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Planned Parenthood protests in New York draw massive crowds in support of women’s rights

Across the country on Saturday, Planned Parenthood health centers saw coordinated protests staged by abortion opponents. 

But in New York City, the counter-protesters got up earlier, beating the anti-abortion faction at their own game.

By 9 a.m., an hour before the “Protest PP” rally was scheduled to begin, substantial crowds of Planned Parenthood advocates had assembled directly across from the Margaret Sanger Center in downtown Manhattan, staking out the prime real estate usually occupied by anti-abortion factions. 

They dwarfed the handful of the Protest PP demonstrators, who, by 11 a.m., numbered perhaps two dozen. Read more. (2/11/17, 6:13 PM)

i put a spell on you (part 1/2, zimbits)

This fic is for the ultra-cool @porcupine-girl who won my Fandom Trumps Hate auction and was so very generous with time and prompt leeway as this fic spun out of control. I hope the resulting silliness was worth the wait! ^_^

Please do me a favor and take nothing in the fic you’re about to read seriously.

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It was unnaturally quiet in the Haus when Bitty crept his way downstairs, picking his way around abandoned solo cups and other party debris to get to the kitchen, Señor Bun hitched on his hip. He swung open the door with a sigh. He had expected the mess, but it was still disappointing to see the sheer amount of trash and spills on the floor after Epikegster the night before. Bitty set his rabbit on the counter and Señor Bun immediately began to sniff around the solo cups.

“Don’t drink anything,” Bitty warned. Señor Bun thumped the counter in protest and Bitty gave him a look and wagged a finger at him. “I mean it.”

The rabbit seemed at least momentarily convinced to stay put so Bitty turned and pulled open one of the bottom cabinets to tear off a new garbage bag from the roll. He made quick work of the various cups and drinks left on the counter and sprayed everything down with bleach before scrubbing away the evidence of any of the sticky tub juice and beer on the counter at least. Señor Bun wrinkled his nose at the bleach but hopped out of the way as Bitty cleaned around him. Bitty’s shoes still stuck to the floor when he moved, but that could be a problem for Ransom and Holster whenever they dragged themselves out of bed. He only needed the clean counter for now.

He checked his phone and rolled his eyes at himself.

“Lord, who am I up at six on a morning after a party like that?” Bitty asked Señor Bun absentmindedly. Señor Bun thumped his foot loudly, registering a complaint at the early hour as well and Bitty scratched behind his ear which elicited even more thumping.

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Many, many dozens of Trump supporters turn out to March 4 Trump in New York City

In what participants described as a counter-protest against the nationwide anti-Donald Trump rallies, many dozens of the president’s supporters gathered outside Trump Tower on Saturday. 

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly the Women’s March, but look, here’s a protester.

Here’s another one.

They didn’t even need to close the road to traffic. That’s nice.

Wait — maybe this is just the line for Shack Shack? 

Read more. (¾/17 8:00 PM) 

Honestly starting to think Richard Spencer has some kind of public humiliation fetish or something? How many times has this happened now??

And yet he keeps insisting on public demonstrations only to be hopelessly out numbered by a counter-protest (which he has to know is inevitable by now) where he gets punched and runs away in whatever order

“Well looks like you guys got me right where you want me ;) what are you gonna do to me now antifa? It’d be a shame if you filmed this all too👅”



















Women’s rights, Standing Rock protests planned in major US cities this weekend

New York City

Rally for a #FairWorkWeek and Fast Food Worker Empowerment
Friday, March 3, 2017, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Eastern, City Hall

“Everyone needs to plan their time to balance work, family and education. But last minute scheduling practices endemic in the fast food industry prevent fast food workers from planning theirs. It’s time for a #FairWorkWeek NOW! They also need the ability to form their own nonprofit organization to fight for their rights and improve their communities.”

People’s March for Education Justice
Saturday, March 4, 2017, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Eastern, Trump International Hotel

“As we continue to defend public education from federal attacks by Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos, we march to defend [education] here in New York from Governor Andrew Cuomo. The public investment he proposes in his education budget this year is woefully inadequate and falls way short of being equitable. … Black, brown, immigrant, refugee, low-income, LGBTQIA, English language learners, homeless students and students with disabilities are worthy of an investment that will meet their needs not deny them opportunities to be successful.”

