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salty and sweet

Summary: The first time you met Seokjin, it’s across the counter at your part-time job. He had a coupon for his nuts. (Hamster!Jin, Shifter!AU)

Genre: Drabble, Fluffy fluff, humor

Rating: Teen and Up (some swearing and colorful words)

Length: 1.4k

A/N: Hamster Jin <3 praise be again, to @btsmee

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“Hey, Y/N.”

You grimaced before slowly turning around at your register and quirked a brow pointedly.

Minsook was bent over his counter, bright pink gum popping in his mouth and reviving the twitch in your eye. He drew his gaze slowly from your face to the top of the partition, which from his angle would block anything below your hips, and grinned lazily. “That apron looks damn good on you.” His tail would be swaying, taunting if he were in half-shift form, and it’s enough to set your teeth on edge.

You sighed and folded your arms over your chest. Fuck your luck that you’d somehow managed to get trapped on the eight-hour Sunday shift with greasy Minsook. The guy would hit on a strawberry if it had ‘firm curves.’ You looked around the empty store, praying for the church crowd to let out so you’d have a reason to ignore him for a few minutes. Even if the older grandmothers always brought in sixty coupons to ring up. 

“Green’s really your color. And those jeans have holes in…almost all the right places.”

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i work at starbucks right and there was this old woman who wanted coffee but instead i yelled “IT’S JOHN CENA” and i body slammed her frail ass onto the counter, spilling cake pops and tea bags everywhere, and my manager was so proud he gave me a raise

easy minimal clean-up grilled cheese for lazy assholes, a recipe made up half an hour ago by me, your local canadian lazy asshole

you will need: bread of your choice, cheese of your choice, butter/margarine of your choice

a toaster, a butter knife, a plate (optional), a microwave (optional)

  1. toast your bread of choice to the amount of toastiness you prefer (i made golden brown whole wheat bread). while it is toasting, gather all other supplies as close to the toaster as you reasonably can and make sure they are ready to use immediately (i.e. i used processed cheese so i peeled back the wrapper, i used margarine so i took the lid off the tub etc.).
  2. when your toast pops, snap to it. put one one slice on your plate (optional, can use hand or counter but not recommended), pop your cheese on top, and put the second slice on top as fast as possible, so the toast is still hot enough to kind of melt the cheese. press down on top if you want to glue them together a little better. spread a thin layer of butter/margarine on top of the top piece of bread, again while the toast is still hot.
  3. okay so if you want, you can just eat the damn sandwich as is, your choice. but my processed cheese was barely melted at all by this point, so i put it in the microwave to melt it a little more (settings vary microwave to microwave but i put mine in for thirty seconds on half power).
  4. when the cheese is melted to your liking, shove your face. enjoy.

the only clean up is the plate and the butter knife, and i guess your toaster and microwave if you clean those every time you use them or something makes a big mess but both of those scenarios are highly unlikely

much less effort than the whole pan on the stove thing, while yielding somewhat similar results


futurecrest  asked:

listen. riverdale "au"

send an au for 5 headcanons

ah,  yes,  the  brand new au  that we totally haven’t  discussed  beforehand!!  here goes:

  1. kara and  peter are  kind of like the  ‘it’  couple of the  school.  her being a  major part of the  river vixens,  somehow  able to remain  airborne  longer than  others,  and peter  picking up a  sport that he could  excel in.  WHILE  dedicating his  time to  studies bc  we know how he  can  be.  you will  never see the  separate for  long,  not in  parties or  on the  field  or  wherever else!
  2. another thing  you’ll  never see.  kara  anywhere BUT  on the  counter at  pop’s  in her  cheerleading  uniform after  practise,  watching her  boy  (   peter works  at the diner in this  au   )  serve others  while  giving majority of his   divided    attention to  her  of course.
  3. I’d  like to think  that this  au wouldn’t be  complete without  SOME  nods to their  superhero counters,  if we indeed  fully decide on  whether or not they have  their  powers.  either way,  the riverdale  twinge  of bright  neon lights  could  shroud them…  just imagine  that.  wearing   neon  red  &  blue!  whether it’s  one of those  night parties or  whatnot,  I think  it’d be a  good idea.
  4. remember  when we  discussed how there  should be a  drive - in theatre?  and  how  it’s  now  canon??  well,  sort  of  since  (  SPOILER  ALERT  ).  you can bet  your ass  that these two  roll in  together,  but never  get through  even half  of the  movie because they’d  be in the  back seats.    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. this one is v  v important and…  if  anyone disagreed  we’re  fighting  ok??  they basically  live together.

