the counter skipping to the bathroom. As you were putting your shorts on you heard Jonathan and Will get in the car. You took on last look at yourself in the mirror and ran outside to the car.

“Sorry I took so long!” You said as you slid into the backseat, Will had already claimed the front passenger seat. Jonathan hummed as he started the car. Will and you talked about what him, Mike and Lucas had planned for today. Every so often you would notice Jonathan looking at you through the rear view mirror. When you would look back at him he always looked back to the road. Once at Mike’s house Will jumped out of the car, said bye and ran up to the house. Jonathan made sure to stay parked until he saw Mike open the door to let him in, Jonathan was so good to Will.

You took this time to crawl up to the front seat. Once in the front seat Jonathan shifted into drive and drove out of the neighborhood. The car was annoying silent so you decide some music might help. You put on The Clash and danced in your seat to your favorite songs. You mouthed lyrics to Jonathan and leaned against him dramatically. He laughed and you swore it sounded better than any song you’ve ever heard. By the time you both got home the two of you were singing Should I Stay or Should I Go to each other and acting a bit too dramatic.

Jonathan parked and turned off the car in his driveway, the two of you still laughing. Once calming down you leaned your head back against the head rest. Jonathan did the same, the two of you sat there in comfortable silence for what seemed like awhile but was only a minute or so. Jonathan was the one who broke the silence.

“Come, on Y/N, we’ll watch a movie or something, at least until it’s time to pick Will up.” Jonathan unbuckled and got out of the car, you did the same, following him up to the house. “You can choose the movie, I’ll make some popcorn.” You nodded and went to choose a movie.

Jonathan wondered what had gotten into you, you had never made any advances towards him. You would teasingly flirt and he would do the same but never had you been physical. Well, You would hug every once in a while but that didn’t really count right? Jonathan had feelings for you but he didn’t think you felt the same so he never told you. Did you know that he likes you? Were you playing some sort of sick joke on him, teasing him and all? Jonathan was to engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice you walk up beside him with a movie.

“Jonathan? You okay?” You stared up at him with a look of concern. Jonathan snapped out of his thoughts and nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry. Just thinking. What'ya pick out?” He asked turning towards you. You smiled and held up two movies.

“I’ve seen this one before,” You said holding The Raiders of The Lost Ark up. “But I haven’t seen this on yet, which on do you think?” You held out My Bloody Valentine as well.

“You haven’t seen My Bloody Valentine? It came out about two years ago, sheesh Y/N keep up.” Jonathan teased and acted surprised.

During the movie you had noticed the Jonathan had been stealing glances at you and slowing inching closer to you. His arms were thrown up over the top of the couch, only falling off to grab a couple pieces of popcorn ever couple minutes. An Idea popped into your head as you stole glances of Jonathan.

“I’m going to get a drink do you want anything?” Jonathan shook his head, no. You jogged into the kitchen and grabbed a coke before skipped back into the living room. Jonathan looked up and smiled then turned his attention back to the movie. You set your coke down on the coffee table after talking a drink. You walked around the table and instead of sitting in your spot you sat on Jonathan’s lap. You felt him tense up and his heart pound against your shoulder that was on his chest, as you cuddled up next to him. When you finally got comfortable you felt Jonathan relax, his heart however was still beating pretty fast.

Slowing mustering up enough courage throughout the movie, Jonathan moved his arm down and wrapped it around you just as the credits began to roll. You shift and turn around so you’re straddling him. Your hands on his chest and Jonathan turning redder by the minute.

“Y/N..?” Jonathan said your name just above a whisper as he wiggled under you. Just then you heard the phone ring. Jonathan carefully slid you off his lap and jumped up to answer the phone.

Petty Encounters: Part 6

Summary: You and Dean have to learn how to work together now that you’ve agreed to stay together for Jaycee’s sake.

Word Count: 2326

Warnings: none

A/N: Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days. I’ve had to resort to deep breathing exercises so I wouldn’t end up committing murder. Life, man. I’m telling you. Anyway, here’s some awkward fluff (kind of) to make up for it.

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

“I don’t know, man. This kid is unnaturally happy. Like, she never stops smiling and giggling. It doesn’t really scream Demons screwed me up! I’m a weapon!” Dean paced Jaycee’s nursery with his phone to his ear, keeping an eye on her as you finished packing up the kitchen. “Like right now she’s just rolling around the floor. It doesn’t matter how many times she hits the wall, she keeps smiling and rolling.”

“Maybe she’ll rub off on you,” Sam teased. “You could use a few more smiles in your life.”

“Shut up. It’s not like you’re always laughing either, dude. But seriously, what do I do? How do I try to live a normal life when I’m always going to be waiting for this kid to explode?”

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Title: Free Trade

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3

Ratings/Warnings: T for zombies and minor gore

Summary: With his choices largely limited to ‘barista’ or 'victim of the zombie hordes,’ Fushimi had reluctantly picked barista.

Notes: On Twitter a while back I had a conversation around the idea of a coffee shop/zombie apocalypse AU fusion, and with this week’s onedayk theme being ‘cafe’ I couldn’t resist the temptation. I apologize in advance.

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Last Line of Defense, Cat/Kara, T

A birthday gift for the lovely @abcooper​!

Kara should be leaving.

Kara should already be at home. She has a ridiculously early start and there’s no way she’ll make it through the night without some kind of super emergency, but her instructions were clear. Even though it isn’t really her job anymore, Kara is still always the girl who’s best at doing what she’s told.

So when Cat mouths “save me” from across the room, there’s no question that Kara will do exactly that. It’s a matter of seconds to put her bulletproof body between Cat and the handsy stuffed shirt she brought as her date. He objects - they always do - because he thinks he owns Cat somehow, like he’s leased her for the night and she’s duty bound to hang on his every boring anecdote. Usually Kara makes some bumbling excuse and steers them away with just an edge of super strength but damn it, tonight she has had it.

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Hemmings Twins. (Blake and Luke)

(photo not mine, creds to owner)

Warnings:Some swearing.

Requested:No but I’m dedicating this to lucasassy because this wouldn’t have been possible without the blurbs I send her to torture her :-)

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thirty days iwaoi writing challenge
day six:
 valentine’s day


Valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday this year, and Oikawa hadn’t stopped whining since the moment he’d woken that morning. Iwaizumi knew because he'd been the one to get the call at six a.m.

“I won’t get to experience the joy of opening my shoe locker to an avalanche of chocolates this year!” he’d complained, clearly distressed. “I won’t have girls giving me heart-shaped food for my lunch. I won’t get the thrill of finding secret Valentine’s cards in my desk between classes. I won’t even get–”

Iwaizumi had promptly hung up.

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