NY March 4 Trump Rally
Saturday, March 4, 2017, 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., Trump Tower, 725 5th Avenue

“This is a Pro America rally in support of our President and to show our American pride. Wear your USA and Trump gear. Bring your American flags, signs and pride. This will be a peaceful rally. See you there!”

Real New Yorkers Don’t - “March 4 Trump”
Saturday, March 4, 2017, 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Eastern, 53rd Street and 5th Avenue

“Donald Trump was scheduled to return to NYC for the first time since the inauguration; but of course he chickened out, knowing that we prefer New York City WITHOUT HIM! We are certain that his absence will not stop the trumpalumpas from continuing with their March 4 Trump rally in support of him this Saturday, so we still want to make a strong showing in a counter protest at Trump Tower.”

March 4th for Standing Rock
Saturday, March 4, 2017, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern, New York Public Library, 42nd Street and 5th Avenue

“Six days before the national Rise with Standing Rock mobilization in Washington, D.C., march on Trump Tower (on 5th avenue) to protest the Dakota Access pipeline and its threat to the Standing Rock Sioux, their sacred lands and clean water.”

Print Organize Protest
Sunday, March 5, 2017, Shoestring Press, 663 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn

“Print Organize Protest is a nationwide campaign where print shops work with local artists to open their doors and invite the community in to print clothing and signs of resistance. We are a network of artists and printers committed to creating social change through art in our communities.”

Washington, D.C.

Event to Protest Trump at Russian Embassy
Saturday, March 4, 2017, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Eastern, Embassy of Russia, 2650 Wisconsin Ave NW

“Please come to our peaceful, issue-focused protest of Trump-Russia covert collaboration. We’ll protest outside the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. — a location sure to generate press coverage.”


Print Organize Protest
Sunday, March 5, 2017, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Central, Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, 4912 N. Western Avenue

“Print Organize Protest is a nationwide campaign where print shops work with local artists to open their doors and invite the community in to print clothing and signs of resistance. We are a network of artists and printers committed to creating social change through art in our communities.”

Los Angeles 

International Women’s Day March 2017
Sunday, March 5, 2017, 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Pacific, Los Angeles Police Department headquarters, 100 W. 1st Street

“This march is convened and led by transnational/women of color, but all people are welcome to join!”

San Francisco

Print Organize Protest
Sunday, March 5, 2017, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific, the Women’s Building, 3543 18th Street, #8

“Print Organize Protest is a nationwide campaign where print shops work with local artists to open their doors and invite the community in to print clothing and signs of resistance. We are a network of artists and printers committed to creating social change through art in our communities.”

Read more (3/3/17 9 AM)


Intro: So this monster of a fic I wrote literally in the past 24 hours in response to @whatif-animagineblog ‘s post about Leonard’s laugh.  Read it here.

I do still have drabbles to write and my Kirk series to finish but of course I needed to write this first.  The fic doesn’t necessarily focus on the laugh, but it is in there and did make me smile.  I hope it makes you smile too. 

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 2870

Summary: So basically the reader and Bones end up making a mess in the kitchen, the reader ending up making Bones laugh (wheeze and snort) after he has had a stressful day.  A little sweet love at the end.  Very fluffy.  Much fluff. 


The bottom line was that you wanted to bake a cake.  That’s literally all you wanted to do and unfortunately being on a starship in the middle of space made it extremely difficult.  So you snuck into the kitchens after hours and were ecstatic to find the ingredients you needed.  

The truth was, you weren’t very good at baking, but when you set your mind to something, it got done, whether or not it was a complete disaster.  

So you gathered your ingredients and started pouring, using a recipe that you pulled up on your PADD.  You put on some music, letting the upbeat tunes fill the small room, making you unbelievably happy. 

“What are you doing?" 

You jumped 10 feet up in the air, knocking the flour bag over, spilling it all over the counter-top and onto the floor.  You had not expected anyone to find you in here. 

You spun around, your heart beating so hard you thought it was going to jump out of your chest and you now saw the source of the voice was the Chief Medical Officer, and your best friend, Leonard McCoy.  

"Len!  Fuck!  You scared me.” You set the spoon in the bowl and tried to catch your breath, shutting off the music.  

Leonard walked over to you, chuckling lowly, “Sorry, darlin’, I thought you heard me come in.”

He neared you, pulling your adrenaline-filled form to his chest briefly, pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head before releasing you and inspecting the mess you were making. 