An increasingly-unstable Kevin Owens loses in quick and humiliating fashion to Neville, then proceeds to deliver an ever-more-unhinged beatdown to the victor.  No one–but no one–is better than Owens at “I am at this very moment feeling myself losing my mind, and I can’t decide whether I’m horrified at myself or enjoying it and–you know what, fuck it, murder murder murder mURdeR.”  Look at the way he backs up with his hand over his mouth at the end there:  “What am I doing?  My God, what am I–oh yeah, that’s right, I’m killing my co-worker.

for @cliffordchick 13 nights of halloween scary movies night! also i don’t remember exactly who it was but thank you to whoever sent me movie recommendations when i started writing this like 800 years ago

The shrieking of the smoke detector brought you running into the kitchen. When you entered you saw Michael holding a bag of microwave popcorn looking confused, the unmistakable smell of burnt popcorn filling the kitchen. You knew Michael was a terrible cook, but he’d confidently assured you that he could handle making microwave popcorn.

“Oops.” He said, looking up and seeing you entering the room. He shot you his best everything’s-fine smile.

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Get the Girl

AU! where Dean is Dean Smith :) I hope you enjoy… Kind of framed around “How You Get the Girl” by Taylor Swift because I love that song. 

Dean x Reader 

Warnings: None

She slipped the heels from her feet letting them fall to the ground with a small thud. A small trail of water dripping from her ponytail, her bare feet slid across the cool hardwood floors of her home. Opening the fridge, she pulled out an ice cold beer and used the edge of the counter to pop it open. Her best friend had thrown a party to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday, but she had left the party early, only to get caught in an unpredicted rainstorm. Her phone vibrated against the counter incessantly, but was in no mood to answer it. She knew what was waiting for her on the other end.

Her dress clung to her body as she tried to pull it off. She threw it over the edge of the bathtub, hoping that it would dry out overnight. Pulling on a pair of pajama shorts, she walked into her closet for a clean shirt. Her fingers ghosted over the one in particular that caught her eye. It had been a long time since she had worn it, stuck in between the ones that matched her new life. The plaid design reminded her of other times, which seemed so much simpler now. She slipped her arms into the sleeves, an all too familiar smell filling the air around her.

She should have seen it coming. The signs were there, the fighting had gotten much worse and they never wanted to be around each other. She was busy about to graduate from med school, her sights set on the light at the end of the tunnel. He was busy helping his dad run a corporation, the family business. Despite the fighting, they still loved each other, even if it didn’t seem that way. At least, she thought so, until she came home from a long night at the hospital to find the house empty. There was no trace of him having ever been there. There was no note telling her where he had gone or when he would be back. There was nothing to let her know why. But, she knew. She knew why he had left and if she was honest, she didn’t blame him.

She showered and changed into a pair of shorts and the only thing she found left of him: one of his flannels. It was a blue plaid flannel, her favorite one. Maybe he had left it on purpose, or maybe he had just forgotten about since it had been hanging in her closet. Either way, she didn’t care. It was then, standing in the middle of their bedroom that it hit her. She sat down in the middle of the room, her eyes burning with unshed tears with the realization that he had left her hitting her like a ton of bricks. She should have seen it coming. But she wanted to believe they were strong enough to get through it.