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Charlamagne Tha Coon...I mean...God...Just released his New Book "Black Privilege"

He just now released his first book ever to the world in a way to help White people find new ways to counter anything Black people protest about or discuss about Black politics. So whenever you see a “White Nubian Queen” (As Charlamagne refers to White females) with a “Black privilege” T-shirt, That’s Charlamagne’s way of saying that they are blessed and highly favored…I’m pretty sure his favorite “White Nubian Queen” (Tomi Lauren) will definitely be wearing one and own a copy of that damn book. 

I haven’t posted fic in a bit, even though I’ve been writing a lot. So…. here’s a thing I typed up because Fuck The Cold.

Familiar!AU random fluff. 

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April 9 2017 - Around 30 Pegida members held a march in Groningen, the Netherlands. Over 300 counter-protesters showed up and cut their march short, with several blockades of the march taking place and being attacked by cops on horseback. [video]/[video]

anonymous asked:

If you'd look into half the hate crimes committed by white people that you call "hoaxes" you'd see they were true. You didn't even provide a source to refute any of the 9 in that post. Just accept the fact that people from the same race as you-minority or not- can be evil and move on.

Remember the 18-year-old Muslim girl who was assaulted and called a terrorist on the subway by Trump supporters and they tried to rip her hijab off and all of the social justice warriors had a complete meltdown? It was a lie that she made up to cover her parents finding out she was out fucking a Christian dude and getting drunk. It gets funnier, her Muslim father has forced her to shave her head completely for bringing shame on the family and she was arrested for making false accusations. Could you imagine the reaction from the left if a white dad forced his daughter to shave her hair off for having sex with someone from another religion? 

Remember the Muslim student who was robbed, beaten and had her hijab ripped off and stolen by Trump supporters? It was a lie. She is now being charged for filing a false report.

Remember when racist white guys beat a Muslim woman to death in California and left a note behind saying “go back to your own country, you terrorist.” Yeah it was a lie, really her Muslim husband beat her to death in an honor killing because she wanted a divorce. Leftists went mental over this “hate crime” but again, silence when the truth came out.

Remember when those white supremacist, anti-Muslim Trump supporters burned down the mosque in Houston? It was a lie. While the mosque did get burned down, it was done by a black Muslim who had attended the mosque for years.

Remember when a group of white men killed a Muslim woman and called her a terrorist while she was walking with her husband and child? It was a lie. The husband planned for his mistress to murder his wife after “black magic spells” didn’t make her disappear…

Remember the Ohio student who was racially abused and assaulted by Trump supporters? It was a lie. She made it up the day after the election and after she made a post that she wants all Trump supporters to die of AIDS.

Remember when that racist horrible teacher choked, assaulted and bullied a 5 year old Muslim kid? Of course it was a fucking lie

Remember the Michigan Muslim student who was harassed and threatened to be burned alive by the Trump supporter if she didn’t remove her hijab? It was a lie. Surveillance cameras show that she wasn’t even in the location where she claimed the attack took place.

Remember the Muslim woman who had her hijab ripped and forced off by police when they took her in for questioning? It was another lie.

Remember when that Muslim guy had Islamophobic messages graffitied over his locker, telling him to go back to where he came from. It was a lie, he graffitied it himself and filed a hate crime. He’s been charged for lying.

Remember the Muslim kid who was beaten up on the school bus by five white kids and it forced the family to leave the country? Yes, another fucking lie.

Remember the student who had her face slashed and was called a terrorist in Lower Manhattan? Yet another lie.

Remember when that student in Arlington was followed by a group of white men and held her at gunpoint because she’s Muslim? It was a lie

Remember when the Muslim taxi driver was shot by a racist white guy and the left were demanding the arrest of a white guy for this hate crime against a Muslim? Well it stopped being called a hate crime the moment they found out the shooter was a black Muslim and he was let go.

Remember when that Islamophobic white guy threatened to kill a whole pile of Muslims and said there’s no place in America for Muslims? Yeah, it was another black Muslim

Remember when the viral video of a Muslim student defending herself against a white guy who was trying to pull her hijab off? It was a hoax

Remember when recently some white racist Trump supporters in Canada threatened to blow up Muslim university students? It was a Muslim

These anti-Islamic hate-crimes even reached the UK with an 18-year-old Muslim student from Birmingham being punched in the face for wearing a hijab. It was a lie. She’s been charged for lying to the police. I’d be here all day if I even brushed the surface of hate crime hoaxes across the rest of the UK and Europe.

These are just some of the false claims made mostly within the past year and they have all received nation-wide coverage and left-wing outrage and hysteria, all pushing the agenda that America is a racist hellhole and nobody except white people are safe. Then it came out they lied and what did we get? Silence but of course the anti-America and anti-white delusion from the left remained.

All of these were hoaxes created by Muslims or crimes committed not by racist white guys but by other Muslims. They create these hoaxes mostly so they can justify protesting against counter-terror efforts and to stop police investigating crimes committed by refugees. The sad part is it actually works and the authorities fall for this virtually every time. Police have become afraid to do their jobs properly and the media are afraid to report the truth in the fear of sounding “Islamophobic”.

You think I’m talking bullshit? Let’s look at the police who are scared to investigate Muslim human trafficking and child abuse rings in the UK, being afraid to make public the mass sexual and violent attacks committed by Muslim refugees across Europe, being afraid to report their fellow officers who expressed radical Muslim beliefs or the teachers being afraid to alert authorities when their Muslim students show warning signs of becoming radicalized. This is the direct result of hoaxes like these enforcing the fear of being called Islamophobic for being honest. 

It’s about time we start calling out the lies and false claims made by leftist Muslims, feminists and black lives matter supporters, they all do it on a daily basis in an attempt to demonize the West and white people while they’re the ones doing the attacking against innocent white people, Trump supporters of any race or gender and just about anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example.

I know what you’re thinking anon, “oh shit, I wasn’t expecting to be made to look like a total fucking idiot today”. Come back when you have something useful to say. 

anonymous asked:

Have you ever marched in a LGBT or transgender pride parade? If so what was it like?

I haven’t marched.  I’ve attended a bunch of LGBT pride parades.  It’s been a good experience for the most part.  It’s also changed a lot over the years.

When I first started going, about 1999, it was a much edgier, more contentious atmosphere.  There were a lot more guys in thongs and women with electrical-taped nipples, the only corporations in evidence were beer and liquor companies, and the “REPENT SINNERS” counter-protesters were out in significant force.

The ones I’ve been to more recently have looked a lot more like regular civic parades.  Lots of parents pushing their kids in strollers with rainbow ribbons on the handles, lots of banks and insurance companies, some leathermen and rowdy party floats but they’re a distinct minority.  “REPENT SINNERS” is still there but it’s like one dude and he’s surrounded by people laughing at him.

I enjoyed both, but in different ways.  The ones now (at least in big cities in the US) are definitely pretty safe and accessible, and I’d recommend going, but keep your expectations reasonable.  It isn’t necessarily a great place to meet people, there’s a lot of just watching people in matching t-shirts walk down the street, but it’s a good feeling to look around and think “these are my people.”


In a not at all surprising move, the right has turned this man into a damn meme hero. Based Stickman didn’t protect the Trump supporters because Berkeley PD wasn’t doing their job & had taken the liberals’ side, or whatever BS story they’re trying to make up.

BPD said they were only going to step in if there was a clear victim. They didn’t bother doing anything during most of the fighting TBH, or even when someone started waving a knife around.

Kyle Chapman physically assaulted counter-protesters and pepper sprayed indiscriminately into crowds (see the old white guy in the MAGA hat)

(All images are mine. Did the best I could to get video stills with as few faces as possible)

anonymous asked:

Nurseydex prompt: "…why do you have egg in your hair" "it's not what you think"