She gripped the ends of the flannel in her hands walking back into the kitchen to get her beer. A crack of thunder boomed through the house as she sat on the counter top. She should be going over files for work on Monday, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. ‘Tomorrow.’ she thought taking a long sip of her beer.

A knock on the door caught her off guard. Everyone she knew was at the party, none of them showing any signs of leaving soon. Setting her beer on the counter, she slowly made her way towards the front door. Her eyes widened at the sight before her. A puddle of water stood in the middle of her porch from where he stood. He was soaked to the bone, his hair sticking to his face, his body trembling slightly from the cold air whipping around him.  “Are you insane? What are you doing?”

A sad smile tugged on the corners of his lips and he shrugged his shoulders. In all honesty, he didn’t know what he was doing there. Did he really think that after six months she would just let him back in? No, but he hoped just maybe she would listen.

“Come on,” she pulled him inside. His body was still trembling under her hands as she pulled his jacket from his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor heavy with water. Chewing on her bottom lip, she tried to ignore the butterflies swarming her stomach. He felt an overwhelming sense of familiarity come over him as he followed her down the hallway and watched her move around the bathroom. She handed him a two towels with a quick smile before leaving him to dry off. He could hear her feet against the wooden floors as she walked down the hallway.

She picked up his jacket, water dripping from it as she carried it to the laundry room. Throwing it into the washing machine, she gripped onto the edges of the machine to steady herself taking a deep breath. What in the hell was going on? She swallowed the tears burning her eyes, composing herself before she walked back into the kitchen.

He appeared a few minutes later. His hair no longer sticking to the sides of his head, but his clothes clung to his body like a new layer of skin. Neither of them said anything at first. He had completely forgotten the whole speech he had prepared on the way there. She had practiced over and over again what she would say if she ever got this moment, but she couldn’t bring herself to say any of it. His eyes landed on a picture frame that laid face down on the counter. He knew what it was. But he had to see it for himself.

She watched as he crossed the kitchen picking up the frame. His fingers ran over the photo inside as if it were a long lost memory. Which is exactly what it was. The smile on her face captivated him, that was the smile he had been longing for. He had stood behind her holding her in his arms as he pressed his lips to her cheek, he was the reason she was smiling. Something that hadn’t happened in so long. It had been taken on the day of her acceptance into med school, the day they moved in together.

“What are you doing here, Dean?”

His smile fell a little as he put the picture back down, this time standing up.

“Been a long six months…” She crossed her arms over her chest waiting for him to continue. “I’m sorry. I know I was wrong, I must have lost my mind to think that I could just walk out on you like that.” She remained emotionless. “Things got hard and I took the first opportunity that came my way… My dad had offered me a job to help jumpstart a new branch, so I took it…”

“If you wanted out, all you to do was say so.”

“I know. But, I didn’t want out. Not really.” His hand acted as though he were reaching for something in a pocket that wasn’t there. “Where’s my jacket?”

She motioned towards the laundry room and he disappeared. When he came back, she saw him carrying a small box in his hand. He looked down at the box before his eyes met hers. He was closer than she had realized, startling her when he took her hand in his. His hands were cold against her skin, but his touch sent a familiar spark through her body. He placed the box in her hand before taking a small step back.

She could feel the tears building behind her eyes, her hands trembling slightly. Her eyes widened when she opened it, covering her mouth with her hand she looked up at him. Inside was the ring she had always dreamed of, the one that she had pointed out years ago inside a Tiffany’s when they were on vacation. “I’ve had it for a long time, I was just waiting for the right opportunity.“

“Why are you telling me this? After what you did, you show this to me.” She shook her head, a small scoff slipping through her lips. She shoved the box back into his hand. “Get out.” Placing her hands on his chest, she forcefully shoved him backwards.

He grabbed her hands in one of his, using the other to make her look at him. “I made a mistake when I walked out that door. I was wrong, I was scared back then to tell you everything I wanted.” He could see more tears building in her eyes, using the pad of his thumb to wipe the first one to fall. “I want you for worse or for better. I broke your heart, but if you let me, I’ll put it back together. I’ll wait, as long as you need, but you’re the one I want.”


“I promise, I will make it up to you.”

“How do I know you’re not just going to leave if things get rough again?”

He picked up the picture frame on the counter. He smiled at her placing it in her hands. Another tear slipped down her cheek as she looked down at the picture. “I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday.”

“Did you really just quote ‘The Notebook’?” She tried to hide it, but the laugh spilled from her lips.

“So much for no chick flick moments, huh?”

“I don’t know, it was kind of cute.”

“Cute?” His nose crinkled at the word. She nodded. “Cute isn’t a word to describe Dean Smith.”

“Mhm, ok.” She bit down on her lip, the space between them growing smaller as she wrapped one of her hands around the nape of his neck. She pulled him closer to her, ghosting her lips over his. They pulled apart slightly before he pressed his lips against her roughly pulling her body closer to his, eliminating any space between them.

“I love you.” His words ghosted over her lips as they pulled apart.

“I love you … Cutie.” He groaned at her new nickname for him

…that’s how it works. that’s how you got the girl.

Stupid College au drabble #1

Prompt: “I know I keep coming to the cookie shop and for some reason it’s always your shift but don’t you dare judge me I need these for my sanity”

“Back again already?” The guy behind the counter asks and Astrid glares at him, pointing at the glazed donuts on the top shelf of the tiny 24 hour bakery.  

 “Give me three of those.”

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Wedding Bells Pt. 3

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(pt 1.) (pt. 2) (pt. 4) (pt. 5) (FINALE) (Reception)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 500ish

A/N: Hi, hi. I’m an asshole and I haven’t updated this in a while, feel free to send me a frowny face emoji or a thumbs down. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Here, have a short chapter just for the drama of it all.

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“See you soon, sunshine!” Bucky said before ending the call and throwing Tony’s phone on the counter. He carded his metal and flesh fingers through his thick hair and groaned. “Jesus, we are so fucked!” His voice echoed throughout the hotel suite and reverberated off the kitchen tiles, bouncing from room to room.

Tony hopped up on the counter and popped a few grapes into his mouth. “Think she bought it?”

“Yeah,” Bucky sighed and shook his head, “I don’t know. This can’t be happening to me right now. All the shit I’ve been through, and this is how the universe decides to repay me- Scott!”

Scott poked his head out from the bedroom, straightening the tie on his tuxedo. “What’s up?”

“Did you check with the front desk?” The man nodded.

Bucky sighed, knuckles turning white as his fist balled. “What about the coffee shop, Clint?”

“Twice.” The archer shook the plastic Starbucks cup in his hand and sucked on the straw. “No one’s seen a Mr. Universe contestant walking around.”

Fuck.” Bucky wanted to scream. He would’ve punched the counter, but he didn’t want Tony bitching about damage fees and hotel bills. “Why couldn’t Steve listen to me just this once, huh? He used to pull this crap all the time when we were kids-”

Sam gripped Bucky’s shoulder and grinned. “Calm down, man, everything’s going to be fine.”

I AM CALM,” Bucky rumbled through gritted teeth. Sam raised his brows and quickly pulled out his cellphone, scrolling through a list of contacts. “What’re you doing?”

Sam raised his phone to his ear. “Our problem could’ve been solved hours ago if you just let me call Nat.”

“No!” Bucky smacked the phone out of Sam’s hand, eyes wide with panic. “Don’t call her! Do you want to see me get my ass kicked by a bunch of angry women in stupid dresses?”

“Do you want to know the answer to that question?”

“Come on, Sam, give me a break!”

Sam’s eyes flickered between Bucky’s and where his phone lay on the floor. He grinned. “No.”

He lunged towards the floor and grabbed his phone, booking it out the front door. Bucky sprinted after him and growled, “SAM!”

Tony turned to the other men and pulled out his wallet. “Five bucks on Sam, anyone?”