“Derek Malik Nurse.”
Nursey froze just outside the doorframe of the kitchen causing Chowder to crash into the back of him and drop about six empty egg cartons. Bitty is standing in his checkered apron, hands on his hips and a wooden spoon gripped tight in his right hand. He was glaring daggers into their backs as the pair scrambled to collect the cartons and Dex fought to stifle chuckles from the counter where he was mixing pie filling.
“Why in the name of sweet baby Jesus do you have MY eggs in YOUR hair.”
Chowder and Nursey responded at the same time,
“It’s not what it looks like!” And “Technically they’re not YOUR eggs, unless there’s something you need to tell us.”
Dex snorts loudly at Nursey’s remark and a flush of warmth fills Nursey’s chest. Chowder stutters and stammers as Bitty attempts to murder them both with his eyes so Nursey steps in.
“We were egging the lax house and Chowder thought it’d be funny to crack one in my hair so I got him back and then were egging each other and not the house and then we realized someone might see us and we didn’t wanna leave evidence.”
Dex’s face is dark red and his entire body is shaking with laughter as Bitty huffed.
“Well y'all better clean up before you make your way to the Stop and Shop to replace my eggs!”
They’re half way up the stairs before Nursey stops and turns around before sauntering back into the kitchen. “Dex, my bro, my dude, yo…”
“What do you need, Nursey?” Dex is still shaking a little bit with laughter when Nursey leans against the counter much to Bitty’s protest and pushes close to Dex, “So as it turns out, today is my laundry and all of my shits in the washer so I don’t really have any clothes.”
“Go get in the shower, I’ll grab you some of my stuff.” Nursey melts with relief and rushes to their shared bathroom to scrub the raw egg out of his hair.

The door swung open as Derek was stepping out of the shower and Dex immediately yelled at the sight of Nursey’s steaming, wet, naked body.
“Bro chill. You’ve seen it a thousand times in the locker room it’s totally chill.” But Dex’s eyes are glued to the floor and he’s shoving a pile of clothes into Nursey’s arms before trying to bolt. Nursey grabs Dex’s arm and pulls him back in hard. “Actually I have another little favor to ask? Come you look at this birthmark on my back? It just popped up and I don’t know if it’s something I should worry about?”
Dex sighs before moving closer as Nursey turns around and stretches his his arms to try and point to the spot on his back, only effectively stretching and flexing his muscles. Dex’s breath is shallow as he runs his fingers over the soft skin, leaning in close to look at the spot. It’s small and dark on Nursey’s skin but it doesn’t look in the least bit irregular or threatening. He hovers for moment longer than necessary then steps back, trying to ignore how close he was to Nursey’s naked ass.
“All good.” He hears a faint ‘thanks bro’ as he escapes back to the kitchen.

Chowder had finished far before Nursey and had decided he could recruit a couple of the tadpoles to help him grab the eggs and extra butter for Bitty about ten minutes ago. So when Nursey waltzes into the kitchen in Dex’s worn jeans and soft flannel Bitty has been sated and is humming slowly as he pulls a tray of mini pies out of the oven. Dex is at the counter again, being a bit too aggressive with the crust but Bitty doesn’t seem too mind that much. Dex starts a bit when he sees Nursey then flushes dark red down to his neck. Then he’s running his hands under the faucet and yanking Nursey by arm into the hallway.
“Hey I haven’t even done anything yet.” Nursey is fighting to get at the mini pies but Dex is persistent. Then Dex is pinning him against the wall and kissing him softly yet intensely and cupping Nursey’s face and tangling his fingers into his curls and pushing their bodies impossibly closer. Nursey melts into the kiss as Dex sucks Nursey’s bottom lip into his mouth and moans.
“Everything alright out there?” The pair jumps apart at the sound of Bitty’s voice and Nursey coughs out a “Fine, we’re fine.”
“Actually Bits, I’ve gotta show Nursey something upstairs.” A dark flush and a playful smirk spreads across Dex’s cheeks as he pulls Nursey back up to the attic.

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so i live in a really super hippie town (like thats Our Thing, is that we're all hippies that live in yurts n shit) but the town right next to us is rife w nazis/racists/trumpers, and yesterday they held a rally for trump and my friends and i went to the counter protest, and when some skinheads showed up in punk gear my friend got in its car and started blasting nazi punks by the dead kennedys :') we got removed for "inciting violence" but w/e

You guys are modern day heroes


Meanwhile, at the third Battle of Berkeley…

Looks like the antifa reeaaallly have met their match. The last battle of Berkeley, with stick guy, has - as predicted by MAAAAANY people - made showing up to attack left wing counter protester at rallies not only normalized political violence but made it popular among the right wing.

Caption: PROTEST AND COUNTER-PROTEST — Cary Grant, film star, was the first to protest. He did not like the idea of seeing Katharine Hepburn, film favorite, in slacks and so he donned a skirt during rehearsals of the radio broadcast for “The Philadelphia Story.” Miss Hepburn was burnt up about something else, namely the manner in which the bobby-soxers pulled their swoon act every time Cary appeared. In protest against them she is removing her bobby sox right in the studio. (March 1947)